Just Cause 4 Development Update: June 25, 2019

New free content arrives along with new DLC Packs
By Just Cause 4 Team

Today we’re excited to reveal the latest content release for Just Cause 4 we’re calling the Trials, Toys and Terror update, available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Los Demonios is available to Gold and Early Access Members tomorrow).

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from our latest update to Just Cause 4:

Free challenges

Free challenges have been added to the world of Solís. We have added a whole host of these across the island, which will be updated all year on a monthly basis, encouraging new creative and challenging ways of playing Just Cause 4. Completing these challenges will reward players with exclusive wingsuit and parachute skins, like the below:

Rico ‘Just Cause 2’ Rodriguez skin:

Clean shaven Rico is back to cause babyface chaos. Bring back the nostalgic Panau vibes to Solís - this Free Skin is available now via the Customisation menu, along with double denim Just Cause 3 Rico! What ensemble will you equip to bring stylish destruction to Solís?

Los Demonios:

The second DLC2 pack for Just Cause 4 brings a demonic infestation to the world of Just Cause 4. Los Demonios will challenge the very best Just Cause players, so grab your demonic crossbow and jump into the infestation!

“Los Demonios is both a return to the liberation style gameplay and the introduction of supernatural foes for the first time in JUST CAUSE” said Bryan Rodriguez, Creative Producer at Avalanche Studios. “You will be faced with the most challenging content in the game in Los Demonios, and players will need to bring their A-game if they want to defeat the demons and save Solís from certain doom!”

Los Demonios is out for Gold Edition and Expansion Pass owners TOMORROW, and July 3, 2019 for everyone else. Check out the trailer for Los Demonios below:

Here are the release timings for Los Demonios:

The Black Market

Looking for additional vehicles to add to your arsenal? Check out the all-new Black Market store. Launching with the Black Market is the Toy Vehicles pack, featuring miniature sized versions of Tank, Boat and the Jet! These mini vehicles take the chaos to hilarious levels, as black hand units respond with their own toy vehicles.

Grow your collection of incredible vehicles that will add new crazy abilities and destructive powers to your tool set, with new vehicle packs available each month via the Black Market store.

We hope you enjoy the Trials, Toys and Terror update to Just Cause 4!

The Just Cause Team

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Hey I think your game's great. I'd just like to have switch to bring back the big tower in Nueva Voz Centro, as after the completion of Operation WindWalker, it is destroyed. If there was a switch in options to bring it back that would be great because it adds so much the the cool city
And a supply drop of the radar/catapult thing to go with the 10 red barrels 😉 could drop them on a rooftop and catapult them at chaos objects 👍 could call it 'chaos drops' or something
Oh, one more thing, a supply drop for 10 red barrels, like the demon eggs 😊 and lets have the tuk-tuk boom-boom and the hovercraft back from jc2, eh? 👍😁 thanks
Hi just cause team, long time fan here, chiming in. I've been playing since JC1 and felt like saying keep it up! 👍 I consider myself quite an observant man, and despite 'bad rep' JC4 seems to have gotten, I have had very few problems with the game. In fact, I find it hard to put down, when i should be doing more important things. 😆 It's a blast (pun intended). I do have a few friendly suggestions for updates, I really enjoyed the spring one, especially the a.i improvements (aerial dogfights). I miss being able to rip miniguns from their mounts, made you feel like Arnie in Terminator 2, I also miss dual pistols, the 'bulldogs' aka Rico's signature pistols, i understand that the grapple now uses the d-pad, and that the wingsuit now attaches where the holsters were, but I'm sure there would be some way to bring them back. A button for a weapon wheel, maybe? Was also wondering if a new radio station or two could be added? Solís underground, for example, with the metal and techno from 'Daredevils of destruction'. Possibly Solís classics? With ambient music from jc1+2? Apart from that, loving it! The pro challenges were great fun, got my pro wingsuit after a night of thinking outside the box and fits of laughter 😆 And to answer a comment from below - MONTHLY challenges, be patient, the wingsuit aerobatics and the chaos chase will likely be activated next month 👍😊
You Know i may be the only idiot who is about to say this but i would love is Square Enix on their next update the included Cheats to the game i mean it's not fair that only PC Player have that Trainer Program to play with cheats if someday they put Cheats for Xbox and Playstation user i and many others would be thanksfull why would i want cheats well i always wanted to experience a Just Cause Game like this because at least for me it would be interesting to see what kind of Crazy thing one can do with cheats i mean sure there are people who are amazing with kinds of creativity and Craziness if one day they add cheats for Xbox and PS4 Users it would be logical that they Disable Trophy Achievements but JC4 has 4 save slots so you know one clean save and the other with cheats if they add it someday i would appreciate that they can add another Tab menu that says Cheat Menu and cheats like Infinite Health,Infinite Ammo,Infinite Supply Drops,Invincible Vehicles,Infinite Nitro,Add Notoriety,Clear Notoriety etc... heck they can even add a cheat War Mode Npc Black Hand to fight in the city 😂 with weapons and other things they could do in JC4 and maybe a weather Cheat because i love the Rain and Snow and Sandstrorm in JC4 i know many people are gonna say that im a noob why would i want cheats well idk i always was a Fan of playing with cheats ever since i was a Lad so im used to it and besides i don't care about Trophy Achievements i just want to play the game and enyoy every minute and if they add cheats oh boy not only me but many others would be pleased i would love it if Square Enix someday adds Cheats to JC4 since the game is still New and Active
I’ve download the newest DLC’s with the new stunt challenges (hard as hell btw), the demon and racing missions, and the new wing suit and chute skins. However, you’ve set up a “Chaos Chase” and “Aerial Acrobatics” challenge to rack up points to acquire those specific skins, however I’ve been fully 100% everything found and maxed out since shortly after the game was released. I have nothing else to do or accumulate! I can no longer gain Chaos points bc of the way you made this game. It’s ridiculous. Nowhere near the replay ability as JC3. Regardless, I have found no way to gain Chaos points again nor the aerial acrobatics to gain the new skins. I purchased the deluxe version of the game and now am unable to simply gain new skins. Please rectify.
@Forkinatorr - hey its better than the other games
@Forkinatorr - Still better than the game you made
How did you guys make the game worse than JC3?