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Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Hulk

Want some tips and tricks for taking down those puny AIM bots? Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters shares some techniques on how to help Hulk Smash more effectively.

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Marvel’s Avengers: State of the Game Update
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1: Now Free!

Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Travis Willingham / Thor

The god of thunder talks to us about his audition for the game, falling asleep in mo-cap suits, and one of his most embarrassing moments on a set…

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WAR TABLE Weekly Blog: 10/15/20
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5 reasons you should play the KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Demo

A free demo for the game is available to download now - we highlight some of the key features. Plus arrogantly boast about our high scores.

Marvels Avengers Pro Tips: Kamala Khan

Get tips and tricks for Ms Marvel straight from the source. Combat Designer Scott Walters takes you through some techniques and combos that will embiggen your skills!

Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Laura Bailey / Black Widow

The Black Widow actor talks the mystery that is the character, the impact of being a new mother, and the horror of sweaty mo-cap suits.

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Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Troy Baker / Bruce Banner

How did the actor find a fresh take on a character as established as Bruce Banner? What was it like working with a real life version of Kamala?

Outriders Releases February 02, 2021

RPG co-op shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix out for current and next-gen systems Feb 2021... with full crossplay!

OUTRIDERS Broadcast #4: Release Date Announcement!
Celebrate the Six-Month Anniversary!

More Character Tips for Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics Combat Designer Scott Walters shares some pro tips for Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America.