Theatrhythm Thursday – 05/03/2015

By Square Enix Team

Hope you’re ready for a ruckus because this week’s Theatrhythm DLC update is all about getting stuck into the thick of it with your fists or swords or spears or... well, you get the idea.

So if you take a look at this week’s Theatrhythm Thursday update from up high on the hills, the Radiant Winds might give you a hint that there’s a lot of battle themes available this week. It’s ok though, you’ve got time to train before your battle with Magus so don’t let this beautiful audio assault overwhelm you. Take a deep breath and let’s check out what new tracks are available this week.

New songs on sale from March 5, 2015 (each song costs £0.89/€0.99/$0.99 individually)

  • Battle with Magus – Chrono Trigger
  • Apoplexy – Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Assault – Final Fantasy X
  • Hills of Radiant Winds – NieR- Beat Them Up! – Romancing SaGa
  • Into the Thick of It – Secret of Mana

I bet all this new DLC is getting you all fired up! Careful not get too apoplectic with your 3DSs though, those styluses can get pretty sharp. Also did you know that Apoplexy means “striking away” in ancient Greek? Maybe now I can strike “teaching Final Fantasy fans a new word” off the list of accomplishments. Please don’t beat me up for that last line, save it for the bosses on the Quest Melodies – beat them up!