WAR TABLE Weekly Blog: 11/19/20
KHUχDR Celebrates the launch of Melody of Memory!
Opus XII – Crystal Awakening is out now!
WAR TABLE Deep Dive: Kate Bishop

Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Thor

The God of Thunder is mighty indeed… but could he be even mightier? These top tips from Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters will help you take Thor to the next level.

Marvel’s Avengers Behind the Performance - Jeff Schine / Captain America

Spoiler Warning: this article discusses story events in Marvel’s Avengers. We recommend you play the game before reading on.

FINAL FANTASY III Vinyl Release - Special Interview
KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory is out now!
WAR TABLE Weekly Blog: 11/11/20

What’s so good about KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory?

An incredible rhythm-action game, and a love letter to KINGDOM HEARTS as a whole - we take a close look at the game and what makes it special.

Marvel’s Avengers Pro Tips: Black Widow

From powerful combos to essential skills, Crystal Dynamics’ Scott Walters shares some personal tips on how to help make Black Widow a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff the ultimate Avenger.