Theatrhythm Thursday – 19/02/2015

By Square Enix Team

The time draws Nier, sorry, I meant near! Actually, it’s Theatrhythm Thursday so the time is actually right now as we’ve added a load of new songs to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call which you can purchase today!

Is the incredible sense of anticipation leaving you with a frog in your throat? Were you warriors up at the crack of dawn ready to download the latest and greatest songs for Theatrhythm? Well don’t just sit there swivelling on your chair! Each song costs £0.89/€0.99/$0.99 individually and the full list of new songs added today is just below:

New songs on sale from 19th February 2015 

  • Chrono Trigger – Frog’s Theme
  • Final Fantasy V – The Dawn Warriors
  • Final Fantasy IX – Vamo’alla Flamenco
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Nemesis
  • Legend of Mana – Echoes of the Spiral
  • Live a Live – Megalomania
  • Nier – Kaine/Salvation
  • Nier – Song of the Ancients 
  • Romancing SaGa – The Conflict
  • Romancing SaGa – The Ultimate Confrontation
  • SaGa Frontier 2 – Misgestalt
  • Seiken Densetsu 3 – Swivel

We’ve got a good mix of songs for everyone here – songs for young people, songs for people who like Flamingos, songs for the ancient and even songs for the misguided looking for conflict. These songs are so good that you’ll be singing them so loudly, everyone will hear echoes all the way up the spiral staircases. For all of you megalomaniacs out there seeking salvation, these songs should keep you busy until the ultimate confrontation with your nemesis.

That’s it for today’s Theatrhythm Thursday update. I think this update is the joint biggest update we’ve done to date in terms of number of different game franchises in one go (there’s five different franchises here) so we hope you enjoy the variety on show!

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@Dan, thanks for writing up the (bad, bad) jokes every time — much appreciated! What I’m always looking forward to are vocal field/event tracks, they give me goose pimples. Hopefully we will be seeing DLC tracks coming for several more years!
@Dan Seto Can we get a reason why Square Enix does not want to bring Krile Overseas from Japan to NA / EU?
The amount of support and content this game continues to get makes me really happy. Will be downloading all of these - only downside is that each time a new batch is released, it's a stark reminder of all these brilliant games that I really need to get round to playing!
@alucard22m: And in Curtain Call is the only way we could have Galuf and Krile fight together in a BMS stage with the power of music of glory! With each DLC release i shall hope for a overseas release for Krile. I have also made a forum post about her on the NA forums in hopes of getting her a notice. If anyone working at NA / EU side of Square Enix sees this, please if you have the resources, translate Krile and bring her off the shores of Japan for all fans of Final Fantasy 5 can rejoice in having the full hero cast of Final Fantasy 5.
@Ageros and Dan: I have to say. I'm playing the Android version of FF V (Currently I only need the lvl 99 achievements) and also TCC. I would raise the noise about Krile. FF V is one of my favorites titles in the mainline, so please, you have to make her available in the West n.n
Seriously happy that SO many DLC songs are being released! I LOVE this game and have bought every single song to date!!! Keep em comin'! Would really like to see some more FFXIII-2 songs (Paradigm Shift, Plains of Eternity, New Bodhum), but loving everything so far ESPECIALLY the "Square Enix Titles" releases! Great stuff guys.
Sorry but Krile will not be released outside of Japan :(
More DLC for Final Fantasy 5 is totally Awsome! Krile still seems to be stuck in the overseas void though. I know there's no plans to make more DLC characters for the game, but feel free to get your voice out for Krile to hopefully help Square Enix to decide to bring her over. We must save her from the japan exclusive void, We have all the released DLC but her.
Any idea if Krile will ever get a release? Seeing she did appear for Japan. Do really like the songs every time. xD
As far as I know there won't be any new character DLC for Theatrhythm. Sorry :(
Nier DLC is a much welcome treat. An overlooked game with a compelling story that is only hindered by its mediocre gameplay. The music is amazing and easily the best part of the game - its brilliant, haunting and beautiful
Im super imppressed you guys actually released LiveALives Meglomaniac! I love that game and song, now if only youd guys release it in English so i wouldnt have to second guess my Japanese reading skills.
I hope some Final Fantasy XV songs end up as DLC
Finally!! I've been waiting for a long time for FFXIV's Nemesis!
O.o that "ugh" meant to say "much" but perhaps it was an errant groan turning up a little late off reading the puns....
Oh the puns! We love you so ugh Dan! Keep them coming! Oh and Chocobo girl says "don't wark too hard!"
I went through the entire process of redoing my whole account (it had been a long time since I used it) to post that comment, so it'd totally make it all worth it!
Can we please get Lulu as a DLC character for FFX?!? :)