New FFTCG Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss hits the tables today!

The new Set of the FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game is releasing today. Take a look at some of its cards.
Autor Tim Schilder

Dear Friends of Cardboard,

I’m back once again to talk about about the FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game (FFTCG)!

It’s been a while since I wrote my first article on the Square Enix Blog about the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers Starter Set. Today I’m back to talk about something very exciting - the new FFTCG Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss releases today!

It’s a great chance to show you some of the new cards - but before I do, allow me to introduce FFTCG for those of you yet to experience this wonderful game.

FFTCG Starter Guide

A quick primer on FFTCG

The FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game - or FFTCG as it’s known - is a tactical duel game based on the FINAL FANTASY series. Players build a deck of 50 cards by choosing from the most emblematic characters, monsters and summons from across the entire franchise. They then utilize each one’s abilities to defeat their opponent.

Each new set expands on the FFTCG's roster even further, with fan favourites spanning over 30 years of FINAL FANTASY history!

The rules are simple: the first person that deals seven points of damage to their opponent wins the game. Of course, actually achieving that isn’t quite so straightforward - you need crystal points across six different elements to summon their characters onto the battlefield, so you’ll need to make some smart, tactical decisions to prevail.

Does that sound interesting to you? Head over to and let a friendly Moogle guide you through a very easy online tutorial of the game.

We also have a fully illustrated rule-guide for newcomers that you can read and download here.

FFTCG Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss

So what’s new in the world of FFTCG?

As you might remember - Opus XII - Crystal Awakening - introduced multi-element cards for the first time and they became quite a game-changer with a follow-up in Opus XIII - Crystal Radiance.

Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss is the last Set of this Trilogy and brings you 12 new Multi-Element-Cards, focusing heavily on the combinations Fire & Earth, Ice & Lightning as well as Water & Wind. Not only that, but in addition to gorgeous new original artworks, Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss has the first appearance of WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

Unleash the Primals

Another big part of the new set are the Primals from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - they are make their first appearance in FFTCG with 11 new Cards. Have you ever had the urge to unleash the powers of a Primal for yourself? Now you have the chance to include them in your deck and let them fight for you instead!

Let’s take a look at some of the cards:

(14-062L) Titan, Lord of Crags

FFTCG - Titan

The first card in the spotlight today is Titan, Lord of Crags.

With seven crystal points, he’s quite an expensive Forward to cast, but once he enters the field, he will unleash his mighty landslide. Every other Forward with a Power less than Titan will go to the Break Zone and if you manage to break 5 or more Forwards this way, he will also deal one point of damage to your opponent. There aren’t many effects in the game that can deal a point of damage without even attacking and there are also few cards with a power greater than Titan, Lord of Crags.

Pro tip: If you can combine this card with the Backup Enna Kros (1-095R), Titan, Lord of Crags will have 10000 Power and therefor break every other Forward with 9000 or less Power.

(14-006R) Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno - (14-011H) Susano, Lord of the Revel

FFTCG - Ifrit and Susano

With the strength of the Fire Element, Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno and Susano, Lord of the Revel are both big threats to your opponents’ Forwards.

Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno will empower your own Summons and abilities to deal more damage (this includes his own ability) and Susano, Lord of the Revel can easily get rid of every other Forward and then utilize his Haste-Ability to attack in the same turn.

And as that’s not enough, every Forward damaged by Susano, Lord of the Revel that would normally be put into the Break Zone, will be removed from the game instead. That can prevent many useful abilities that would typically trigger when the card enters the Break Zone.

(14-056R) Garuda, Lady of the Vortex - (14-042L) Bismarck, Lord of the Mists

FFTCG - Garuda and Bismarck

As you have seen with the previous cards, there are plenty ways to deal with weaker Forwards, but how do you deal with those with 9000 or even 10000 Power?

Garuda, Lady of the Vortex offers a solution - breaking a powerful Forward and also letting you draw a card every time your opponent plays a new strong Forward with 9000 Power or more.

Bismarck, Lord of the Mists on the other hand, will give you plenty of options to replay your backups, finish off your opponent’s Forwards by dulling active Wind Forwards or simply give you more cards when you return your opponent’s Forward(s) to their hand.

Pro tip: A few weeks ago, I published a full article about the strengths of Bismarck, Lord of the Mists. If you would like to know about the competitive view of that card, you can find it here.

(14-102L) Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl - (14-111R) Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss

FFTCG - Leviathan

If you’re thinking about returning Characters to their owner’s hand, you have to think about Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl. For a total of nine crystal points, you can play him onto the field and his Tidal Wave will splash away your opponent’s cards.

Every time you return a Character to its owner’s hand, you can let another Forward lose 9000 Power for this turn - which is usually enough to get rid of any Forward, even unbreakable ones.

But to afford such a high-cost card, you usually have to set up a good backup line and discard some cards for additional points. Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss can help you here. She’ll simply let you draw an additional card at the end of each of your turns. This will be a great help… if you can keep her alive over multiple rounds.

(14-090R) Ramuh, Lord of Levin - (14-087L) Ravana, Savior of the Gnath

FFTCG - Ramuh and Ravana

Ramuh, Lord of the Levin focuses on your Lightning Summons and makes them stronger while giving himself Haste.

Ravana, Savior of the Gnath can attack up to four times each turn and therefor deal an incredible amount of damage in one turn.

If you can manage to combine Ravana, Savior of the Gnath with the right cards to weaken or finish off your opponent’s Forwards, he will simply attack again and again until you have dealt 7 points of damage to your opponent and therefore win the game.

This is the first time a card cannot get the keyword Brave. That would be too easy to make Ravana, Savior of Gnath attack four times in the same turn, so you’ll have to find a different way!

Pro tip: Ramuh, Lord of Levin is incredibly strong combined with the right Lightning Summons. Raiden (REVENANT WINGS) (10-100C)( for example can break all active Forwards opponent controls for just 1 CP.

(14-036L) Shiva, Lady of Frost - (14-031R) Good King Moggle Mog XII

FFTCG Shiva and Good King Moogle Mog XII

Is it cold in here?

When Shiva, Lady of Frost enters the field, you can not only dull a character your opponent controls, you’ll also freeze all their forwards. All of them!

This means they won’t activate during your opponents’ next active phase. And by breaking three of your own Backups, you could re-play Shiva, Lady of Frost and therefore activate her ability again to re-freeze every Forward your opponent controls.

And who's behind them, standing tall? Why, the biggest moogle of them all! Who!? Who!? Whoever could it be!?

Good King Moggle Mog, Good King Mog!

Good King Moogle Mog XII is exactly what your Moogle-Deck was waiting for! He’s really hard to get rid off and every turn you can reveal the top three cards of your deck and play up to 1 Card Name Moogle (XIV) or Job Moogle of cost 3 or less into the field for free.

As every Moogle Deck is running many different elements and needs different types of crystal points, this is a great help to set up your board and play all your precious Moogles.

Let’s hope this gave you a good overview of the Primals from the new FFTCG Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss - and you’re as excited for the new Set as we are. We can’t wait to see all of those cards in action and looking forward to your deck ideas. Happy brewing!

If you’d like to learn more about FFTCG and its awesome community, head over to, where you will find news, information on every card, spoilers, and your nearest friendly local game store!