Theatrhythm Thursday – 05/03/2015

By Square Enix Team

Hope you’re ready for a ruckus because this week’s Theatrhythm DLC update is all about getting stuck into the thick of it with your fists or swords or spears or... well, you get the idea.

So if you take a look at this week’s Theatrhythm Thursday update from up high on the hills, the Radiant Winds might give you a hint that there’s a lot of battle themes available this week. It’s ok though, you’ve got time to train before your battle with Magus so don’t let this beautiful audio assault overwhelm you. Take a deep breath and let’s check out what new tracks are available this week.

New songs on sale from March 5, 2015 (each song costs £0.89/€0.99/$0.99 individually)

  • Battle with Magus – Chrono Trigger
  • Apoplexy – Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Assault – Final Fantasy X
  • Hills of Radiant Winds – NieR- Beat Them Up! – Romancing SaGa
  • Into the Thick of It – Secret of Mana

I bet all this new DLC is getting you all fired up! Careful not get too apoplectic with your 3DSs though, those styluses can get pretty sharp. Also did you know that Apoplexy means “striking away” in ancient Greek? Maybe now I can strike “teaching Final Fantasy fans a new word” off the list of accomplishments. Please don’t beat me up for that last line, save it for the bosses on the Quest Melodies – beat them up!

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So far, I've loved every "Square Enix Titles" songs on here, especially "Assault"! Keep up the good work! If they happen to be taking suggestions, I would love to see "Boss Battle A" from Final Fantasy 1 and "The Iron Beast" From Crisis Core. I can only hope that they give those two games at least 1 DLC before they are done with DLC's.
No Chrono Cross tracks? Maybe Red XIII, Quina, GILGAMESH, Steiner, Kimahri, or Mog DLC characters? I'm also surprised at no Kingdom Hearts stuff. Would love to hear Rowdy Rumble from KHII. Nice to see Assault though.
Aw yeah, another NIER track! Now we if we can just get "Shadowlord" or "Emil - Karma"... and asking for "Gods Bound by Rules" is probably just wishful thinking on my part, but it's such a good song...
I've never played "Bravely Default" but I went ahead and downloaded the music tracks anyway and boy am I glad I did! I wish you could give us that track that plays when you fight the Dark King in Mystic Quest. That one was pretty cool.
@Toby Palm - Technically 'The Landing' was my first introduction to Final Fantasy. My first experience with the series was a demo for Final Fantasy VIII that came with a special edition of the official Playstation magazine UK. The demo opened with the epic attack on Dollet FMV and 'The Landing'... truly got me hooked on the series, I instantly went out and bought VII (as VIII obviously wasn't out) and have not looked back since... FF dominates my life :P
Would like to say thanks for the continued support on this game. Much appreciated. If you guys are taking requests for music, might I suggest some Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story(at least that opening theme), Brave Fencer Musashi music also. Thanks again.
I second that request for Drakengard music! But again, huge thanks for the continued support for this game - downloaded all the tracks as usual ;-) Any chance of tracks being added from FF games not already represented, ie 4 Warriors of Light, Dimensions etc? That would be cool. @megagold5 - Maybe we should start a support group? I still have nightmares about THAT troll note right at the end.....
Thank you guys for all of this ongoing Curtain Call support, it's fantastic and most appreciated! Please localize Theatrhythm Dragon Quest next!
Really good to see this game still getting new DLC. After recently finishing it, I would love to see some Drakengard 3 music get put into a Theatrhythm game, in particular I am thinking This Silence Is Mine and The Final Song, which should be the most difficult song in the game....Because......cause.....*Has PTSD flashbacks*.
That Battle with Magus Theme tho'
(Personal Note from me) - Heck yea, 'The Landing' is one of my favorite tracks ever! Not that that makes any difference to any plans for Theatrhtym though... OK Dan, I'll scuttle out of this thread again. Sorry for the interruption :)
I'm still kind of hoping for anything Tactics Advance, really. But no matter what, there's a lot of DLC to choose from right now! Something for everyone to like!
2 games and loads of DLC and you still havent brought real Emotion to the game...disappointing -.-
Im a big fan of rythim games, if square enix made this them i'm buying
More NieR music! Yay! Assault from X is nice too. There are already more than enough great tracks in this game already but if there was one in-particular I could request it would be 'The Landing' from FFVIII... that'd make my day :D