Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance: Jolene Andersen / Monica Rappaccini

As the lead scientist for AIM, Jolene Andersen brings power and subtly to the character of Monica Rappaccini, but what’s behind her performance?

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Introducing the world and characters of Final Fantasy XVI

How do Mothercrystals, Dominants, and Eikons fit into the world of Valisthea?

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Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Iron Man

Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters gets into the nuts and bolts of Iron Man, to help you get the most out of this high-flying Super Hero.

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Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Usman Ally / MODOK

Machine Organism Designed Only for… conversation - we talk to the actor who brought Marvel’s Avengers most dangerous villain to life.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory: Beyond the demo

Enjoying the KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory demo? Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from the full game!

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Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Hulk

Want some tips and tricks for taking down those puny AIM bots? Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters shares some techniques on how to help Hulk Smash more effectively.

Marvel’s Avengers: State of the Game Update

Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Travis Willingham / Thor

The god of thunder talks to us about his audition for the game, falling asleep in mo-cap suits, and one of his most embarrassing moments on a set…

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