How to Activate a Software Token

The following steps will guide you through the process of registering the Software Token application. With this free application, you can securely enjoy online gaming through your Square Enix account.

Step 1 Requirements

Users will require the following to use the Software Token application:

A Square Enix account * A smartphone running either iOS or Android operating systems

* Users will need to have purchased either FINAL FANTASY XI or FINAL FANTASY XIV and registered the corresponding registration codes.

Step 2 Log into the Square Enix Account Management System

Once you have logged into the Square Enix Account Management System, proceed to the "Services and Options" menu and select the "One-Time Password" option from the list.

Step 3 Begin Application Regsitration

Once you access the One-Time Password section, choose the "Adjust Software Token (smartphone application) settings" option and select the "Software Token registration" option. Follow the instructions listed and you will be prompted to download the application to your smartphone during the process.

If a Security Token key-ring is already in use, you will be unable to register the Software Token until it has been removed from your account.

Learn how to remove a Security Token from your Square Enix account.

Step 4 Once the Software Token is Downloaded

You need the following information to register the software token to your Square Enix account:

Your Square Enix ID

The ID used when generating the registration password

Your date of birth

The birth date registered on your Square Enix account

The token registration password

The password sent to your registered e-mail address when you began the process

Enter the required information and choose "OK" to complete the registration.

Once registration is complete, a One-Time Password will be generated and displayed every time the application is launched. Going forward, you will need your Square Enix ID, Square Enix password, and the displayed One-Time Password to log into your Square Enix account.

About the Emergency Removal Feature

If you change, upgrade, or lose your smartphone, or if it becomes inoperable for any reason, you will be unable to log into Square Enix account-related services. In this situation, users can make use of the Emergency Removal Password feature to remove the Square Enix Software Token from their account on their own.

Learn more about the Emergency Removal Password.