First look live stream - I am Setsuna!

By Square Enix Team

If you read my introductory blog post earlier this week you’ll know I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was first announced at E3 last year and Toby, Dan and I are all really excited to finally have the chance to show it off to you guys! 


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I would buy this game if released for the PS Vita on the west. I'm also still keeping my fingers crossed for Adventures Of Mana for the Vita on the west. Sadly SE have been very cold to their Vita fans, starting with not localizing FF Type-0. This has led me to skipping other SE games, including PS4 titles, and deciding not to support FFXV. I hope SE change things, specially with opportunities such as Romancing Saga 2, Adventures of Mana and I Am Setsuna. That way I could once more look forward to SE games rather than ruling them out when at my local video game store.
Excited to see more from Tokyo RPG Factor. I'll definitely be getting this game.
Hah played very differently than on Vita. Haven't noticed any frame rate drops. Still sad it isn't coming to psv here though :/ the game is absolutely fabulous on Vita as well. Anyway can't watch the whole stream. Was good :)
Do you remember times when Square Soft actualy cared about its fans? I do... but it's getting more and more difficult to remember good old times with current Square Enix. Stop being riddiculus, and release game on Vita. You guys are pushing your luck, first Type-0 HD, later Adventures of Mana and now this... current Square Enix is insult to Square Soft we all loved.
Aw Yeah! I'm totally going to try to watch that live stream while I write my dissertation tomorrow!I am really looking forward to playing this game. Anything that gets compared to Chrono Trigger must be good.