7 of the weirdest enemies in Square Enix games

We take a look at some of the strangest enemies in videogame history. Prepare yourselves because it’s about to get weird…
By Duncan Heaney

Sometimes Square Enix games can be wonderfully weird.

Our designers love to stretch their imaginations, creating amazingly offbeat monsters that surprise and delight players, and leave a lasting impression on all who see them.

The sheer creativity on display in some of these bizarre beasties is worthy of recognition, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.


Cruelcumber - DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition


This cool (cruel?) customer is one of the first monsters you’ll meet in DRAGON QUEST XI S… and also one of the most captivatingly weird.

Although the Luminary doesn’t have much to fear from this sinful salad fruit (and yes, apparently cucumbers are fruit), it leaves a big impression thanks to its piercing eyes, crazed expression, and unsettling gherkin - ahem, we mean ‘twerking’.

It's even defeated in a wonderfully weird way, impaling itself with its own weapon.

It’s a good example of the unbridled imagination on display in this incredible RPG - how many other games pit you against a malicious bipedal cucumber armed with a spear? Not nearly enough, we say!

Jack-o-gel - Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s band of intergalactic misfits are used to the stranger side of cosmic life. After all, this is the team that regularly visits Knowhere - a melting pot of alien races, bizarre foods, and attractions, all overseen by a security chief who’s a Very Good Boy.

It’s quite telling then that even the Guardians are taken aback by the Jack-o-gels they encounter on the planet Seknarf Nine. What at first seems like a harmless cube of jelly, is suddenly revealed to have a core of vicious amorphous spikes… and a very hostile attitude.

It just goes to show, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. And unfortunately, in the case of these wobbly weirdos, it’s all bad.



Ozma may not be much to look at - a swirling mass of light and dark energy that resembles a giant ball. Appropriate, because it’s about to roll all over you.

This is one of the toughest superbosses in the FINAL FANTASY series as well as one of the craziest. Not only can it pound you with powerful spells like Meteor, Holy and Death, it can also heal itself at a moment’s notice. A painful reminder that not all surprises are good.

But perhaps one of the weirdest things about mean ol’ Ozma is how elusive it is. You need to have mastered the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame to even find it, for example.

Yup - weird, wonderful, and utterly brutal, there’s nothing else quite like this in the FINAL FANTASY series. That’s kind of a relief.

Smooth Shark - NEO: The World Ends with You


It’s fair to say that the entire Shibuya Underground (UG) is… unconventional.

Between the quirky characters that make up the Reapers, their sadistic games, and the ever-present threat of annihilation, only Players who can adapt to the weirdness have a chance of placing on the leaderboards.

Perhaps the craziest thing to deal with, however, is the Noise - creatures that players must battle throughout the game. Many of these are bizarre, from giant frogs to snarling wolves, but one in particular stands out as a real mind-bender: the Smooth Shark.

This fiendishly-finned foe may resemble a typical shark, but it has one major difference: it doesn’t need water. In fact, it will somehow ‘swim’ under the surface of the street, leaping out to catch you unawares. When it does, you have to act quick if you want to knock it down and tip the scales.

It’s a very weird enemy that has real bite. We love it.

Phantom Train - FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster


The Phantom Train is one of the most surprising bosses in FINAL FANTASY VI, which is saying something considering that this is the game that also features the belligerent octopus Ultros.

The Phantom Train is a massive locomotive that transports the dead to ‘the other side’. Its carriages are full of ghosts - some hostile, some in high spirits, and some that will even sell you items. They’re clearly of the opinion that you can take it with you.

It’s when you reach the engine that things really get weird. It turns out the train is alive… and it’s none too happy about you taking a ride. You’ll have to fight to get off this crazy ride.

It’s one of those rare cases where going off the rails actually puts your adventure back on track. There’s something quite profound about that. Probably.

(Oh… and yes: in FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster, you can suplex the train).

Tonberry - the FINAL FANTASY series


Tonberries are loved and feared in equal measure by FINAL FANTASY fans.

Their squat, adorable appearance is a mask for their true nature - a sadistic bringer of pain and suffering. And something that can really hold a grudge.

It’s this clash between what you expect and what you get that makes these series mainstays such an unusual foe. They don’t rush up on you - they move slowly, deliberately and with single-minded purpose. When they finally reach you… well, let’s just say that stubby little chef’s knife ain’t just for show.

Once you encounter a Tonberry, you’ll never forget it - no wonder it’s become such an icon!



“Enter: the Hell Hooouse!”

Cloud and Aerith encounter this four-walled foe while fighting in Wall Market’s Corneo Colosseum. After battling beasts, robots and Midgar’s dumbest bandits, their final foe is something they couldn’t have a predicted: a house.

Yes, a house.

The Hell House appeared in the original FINAL FANTASY VII as a standard enemy, found between the slums of Midgar, but for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, it’s been reimagined into one of the most offbeat bosses in series history.

This is a tough fight too - not very accommodating if you want an easy ride. You’ll have to deal with elemental barriers, flung chairs, a flaming hot jet stream… and that’s not even the worst of it. On hard difficulty it can summon tonberries for a double dose of weirdness!

In short, it’s a true highlight of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Sometimes the strangest thing in a game can be among the best, and the Hell House really brings that home.

Those were just some of the most weird and wonderful monsters we’ve fought in Square Enix games - but it’s really just scratching the surface.

There’s plenty of wacky things to see in our titles, so embrace the strangeness and tell us your favorites on social media:

5 of the best Square Enix Frenemies

Friends, enemies… something in between? We celebrate some of the greatest frenemies in Square Enix games.
By Duncan Heaney

Love and friendship’s all well and good, but a frenemy often makes for more interesting company.

You know what we’re talking about - two characters who drive each other crazy, or exist on opposing sides, but whose lives are intertwined by an unbreakable bond.

These relationships are often some of the most compelling and affecting of all - so much so, that we wanted to celebrate just a few of our favorites.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner - Marvel’s Avengers

If you’ve ever had a bad day, spare a thought for the Avengers. A-Day, a celebration of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, quickly descends into chaos and tragedy, as a massive explosion destroys much of San Francisco.

But it’s not just the city that takes a critical hit - the Avengers’ relationships do too, and none more so than Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. As the world turns on the heroes, the two friends butt heads over the big question: are the Avengers dangerous?

For Bruce, they are and his public admission as such is the ultimate betrayal for Tony. The two go their separate ways, friends and allies no longer.

…at least until Kamala Khan comes along and reunites the pair. They are… less than pleased to see each other and that tension continues to simmer throughout the single player campaign.

Beyond all the hostility, anger and trademark Stark snark though, the two still share a bond. Although they disagree - often violently - they still care about each other a great deal. You know they’ll have each other’s backs when the world needs it most because when all’s said and done, they’re more than frenemies - they’re Avengers.

FINAL FANTASY XV - Ardyn and Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto

As the Chancellor for the Niflheim Empire, Ardyn Izunia should be at odds with Noctis and his entourage - after all, they’re on opposing sides of the conflict. Yet each time he pops up in the story, that’s not the case.

The heroes know that there’s something… off about the fedora-topped fop, but he’s oddly charming and undeniably helpful. He removes roadblocks for them, helps them escape the army when they’re in trouble, and even gives them a lift where they need to go in his convertible.

It’s clear he has an agenda, but Ardyn still makes for a compelling and oddly likeable presence.

So when his façade finally drops, the sheer cruelty and viciousness comes a genuine shock. Not so much a frenemy, now he’s a sadistic horror who tortures the group physically and psychologically.

… yeah, we’re summoning Umbra and heading back to Lucis. We like Ardyn more when he’s in frenemy mode.

Lara and Ana - Rise of the Tomb Raider

It’s already a bit weird when you meet your father’s new girlfriend, but when she turns out to be a spy for a sinister secret society? Yeah, that’s awkward.

Ana dated Lara’s father and has become part of the young adventurer’s life - the two enjoy a friendly, familial relationship. What Lara doesn’t know is that Ana secretly works for Trinity, charged with keeping tabs on Croft so she can lead them to the Divine Source… and eternal life.

Suffice to say, when Lara finds out, she’s furious.

But while Ana can be cold and calculating, she does genuinely care about Lara. She doesn’t want to kill her, and even tries to convert her to Trinity’s side. And despite Lara’s (quite understandable) rage, she’s conflicted about Ana - capturing rather than killing her, and visibly upset when she’s assassinated.

What can we say? Family’s complicated.

Squall and Siefer - FINAL FANTASY VIII

These two Balamb Garden students have a lot in common. For example, they both use gunblades, their social skills are… less than stellar, and they both have a thing for the same girl (which is pretty awkward when you think about it.

But rather than being pals, Squall and Seifer seem destined to be eternal rivals, constantly competing to be the best. That rivalry drives them to be among the most skilled students in the school, even if things do get out of hand at times - as their scars will attest.

Yet despite all that hostility, there is respect between the two. When Squall passes his SeeD exam, Seifer leads the applause, despite having just failed the same test himself (he has an amazing talent for self-sabotage).

In turn, Squall and his friends are saddened when Seifer sides with the sinister Sorceress over his classmates - and while his increasingly unhinged behavior escalates into full-blown chaos, he never considers him truly evil.

Zidane and Steiner - FINAL FANTASY IX

One’s a free-spirited thief who thumbs his nose at authority. One’s a high-strung knight who values queen and country above all else. Put them together and what do you get (other than the premise of an amazing sitcom)?

One of the most compelling relationships in FINAL FANTASY IX.

Zidane and Steiner constantly butt heads throughout the game. Steiner considers Zidane to be a skirt-chaser and a brigand who doesn’t treat people with appropriate respect - which in fairness is technically true. Zidane thinks Steiner is stuck-up, rusty and incapable of thinking for himself - again, pretty accurate.

But both are fundamentally good men, and as their journey together continues, their eyes start to open to the others’ viewpoint. Steiner realizes that blind adherence to orders is not necessarily just or honorable, while Zidane matures and starts to act more responsibility.

By the time the story ends, the two moved beyond the frenemy stage and become genuine friends. Even if Zidane will continue to tease Steiner from time to time.

So what do you think of our list? Which famous frenemies do you think should make the list? Share your thoughts with us on social media:

There are big savings on Square Enix games right now!

Some of Square Enix’s hottest games are on sale right now, with massive discounts to be had. We run down some of the best - and show you where to go to find more.
By Duncan Heaney

Do you love bargains? Do you love games? Do you love getting bargains on games?

Well good news for any deal hunters - there’s a massive Square Enix sale on right now, with big discounts on some of our biggest and best titles, including FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and more!

Read on, and we’ll highlight some of the best deals available right now - and tell you how to get them!

Please note: details are correct at the time of publication. Please check to see current prices and deal timings.


This critically-acclaimed RPG reimagines the original FINAL FANTASY VII, and its iconic setting of Midgar, for modern platforms.

You play as Cloud Strife, a skilled mercenary going up against the planet-harming Shinra Electric Power Company… all while a greater threat lies in wait.

The game features an amazing battle system, that fuses real-time action with menu-based commands, an epic story with some of the most beloved characters in all of gaming… and it’s absolutely beautiful too! There’s a reason it was voted ‘Best RPG’ in the 2020 Game Awards!

In addition to the original PS4 release, the PS5’s FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is also on sale. The game’s expanded features include improved lighting, the option for silky smooth 60FPS gameplay or stunning 4K, and the extra episode: FF7R EPISODE INTERmission!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (up to 50% off)

Get ready for a wild ride across the cosmos with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

In this single-player adventure, you play as Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill, utilizing the powers of your team of intergalactic misfits to defeat enemies, traverse the environment and - just maybe - save the entire galaxy.

It’s an epic adventure, with fast-paced gameplay, an amazing 80s-infused soundtrack, and an unforgettable story - the game won ‘Best Narrative’ at the 2021 Game Awards!

With 50% off the game right now, it’s the perfect time to experience it for yourself!

Life is Strange: True Colors (up to 50% off)

This narrative adventure is full of emotion.

Alex Chen is a young woman with a secret - the ability to see and interact with people’s emotions, which appear to her as colored auras. She’s always considered this power a ‘curse’, but when her brother dies in an apparent accident, it becomes the key to uncovering the truth.

As Alex, your choices will shape the story, and your relationship with the diverse residents in the picturesque town of Haven Springs. Remember - there aren’t any right or wrong decisions in Life is Strange, so make the story your own!

There is one good decision you can make right now though: head over to our deals site to get up to 50% off the game!

Outriders (up to 67% off)

This brutally-satisfying action game can be played solo, or with up to three players - but it’s a constant thrill ride whatever the situation.

The planet of Enoch was meant to be a new start for humanity - but it may just be its end. A mysterious anomaly has torn through the land, destroying technology, mutating the land’s creatures, and pushing the people to the brink.

As an Outrider, you must use a wide variety of weapons and powers to push through this blighted land and find a spark of hope.

Thanks to the talents of the action aficionados at developer People Can Fly, Outriders’ combat is fast-paced, punchy and endlessly compelling. Offense is the best defense here - killing your foes is the best way to heal, and with short cool-downs on your powers, you’re encouraged to use every tool in the box.

It’s packed with content too - in addition to a lengthy campaign, with tons of side quests, the New Horizon update added a huge amount of endgame content too! And Outriders Worldslayer is on the way for even more to do!

NEO: The World Ends with You (up to 50% off)

This super-stylish RPG puts you in a world full of amazing characters, dangerous monsters, and some of the hottest threads this side of Tokyo Fashion Week.

The story follows a young man named Rindo. What seems like another ordinary day in Shibuya takes a turn for the weird, when he’s caught in the middle of a psychic battle in Scramble Crossing.

Before long, he realizes that he and his friend Fret have become part of the Reaper’s Game - a desperate battle of life and death in the Shibuya Underground.

With incredible music, fast and dynamic battles, and a rich story, this is one of the best RPGs of recent times. If you missed it when it released last year, it’s the perfect time to jump in!

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (up to 50% off)

This incredible action RPG takes you to places you won’t expect - even if you’re familiar with creator YOKO TARO’s unique sensibilities!

The story focuses on a young protagonist, who desperately searches for a way to save his sister from a sickness known as the Black Scrawl. After encountering the surly talking tome, Grimoire Weiss, he sets out to search for the ‘Sealed Verses’ that could save her life.

The game is an updated version of the previously Japan-only NieR Replicant, and features updated visuals, additional content, an improved combat system and more! Plus the music’s amazing - the soundtrack deservedly won Best Score and Music at the 2021 Game Awards.

By the way, the critically-beloved NieR:Automata is also on sale with up to 50% off!

Dungeon Encounters (up to 30% off)

DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS is a fresh and critically-acclaimed new take on dungeon crawlers that sends you into the heart of a mysterious labyrinth full of monsters, obstacles and surprises.

Your goal is to lead an expedition to chart the dangerous depths... but that’s easier said than done. With 99 floors, each packed with vicious monsters and dangerous traps, it’ll take planning and strategic thinking to survive.

There’s some serious talent involved in this game! It’s directed by Hiroyuki Ito - who worked as Game Designer on FINAL FANTASY VI and FINAL FANTASY XII, and the original Active Time Battle system for FINAL FANTASY IV - a system he’s revisited and refined for DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS!

It’s also produced by Hiroaki Kato, who was also Producer on FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2 Grimore of the Rift, and has stunning character designs courtesy of Ryoma Ito, who’s worked on games including FINAL FANTASY Tactics Advance, FINAL FANTASY XII: Revenant Wings, Heroes of Mana and more.

It’s no wonder critics are singing its praises! You can see for yourself now with up to 30% off!

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (up to 25% off)

Voice of Cards is a new series of RPGs where every element is presented through the medium of cards.

For the first time, Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars is on sale, with up to 25% off. This chilled-out RPG is set in a world of danger and mystery. You guide the protagonist on a journey to defeat the Dragon that threatens the land and its people... and maybe earn an immense reward in the process.

With an entertaining battle system inspired by tabletop role playing games, a beautiful aesthetic with illustrations by Kimihiko Fujisaka (Drakengard series, incredible music by NieR series composer Keiichi Okabe and wry sense of humor, it’s a game that RPG fans shouldn’t miss!

Get Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (up to 25% off)

Those were just a few of the amazing deals available in the Square Enix sale! You can also find discounts on series like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, FINAL FANTASY and more. Head over to our deals site to find out more!

Which FINAL FANTASY game should I play first?

What’s the best starting point for new players? We help you make the big decision
By Duncan Heaney

“Which FINAL FANTASY game should I start with?”

It’s one of the most common questions we see from people yet to dive into the series, and a hotly debated topic online - ask five fans and you’re likely to get five different answers.

The actual ‘correct’ answer, of course, is… any of them. After all, almost every game in the series acts as a standalone adventure with its own distinct world, characters and even gameplay mechanics. There really isn’t a wrong or right place to start.

But we also realize that’s not particularly helpful for new players, who have a lot of options available - particularly with re-releases and new FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series.

So to lend a hand, we’ll run through the mainline FINAL FANTASY games that are available and give you a sense of what to expect from each adventure.

Then, you can simply choose the game that most appeals most to you - we’re confident that whichever you pick, you’ll have a good time.

FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster

This is the game that started it all - and it’s better than ever in the pixel remaster edition.

FINAL FANTASY follows the Warriors of Light, who set off on a quest to defeat four fiends and restore their tainted crystals back to their former glory.

It may be the first, but it immediately established many of the elements that would come to define the series - vast, sprawling worlds, deep strategic combat (turn-based in this case), creative character and enemy designs and sublime music.

The pixel remaster edition updates the game with amazing new 2D art, quality of life features, such as auto-battle, and a rearranged soundtrack that’s just… *chef’s kiss.

Play this first if…

  • You want to see where the FINAL FANTASY series began
  • You want to play a traditional Japanese RPG with turn-based battles
  • You also want to play STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN - it directly connects to this game

FINAL FANTASY II pixel remaster

The second FINAL FANTASY game focuses on four war-orphaned heroes: Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. The group becomes embroiled in a conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance, with the fate of the whole world hanging in the balance.

Combat is once again turn-based, but even in this early stage, FINAL FANTASY was a series that innovated. Rather than sticking with traditional leveling, FINAL FANTASY II introduced a new proficiency system, in which characters’ skill with weapons and abilities increased the more they used them.

The pixel remaster offers the definitive way to play this classic RPG. As with the other pixel remaster games, it features new 2D art that’s beautiful in HD, a rearranged soundtrack and more!

Play this first if…

  • You’ve played RPGs before and are looking for something unconventional
  • You’re excited to see one of the more experimental games in the series
  • You want to see the origin of Chocobos! The iconic birds make their first appearance in this game.

FINAL FANTASY III pixel remaster

When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four young heroes are chosen by the crystals to head off an exciting journey across a vast and hostile land.

This critically acclaimed entry in the series introduced a flexible job system, which lets characters change their roles in combat at any time. It was also the first to introduce powerful summons, including series mainstays Bahamut and Shiva.

The pixel remaster edition is out now, and brings with it a number of improvements to the original game, including new visuals, new music and more.

Play this first if…

  • You want to play an RPG that has a lot of strategic depth
  • You like having a lot of control over your characters and party composition
  • You relish a challenge - FINAL FANTASY III is one of the tougher games in the series

FINAL FANTASY IV pixel remaster

FINAL FANTASY IV innovated once again, with the deepest narrative and most beloved characters in the series so far.

After questioning some troubling orders from his King, the dark knight Cecil is demoted and sent on a simple delivery job with his friend Kain. The shocking events that follow send Cecil and a group of heroes on a dramatic journey of betrayal, love and redemption.

As well as delivering one of the most powerful stories in the series, FINAL FANTASY IV was the first game to feature the Active Time Battle system, which combined turn-based and real-time elements together to create a faster, but equally strategic, battle system.

It was already a true classic, but the pixel remaster makes it even better, thanks to its new visuals, music and gameplay features.

Play this first if…

  • You love games with a strong story
  • You want to meet some of the best characters in the series
  • You enjoy fast, dynamic battles

FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

The world of FINAL FANTASY V is reliant on elemental crystals with the power of earth, water, fire and wind. These crystals bring life to and prosperity, but they have lost their power and are on the verge of destruction.

Four characters are driven together by fate: Bartz, Princess Lenna of Castle Tycoon, the pirate captain Faris and the deeply mysterious Galuf. Together, they embark on a journey to save the planet.

As with its predecessor, FINAL FANTASY V features the ATB battle system, but expands the possibilities dramatically with an incredibly deep and flexible new class system that lets you customize your characters with 26 unique jobs.

Play this first if…

  • You enjoy battle systems with a lot of depth
  • You want as many options as possible in how you build your party
  • You like to laugh - FINAL FANTASY V is one of the funniest games in the series

FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster

  • Available on: PC, iOS, Android (coming soon)

FINAL FANTASY VI is one of the most popular entries in the FINAL FANTASY series - acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

This game introduced several interesting ideas, including a story with strong characters, but no central protagonist - each member of the party gets their own moment center stage and you can choose who to control for much of the game.

It’s set in a world where magic has vanished, and humankind has embraced the power of iron, gunpowder, steam engines and other technologies. But one still does have the power of magic - a young woman named Terra, who is enslaved by the evil Empire.

An encounter with an Esper - an ancient being of incredible power - frees Terra from the Empire’s clutches and sets off a chain of events that touches countless lives, and leads to epic and terrible consequences.

And, of course we should mention that FINAL FANTASY VI features Kefka - regarded by many as one of the greatest villains of all time…

Play this first if…

  • You want to start with one of the most critically acclaimed games in the series
  • You like games with memorable villains
  • You like surprises - this game goes places you may not expect…


FINAL FANTASY VII changed the face of gaming forever.

It’s inspired a legion of fans thanks to its epic story, legendary characters and unsurpassed presentation. It’s gone on to inspire spin-offs, movies and even a full-blown remake.

The story starts in Midgar, a city controlled by Shinra Inc - a less than ethical multi-conglomerate that is absorbing Mako energy and destroying the natural resources of the planet.

Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit, joins AVALANCHE in a daring mission to bomb one of the city’s reactors, but in the chaos that follows, he makes a discovery that will change his life, and the world, forever.

The game also made waves with its cinematic presentation and innovative Materia system that essentially lets you slot abilities and magic into armor - this allows for an incredible level of flexibility in how you set up the party.

The version available now on current platforms features a number of useful features, including the ability to speed up time, turn off random encounters or even boost your characters to full health.

Play this first if…

  • You want an adventure with unforgettable characters
  • You want an easy-to-understand combat system that has a lot of depth
  • You want to understand what all the hype is about


The most recent game in the series reimagines FINAL FANTASY VII and the iconic city of Midgar for modern platforms.

The story follows the same storyline as the original game up to the party’s escape from the city but the game uses the increased fidelity and scale to deepen the already-beloved characters, add new scenarios and even additional story elements.

The battle system is especially noteworthy, fusing real-time action with menu-based commands to create something that’s exciting, fast-paced and agreeably strategic.

Add in amazing minigames (Motorcycle battles! Dance offs! Competitive squatting!), loads of side quests, battles and challenges to complete, stunning graphics and a truly incredible soundtrack and you have one of the greatest games in the series to date.

Let’s just say there’s a reason it won ‘Best RPG’ in the 2020 Game Awards.

If you have a PS5 or PC, you can get FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, and the new FF7R EPISODE INTERmission. This new story takes place concurrently with the main tale and follows fan-favorite ninja Yuffie Kisaragi as she embarks on a dangerous mission in Midgar.

(Note: PS4 owners who own a copy of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE can upgrade to the PS5 version for free. FF7R EPISODE INTERmission must be purchased separately.)

Play this first if…

  • You want an exciting story that’s full of very memorable moments and characters
  • You want an amazing combat system that fuses real-time action and command-based strategy
  • You want to see jaw-dropping visuals - this game is beautiful


In FINAL FANTASY VIII, the militarized nation of Galbadia has formed an alliance with the Sorceress Edea and is making a bid for world conquest.

Amid the conflict, Squall Leonhart and a group of fellow students from Balamb Garden’s mercenary force, SeeD, are dispatched into action. But Squall’s universe it turned upside down when he meets the free-spirited Rinoa Heartilly and starts to dream that he is a Galbadian soldier named Laguna Loire…

FINAL FANTASY VIII upped the ante with presentation once again, with more detailed characters models, jaw-dropping cinematics and one of the most adored soundtracks in the series.

It also innovated in terms of gameplay, with more real-time elements like timed button presses to enhance damage in combat, and the strategically deep ‘Junction’ system, which lets you enhance your party’s stats with magic. Also, it featured the card game Triple Triad - one of the best mini-games in the series to date!

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered is an updated version of the game with enhanced visuals, and useful boosters, such as the ability to speed up time!

Play this first if…

  • You have a soft spot for romance
  • You want to see some of the most impressive cinematics in the series
  • You like card games - Triple Triad is great!


FINAL FANTASY IX is an epic story of love, war and betrayal. The game begins with an elaborate plan by the roguish Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe to kidnap Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria.

But to their surprise, the princess wants to be kidnapped, and make her escape from the castle. Before long Garnet, her personal guard Steiner, have joined Zidane and a colorful cast of misfits, including Vivi, Freya and Quina, on an unforgettable journey across a dangerous land.

This game marks a return to the series traditional fantasy roots, after the sci-fi inspired worlds of the prior two games. More than that, it operates as a love letter to the FINAL FANTASY series as a whole. The game contains lots of references that serve to reward series veterans, while introducing many elements of the franchise to newcomers.

Play this first if:

  • You want a charming, light-hearted story and characters
  • You want a gentle introduction to all the iconic elements of the series
  • You prefer fantasy settings over science fiction


FINAL FANTASY X tells the story of Tidus - a talented blitzball player, who journeys with a young summoner named Yuna on a quest to save the world of Spira from an endless cycle of destruction wrought by the colossal menace Sin.

The game features exciting turn-based battles and introduced the sphere grid system of character progression.

Rather than characters levelling up automatically as in prior games, in FINAL FANTASY X, you manually build their stats and abilities by inserting orbs into a massive grid. It’s very simple system to use, but it gives you greater control over how your party develops than many of the older games.

FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster is available now, and updates the game with high-definition visuals, and a remastered soundtrack. The collection also includes the sequel FINAL FANTASY X-2 - a memorable game in its own right - as well bonus material and extras.

Play this first if:

  • You want to play one of the most popular and successful games in the series
  • You want a battle system that’s fast-paced, turn-based and tactical
  • You also want to play its sequel FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 - it’s included in FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster


  • Available on: PC

FINAL FANTASY XI was even more of a departure for the series - rather than an epic single player adventure, the game was a massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG). Still pretty epic though.

It’s set in the vast world of Vana'diel, and allows players team up to battle, explore, chat and trade their way through a huge number of quests, full of drama and intrigue.

With the game set to celebrate its 20th anniversary soon, it's clear that this game has staying power!

Play this first if:

  • If you want to play a traditional old-school MMORPG
  • You like having a vast world to explore and lots of things to do
  • You have friends who play the game, and can join you on quests


Available on: Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / PC

The world of Ivalice is at war. The small kingdom of Dalmasca has been conquered by the Archadian Empire, leaving Princess Ashe the one and only heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Vaan, a street urchin and orphan, dreams of flying freely in the skies.

The two will join forces with friends, pirates and warriors to form a resistance, find a way to restore Dalmasca to its former glory, and maybe even save the world.

FINAL FANTASY XII’s biggest innovations were in the critically-acclaimed Gambit system, which allows players to set the behaviors of your party to an incredibly precise degree, enabling them to act automatically in battle.

The ZODIAC AGE edition of the game - available on most platforms - expanded the options further, with even more gambits and the ability to give characters a second job in combat. It also features improved HD visuals, a remastered soundtrack and the ability to speed up time.

Play this first if:

  • You want your fantasy to be full of large scale and full of political intrigue. Also pirates.
  • You’d like to be able to control and experiment with your party’s AI
  • You want a seamless world with no separation between exploration and combat


  • Available on: PC / Xbox One (via backwards compatibility)

A deepening crisis threatens to plunge the floating world of Cocoon into chaos. A powerful and dangerous being called a Fal'Cie has been discovered, and in the aftermath a group of unsuspecting strangers are branded enemies of the state.

With the terrified population baying for their blood, and the military eager to fulfil that request, the group has no choice but to run - but will they be able to escape the destiny that has been thrust upon them?

One of the best things about FINAL FANTASY XIII is the paradigm system - fast paced, strategic battles in which characters must change roles on the fly to suit the constantly changing conditions. It also introduced popular characters like Lightning and spawned two direct sequels.

FINAL FANTASY XIII (and its sequels) can be played on PC and Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Play this first if…

  • You’d prefer a more guided RPG than others in the series
  • You like your games with an ensemble cast of characters
  • You like a combat system that’s strategic and makes you adapt on the fly


Available on: PC / Mac / PS5 / PS4

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is a massively multiplayer game set in Eorzea - a realm embraced by gods and forged by heroes.

It has everything you could want from a FINAL FANTASY game - an intricate, engaging storyline, fantastic graphics, and a deep job system that lets you change roles as much as you want. It also includes one of the most welcoming MMO communities out there for newcomers. The game eases players in gently to the adventure, and features a mentor system that helps new players find answers and get up to speed quickly through interacting with veterans.

Even better, it’s getting bigger all the time. The most recent expansion, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker is out now, and it adds loads more content, including two new jobs, new areas, new storylines, and more.

It’s a game with hundreds of hours-worth of quests and content to sink your teeth into - not to mention some of the most compelling stories in the whole FINAL FANTASY series.

Play this first if…

  • You want a FINAL FANTASY game that you can enjoy with others
  • You want a massive world with literally hundreds of hours of content available
  • You want to be part of one of the most supportive communities in gaming - plenty of players would be delighted to help you get started


After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim agree to an armistice.

As a symbol of the peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, plans to wed Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. Joined by his friends and bodyguards - Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto - the young prince sets off on a road trip towards his bride to be. But the group is unaware of the many dangers that lie ahead.

FINAL FANTASY XV opens with a statement of intent - “A FINAL FANTASY for Fans and First-Timers”.

It offers up a large world, filled with quests to complete, vicious monsters to hunt and secrets to discover and - for the first time for a numbered FINAL FANTASY game - a spectacular action-oriented battle system.

It’s an unconventional FINAL FANTASY game in that respect, but the core of the series shines through - wonderful characters, a compelling story, exciting battles and incredible presentation.

Play this first if…

  • You want a battle system that’s action-oriented rather than command-based
  • You want a large world full of side quests and monsters to hunt
  • You’re a foodie - the meals in this game are something else!

What about the spin-offs?

FINAL FANTASY has been around for a long time, and has spawned direct sequels, like FINAL FANTASY X-2 and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, as well as spin-off games like STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS or WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY.

But to be frank, this article is more than long enough already. Maybe we’ll cover them in a future post, but much like the main numbered titles, each is designed to be played standalone, so you can’t really go wrong.

As we said at the start, there’s no right answer to where you should start with the FINAL FANTASY series. As each game is its own unique entity, you really can begin wherever you want. Hopefully the descriptions here will help you make that decision.

Even so, we’re sure that any fans reading have strong views, so why not let us know on social media?

6 Square Enix bosses who are total pushovers

They may look terrifying, but their bark is far worse than their bite!
By Duncan Heaney

Every so often, you come across a terrifying enemy in a game that makes you go… ‘uh-oh.’

These big, burly baddies may fill you with fear - tense and clenched, you prepare yourself for a brutal battle that will test you like nothing before. And then… oh. It’s already defeated? Well, that was easier than expected!

Square Enix games aren’t immune to this phenomenon. There are quite a few bosses that present themselves as a challenge but are total pushovers when you know what you’re doing.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

The Guard Scorpion - FINAL FANTASY VII

The first boss in the original FINAL FANTASY VII is iconic. It’s also dramatic, imposing and effortlessly cool… but difficult? Nah, not really.

It has a few powerful attacks at its disposal, but to be honest, the biggest threat you’ll face in this battle comes from Cloud’s… um… ‘helpful’ suggestion to ‘attack while its tail is up!”

(Pro tip if you’re one of the players just starting out on PS Now: DON’T attack while its tail is up.)

In FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, this boss was reborn as the Scorpion Sentinel, and it’s much more of a threat. Its Mark 99 launchers, EM field and Death Grip attacks can really ruin your day - especially when you’re first starting out in the game. And we haven’t even mentioned its forcefield - that one even takes Cloud by surprise!

In comparison, the original game’s first boss is a cakewalk. Just keep up the attack, use a bit of lightning magic and ignore SOLDIER-boy’s advice, and you can send this mechanical monstrosity to the big junkheap in the sky without breaking a sweat.

Fake President Deling / Gerogero - FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Ugh - you know what it’s like: you perform an elaborate and high-stakes mission on a moving train to kidnap a world leader, only to discover he’s a decoy. Oh, and also a zombie. Mondays, amirite?

When the fake President Deling transforms into the undead Gerogero in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, it can take you by surprise. Physical attacks do reduced damage, and he’s capable of inflicting all kinds of debilitating effects on the party: Slow, Silence, Berserk… all the pieces are in place for a brutal battle.

…except it really isn’t. In fact, the fearsome faux-president can be taken down in a single move. The thing is to consider is that he’s undead - so what would happen if you were to toss some Phoenix Down in his direction?

A single use of FINAL FANTASY series’ traditional resurrection item is all it takes to put Gerogero down for good. It may seem a bit sneaky, but hey - that’s politics the FINAL FANTASY way.

Kammy the Space Llama - Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The opening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sees the team embark on a risky (and very illegal) mission to capture an elusive beast. The plan is to capture this monster, and sell it to Lady Hellbender - the monster queen of Seknarf Nine - and make major bank in the process.

There’s just one problem with the plan - Peter Quill failed to get a description of the beast in question. Even so, the team heads into the banned Quarantine Zone in search of their prey.

It’s not an easy route - unstable terrain, sneak attacks by lesser beasts, and an especially ill-advised shooting contest leave the mission teetering on the edge of disaster, but eventually the team’s efforts pay off, as an unnerving, red-eyed beast starts tracking them from the shadows.

Its lightning speed make it difficult to track and you blast away in what seems like an epic battle of life and death. And when you finally bring your quarry into the light, you realize… it’s a llama. A decidedly unthreatening space llama.

Ok, so it may not be the boss fight you were expecting, or the prize the team were hoping for, but it’s hard to be mad at something so adorable!

Evil Bridge Troll - Life is Strange: True Colors

How do you take out a big, scary bridge troll who fiercely guards a jewel you need? That’s the problem facing noble heroes Alexandra and Thaynor in Life is Strange: True Colors.

Ok, so it’s really Alex Chen and the young Ethan, involved in some live action role play (LARP). And yes, Alex’s character may go by a different name in your game but I chose Alexandra on my first playthrough, so that’ll always be my personal headcanon!

Regardless, that bridge troll’s a big problem. Any fight’s going to be a bruising encounter - metaphorically at least. If only there was some way to make it easier…

Actually, there are two ways. Everyone has their price, even trolls, and careful explorers may hear rumors about what that price is. Alternatively, a quick trip to the local magic emporium could leave you with a pocket of troll dust - the very thing to put the terrifying creature under your thrall.

Well, I say ‘terrifying’ - considering it’s really just an adorkable park ranger with a silly mask, it’s hard to be too intimidated, right?

Famed Mimic Gogo - FINAL FANTASY V pixel remaster

Gogo, on the other hand, is an intimidating one.

This boss from FINAL FANTASY V can take everything you can dish out and respond tenfold. Use a physical attack, and he’ll pummel you for max damage. Cast a spell in his direction, and he’ll counter with much more powerful magic than you can muster.

It sounds like a difficult fight until you realize something - rather than letting him copy you, you should copy him instead. In other words, as the meme says, the best way to win is by doing nothing.

Don’t attack, don’t cast a spell, just stand there and let the clock run out. That’s all it takes to get this flamboyantly dressed antagonist to Gogo away for good.

Adamantoise - FINAL FANTASY XV

Who says size matters?

The Adamantoise from FINAL FANTASY XV is biggest and most visually impressive boss in a game full of them. Framed against its ample girth, Noctis and his chums are mere specks.

Going at this mountain-sized behemoth with warp attacks and an Engine Blade is a daunting and lengthy process that requires attention, perseverance, a healthy stock of curatives… oh, and some of Ignis’ home cooking probably wouldn’t go awry. Yep - this is a battle for the ages.

…or you could just use the Ring of the Lucii and kill the beast in a single hit.

Of course, it’s not as easy as that - there’s a certain amount of luck involved when you cast the ring’s insta-kill Alterna spell. It may take quite a few tries to take, but it’s straightforward to stay out of the Adamantoise’s range and let your MP recharge for another attempt.

Eventually, the ring will do its thing and the Adamantoise will be obliterated in a sea of sparks and color.

It may not be the most sporting way to take out this majestic foe, but boy is it satisfying!

Those were just some of the Square Enix enemies whose bark turned out to be far worse than their bite.

We’re sure you can think of your own examples, so why not share them with us on social media:


Co-Director Motomu Toriyama talks dance-offs, muscular massages, the problems of pole-dancing, and how he found an inspiring new take on one of the original’s most famous scenes.
By Duncan Heaney

Two words that will excite anyone who’s played any version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Wall Market.

Cloud and Aerith’s visit to Midgar’s entertainment quarter is one of the true highlights of the game, packed with unforgettable moments from life-changing hand massages to high-stakes battles against a literal house.

But perhaps the most memorable of all is the duo’s visit to the Honeybee Inn. This glitzy cabaret is the domain of one Andrea Rhodea. owner, manager, and consummate showman, he pulls Cloud onto the stage for an incredible dance number that culminates with an incredible makeover and a powerful message of inclusion.

It’s hilarious and uplifting in equal measure, and with many players experiencing (or re-experiencing it) in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, we thought it would be interesting to talk to the game’s co-director Motomu Toriyama to find out how - and why - it came about.


Let’s start with the obvious question: how did you come up with the idea of Cloud taking part in a dance-off?

It started when we were looking for ways to adapt Cloud’s cross-dressing scene from the original game.

This was a very famous part of FINAL FANTASY VII, so we knew from the beginning we would include it in the REMAKE. However, we hadn’t decided exactly how we would portray Cloud wearing a dress.

When we started to remake the Wall Market section, I came up with the idea to make the scene more of an extravaganza, and have it take place during a musical number on stage.

But why the dance-off?

I started with the concept of Cloud taking the spotlight and appearing before the audience of a stage show. For a show that would fit the occasion, I took inspiration from traditional Parisian cabaret and burlesque-style dance shows.

I added in the idea of a dance-off in the middle of the show. I decided that Cloud’s transformation into his dress and make-up should take place on stage, then Andrea Rhodea would take his hand, and they would dance together before striking a pose.


It’s a very different approach to the original game. Why did you make that decision?

Given how famous the cross-dressing was in the original FINAL FANTASY VII, we were aware that people would have high expectations for the remake. We knew we had to do it in a way that both lived up to those expectations, but took modern sensibilities into consideration.

For example, fans these days expect stories and dialogue in games to go beyond stereotypical depictions of gender. Through Andrea’s lines and the lyrics of the backing track, Stand Up, we tried to build in a positive and supportive message for Cloud during his cross-dressing scene.

Was it difficult to find the right words to convey that message so succinctly?

Well, actually we originally had a much longer conversation planned, but we needed to make the dialogue during the dance scene short and snappy so we had to edit it down.

In the end though, I think this left us with a stronger, more straightforward message.


Were there technical considerations too?

Yes. The original could get away with leaving Cloud’s make-up and hairstyle to the imagination, to a certain extent, due to the blocky polygons of the graphics. However, with modern graphics, you can see everything in much greater detail.

Cloud is a cool and stoic character, so we spent a lot of time making sure that his design for the cross-dressing scene would be an amusing contrast, but also dignified and beautiful.


Were there other ideas considered beyond the dancing, or was the scene envisioned this way from the start?

No, we did have a few other proposals. One idea, which was perhaps closer to some parts of the original, was that Andrea would meet Cloud in a bathhouse. Being impressed with his muscles after giving him a massage, he would decide he was a great candidate for a makeover.

But the idea of a massage overlapped with Madam M, so I decided against this option.

There were a few other ideas too, and some of these were incorporated into other rooms, separate from the main stage.


So how did you get started with actually making the Honeybee Inn show?

First, we decided the overall structure of the scene, consisting of the opening show, the three stages of the dance-off, and finally the ending scene. Alongside this, we came up with a general outline for each part and how long they would last.

After this, we started work on the music. Once that was done, we began work on the visuals and more specific details. Finally, we began work on the choreography. We gave the choreography team a general overview of what we were looking for, and the dance show began to take shape from there.

The whole scene took a long time, from the initial idea, to composing the music, taking the motion capture, and adjusting the music and motions to fit together. I was incredibly nervous until it finally all came together!


Was the music locked in from the start, or did that change during the process?

With this kind of scene, you can’t work out the details until you have the music in place, so we decided on the music first. The music was then reworked to fit with the different scenes and timings, as an ongoing process.

Initially, we worked from a general outline of the song and gradually built up from there. I remember going with the composer, Mitsuto Suzuki, to a club in Roppongi to get a better idea of what a dance show is a really like!


Who’s actually dancing? Did you bring in professionals for motion capture?

Yes - for this scene, we commissioned a team of professional dancers that create burlesque shows and choreography. They proposed changing the concept and choreography for each section of the dance-off.

We actually went through multiple recordings and corrections when making the scene.

Initially, for example, there was a pole dancing scene included, which meant that filming began on an elaborate set. We decided to take that part out due to the impact on the rating!


Why did you decide to also make this section a rhythm action game?

The minigames in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and INTERGRADE are all about completing a specific challenge in a limited amount of time, so we took inspiration from the formats of different genres when we designed them.

Rhythm action is a popular way of representing a dance-off, so we decided to keep the input simple and easy to understand, as well as making sure that the user interface (UI) was in keeping with the visuals of the scene.


Was that difficult to make all those elements work together?

There were challenges to be sure. We decided to make the UI show the timing of the rhythm action prompts by having them fly in on light effects. This gives the scene more depth, but the camera angle shifts a lot during the dance scene, so it was difficult to show everything clearly.


People who have played the game responded very positively to the Honeybee Inn. How did you feel when you saw the reactions?

This scene is a key example of something that was changed dramatically from the original FINAL FANTASY VII. I was a bit worried about what fans of the original game would think, but the whole scene got a much more enthusiastic reception than I could ever have hoped for, so I was quite relieved.

Going forward, I'm sure some parts of the remake will differ significantly from the original. I hope this scene can be a good example of how to approach such changes.


Finally, I think I speak on behalf of a lot of fans when I say… have you considered turning this section into a full rhythm-action game?

(Laughs) It might be fun to add more songs and see more characters dancing, like Tifa and Aerith. I'm sure Red XIII would be delighted to show off his moves!

But no, we’re not working on turning it into a full rhythm game right now (laughs).

Many thanks to Mr Toriyama for taking the time to revisit Wall Market and the Honeybee Inn with us.

It was one of the highlights of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for many fans, and in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, it looks and plays better than ever thanks to improved lighting, enhanced textures and buttery-smooth 60FPS in Performance mode.

If you want to experience (or re-experience) if for yourselves, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is out now on PS5 and PC.

If you already own FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for the PlayStation 4 (physical or digital version) and own a PlayStation 5, you can download the free FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE PlayStation 5 enhancement update (an internet connection is required to download it).

This update does not include FF7R EPISODE INTERmission. FF7R EPISODE INTERmission can be purchased separately as a digital download via the PlayStation Store.

Note: if you have purchased FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (physical edition) for PlayStation 4, and own the PlayStation 5 digital edition (the model without a disc drive) then you are not eligible to download the upgrade.

To stay up to date with news and information about the release, make sure you follow the FINAL FANTASY team on social media:

6 of the best FINAL FANTASY summons

We celebrate a few of the most memorable Espers, Eidolons, Aeons and Eikons in the FINAL FANTASY series and explain what makes them so special.
By Duncan Heaney

What would FINAL FANTASY be without Summons?

Call them Espers, call them Aeons or Eidolons, even Eikons… whatever name they’re currently going by, the ability to call on these powerful entities is one of the most purely awesome things you can do in the series.

Useful too - feeling overwhelmed in a fight? Simply pull a legendary being of ultimate destruction out of your arsenal and watch your enemies fall before you.

There are loads of Summons in the FINAL FANTASY series, and we wanted to highlight just a few of our favorites…


Few summons are as beloved - and iconic - as this raging inferno of flames and fury. His mastery of fire coupled with a… let’s say ‘irritable’ disposition, make him perfect when you want to issue a burn notice on your foes.

Ol’ Iffy - as absolutely nobody calls him - has been present in almost every mainline FINAL FANTASY game since his debut in FINAL FANTASY III. Most recently, he made a triumphant appearance in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, literally diving into battle to let Shinra’s security forces know they’re fired.

His future’s looking pretty bright too - he features heavily in the trailer for FINAL FANTASY XVI. Just one of many reasons it’s among the hottest games coming to the PS5!

Did you know: Ifrit was inspired by a type of Jinn / Djinn from Arabic folklore that embodies fire. He even went by the name Jinn in the original Super Nintendo version of FINAL FANTASY IV!


Shiva’s total control over ice makes total sense - she’s effortlessly cool.

Like her counterpart Ifrit, she’s one of the most famous and prolific summons in the entire FINAL FANTASY series. She made her first appearance in FINAL FANTASY III just as fans have come to know her - not really dressed for the weather but powerful enough to give even the strongest of foes the cold shoulder.

Over the years, Shiva’s remained a consistently powerful and popular presence in the series. Whether she’s helping Squall thaw out in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, or challenging Yuna in FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster, we’re always excited to see her… and her iconic Diamond Dust attack!

Did you know: According to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Legend has it that Shiva once saved the planet by staunching a catastrophic wound with a massive glacier. Told you she was cool!


We all love tonberries, right?

I mean, yes, we’re deathly afraid of them because they can shuffle us off our mortal coil with one mean-spirited slice of a knife (and boy can they hold a grudge!), but there’s something about their beady eyes and stubby widdle legs that’s just so gosh darn cute!

While you’re most likely to encounter tonberries as enemies…

…or adorable plushies… FINAL FANTASY VIII you can get one as a summonable Guardian Force.

It’s not easy, mind you. First, you must defeat at least 20 tonberries in the dangerous Cetra Ruins area. That’s a slightly terrifying ask in itself, yet it’s still not enough!

To actually claim Tonberry as your own, you must then face off against the Tonberry King… a super-sized, super-stabby psycho with a spectacularly sharp knife.

And yet… he has a little crown. D’awwww.

If you manage to beat the King, you’ll be rewarded with your very own summonable tonberry. It’s so refreshing to have one of these guys on our side for once!

Did you know: The humble tonberry has gone by other names over the course of the series, including Pug (original FINAL FANTASY VI) and the decidedly unflattering Dinglberry (FINAL FANTASY V on PlayStation). That said, a tonberry by any other name is just as butt-clenchingly terrifying.


When you’re facing off against particularly strong foes, it’s good to have Odin at your back.

This horse-riding warrior specializes in instant kills. Summon him into battle, and he’ll typically use his Zantetsuken move to take out your opponents in a single hit.

The name and function of the move can differ from game to game - it can be called Sword of Vengeance, Atom Edge or Steel Bladed Sword - but the function is the same: take out enemies as quickly and cleanly as possible. He’s very efficient like that.

He’s not always 100% reliable of course (we all have our off days), and he’s usually better at taking out rank and file enemies than bosses. Still, you won’t find many more respected Summons in the entire FINAL FANTASY pantheon.

Did you know: Have you tried facing off against Seifer in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered with Odin equipped? If not, give it a go - you may be in for a surprise…


If we ever did a list of the top FINAL FANTASY beards, there’s no doubt that this legendary summon would top the list. If that’s all we had to recommend him, it would be enough - but he has something even more impressive - power over thunder and lightning.

Since his debut in FINAL FANTASY III, Ramuh has been leaving his targets shocked and awed but no FINAL FANTASY game captures the power of Ramuh like FINAL FANTASY XV.

When he deigns to make an appearance, the choir starts singing, the sky splits, everything around you is reduced to smoldering embers. It’s an assault on the senses that captures the raw, elemental power of lightning!

Did you know: Ramuh was originally planned to appear in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but was ultimately left out of the game.

Why? Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi, explains: “Firstly, we thought there would be fans who would like to use Leviathan in Mako Reactor 1 like you could in the demo for the original game.

“Secondly, we also thought that fans would be disappointed if they could not see Bahamut in a FINAL FANTASY game — I know I would be!

“So unfortunately, Ramuh doesn’t appear in the game – but he’ll definitely be in the running next time we make a decision on what Summons to use!”


Mr Hamaguchi is correct. To not include Bahamut in a FINAL FANTASY game would just feel… wrong. This dragon-like beast is a mainstay of the FINAL FANTASY series, making his legendary debut in the very first game - albeit not as a Summon.

Over the years, he’s been both friend and foe - when he’s on your side he’s a powerful weapon, whose power can turn the tide of battle. Even when he’s not the strongest Summon, he’s definitely up there near the top of the list.

When he’s against you though… let’s just say that tonberries suddenly don’t seem seem so bad.

Whichever role he’s currently playing, Bahamut is a true icon of the FINAL FANTASY series - an iconic figure who struts his stuff with mega-flair.

Did you know: Bahamut has appeared in every mainline FINAL FANTASY game… except one - the big-winged wonder sat out FINAL FANTASY II.

Those were just a few of the FINAL FANTASY Summons that we love to… well, summon. But we’re sure you have your own favorites - why not share your own picks with us on social media:

5 enemies in Square Enix games that we’ve learned to fear

From FINAL FANTASY's tonberries to Tomb Raider's Stormguard, here are five fiendish foes that make us break out into a cold sweat.
By Duncan Heaney

We previously showcased some of the lovable parts of Square Enix games that make us grin from ear to ear - but what about the other side of the coin? The things we fear.

There are some enemies in Square Enix games that make us feel more than a little nervous. Some are ruthlessly difficult, others are just kinda unpleasant, and a few are a heady combination of the two.

Here are just five examples:

PLEASE NOTE: Mild spoilers for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, Tomb Raider, and Life is Strange



Here’s the horrifying thing about the mechanical X-ATM092. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

…oh wait no, that’s Terminator. Still, the X-ATM092 is equally persistent. Also known as Black Widow, this massive spider-shaped robot pursues Squall and his fellow mercenary trainees around the town of Dollet during their very hands-on exam.

Making things worse is the ticking timer - you only have a few minutes to get back to your transport and escape. That’s not easy when you’re constantly being drawn into battles with this powerful mech. Even if you can win those fights, X-ATM092 will bounce back in seconds and you’re back to square one.

Stay on the run, and you’ll eventually lead it to the beach, where instructor Quistis will blast it apart with a mounted machine gun. It’s a blessed relief.

Experienced players may know a few coping strategies for this boss, as well as a few tips and tricks to avoid it - but the first time you play, it’s pure panic.

The Stormguard - Tomb Raider (2013)


The first entry in the recent Tomb Raider trilogy takes Lara Croft from terrified survivor to a capable hero that can overcome any challenge.

Trapped on the island of Yamatai, Lara’s besieged by vicious beasts, deadly traps and a horde of murderous cultists. We help her take on the odds, build her skills and ultimately turn her hunters into the hunted.

So as we enter the latter stages of the game, we’re feeling pretty confident about our ability to deal with any situation. Enter the Stormguard.

Also known as the Oni, these ancient warriors have guarded Yamatai for centuries - and they look it. Not only are these new threats unsettling to look at, they’re faster, stronger and far more resilient than anything Lara’s run into so far.

Suddenly, she (and us) are on the back foot once again. The old tactics aren’t going to work - we have to dig deeper than ever into Lara’s skill set, make creative use of the environment and stay on the move if we don’t want the fledgling Tomb Raider’s career to be suddenly cut short.

All said, the Stormguard deliver an entertaining challenge, but it’s an intimidating one too. Whenever we think of these fearsome guardians, we definitely start to feel a little nervous.

Malboros - the FINAL FANTASY series


A giant plant with a serious halitosis problem, malboros have been ruining people’s day since 1988’s FINAL FANTASY II.

Whenever you run into one of these big mouthed monsters, you know you’re in trouble. They’re often very tough, high level foes that can dish out massive damage on a whim - but that’s not what makes them such a sweat-inducer.

No, undoubtedly the scariest thing about malboros is their signature ‘Bad Breath’ attack. This rancid cloud inflicts pretty much every debilitating status ailment in the FINAL FANTASY handbook onto your party.

The exact combination of Bad Breath effects differs depending on the game, but you can expect the likes of Poison, Silence and Slow at a minimum. Plus you have to assume it smells really bad.

A special shout out for the Great Malboros in FINAL FANTASY X-2 and their particularly noxious (and obnoxious) Really Bad Breath attack. Trust me - it ain’t that great.

Nathan Prescott - Life is Strange


Nathan Prescott is not a nice person.

He’s cruel, aggressive, condescending… and dangerous. We see that in the very first moments of the game, when student Max Caulfield witnesses him lose control and accidentally kill her former (and future) BFF Chloe Price.

She’s able to reverse time with her newly manifested powers, but subsequent interactions with Nathan are knuckle-whitening. He’ll shout, he’ll insult and even resort to violence - and the worst thing is that Max, as a fundamentally decent person, doesn’t really have a good way to deal with that unpredictability.

Nathan also treats Blackwell Academy as if he owns it - which in a way his does. His wealthy family is a major financial donor to the school, and the powers that be seem willing to overlook much of his behavior for the sake of that cash.

Of course. Nathan’s as much a victim as he is a villain. He struggles with drugs and mental illness, and his family situation is dysfunctional to say the least. But that doesn’t stop Max and Chloe’s interactions with him from feeling deeply unnerving. He puts them on edge - and us too.

Tonberries - the FINAL FANTASY series


They say that good things come in small packages. Well, bloomin’ terrifying things do too, as tonberries demonstrate.

Anyone who encounters one of these knife-wielding nightmares likely goes through a phenomenon I like to call ‘The 5 Stages of Tonberry’.

1. Delight - Aw, that’s adorable. Look at its diddy widdle legs and cute hoodie.

2. Suspicion - Wh… why’s it moving so slowly? Why’s it not really doing anything? Something feels… off.

3. Dread - Um… it’s getting closer. What’s it doing? Why is it not dead yet? I’m scared.

4. Despair - AAAAARGH - help me! It’s killing EVERYONE.

5. Resolve - …well that went very badly. Next time will be different (NARRATOR: It wasn’t).

Tonberries appear throughout the FINAL FANTASY series, and though their characteristics vary from title to title, they typically have a few things in common - slow speed, high HP, and a ruthless compulsion to stab your party into oblivion.

From the majestic Tonberry King in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered to its memorable appearance in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, every version of this gaming icon commands both respect and pants-wetting terror.

Well, all except these plushie versions perhaps. Just look at them - d’aww sooo cute!


Those were just five things that make us nervous in Square Enix games, but what do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Which enemies make you clench up? Let us know on social media:

PSA: Active PS Plus users can upgrade to PS5 version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE this month

If you claimed FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE in March 2021 as a PS Plus member, you can upgrade to the PS5 version starting December 22. Plus, the FF7R EPISODE INTERmission DLC is also on sale!
By Duncan Heaney

Hello everyone - just a quick post to let you know about some exciting FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE news.

Back in March this year (wait, are we in December already?!), FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on PS4 was included as as a part of the March 2021 games benefit for PS Plus members. Players who’d claimed the game as a PS Plus benefit were unable to upgrade to the shiny new PS5 version (dramatic pause) … until now!

We’re delighted to let you know that that active PS Plus subscribers who claimed the game can upgrade to the PS5 version at no extra cost from December 22, 2021.

What’s more, between December 22, 2021 and January 7, 2022 you can also purchase the excellent FF7R EPISODE INTERmission with up to 25% off!

What’s included in the PS5 version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?

The power of the PS5 means that the game has never run smoother, played better or looked prettier.

Here’s just a brief rundown of the improvements the next-gen version has to offer:

  • Improved textures and lighting - Midgar is crisper and more detailed than on PS4. New textures, a new lighting system and improved background elements mean you can experience the City of Mako in its true (slightly dystopian) glory!

  • Graphics Mode - choose this option if you want prioritize crystal clear 4K resolution graphics and see the game at its absolute prettiest.

  • Performance Mode - choose this setting to experience smooth action at 60 frames per second. For what it’s worth, it’s my preferred way to play.

  • DualSense™ wireless controller support - battles are more immersive thanks to haptic feedback integration. You’ll really feel the throttle through the adaptive triggers in the bike sections!

  • Faster loading times - you can load any chapter or save in literal seconds. It’s glorious!

  • New difficulty settings - ‘Classic Mode’ can now be used on normal difficulty. This makes the computer take control of character movement and basic attacks, allowing you to focus on commands in a playstyle that hearkens back to the original FINAL FANTASY VII.

  • Photo Mode - you can express your inner artist or just capture and share memorable moments with the customisable photo mode. Hold on, is this an opportunity for me to see my favourite moments anytime? I do believe it is!

Please note that the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 does not include the FF7R EPISODE INTERmission DLC. That must be purchased separately once you have claimed your upgrade… and it’s well worth it for reasons I will now explain:

What is FF7R EPISODE INTERmission?

In this expansion episode, players take control of Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi on a dangerous mission to steal the ultimate materia from Shinra.

It introduces new characters, new gameplay including the ability to synergise attacks with a partner, new minigames (Fort Condor is amazing!) and more!

If you’re a fan, it really is a must-play. If you joined the FINAL FANTASY family with FINAL FANTASY REMAKE, you’ll get to see who Yuffie is and why she’s such a beloved character. If you played the original RPG… well, we probably had you at ‘Yuffie’.

If you want to give it a go, this month is a perfect time to get it. Between December 22 2021, and January 7, 2022, it’ll be on sale on the PlayStation Store, with up to 25% off.

Get FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE (up to 25% off between December 22, 2021 and January 7, 2022)

And that’s basically all we have to say.

Just to reiterate: if you have a PS Plus copy of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE in your library, make sure you claim the upgrade from December 22, 2021.

And also, definitely make sure you get FF7R EPISODE INTERmission while it’s on sale, because it gives you everything you could want out a new adventure - new gameplay, new story, a healthy dose of jazz and more.

Get FF7R EPISODE INTERmission (up to 25% off between December 22, 2021 and January 7, 2022)

Finally, here’s a load of small print and legalese covering some of the fine detail on the upgrade process.

  • You are eligible to receive a PS5 digital version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE at no extra cost if you already either (i) own a PS4 digital version of the game or (ii) own a PS4 disc version of the game and also own a PS5 console with a disc drive (you must insert the disc each time you wish you to download or play the PS5 digital version of the game). If you obtained FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE via PlayStation Plus Monthly Games then you must maintain an active PlayStation Plus subscription to get, download, and play this PS5 upgrade - if your PlayStation Plus subscription expires, you will lose access to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and will be unable to play any associated add-on content (such as FF7R EPISODE INTERmission) that relies on access to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE on PC: Everything you need to know

The City of Mako arrives on PC through the Epic Games Store! We take you through every aspect of the release, from recommended specs to the included DLC.
By Duncan Heaney

Well, this is a pretty nice holiday gift, right?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE has come to PC through the Epic Games Store.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about the release, so we’ll do our best to answer them here. Starting with…


The story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE follows the story of Cloud Strife - a former SOLDIER turned mercenary. When he agrees to help the underground resistance group Avalanche in their fight against the corrupt and amoral Shinra Electric Power Company, he embarks on an adventure that will change him, and the city of Midgar forever.

The game reimagines the events of the 1997 PlayStation classic up to the team’s departure from the city of Midgar. The original game was a ground-breaking release that changed the gaming landscape with its flexible RPG mechanics, epic story, unforgettable characters and sky-high production values - there’s a reason it regularly features on lists of the best games ever.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE captures the unique spirit of that earlier game, but modernizes it with a new battle system, deeper characters, new events and more.

Although it was already a critically acclaimed game (fun fact: the original PS4 release won Best RPG and Best Score and Music in last year’s Game Awards) FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE takes it even further with graphical improvements, 4K and HDR support, improved framerates (up to 120 FPS in the PC version), a photo mode, additional content and more.

Released earlier this year on PS5, the PC version of the game is now on the Epic Games Store. Not only that, but it includes all the DLC for the game in one package, including the excellent FF7R EPISODE INTERmission!

What is FF7R EPISODE INTERmission?

Yuffie Kisaragi takes center stage in this additional episode, which takes place concurrently with the main game.

The fan-favorite ninja from Wutai makes her way to Midgar for a uniquely dangerous mission: infiltrate the Shinra Building and steal some powerful materia under development inside.

Of course, things in Midgar are never that straightforward. She’ll have to contend with all kinds of threats and distractions, including helping her Avalanche contacts, Shinra’s army of security forces, and a potentially crippling addiction to the Fort Condor minigame.

OK, that last one might actually be me - but the bite-sized strategy game introduced here is super fun and well worth your time!

With a new playable character, new mechanics including the ability to synergise attacks with a partner, and a story that’s funny, exciting, and emotional in equal measure, it really is a must-play.

It’s included in the PC release as standard, and you can play it any time - we recommend you play it after the main game though.


In addition to the main game and FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, the PC version of the game has all the previously released DLC as standard. It’s the complete FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE package!

Here’s the additional DLC included:

  • The FF7R EPISODE INTERmission-exclusive weapon, Cacstar
  • Armor: Midgar Bangle, Shinra Bangle and Corneo Armlet
  • Accessories: Superstar Belt, Mako Crystal and Seraphic Earrings
  • Summon materia: Carbuncle, Chocobo Chick and Cactuar

Weapons, armors, accessories and summon materia will be available from launch and can be claimed from the Gift Box on the main menu.

What are the minimum and recommended PC requirements?

You’re probably wondering what sort of rig you need to run FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE on PC. Here you go:


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit (ver. 2004 or later)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3330 / AMD FX-8350
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Storage: 100 GB or more
  • Direct X: Version 12 or later
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 780 / Radeon RX 480 (3GB VRAM)
  • Resolution: 1920x1080


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit (ver. 2004 or later)
  • Processor: IntelCore i7-3770 / AMD Ryzen 3 3100
  • Memory: 12GB
  • Storage: 100GB or more
  • Direct X: Version 12 or later
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1080 / Radeon RX 5700 (8GB VRAM)
  • Resolution: 2560x1440

Supported Languages

  • Audio: English, French, German, Japanese
  • Text: **English, Chinese - simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Spainish - Spain, Spanish - Latin American

What controllers can I use to play it?

As well as mouse and keyboard, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE supports XInput and DirectInput compliant controllers.

That means that you can use an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 or PS5 controller, in addition to some third-party devices.

Where can I buy and download FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE on PC?

The game is available now on the Epic Games Store!

We hope you’re excited for the PC release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Whether you remember the original 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII or coming to the series for the first time with the new game, it’s an absolute must-play - please enjoy it!

To stay up to date with news and information about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, follow the team on social media:

7 Square Enix game worlds we wish we lived in

Which Square Enix world would you choose to live in if you could? We have strong thoughts on the matter… but do you agree with our picks?
By Duncan Heaney

Have you explored the world of a game and thought: “I wish I was there?”

It’s understandable if you have - the worlds of Square Enix games are often so well-realised, they feel like real, believable places. Imagine if you could actually live in one of these worlds - which would it be, and why?

We’ve pondered this little thought experiment and here’s what we think:

Fa’Diel - Legend of Mana

We’re gonna lay some truth on ya: the world is what you make of it.

That sounds like a blandly inspirational slogan - the kind you’d see on a cat poster in some depressingly beige office. But when it comes to Legend of Mana’s Fa’Diel, it’s the literal truth.

When you start the game, the world is a blank slate, and it’s up to you to build it through the game’s unique “Land Creation” system. Towns, shops, dungeons - you put it all where you want.

Just ponder the possibilities! You could put the local shop right next your house, and save the long trek every time you need to restock on candy! Put a lovely coastal town like Polpota Harbor nearby so you can enjoy the calming seas and indulgent restaurants whenever you like.

Annoying neighbors? Just stick them on the other side of the world and problem solved! Truly Fa’Diel is a beautiful and vibrant world to be admired and desired.

Shibuya and the UG - NEO: The World Ends with You

Mouth-watering meals, fantastic fashion, and toe-tapping tunes. It’s all right there in the Shibuya Underground - or “UG” as the cool kids call it.

If you like a place that’s always buzzing, this is definitely the game world for you. The city’s a bustling metropolis full of ordinary pedestrians, endearingly quirky players of the Reapers’ Game, and of course the Shinjuku and Shibuya Reapers, who are themselves pretty memorable.

Another big perk of relocating to the UG is the psychic powers you can get. Depending on which power you get, there’s a chance you able to read other peoples’ thoughts - imagine the gossip you’ll be privy to! You may even be able to influence how they think!

If you’re really lucky, you might be able to control time itself, like Rindo in the game! For example, if you had a really good meal, you could travel back to earlier in the day and have it again! And you’ll definitely want to because the food in the UG is chef’s kiss!

It’s not all good in the UG, of course. While all cities have problems with noise, it’s a much bigger issue when that Noise manifests as killer frogs, bears and sharks. Plus you may feel oddly compelled to help everyone around you solve their problems.

Still, all that’s a small price to pay for some of the best clothes and food you can imagine. We’ll see you all at Glutton 4 Gluten!


In FINAL FANTASY X, the world of Spira is a bleak place. Each person lives in constant fear of Sin - a terrifying creature who spreads death and chaos wherever it goes. It’s kind of a party-pooper, to be honest.

So to be clear, we don’t want to live in that Spira. Frankly, we could do without the stress of FINAL FANTASY’s moistest menace turning up to ruin our day.

But the Spira of FINAL FANTASY X-2… well, that’s a different story. By the time the sequel starts, that whole Sin business has been sorted out, and the world is free. Everyone has a new lease on life, and the world has exploded with a sense of freedom, joy and possibility.

There are political tensions bubbling under the surface, as there are in any country, but for the most part, it’s a very positive place to be. It also offers lots of different ways to fill your time, including Blitzball tournaments, chocobo rearing and even shooting galleries… and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Most exciting of all though, would be the chance to see a Spira concert in person. We don’t know about you, but we think we’d experience some Real Emotion…

World A - FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster

The land of the original FINAL FANTASY isn’t named in the game itself, but throughout the history of the franchise it’s referred to as World A. It’s a name that fits perfectly, because in our opinion it’s an A-grade place.

It’s utterly beautiful, particularly the new pixel remaster version. Every town, cave, mountain and desert is crisp, clean and colorful - it’s one of those worlds that just feels good to spend time in.

We could easily imagine spending our time chatting to the townsfolk of Cornelia, visiting the elves in the appropriately named Elfheim or just soaring happily through the skies on an airship.

There’s also a sense of gravitas to the place that comes with being the first. Every land in the FINAL FANTASY series owes something to World A - we’d relish seeing first-hand where it all began.

Haven Springs - Life is Strange: True Colors

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Haven Springs.

This Colorado mountain town is idyllic, picturesque and… well, generally rather lovely. But it’s not just the scenery that makes it such it joy to inhabit - it’s the people.

From resident DJ Steph, to the loquacious Duckie, almost every resident is friendly and eager to help when it’s needed. This is the kind of town where everyone will excitedly come together in extravagant role play just to help an upset child.

There are secrets beneath the surface of course, some darker than others, but for the most part, Haven Springs is a town of nice people and positive vibes. Add some great shops and an amazing bar (it has an Arkanoid cabinet!) and you have a town where anyone would be able to set down roots.

Just… maybe stay away from the mines, yeah?


Let’s get this out of the way: Midgar is not a perfect city. It’s dirty, there’s disparity of wealth, and as Yuffie makes clear in the new FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, it smells pretty bad too.

And yet, there’s a real energy to the place - and we’re not just talking about the Mako. The upper plate is a suburbanite’s dream, full of lovingly furnished houses with picket fences, well-maintained roads and hidden parachutes (just in case you fancy a spontaneous skydive with a friend).

Down on ground level, things are less pretty, but even more vibrant. Think plenty of shops, friendly communities and great bars like Seventh Heaven (visit ASAP to beat the crush).

Add in the amazing music scene (we like to get down with Hip Hop de Chocobo) and you can see why the people who live in the city love it so. We’d definitely consider moving to Midgar. If, y’know, it was real.

Hydaelyn - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

What makes Hydaelyn so great is that it’s a land of opportunity.

For adventurous types, the world is full of amazing things to see and do. You can visit the gorgeous vistas and bustling city-states of Eorzea, delve deep into mysterious ruins in search of treasure and maybe even become a legend in the process.

Alternatively, you can just sack off all that exhausting hero business and focus on simpler pleasures. You could go fishing off Costa del Sol, get your hands dirty with some crafter / gatherer tasks, or make your (virtual) fortune betting on the chocobo races in the Manderville Gold Saucer. It really is up to you.

Best of all, there’s always something new to see. The world is always expanding, with new areas, new races, and new activities to try out on a regular basis.

Case in point: on December 7, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker arrives, adding new locales to this already vast world. You’ll be able to soak in the architectural splendour of Old Sharlayan, marvel at the underground wonder of Labyrinthos, explore the tropical coastline and dense rainforests of Thavnair, and more.

Even more excitingly, you’ll also go to the moon! And unlike the pesky real world, you won’t even need a billionaire’s bank account to do it!

Those were our picks for the Square Enix worlds we’d love to live in, but what about you? Agree with our choices or do you have somewhere better in mind? Let us know:

6 Square Enix characters that we’d recruit for a heist

We’d need a burglar, a safe-cracker, a grifter, some muscle, a driver and a planner. But who to pick…
By Duncan Heaney


The other day I caught the tail end of a heist movie on TV. Inevitably it got me thinking – if we were going to put together a crew, which Square Enix characters would we recruit?

What follows is a dramatisation of how this little thought experiment went.

I love a good heist.

Oh yeah - me too!

Movies, TV shows, books… it always makes for great fiction.

…fiction, right. (Quietly puts crowbar back in bag)

You know the story – a group of noble-hearted misfits team up to put a wrongdoer in his or her place, typically through means of a needlessly elaborate plan that requires their oddly specialised skillsets.

Ah, you mean some sort of hustle…

Shh! I don’t know if we’re legally allowed to use brand names!

Anyway, if we were going to do a good ol’-fashioned movie heist, who would recruit for our team? After all, there are Oceans-worth of Square Enix characters whose skills we could Leverage.

From what I understand, you really need six roles to pull it off: a cat burglar, some muscle, a safe-cracker, a grifter, a wheelman and finally a big brain to create the plan.

So with that in mind, here are the Square Enix characters I’d pick to pull off a heist.

I dunno… is this really the most productive use of your time? I mean, you haven’t even clearly articulated who you’re talking to? Am I a voice in your head, another member of the team or what?

Hey look friend – as I write this, the power’s gone out in my house and I have nothing else to do. So let me have this, okay?

Fine. Let’s hear it.

The Cat Burglar – Erik from DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S - Definitive Edition

Every team needs a burglar – the kind of rascal that can slip in and out of a room without anyone noticing.

Do you mean a thief? Because there’s literally a game called… Thief.

Well yes – fair point. Garrett would be a great choice, but I’d rather utilise his skills for a more specialised role.

Instead, I’d recruit Erik from DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age to do the job. This spiky-haired hero has fast hands, a quick wit and an unerring ability to get in and out of places he shouldn’t be.

Hmm… sounds a little untrustworthy.

You’d think that, but Erik as a firm a friend as you could ever hope to find.

He’s reliable, loyal and sure he can get a bit carried away when presented with valuable treasure, but he’ll always do the right thing in the end. He’s the quintessential rogue with a heart of gold. In more ways than one actually.

Any other skills?

Like many thieves, he’d prefer to run from a fight rather than stand his ground. But if it does come to fisticuffs, he can more than hold his own. Not only is he incredibly evasive, his Critical Claim attack is one of the strongest of all the DRAGON QUEST XI crew.

Be warned though – he’ll insist on waiting for his turn to use it.


All heist teams need some muscle – someone tough to take care of any unexpected trouble. And there’s no shortage of options here.

Ooh – like Zell from FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered!

Strong, but far too excitable. Think about it – one overexcited whoop and the whole gig’s blown.

Ok, what about Barret from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?

See above.

No, if we’re talking FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, there’s a much more obvious choice: Tifa Lockhart.

This awesome martial artist is fast, strong and incredibly skilled. I mean, she can literally punch robots into scrap - even ex-SOLDIER Cloud has to use a Buster Sword.

And talk about upper body strength - have you seen how many pull-ups she can do?

Does she have any experience though?

Yes - as a member of Avalanche, Tifa has played a vital role in missions to sneak into dangerous reactors, infiltrate high security offices and more. She may have misgivings about some of these jobs, but she ultimately always steps up to protect her friends and teammates.

And you know there’s one more thing that she can supply to the team: her own bar!

Seventh Heaven has everything you need for a good hideout: a jukebox, plenty of cocktails (mine’s a Cosmo Canyon!) and even a secret room underneath the pinball table.

Brilliant - so after the heist, we can go back there and celebrate with a plate of something.

…yes. I can definitely guarantee you’ll get a plate.

The Safe-cracker – Garrett from Thief

If movies have taught me anything (and clearly they have not), it’s that every good heist crew needs a safe-cracker. From looked doors, to lockboxes, these nimble-fingered artisans of are capable of opening anything and everything.

In other words, it takes a skilled touch, and Garrett – the Master Thief himself - is very, very skilled indeed. When it comes to picking locks, there’s no-one better.

I’ve heard that there are some safes that are completely impregnable though. I imagine that even Garrett would have trouble with those bad boys?

And you’d be right – which is where his extensive collection of other skills comes into effect.

For example, Garrett a master of stealth - a true shadow. He could be standing right next to you and you’d never know.

Also consider that he’s incredibly thorough. He’ll scan a room carefully, look into every nook and cranny with a practiced eye. If the combination’s written somewhere he’ll find it.

But what if it’s not written down?

Look, if you’re a videogame character with a safe, you have to write down the combination. It’s, like, the rules.

Seems awfully convenient, but I’ll go with it.

The Grifter – Primrose from OCTOPATH TRAVELER

Next, we need a people person – a slick smooth-talker who can manipulate people to get exactly what they want. Primrose from OCTOPATH TRAVELER fits the bill perfectly.

Once a noble, she’s embarked on a life of subterfuge and revenge after the death of her father. As part of her quest, she assumes guises – such as taking on the guise of a dancer as she lies in wait for her target.

So she’s willing to play the long-con then?

Oh boy is she! But that’s not the only reason she’s the perfect person for this role. Primrose has the special ability to sweet-talk… well, pretty much anyone she meets.

It doesn’t matter how who they are, how old they are, or what they’re doing – a few words from Primrose and they’ll follow her to the ends of the earth.

Wow – that’s persuasive.

I know, right? They’ll even throw themselves into mortal danger if she asks them to. If we get into a fight, anyone following our silver-tongued recruit will jump into the fray – even if they seem wholly unequipped for battle.

Now that’s what I call a grifter.

The Wheelman – Ignis from FINAL FANTASY XV

The plan’s underway – now we need an escape. A good driver’s essential for a slick extraction, but who to choose…

Lots of options here. Cloud Strife from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, for example….

I think Cloud’s more of a bike person. We need someone who’s comfortable with four wheels, not just two.

In fact, if we’re talking FINAL FANTASY, there’s one obvious choice… Ignis Scientia from FINAL FANTASY XV.

This refined gentleman takes care of the bulk of the driving in FINAL FANTASY XV – set him a destination, and he’ll get you there regardless of traffic or weather conditions.

Just don’t ask him to drive at night – he’s very against that.

Ok so we have a wheelman… but still no wheels.

But that’s another great thing about Ignis - he could supply his own car! Sure, the Regalia’s only made to accommodate four people, but I reckon a few more could squidge in if necessary.

It’s not the fastest ride, but Iggy handles it with skill and grace – he won’t put a wheel wrong.

And best of all, when you get back to Seventh Heaven, he can cook the team a delicious meal. He might even have come up with a new recipe!

The Mastermind – Caius Ballad from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2

Finally, we need someone to plan the heist – a mastermind who can see all the angles, make a plan, and execute it successfully.

And here’s where things get a little tricky, because most of the master planners in Square Enix games aren’t on the side of the angels…

Wait – you want to recruit a villain?

What can I say – that’s where the talent is. There are lots of examples of villains carrying out largely successful plans in games.

For example, Garland from the original FINAL FANTASY, Kefka from FINAL FANTASY VI or Ardyn from FINAL FANTASY XV – each of them essentially completed their goals.

So why not one of them?

Well let’s be honest – anyone who’s played FINAL FANTASY VI knows that Kefka’s not exactly stable. What’s more, each was ultimately thwarted – after the fact in some cases, but all their hard work was undone.

That’s exactly why Caius Ballad from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is the perfect choice here. Not only is he an incredibly smart fellow, who uses time and space itself as a chessboard, he actually won. There’s nothing that can be done to stop the events he sets in motion – only adapt to them.

In other words, he’s a mastermind whose plans actually work. Exactly the type of person we’d want to plan our heist.

Perfect! Looks like we have a team.

And with this group, our unnecessarily convoluted schemes are sure to succeed.

…but hold on a sec. Now that I think about it, isn’t there already a team of RPG heroes who perform heists?

I don’t know what you mean.

Yeah, stealing heads or hearts… something like that.


Ahem. Anyway, those were our picks – but what about yours? Which characters would you recruit for your heist crew?

Share your thoughts in the comments and social media. And check back on the Square Enix Blog regularly for news and articles that weren’t written because I was at a loose end.

Free FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Zoom backgrounds available here

By Duncan Heaney
Seventh Heaven

Update: We've added some new backgrounds from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE! Scroll down to see and download them!

Like us, many of you may be working or studying from home at the moment. Also like us, you may have found yourself reliant on video conferencing tools like Zoom.

Unfortunately, some homes make for boring backdrops - we’re talking a lot of white walls and beige bedrooms. So why not add a bit of flair to your video calls with a custom background?

We’ve created some free backgrounds to use on Zoom, based on the upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. They cover many of the iconic locations from the game, such the glitzy Wall Market or Tifa’s bar Seventh Heaven (sadly you can’t nip in there for a quick game of darts).

Alternatively, you could pay respect to your favourite characters with backgrounds featuring the likes of Cloud, Barret and Aerith.

Or, if you want to be a dutiful corporate employee, set your background as the inside of the Shinra Building. There are a few interior shots available - personally, I favour the area around the cafeteria.

There’s plenty more to choose from and the choice is yours - you can view and save all the images below (Please note that the images on page are compressed, so click the download link beneath each for a higher quality version).


Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


Seventh Heaven


We hope these backgrounds add a bit of Midgar charm to your video conferencing. Sure, you’ll still be trapped in a meeting, but at least your friends or co-workers will have something interesting to look at!


To stay up to date with the latest news, images and more, check the Square Enix Blog regularly, and follow the game on social media:

VII of the coolest new things in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE

Yuffie! 4K! 60FPS gameplay! Ramuh! Here are seven of the most awesome new things you’ll find in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE and FF7R EPISODE INTERmission!
By Duncan Heaney


With myriad enhancements to the original game, including improved lighting and textures, as well as new content in the form of FF7R EPISODE INTERmission, there's a lot for both new and returning fans to dig into.

To get you ready to step back into Midgar, we've highlighted seven (or VII - heh) of the coolest new things you can expect to see in the game:

1. Midgar’s been given a makeover

Let’s start with the original FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE adventure, because if you played the game on PS4 last year, you’ll notice it’s had some work done.

The team has revisited every chapter in the game, adding improved textures, new lighting, better background elements and more.

Each location that our hero Cloud and his pals visit looks better than ever before, be it the bustling slums of Sector 7, the gaudy opulence of Wall Market or the sleek, corporate interiors of the imposing Shinra Building.

Suffice to say, it’s a real looker, particularly if you choose Graphic Mode that prioritizes 4K resolution.

2. 60 FPS makes everything smoooooooth

As well as Graphic Mode, there’s another option, Performance Mode that prioritizes 60 FPS gameplay.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE was already smooth and satisfying to play on PS4, but 60 FPS takes it to another level. The heroes are incredibly quick-footed and responsive, and you feel more in control than ever before.

It’s hard to put into words, but when you have your hands on the controller and feel that greater connection to the characters and their actions, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It just feels wonderful.

Oh, and those of you who played the original release may be pondering the big question: does buttery-smooth 60 FPS make it any easier to beat Jules at pull-ups?

…nope. He’s still an absolute beast. Sorry.

3. A new playable hero - Yuffie!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE brings some new faces into Midgar - including the legendary Yuffie Kisaragi, who fans may remember from the original 1997 FINAL FANTASY VII!

The Wutaian ninja takes center stage in FF7R EPISODE INTERmission - a brand new story that takes place concurrently with the main adventure. She’s tasked with infiltrating the city to steal some super-powerful materia from Shinra - a mission that’s fated to become far more complicated than she knows.

At least she’s not alone. She’s joined on her journey by Sonon - a ninja who’s as skilled as he is strong - and an eclectic bunch of anti-Shinra rebels.

For fans of the original game - at least those who recruited Yuffie - it’s a real treat to see her return to this reimagined Midgar. She may be on a mission, but she’s the same character we know and love - upbeat, a little clumsy and absolutely obsessed with materia.

At least we don’t have to worry about her stealing ours this time.

4. The combat system for Yuffie adds loads of new options

Inevitably, Yuffie and Sonon’s mission will lead them into conflict with some of Midgar’s… let’s say ‘more undesirable’ denizens. Think feral beasts, undercity criminals and, of course, more than hulking great mech.

Fortunately, our duo can now tango with Synergy; by combining their attacks, Yuffie and Sonon are able to lay the smackdown on the foes in all kinds of flashy new ways.

That’s not the only thing that’s unique to FF7R EPISODE INTERmission though. The duo also has access to unique skills, such as Yuffie’s ‘Elemental Ninjitsu’, which allows her to change the element of her attacks on the fly!

5. Ramuh returns to the FINAL FANTASY series!

As well as new abilities, Yuffie will also have access to brand new materia that gives her new abilities. We don’t want to give away everything, but there’s one in particular that’s got us very excited… Ramuh.

This master of lightning is a mainstay of the FINAL FANTASY series, including the original FINAL FANTASY VII. He’s back in FF7 EPISODE INTERmission, and you know what that means…

Time for shameless electricity puns!

Long term fans won’t be shocked to see this classic Summon make a return, but they’ll definitely get a charge out of it. When you bring him out into battle, you know sparks are going to fly.

…the key point is that Ramuh’s awesome, guys.

6. Fort Condor is your new obsession

In between hunting for materia and doing awesome ninja-y things, Yuffie can relax with the new craze that’s sweeping the slums of Midgar: Fort Condor.

Based on one of Shinra’s military victories, the game pits two players against each other in a high-stakes game of skill and strategy. You’ll need to choose the best board and units to counter your enemy’s tactics and claim victory over the battlefield.

You can get a preview of how it plays here.

This is no simple minigame though - you’ll be able to take on opponents all over the slums. It’s worth doing because not only can you win valuable new materia, you may just meet a few familiar faces too.

7. It delves deeper into the rich lore of the FINAL FANTASY VII series

One of the things that excited the developers about creating FF7R EPISODE INTERmission was the opportunity to explore the world of the game beyond the original adventure.

As FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi told us: “the new episode was an opportunity to dig deeper into the lore of FINAL FANTASY VII.”

That’ll be clear to long-term fans from the trailer alone. For example, if you experienced DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-, you may just recognize the sinister Shinra military group Deepground and its leader Weiss the Immaculate. There are other references too, some more subtle than others… but we’ll leave those for you to unearth.

As for new fans, you’ll get a new appreciation just how rich and deep this incredible world really is.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is out for PS5 now. The new episode - FF7R EPISODE INTERmission is included with all new copies of the game on PS5.

If you already own FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for the PlayStation 4 (physical or digital version) and own a PlayStation 5, you can download the free FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE PlayStation 5 enhancement update (an internet connection is required to download it).

This update does not include FF7R EPISODE INTERmission. FF7R EPISODE INTERmissioncan be purchased separately as a digital download via the PlayStation Store.

Note: that the PS4 version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE given to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade.

In addition, if you have purchased FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (physical edition) for PlayStation 4, and own the PlayStation 5 digital edition (the model without a disc drive) then you are not eligible to download the upgrade.

To stay up to date with news and information about the release, make sure you follow the FINAL FANTASY team on social media:

Which Square Enix game matches your star sign?

Which of our games are you most like? Find out here.
By Square Enix Team

Ever looked at the stars and thought: “I wonder which Square Enix game matches with my sign?”

Probably not because that would be a really odd thing to do - but we thought we’d find out anyway.

We asked our team of totally-not-made-up-for-this-article astrologists to look to the stars to determine which of our titles would be a perfect match for each sign of the zodiac - and the personality traits associated with it.

What will you get?

March 21 - April 19: Aries

You’re resourceful, brave and always watching your friends’ backs. But you’re not afraid to be aggressive when the situation demands it.

You’d do well in the world of Outriders.

April 20 - May 20: Taurus

You’re utterly reliable. When people hang out with you, they know they’re going to have a good time. No wonder you inspire such loyalty.

Sounds a lot like FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, right?

May 21 - June 20: Gemini

Like the Luminary, you’re kind, adaptable and always ready to learn a new skill or two. Your curious spirit makes you rich in friends, and able to take on any challenges thrown your way.

An epic personality matches an epic game: DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition.

June 21 - July 22: Cancer

You’re imaginative, empathetic and a true friend. People want you on their team because they know you’ll never give up - even in the toughest dungeons.

Someone like you knows that it’s teamwork that makes the dream work. You’re a natural match to FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Edition.

July 23 - August 22: Leo

Your power, passion and bravery shine through brighter than the lifestream itself. Whatever strife you face, you have the strength and determination to overcome it. No wonder you’re so popular!

With traits like those, your match could only be FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

August 23 - September 22: Virgo

You’re dedicated, intelligent and a rock for your friends. You can be quiet and self-critical, but your strength of character shines through - just like Squall Leonhart.

Your game is FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered.


September 23 - October 22: Libra

Your life is full of decisions, and you often wonder whether you’re making the wise choice. But your fair-minded attitude and social spirit always see you through.

Life is Strange, right?

October 23 - November 21: Scorpio

You’re headstrong and you like to get right to the action as fast as possible. You possess strong leadership and always achieve your goals when you put your mind to it!

In other words, you’re just as crazy-cool as Just Cause 4.

November 22 - December 21: Sagittarius

You’re devoted to your family and always open to making new friends. Even in the toughest times, your inner strength makes you a source of hope.

You have a unique spirit… much like NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

December 22 - January 19: Capricorn

You understand the importance of responsibility and self-control, plus you’re a natural leader.

You’d be a great fit for Marvel’s Avengers.

January 20 - February 18: Aquarius

Much like Lara Croft, your courage and passion are legendary… though your impulsiveness can get you into trouble at times.

What else could your perfect game be than Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

February 19 - March 20: Pisces

You’re artistic, musical and good-hearted. Your friends are your power, and they put a song in your heart and a spring in your step.

You’re perfectly in tune with KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory.

There you have it - what game did you match with? Happy? Sad? Confused? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share your results:

Remember - every title we make is meant to be enjoyed by anyone who plays it, so play whatever you like whenever you like.

This is all just a bit of fun… which is what games are all about, right?


Get ready for the ultimate way to experience Midgar. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE hits PS5 June 10, 2021 - get all the details here.
By Samantha Reinert

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is the ultimate way to experience Midgar. The critically acclaimed, award-winning game has been enhanced and amplified for PS5.

The lighting has been improved. The textures have been improved. These updated, striking visuals will absorb you right into the world of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

This new release doesn’t just update visuals and elevate gameplay (60 FPS performance mode anyone?), but it also includes a brand new story episode to play starring Yuffie.

Did you catch the reveal trailer? If not, take a look right here:

You may be wondering what the exact enhancements are, what’s new, and how this all fits in with FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on PS4… So we’re here to help!

Here’s your breakdown on everything FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE:

1. What exactly is being enhanced?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is rich with graphical, gameplay, and system enhancements.

The city of Midgar has been refreshed with improved textures, lighting, and background environments. “Graphics Mode” will let you soak up these new visual features in 4K with HDR support.

There’s also “Performance Mode,” which prioritizes a smooth 60 frames per second gaming experience. Combine this with the DualSense PS5 controller’s haptic feedback integration to immerse yourself in battle like never before.

Another exciting addition is “Photo Mode” which - you guessed it - offers a fully customizable way to capture and share your favorite moments. Maybe it’s time for a Wall Market photoshoot… or just get some snapshot closeups of your favorite characters.

2. How does this fit in with FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on PS4?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is an independent game for PS5, so purchase of the PS4 version is not required.

That said, if you already purchased FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on PS4, and have a PS5, you can download a free PS5 enhancement update (please note the PS4 version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE available to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade).

The standalone release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE includes the new episode featuring Yuffie. If you’re just upgrading, you can purchase the episode separately, so no worries there!

3. What’s this new episode starring Yuffie?

You’ll play a brand-new adventure as Yuffie Kisaragi, a new playable character for this episode. This ninja from Wutai sneaks her way into Midgar and devises a plan with Avalanche HQ for a thrilling mission to steal the ultimate materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company.

This new story episode will introduce you to new characters, and features expanded gameplay with new combat additions. You’ll gain a new perspective on the story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, getting a taste of what else was going on in Midgar while Cloud and company were doing their thing.

This is exclusive to PS5 and available to buy separately when you’re upgrading your game from PS4 to PS5. It’s also included with the full purchase of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE.

4. Will my PS4 save data carry over to PS5?

Yes! Before the release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, an update patch will become available for the PS4 version. A new menu option will appear on the title screen that will let you carry over your save data.

You’ll need an internet connection to carry over your data, but you also need that to get the update patch in the first place. As a reminder if your copy of the PS4 version is physical, and you own the PlayStation 5 digital edition (the model without a disc drive) you are not eligible to download the upgrade - however if you were to purchase FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE digitally, you can still transfer your PS4 save data.

5. What are the different versions available?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE will be available as a physical and digital Standard Edition, and as a Digital Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a digital mini soundtrack, including songs, such as “Descendant of Shinobi,” and a digital artbook with various concept and promotional art from the production.

This timeless adventure is jumping into the next-gen on June 10th 2021, and you can pre-order now. We can’t wait to share this expanded experience with you all.

5 inspiring times Square Enix heroes came together to save the day

From FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to Marvel’s Avengers, we celebrate those moments where characters combined forces to achieve incredible things.
By The Square Enix Team

When we come together, we can achieve incredible things.

Hope, unity, determination - these are the qualities that are elevated when we support one another, and work hand in hand on a common goal.

That philosophy has been front and center in many of our recent games, from the super-heroic spectacle of Marvel’s Avengers to the Avalanche of action that was FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

We wanted to highlight and celebrate some of the best examples, so here are five inspiring instances of Square Enix heroes coming together to save the day.

Marvel’s Avengers: The Avengers Reassembled

Few games exemplify the importance of unity quite like Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a primary focus of the game’s lengthy single player campaign, which examines what happens to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when it disappears.

A-Day is the worst moment in Avengers history. What was meant to be a celebration of peace and clean energy becomes a living nightmare, as an explosion takes out much of San Francisco… and Captain America himself.

Grief and guilt tears the team apart, and without a leader to bind them, the heroes go their separate ways. But a world without the Avengers is a dangerous one - and MODOK, and his organization AIM uses that vacuum to gain power and influence across the globe.

Aggressively authoritarian control and inhuman rights abuses are just scraping the surface of their sinister shenanigans - someone needs to stop them.

Fortunately, someone does. Kamala Khan - a young woman with amazing powers - undertakes a journey to bring the Avengers back together again. It's not an easy road, but as MODOK puts his master plan into action, the Avengers finally stand together as one.

It’s an uplifting tale that reminds us that as strong as these amazing heroes are, they’re even more powerful together.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: The family comes together in a crisis

Sean and Daniel Diaz have had to overcome a lot in a very short time. Torn from their home by tragedy, and on the run from the police, the brothers seek refuge in the home of their grandparents - Claire and Steven Reynolds.

While safe and secure, there are clear tensions bubbling under the surface. Claire is devoutly religious and imposes strict restrictions on the boys, but a bigger source of conflict is her reluctance to speak of their absent mother - something Sean has many questions about.

The drama comes to a head when the brothers break into their mother’s old room - something Claire explicitly told them not to do. When she returns to find them snooping, she’s… less than pleased.

The underlying tensions finally boil over, and an explosive argument erupts. But just as both sides are starting to say things they might regret, Steven is crushed by a falling cabinet.

With Steven in real danger, all conflict is instantly dropped as the family rallies together to lift the offending armoire. Compounding matters, the police arrive, and Claire volunteers to distract them so Sean and Daniel can make a break for it.

It just goes to show that no matter how much we disagree, no matter how much we bicker, family will always rally round each other when it matters most.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers: The Warriors of Darkness unite!

One of the greatest things about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is how it brings people together… and we mean that literally! From dangerous Dungeons, to high stakes Triple Triad tourneys, every activity is an opportunity to join up and interact with real players just like you.

A similar theme of togetherness runs throughout the storyline most recent expansion, Shadowbringers, which came to its rousing conclusion in Patch 5.3. With the fate of Norvrandt hanging in the balance, the Warriors of Darkness must fight as one to save the land… and that doesn’t just mean you.

We’ll avoid going into more detail because it’s a remarkable moment, but suffice to say that it captures the spirit of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online as a whole - cooperation, collaboration and community.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition: Sylvando brings a smile to the world

If we’re judged by the company we keep, the hero of DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition is very lucky person indeed.

He’s accompanied on his quest by an incredibly charismatic cast of characters, including quick-witted rogue Erik, prickly mage Veronica and golden-hearted Rab. But no companion speaks to the power of coming together as much as the knight of smiles himself - Sylvando.

This charming entertainer gets a special spotlight in the Definitive Edition, with a new chapter focused entirely on him. At this point in the overall tale, events have taken a turn against the heroes and everyone’s feeling a little glum.

Ever the optimist, Sylvando decides to do something about it - he decides he’s not going to just cheer up a few friends, he’s going to put a smile on the entire world!

What follows is a madcap adventure across the land of Erdrea, as Sylvando gathers followers, raises spirits and brings communities back together - all in support of his golden-hearted goal.

His quest is funny, earnest and one of the most life-affirming sequences you’ll play all year!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Tifa and Aerith become BFFs

They say that a stranger’s a friend you’ve haven’t met yet, and that’s definitely true for Tifa and Aerith in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Even during their first meeting, in a dank cellar in Don Corneo’s gaudy Wall Market residence, there’s an instant rapport between the two. They quickly become a formidable force - when confronted with a room of Midgar’s sleaziest goons, the duo spring into action with impressive results.

Tifa’s martial arts training lets her take her foes apart with practiced ease, and Aerith… well, she has a chair.

Their friendship only grows in the following hours, with the two women bound by mutual respect, trust, and an absolute refusal to put up with any of Cloud’s brooding tough guy act.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a game all about connections and people coming together, and Tifa and Aerith’s charming friendship is a quintessential example.

Those were just a few times characters came together and became all the better for it. As these uplifting examples of jolly cooperation show, we’re stronger, happier and more effective when we’re united.

And if that’s not a positive message to end on, what is?

We’re sure you have your own examples to share, or disagree with some of our choices, so come together on social media to share your thoughts:

6 more Square Enix friendships that will warm your heart

Let’s celebrate some of the greatest friendships in Square Enix history, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Tomb Raider and beyond!
By Duncan Heaney

Forget things like Summons or Limit Breaks - friendship is the most powerful force in the universe. It lifts our spirits when we’re down, fills us with laughter and happiness, and makes us all feel like better people. We’re grateful to have it.

Good friendships are a wonderful thing to witness in games too - as we’ve talked about before. So in that spirit, we wanted to celebrate some of the most memorable BFFs of all.

Only the sternest-hearted could fail to be uplifted by the likes of…

Hawkeye and Niccolo - Trials of Mana

There’s friendship and then there’s ‘break you out of prison’ friendship.

We should all be so lucky to have someone like Niccolo in our lives. He’s loyal, reliable and affectionate. He’s also a cat - which makes those traits all the more surprising.

He and Hawkeye live together in the desert fortress of Nevarl, where they operate as skilled members of the thieves guild. Between the two of them, no item is safe and no chest goes unplundered. At least until the sinister Belladonna arrives.

Thanks to her manipulative machinations, Hawkeye is locked in the dungeons for a crime he didn’t commit - and his adoptive sister Jessica is placed in mortal danger. All looks bleak for the hero… so thank goodness for Niccolo.

The feline friend breaks through the walls of Hawkeye’s cage, and gives the young rogue a way to escape. Not only that, he promises to stay behind and watch over his family - a decision that doesn’t work out all that well, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Wei Shen and Jackie Ma - Sleeping Dogs

Infiltrating the underworld is hard enough, but it’s so much worse when you have to lie to someone you care about.

That’s the awkward situation for undercover cop Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs. Tasked with working his way into the Hong Kong Triad, he uses his childhood friendship with Jackie Ma to get the job done.

The two have a long history together, and their friendship only grows when they reunite. Thanks to Wei’s influence, Jackie grows in confidence and eventually even get accepted into the organization.

And despite his deceit, Wei Shen feels genuine affection for his comrade, even using his influence to get him released from prison and encouraging him to leave his life as a criminal behind.

Sadly, Jackie’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, but Wei sticks with him until the end - and beyond. Because while their relationship was partly built on lies, the friendship was very real.

The Warrior of Light and Haurchefant - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

As the Warrior of Light, you’ll make many friends in your adventures across Hydaelyn and beyond. But Lord Haurchefant Greystone has earned a special place in many players’ hearts for one simple reason: he’s awesome.

Unlike a number of his peers, this noble Elezen is friendly and welcoming towards adventurers. He’s always ready with a smile, will do whatever he can to help his friends. Haurchefant forms a close bond with the Warrior of Light, who finds an encouraging and reliable companion in him.

You first meet in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, where Haurchefant enlists your aid to unravel a conspiracy and help him save an innocent man from execution. That early quest shows you what type of man he is and provides a firm foundation for your friendship.

But that relationship really blossoms in Heavensward, the game’s first expansion. You’ll get much more insight into Haurchefant’s unique family situation and discover what he’s willing to do to aid those he believes in.

He’s as steadfast a friend as a hero could ever meet and one that no Warrior of Light will ever forget.

Jonah and Uchu - Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft may be unmatched when it comes to death-defying acts of derring do, but her steadfast companion Jonah brings a very particular - and useful - trait to their partnership: he’s irresistibly likeable.

The brave adventurer has the ability to make friends with almost anybody he meets. This is particularly apparent in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and his budding bromance with the warrior Uchu.

When Lara and Jonah first discover the lost city of Paititi, they are treated with degree of suspicion - that sort of thing will happen when your city’s under the control of a murderous cult. Although the rebels give Lara is permission to run off and hunt for an important artefact, Jonah’s forced to stay behind as a captive, under the watchful gaze of the warrior Uchu.

Uchu’s initially maintains a professional distance, standing guard and preventing his prisoner from speaking. But anyone who knows Jonah is aware that won’t last - and sure enough, by the time Lara returns from her expedition the two have become friends and allies.

It just goes to show, if there’s one thing that transcends nations and borders, it’s that ol’ Jonah charm. How appropriate for International Friendship Day.

Sora and Riku - KINGDOM HEARTS series

Of course, when it comes to making friends with… well, basically anyone, Sora’s the true master.

This big-hearted hero travels to many Disney and Pixar worlds, becoming best buds with almost everyone he meets, from street rats like Aladdin to heroes like Hercules. But few of his many, many pals mean as much to him - and vice versa - as Riku.

As friends and rivals living together on the Destiny Islands, the two dreamed off setting off to search for new lands. That wish comes true in the most traumatic way, when the Heartless attack their home and tear the young buddies apart.

A stranded Sora sets out on a search for Riku, while his friend takes… a darker path. But despite everything, Sora never gives up on their bond - and helps bring his buddy back to the light.

Since then, the two friends have fought together, laughed together and saved each other time and time again. As Sora says, his friends are his power and thanks to Riku, he’s very powerful indeed.

Biggs, Wedge and Jessie - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Biggs, Wedge and Jessie: three very different personalities united by their opposition to the Shinra Electric Power Company. Also a love for Jessie’s Mom’s pizza.

Together, they’re core members of the anti-Shira group Avalanche, and their skills complement each other to form a pillar of strength that will never crumble. Biggs is the brains of the cell, with keen strategic insight that helps keeps plans on track even when they’re violently derailed.

Jessie is the tech specialist, building bombs and fake IDs to get the group through Shinra’s security and take down their Mako reactors, and Wedge is the organization’s heart - and stomach. His strong resolve and unwavering commitment to his friends pulls them out of trouble more than once.

But they’re so much more than colleagues, they’re also close friends. You can see this in their mission to the upper plate in Chapter 4, where you get to spend an extended period of time just hanging out with the trio.

You learn how intimately they know each other - and their foibles. You get insight into how much they care about each other and support them unquestioningly. Most importantly, you get the sense that they genuinely love being around each other - and that sense of joy is infectious.

Those were just some of the friendships that warmed our hearts in Square Enix games, but do you agree? Can you think of other examples? Let us know on social media:

Which characters in Square Enix games have the best smiles?

In honor of World Smile Day, we take a look at some of the best grins in all of gaming. Who’s your favorite?
By Duncan Heaney

A smile is a powerful thing. Not only does it make you feel good, it makes everyone around you feel great too. That’s equally true in games - some of the greatest characters in Square Enix titles face their problems head-on with a grin, and it’s a joy to help them do it.

In honor of World Smile Day, we wanted to highlight some characters who can light up a room when they turn their frown upside down. Their kindness, positivity and beaming visages help make their worlds a better place.

Also Kefka’s in there.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

Kamala Khan - Marvel's Avengers

This budding Avenger possesses potent polymorphic powers that let her stretch her limbs at will… but that’s not where her true strength comes from.

Instead, it’s her passion, positivity and compassion that makes her such an important addition to the Avengers’ roster. Her sunny outlook and unshakable belief in what’s right is exactly what the team needs to help them through their darkest hour.

From talking costumes with Tony Stark…

…to breaking down the barriers of the Avengers’… let’s say ‘grumpiest’ member…

… her glee at being part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is infectious and puts a smile on our face.

Zell - FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Of all the students in Balamb Garden, few have as much pure energy as Zell Dincht. Whether he’s punching robots to pieces or simply riding in the car, he’s loud and excitable to a fault.

At first, the game’s lead Squall Leonhart, doesn’t think much of his classmate. For the introverted hero, Zell’s big personality, and bigger volume level, are as much an annoyance as an asset.

But over the course of the game, he proves himself to be a loyal and brave companion - someone who always has his teammates’ backs, no matter how dire the situation. And some of those situations are pretty dire indeed…

Ultimately though, Zell’s greatest strength is his resilience. You can lock him up, knock him down or - worst of all - call him ‘chickenwuss’, and Zell’s will always bounce back with a grin.

Well, unless the school cafeteria runs out of hot dogs again. There are some traumas you don’t recover from.

Daniel Diaz - Life is Strange 2

In most respects, Daniel Diaz is a typical 9-year old. He’s excitable, mischievous and curious about the world. But unlike most kids, Daniel also has telekinetic powers, and when a horrifying incident tears he and his brother Sean from their home, they’re forced into a dangerous life on the road.

As things get darker in the story, and the brothers’ situation becomes more severe, Daniel provides Sean with a reason to endure. His happiness, and his innocence are something for Sean and the player to cling on to - it’s amazing how a simple smile can help in the bleakest times.

But will he retain his naivete and innocence, or embrace the destructive potential of his powers to protect his family? That’s largely up to you - the decisions you make as Sean will have a profound effect on Daniel’s personality and outlook. So choose wisely…

Slime - DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

What would the DRAGON QUEST series be without these smiley little guys?

Designed by the legendary artist Akira Toriyama, the slime has become the de facto icon of the DRAGON QUEST series. These wibbly-wobbly monsters have not only appeared in every game in the series, they’ve starred in movies, inspired merchandise and even headlined their own titles!

A large part of their appeal is that ever-charming grin - it’s so jolly it almost makes you feel bad about casting a well-timed Zap spell at them. Almost.


Not all smiles are nice. Some are Kefka’s.

This monstrous jester has more than earned his place as one of the greatest villains of all time. Not just because he’s a unique combination of charming, sadistic and terrifyingly competent but also because he really enjoys his work.

Kefka’s demonic laugh will be burned into many a FINAL FANTASY fan’s mind. As he commits acts of increasing depravity, his glee only gets more pronounced. How many other villains have essentially destroyed a world with a smile on their face?

If you want an up-close look at how disturbing Kefka’s grin can be, check out DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT.

This 3v3 fighting game presents him as a tricky, technical opponent that can frustrate his opponent as much as hurt them, but it’s oh-so satisfying to finally smack that smirk off his face.

Hildibrand Manderville

This self-proclaimed inspector extraordinaire is a fan favorite character in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, and for good reason. With his positive attitude, unflinching self-belief and a smile as broad as a goobbue’s, Hildibrand is always a pleasure to be around.

True, he may not be the best detective in Hydaelyn (and that’s putting it politely), but he approaches his cases with such verve and enthusiasm, it’s hard to feel anything other than affection. (Even though he inevitably causes chaos and disaster, usually on himself.)

But the real reason Hildibrand Manderville is such a treasure is that he genuinely wants to help those less fortunate than him. While his head may not always be in the right place, his heart definitely is.

Emil - NieR Automata

Emil is a welcome sight in the ruined Earth of NieR Automata - and not just because of his iconic grin.

This grinning moon-faced merchant has some valuable goods, from plug-in chips that improve our heroes’ combat abilities, to valuable materials that you can use to upgrade weapons.

If you’re so inclined, and you know how, you can even fight him a couple of times - but for a disembodied head, he sure can put up a fight. Only the best of the best will be able to - ahem - get ahead in this battle.

Emil is a beloved part of NieR Automata - but did you know he also has ties to the original NieR game too? You’ll be able to find out what that is in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…. This new and enhanced version of the original title releases April 23, 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and Steam.


It doesn’t matter whether she’s selling flowers on the streets of Midgar, or whacking a hoodlum with a chair, Aerith approaches life with a positive attitude and a smile.

She lights up the screen in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, and provides a perfect counterpoint to Cloud’s more detached and self-serious persona.

Aerith’s total refusal to take any of the mercenary’s nonsense is a constant source of humor in the game - when she finally gets him to achieve a successful high five, it’s as much a victory as making it through the monster infested Midgar underground.

Of course, Aerith’s life is no picnic - she’s watched and hunted relentlessly by the sinister Shinra Electric Power Company. But she never lets her troubles get her down - it’s just one of the reasons she’s won many a fan’s heart.

Sora - KINGDOM HEARTS series

Speaking of hearts, how could we not mention Sora? Look at that smile:

I mean, just look at it.

Few smiles dazzle quite like Sora’s. This friendly hero wears his heart on his sleeve - his welcoming and open personality have helped him win the trust of everyone from Buzz and Woody from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story, to King Mickey himself.

But as Sora often says - his friends are his power, and there’s nothing that makes him light up quite like Donald and Goofy, or Riku and Kairi. So long as he’s surrounded by those he loves, Sora will always have a big grin on his face… and so will we.

Those were just some of our favorite smiles we’ve seen in Square Enix games - but what about yours?

Is there a character who you think we’ve missed? Whose face brings a smile to yours? Let the team know on social media:

5 of the most shocking moments in Square Enix games

We take a look at some of those amazing twists that left us gasping in surprise. Spoilers… obviously.
By Duncan Heaney

Warning: This article contains spoilers for FINAL FANTASY VI, DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Life is Strange, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered. Scroll beneath the spoiler-Barret at your own risk.

We expect games to be full of twists and turns, but sometimes a title does something so unexpected that it leaves us literally open-mouthed.

These magical moments can be tragic, amusing or just plain awesome, but they all have one thing in common: they’re utterly unforgettable.

So without further ado, here are just a few of the times Square Enix games shocked us to our cores.

Kefka’s betrayal - FINAL FANTASY VI

The true genius of Kefka is that you don’t really see him coming. Yes, he commits terrible acts of brutality throughout the story, but in the hierarchy of villains, he appears to sit securely at the ‘henchman’ level.

Until suddenly he doesn’t.

For much of the adventure, Emperor Gestahl’s the big bad. He’s the one who’s out to conquer the world and gain ultimate power - his court mage Kefka’s seemingly just along for the ride. But just when it seems like the Emperor’s plans are about to come to fruition, Kefka kills him and takes the power for himself.

Now Kefka’s essentially a god, which you have to admit is quite the promotion from high-ranking minion.

Not only that, his actions plunge the world into a year of darkness and ruin, sends the heroes into an emotional spiral they can barely recover from… and leaves players in disbelief

A tragic tail - DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a story full of stories.

The grand narrative is supported by lots of smaller scale adventures and quests along the way. One of the most shocking of these is the tale of a love-struck mermaid, Michelle.

The hero and his companions meet Michelle on a small rocky outcropping in the middle of the ocean. They need her help to gain access to the underwater kingdom of Nautica, so she makes them a deal.

She’s waiting for the return of her love, a sailor called Kainoa, and asks the group to find him. The sun’s shining, and like all mermaids in the game, Michelle speaks entirely in charming rhyme. It seems we’re in for a jolly time.

Then we find out the truth. Mermaids live much longer than humans, and Kainoa is long gone. Not only that, mermaids are feared and hated by the populace, figures of superstition, and this has had big implications on his life, and his descendants.

So the heroes are faced with a choice - tell Michelle the painful truth, or lie and leave her waiting for a love that will never come. If you choose the path of honesty, Michelle sets out to verify your story, and when she does… well, let’s just say that it’s a scene you’ll never forget.

Despite our best intentions, we couldn’t help Michelle. So with a very heavy heart, we bade a sad farewell.

Mushroom - Life is Strange 2

Torn from their comfortable life in Seattle into a life on the road, it’s clear that Sean and Daniel Diaz are not going to have an easy time in Life is Strange 2.

True enough, their long journey towards Mexico is fraught with hardship and adversity, but amid all the struggle there are some bright spots. Mushroom for example.

Daniel ‘adopts’ this adorable little puppy in the first episode, and it accompanies them on their long trek across America. At least, she does for a while - very early in the second episode, Mushroom goes missing. The brothers find her lifeless body - gored by a wild cougar.

What makes the moment so shocking is how understated it is. There’s no drama or ceremony to the event - it just… happens. That quiet sense of horror is only emphasized by Daniel’s angry unleashing of his hidden powers - and how far you decide to let him go.

Fun fact: I was so shocked by this moment, I directly confronted the writers about it, essentially wailing: “How could you do this?” at the poor guys.

Michel Koch told me: “We wanted to establish the ground rules for Daniel’s powers, and then present a situation where those rules are tested.

“It’s basically a battle between heart and mind, right? You’re telling Daniel not to use those powers, but then we hit the player with an emotional scene that challenges the very rules they set.”

Well mission accomplished - you can’t deny it’s an effective moment. Still hurts though.

Seifer kills a Guardian Force - FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

Guardian Forces - or GFs - are hugely important in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered. These powerful supernatural beings can be equipped to characters, and summoned into battle to deliver brutal attacks.

Odin is an optional GF that acts a little differently to most. Rather than being manually summoned, he randomly appears at the start of fights to take down all your enemies in one go.

He doesn’t typically show up for climactic boss battles though, so it’s a surprise when he appears to take on Seifer. But what happens next is the real mind-messer: Seifer fights back. He uses his limit break Zantetsuken to turn the tables and cleave Odin in two.

You’re left reeling - what the heck? This isn’t how things are meant to go! GFs appear, do their thing and get out - that’s how it’s always worked. Seifer’s suddenly broken all the rules - anything could happen now.

And the biggest surprise is yet to come…

Shinra pushes the button - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE starts with a bang. Literally.

The opening bombing mission is an exciting assault on the Shinra Electric Power Company’s Mako Reactor 1 - a power plant that’s sucking the planet of life-giving energy.

Cloud, Barret and the rest of the team battle their way past Shinra security, wall mounted lasers, and a boss with a real sting in its tail, set the bomb and make their escape. As planned, the explosive detonates, damaging the reactor - mission accomplished, right?

And that’s when it happens. It turns out Shinra’s executives have been watching the whole assault play out. With a nod, President Shinra gives authorization for a sinister plan - the Reactor’s army of bots and turrets activate and lay waste to the reactor, causing a massive explosion that takes out the entire complex - and part of the streets outside.

It’s a moment that left many a fan on the back foot - why would Shinra obliterate one of their own reactors? That feeling of deep unease is only increased by an extended tour of the aftermath - with its many burning buildings and ruined lives.

In short, it’s a shocking turn of events acts an early warning of just how far Shinra is willing to go to achieve its goals - and how little it cares about collateral damage.

Those were just a few of the shocking moments that left us flabbergasted - but do you agree? Let us know by following the team on social media:

The Architects of Midgar: how we rebuilt FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s City of Mako

How do you recreate a place as iconic as Midgar? FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi explains how the team approached this difficult task.
By Naoki Hamaguchi, Co-Director for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Hello - my name is Naoki Hamaguchi and I am the Co-Director of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

When we started development of the game, we were faced with a daunting task: rebuild and expand upon the city of Midgar. It’s one of the most famous videogame locations of all time, and we had to remake it without ruining the atmosphere that makes it so beloved.

It’s fair to say that the team felt the pressure!

So how did we do it? Let me share a little about how we approached this challenge, and the various elements we had to consider.

Why did we reimagine Midgar?

Before we talk about how we did reimagined Midgar, we should probably answer a question many fans may have: why do it at all? After all, the original backgrounds of FINAL FANTASY VII are burned into our collective memories - why not simply remake them in 3D?

The short answer is: we couldn’t. Converting the 2D backgrounds of the original game into 3D actually revealed a lot of structural contradictions. Even in a fantasy world, the buildings and environments have to hang together believably, and that simply wasn’t the case with the old environments.

We realized that we couldn’t create a convincingly realistic Midgar without resolving these contradictions - and that was the main driving force behind our decision to reimagine so much of the city.

Of course, making the decision to recreate and expand the city is one thing: actually doing it is quite another!

Drawing up plans

Our first step for designing FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s Midgar was to look at the scale of the city. We needed to convey the idea of realistic proportions, so an early priority was to establish things like the height and depth of the buildings.

To do this, we tried out an interesting idea: we took an aerial photograph with the rooftop of Square Enix's office building in Shinjuku, Tokyo, at the very centre. We overlaid this with diagrams of Midgar, with the Square Enix roof taking the place of the Shinra building.

This let the development staff imagine the scale of Midgar compared to real life, and they were able to use this aerial image as a point of comparison for how densely we should fit buildings together, while keeping the proportions as realistic as possible.

Taking inspiration from the real world

That wasn’t the only time we used the real world to influence the look and feel of Midgar. We took inspiration from many cities all over the world that we felt captured the spirit of FINAL FANTASY VII.

We wanted Midgar - and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as a whole - to have a kind of jumbled together, eclectic, and fun atmosphere. For that, we took particular inspiration from Tokyo. For example, some people may already know this, but the game’s Wall Market is heavily influenced by Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area.

Additionally, the team explored Tokyo looking for odd cityscapes, strange architecture and interesting scenery. You know - the kind of thing where you have no idea how it even ended up that way. These then got compiled into reference documents - that was a pretty fun part of development!

How we made each sector feel unique

Once we had an understanding of the scale, we started work on designing the different sectors of the city. Midgar is split into the areas above and below the plate and each of these contains different regions that all have their own distinct identity - and we wanted that to be clearly expressed by the game,

At the start of development, the game designers and scenario writers created documents that detailed the setting and the world, including the economic status of the different regions.

This information was invaluable in helping us define which elements of the environment could be shared across areas, and which should be region-specific - right down to the ratio of text on the posters!

We also realised that the lighting would play a vital role in helping to differentiate the areas. For example, Mako Reactor 1 is the oldest of the Mako Reactors. Most of the lighting here was made to look like mercury-vapor lamps, which have been around for a long time.

In contrast, Mako Reactor 5 is comparatively new. Most of the lighting here was made to look kind of blue-ish, like LEDs.

Mako is still the energy source for both, but by using real-life lighting as a reference like this we were able to represent the unique characteristics of the different regions, and their own identities within Midgar.

The importance of the little details

Another way we helped give the locations their personality was to add lots of small environmental details to each place you visit. Every place is packed with these little touches - they’re easy to miss, but they add realism and atmosphere to each area.

That said, I hope some of you did notice them, because a huge amount of effort went into their creation. Take the posters for example. The team got really into this part of the process and were resubmitting new designs all the way through development - even after we finished the game!

The graffiti got the team similarly excited - including our Localisation team. We asked them to write us some playful phrases from the perspective of the inhabitants of Midgar, which we then used in the game.

The stuff they came up with was brilliant. Some of my favorites include:

I once came to Midgar in search of riches,

But now I wallow alone in its ditches.

It no longer matters what words I utter,

Because none will get me out of the gutter.


Life can still get you down even after you've grown up.

You can see some more examples here:

Those are just a fraction of what’s in the final game - I hope you enjoy discovering them all!

Designing the upper plate residential zone

As well as reimagining areas of Midgar from the original game, we wanted to add entirely new parts of the city - partly to connect the different areas but also to give players more insight into this world.

One of the new areas was the Sector 7 Upper Plate residential zone. Early on we knew that we wanted to focus on the members of Avalanche to a much greater extent to the original game, and featuring Jessie’s family home was a great way to explore her history - and give players more information about the city itself.

This new area was developed as employee housing for workers at the Shinra Electric Power Company, so we took inspiration from real life residential areas that have a lot of identical buildings crammed together.

We were very careful to get the feeling of this area right because the collapse of the Sector 7 plate is a hugely important part in the story. By having a memorable location that the player has actually visited be the one to collapse, it gives the event more of an impact and makes it feel even more real.

A city is its people

Of course, to create a truly believable Midgar we needed to do more than just design things like the buildings and scenery - the people matter too. In fact, this element of the city was considered just as important as the others.

Right from the start, we created information about each part of the city, including the economic status of its residents. This helped us create a consistent look and feel for the inhabitants in those areas.

In addition, it was important to me that the inhabitants didn’t just stand around passively - if you look closely, the people actually interact with different elements of their environment.

This in particular was difficult for the team and it took a lot of repeated adjustments. But in the end I think it was worth it, as it really breathes life into the city.

The importance of the Shinra Building

The final element of designing Midgar I want to talk about is the Shinra Building. You’ll notice that this imposing structure is visible from all over the city - and we paid special attention to the layout to make sure that was the case.

That building is so important to the climax of the game that we wanted it to always be there as a kind of cinematic foreshadowing, so we designed each area to ensure players always had an eyeline to it.

As well as the building, we also created the entire plaza around it… but players never got to visit it!

Early on in development, the plan was that Cloud and the others would enter the Shinra Building from the main entrance, like in the original, so we actually made all the assets for the plaza. However, since we planned that section around stealth, it was difficult to make the story flow naturally.

Considering it was an infiltration mission, we decided that it made more sense to reimagine it and have them enter from the underground car park instead. I think this was ultimately a good decision, as it allowed us to focus on representing the Shinra Building in ways it hadn’t been shown in the original.

At least we didn’t completely lose all that work - you can see the plaza in the distance when sneaking into the building!

Final Thoughts

I hope that gave you an interesting insight into how we rebuilt Midgar for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

When I look back over the development, I’m proud that we were able to portray areas of the city that had been ‘off-screen’ in the original FINAL FANTASY VII - such as the underside of the plate and more in-depth portrayals of the city and its residents.

I imagine that a lot of people had their own ideas about what these parts of the city were like, so in a sense it was quite nerve-wracking to explicitly show them. But since we put so much thought into the scale and making the city feel realistic, I think that we were ultimately successful in bringing it to life in the way we wanted.

Thanks for reading - and I hope you have fun exploring the City of Mako!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out now for PlayStation 4. It's currently on sale from PlayStation Store and select retailers, with up to 34% off, so if you've yet to play it, now's the time:

More than 5 million copies of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE shipped and sold worldwide

Critically-acclaimed RPG has seen Midgar-sized success - and now it’s on sale too!
By Square Enix Team

We’re excited to announce a major milestone for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - more than 5 million copies of the game have been sold or shipped to date. Digital sales were particularly strong - in fact. it’s our highest selling digital game on the PlayStation platform ever.

That’s a big number, and what is there to say about it other than… thank you!

This game really is a labor of love, and everyone on the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE team deeply appreciate the millions of players who have chosen to step into the mean streets of Midgar and embark on this iconic adventure.

If you’ve yet to take the plunge, then here’s some more highly relevant news: the game is on sale from select retailers, and on the PlayStation Store until August 19, 2020, with a 34% discount!

If you want to learn a bit more about the game, or just want to wallow in more FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE goodness, you should make sure you check out some of the content on the Square Enix Blog.

For example, we recently talked about one of our favorite sections from the game: a thrilling mission into a mako reactor full of dangerous robots, difficult choices and some of the best music in any game this year!

Speaking of music, we recently took an audio tour through the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE soundtrack, to highlight some of the amazing tracks and explore what they have to say about the game itself. Read it here:

We also spoke to the game’s Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi and Producer Yoshinori Kitase about their vision for the game, some of their creative decisions, and how they feel it’s now been released. It’s a fascinating interview - check it out:

Finally, there’s an excellent multi-part video documentary series Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, which takes you behind the scenes with the creators themselves. Featuring interviews with key staff, it reveals everything from the conception of the game, to designing the combat. It’s a must watch:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out now for PlayStation 4. It’s on sale on the PlayStation Store until August 19, 2020, with 34% off:

To stay up to date with news about the game, make sure you follow the team on social media:

What games other than FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has Cloud Strife appeared in?

The hero of FINAL FANTASY VII has had a very successful career as a cameo and guest star in other games. We take a tour through his greatest moments.
By Duncan Heaney

Cloud Strife, the spiky-haired hero of FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, has had quite the career.

The original 1997 RPG may have given him his big (Limit) break, but the spiky haired Buster Sword-wielder has gone on to appear in all sorts of other titles in the last 23 years - fighting games, RPGs… and even a racing game.

With FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE bringing a host of new Cloud fans into the fold (One of us! One of us!) we thought it would be fun to take a very quick tour through the diverse history of the iconic character.

Let the disclaimers begin!

But first let’s get some quick disclaimers out of the way. We’ll only be looking at a selection of games, and only those by Square Enix. So if you’re expecting a certain big-name fighting game on here, sorry to disappoint. Even if it is rather smashing.

What’s more, to keep this article from becoming longer than War and Peace, we’ll only focus on titles where Cloud appears as a character - costumes and references don’t count.

And now we’ve (hopefully) covered our rears, on with the list!

Compilation of FINAL FANTASY VII

This series of projects expanded the world of the original FINAL FANTASY VII, offering prequels and sequels that offered new insight into the game’s incredible world.

Unlike the original game, Cloud stepped out of the spotlight to let other heroes (and villains) take center stage. That said, he was still a significant presence in most of them in some way.


In this Japan-exclusive mobile game, set before the events of the original FINAL FANTASY VII, players took the role of one of Shinra’s special ops unit the Turks. Cloud played a small supporting role, encountering the player character on a few occasions.


This acclaimed action RPG prequel, released for the PlayStation Portable, focused on a SOLDIER: Zack Fair. While Cloud wasn’t playable, he had a very important role in the story. …look, I’m dancing round some serious spoilers here, so let’s just move on.

Dirge of Cerberus: FINAL FANTASY VII

Vincent Valentine - one of the party in the original FINAL FANTASY VII - stepped into the shoes of main hero in this RPG shooter for PlayStation 2. While primarily Vincent’s story, Cloud steps up to help his pal out at key points in the adventure.

Cloud on consoles

In addition to those titles directly related to FINAL FANTASY VII, Cloud has made appearances in plenty of other games over the years. Not just a SOLDIER - he’s a cameo First Class too.

Here are some of the highlights:


This tactical RPG takes place in the world of Ivalice, but a little dimensional difference can’t hold back Cloud Strife. He’s in the game as an optional character, and can be recruited to take to the field in battle.

Chocobo Racing

Cloud took to the track in this super-cute racing game. Released in 1999 for the original PlayStation, characters and creatures from across the FINAL FANTASY series jumped into vehicles to race and battle across multiple tracks. Cloud was an unlockable character, and rode his famous Hardy Daytona motorcycle.

EHRGEIZ: God Bless the Ring

Originally released in arcades, and later on PlayStation, Ehrgeiz was Cloud’s first foray into the fighting genre. It wouldn’t be his last. The game featured original characters, but also included a selection of fighters from FINAL FANTASY VII.


KINGDOM HEARTS’ ever-upbeat hero Sora encounters Cloud in the Olympus Coliseum. This Cloud is a darker figure than you might expect, even willing to make a bargain with Hades in order to find what he seeks.

Excitingly, the first KINGDOM HEARTS lets you face off against Cloud in battle - and it’s a challenging bout that demands both focus and attention. Mind you, it’s a walk in the park compared to Sephiroth.

This is one game you can actually play right now - KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

KINGDOM HEARTS Chain of Memories / KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories

Cloud appears in KINGDOM HEARTS Chain of Memories, again working with Hades. Events play out a little differently in this card battling adventure, but the hero’s appearance remains just as effective.

The game was originally released for the Gameboy Advance and later remade in full 3D as KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories. That version is included in KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX.


Sora, Donald and Goofy encounter Cloud again in KINGDOM HEARTS II. The young warrior seeks to destroy his own darkness, and asks Sora for his help.

You don’t fight Cloud in this entry in the series. Instead, he fights alongside the heroes, helping them defend the world of Hollow Bastion from the encroaching Heartless.


The most recent entry in the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY series features thrilling 3-v-3 battles, with FINAL FANTASY characters, including Cloud, facing off in iconic locations from across the series. Rest assured that Midgar is one of them.

If you want to give it a go, a free version is available to try now. The available characters cycle, so you may not get Cloud straight away, but you will get a chance to see if the game’s for you.


This fantastic RPG is a love letter to the FINAL FANTASY series, as well as a richly rewarding game in its own right.

That love is on full display when it comes to the Champions - classic FINAL FANTASY heroes that you can bring into battle to help you out.

There’s a twist though. These are super-adorable chibi versions of the characters - we feel fairly confident in saying this is probably the cutest version of Cloud you’ll see in any game.

Cloud on handhelds

Cloud Strife can’t be constrained to the big screen - he’s had quite a few outings for portable consoles too.


Take some of the greatest FINAL FANTASY characters of all time, make them battle each other in fast-paced, and surprisingly tactical combat, and slather on a generous helping of spectacle, and you have DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY.

The first entry in this fan-favorite fighting series released for PSP in 2008, and naturally Cloud was available as a playable fighter.


Cloud returned in the sequel DISSIDIA 012 FINAL FANTASY, also released for the PSP. This follow-up expanded on the single player, added new characters, and included new mechanics that allowed for even more exciting and tactical battles.


This fantastic rhythm game for 3DS - like it’s predecessor THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY - lets you run, ride and battle your way across different music tracks from all over the series.

To do so, you must create a party comprised of super-adorable versions of FINAL FANTASY characters, including Cloud. You remember when we said World of FINAL FANTASY Cloud was the cutest? This version could definitely give him a run for his money.


How’d you fancy joining your friends to hunt and battle some of FINAL FANTASY’s greatest monsters? This 3DS game delivered exactly that - and lots of fan service to boot!

Not only can you dress as your favorite characters, you can even become them with the trance command. Under the right conditions, you can literally turn your character into Cloud Strife himself.

Not only that, you get access to some of his signature moves, including the flashily effective Omnistrike!

Cloud on Mobile

FINAL FANTASY has a rich history of mobile titles, and Cloud has appeared in quite a few of them. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but some of the highlights of Mr Strife’s mobile career include:


If you played the original FINAL FANTASY VII, you’ll no doubt remember the snowboarding minigame near Icicle Inn. In 2005, an expanded version of that game was released for mobile phones, letting Cloud shred the slopes on the go.


FINAL FANTASY RECORD KEEPER lets you experience memories of previous FINAL FANTASY games on mobile. The gameplay revolves around exploring classic FINAL FANTASY moments, collecting characters from those games, and using them in battle.

Cloud’s present and correct of course - considering the premise it would be weird if he wasn’t!


FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a mobile RPG in which you recruit and summon FINAL FANTASY characters from all over the series - and in some cases beyond it.

A few versions of Cloud have appeared in this mobile RPG as optional characters and summonable ‘visions’.


You can recruit Cloud quite early on in this excellent mobile adventure. Players explore various maps, building a fighting team of FINAL FANTASY characters, collecting materials to upgrade gear and engaging in excitingly strategic battles.

That was a whistle-stop tour of Cloud Strife’s life of guest spots and cameos.

If you’ve finished FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and are eager for more Cloud-y action, I’d heartily recommend World of FINAL FANTASY or DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT - both are easily available both digitally and physically and feature the character in a fairly prominent way.

And if you haven’t played FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE yet, what are you waiting for? It’s arguably the best way to see this iconic hero in his native habitat.

To stay up to date with news about Cloud Strife - and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as a whole - make sure you follow us on social media:


Join us as we take an audio tour through the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE soundtrack, and examine how it supports and enhances the RPG.
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has a sublime soundtrack.

Okay, as statements go, that one’s up there with ‘water’s a bit wet’ - it goes without saying.

But we want to say it anyway, because the tracks don’t just hold up as memorable music, they also tell us a huge amount about the game itself.

You can see - or hear - what we mean for yourselves - the original FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE soundtrack is available for preorder on the Square Enix Store and can be purchased digitally now on services including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

The standard edition soundtrack features seven discs-worth of music, that span the entirety of the game. To celebrate the release, we thought it would be interesting to take a tour through each, and highlight a couple of the tracks that stand out to us - and why.

Disc 1

It’s impossible to talk about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE without referencing composer Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack for the original game. The new game has quite a legacy to live up to, and fortunately, it more than delivers.

2 - Midgar - City of Mako

From the moment the opening cinematic of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE was released, many fans felt excited - and yes, relieved - that the game’s music was in good hands.

In many ways, this track feels like a statement of intent for the entire FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE experience. It’s faithful to the original, but layered with new elements that give it a distinct feel of its own.

The addition of choral elements add tension and mystery, and make the swell to the now-iconic opening theme feel genuinely epic. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a teensy bit emotional the first time I heard it - and I know I’m not alone.

20 - Main Theme of FFVII - Sector 7 Undercity

The music of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is lovely to listen to, even if you never played or heard the original tracks.

That said, if you have heard the originals, it’s fascinating to see how they’ve been incorporated into the newer game.

In the case of the Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII, which plays while Cloud explores the Sector 7 slums, it’s a remarkably faithful interpretation, evoking similar feelings of both peace and tension.

It was a stand-out piece of music in the original game, and it’s every bit as effective here.

Disc 2

As well as tracks inspired by the original game, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE features a tremendous amount of completely original music - and there are some great examples on Disc 2.

3 - Johnny’s theme

I’ve talked before about my love for Johnny - a hilariously self-defeating resident of Sector 7 that someone here at Square Enix HQ perfectly described as a ‘brash and bumbling himbo’ (a phrase I will keep stealing until they notice and tell me to stop).

Yoshinori Nakamura has written an original theme for the character and it’s a fantastically funky piece that perfectly captures the character’s unearned bravado and complete lack of self-awareness.

18 - Ignition Flame

Things get more serious with this incredibly exciting boss theme. In this part of the game, Cloud faces off against the speed-freak SOLDIER Roche, and this track masterfully heightens that drama and intensity.

It’s utterly unique among the rest of the soundtrack, but the way it incorporates familiar musical themes makes it fit in perfectly. Definitely one of the most purely exhilarating tracks in the entire game.

Disc 3

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s soundtrack is not merely accompaniment - it’s an integral part of the storytelling, just like the action and dialogue. Without it, the game wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective - and the following two tracks provide a perfect example of this.

14 - The Airbuster

Not only is this a blood pumping banger of a track, it also perfectly captures the sense of excitement and escalation of the fight it accompanies. It also provides a perfect example of how the composers tell a story with the music.

As the name implies, the track plays over the team’s battle with the Airbuster - the pinnacle of Shinra’s robotic weaponry. The music alone tells you everything you need to know about the structure and flow of the battle.

As the track progresses through the phases, it increases in intensity, as the bot becomes increasingly belligerent. The sound gets fuller and fuller, adding in strings and choral elements - the sense of epic scale in vividly apparent.

Finally, it takes a turn for the triumphant, as the team fights back against the metallic menace before culminating in a loud, violent climax. It just works absolutely brilliantly.

18 - Flowers Blooming in the Church

Aerith’s theme is one of the most iconic tracks in the entire FINAL FANTASY series, and the new game does it justice.

This track plays during Cloud’s unplanned visit to the Sector 5 church, and provides a full introduction to everyone’s favorite local florist.

But this track has another purpose. It appears after a sustained period of action, full of tension, dramatic plot developments and high-energy battles. It provides both Cloud and the player with a much needed sense of peace and reprieve.

Disc 4

One of the most impressive things about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s soundtrack is how varied it is. The tracks encompass a myriad of musical styles - even the same basic track can be presented in wildly different ways to great effect. The following two tracks illustrate this perfectly.

4 - The Oppressed - Beck’s Badasses

I bet you weren’t expecting FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to include any ska. And yet here we are - and somehow it works!

Beck’s Badasses are a collection of minor nuisances that you’ll encounter throughout the game. What they lack in brains, they make up for in enthusiasm and that off-beat style is reflected through this equally off-beat track.

5 - Due Recompense

This track uses the same melody, but it couldn’t be more different stylistically.

Making an electronica version of ‘The Oppressed’ from the original FINAL FANTASY VII is another unconventional decision - on paper it sounds like unhinged madness.

Yet again though, it works brilliantly creating a fantastically fun and upbeat atmosphere as Cloud and Aerith navigate some of the scummier parts of Midgar’s slums. It also reinforces just how varied and surprising this new game’s soundtrack really is.

Disc 5

Let’s talk about tone. The story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE goes to some pretty wild places, and takes the player through the full gamut of emotions - excitement, anger, fear, stress, sadness… the list goes on. The following two pieces of tracks are perfect examples of how the music helps create very different feelings for the player.

6 - Train Graveyard

People don’t come around the Train Graveyard often. And not just because of the monsters, but… because of the stories. Everyone seems to think that the train graveyard is haunted.

This area is dark, and spooky and the music reflects that superbly. The simple repeating melody is contrasted by a deeply ominous, discordant background to create deep unease among players.

14 - Fight for Survival

In contrast, this track is all about stress and panic. Things are looking bad for our heroes, as they desperately race to avoid tragedy.

The stakes have never been higher, and those feelings of desperation and urgency come through strongly through the music.

It’s another powerful piece in a soundtrack full of them.

Disc 6

The composers clearly had a lot of fun making some of these tracks - and it shows. There’s real imagination and creativity across the whole soundtrack. To illustrate what we mean, the next two tracks feel like the composers having a particularly good time.

5 - Wild de Chocobo

We can’t talk about FINAL FANTASY music and not mention at least one chocobo theme. I mean, that would be kweh-zy.

This is a great one though. So high energy! It warks… er, we mean works brilliantly!

10 - Scarlet’s Theme

A rare vocal track, Scarlet’s Theme is a genuinely great song. It’s easy to imagine reclining in a velvet chair, drinking a glass of something strong and cold (maybe a Cosmo Canyon), and just letting the sultry melody wash over you.

And then you look at the name, and remember who it’s about - Scarlet, a dangerously ambitious Shinra executive who uses employees as footrests and cares more about results than health and safety. When you think about that, how could it not raise a smile?

Disc 7

The final collection of tracks takes us through to the story’s climax. The obvious highlight here would be One Winged Angel - it’s one of the most famous tracks from the original game after all. But that seems a bit obvious, so let’s choose some other tracks that are worth highlighting.

5 - Midgar Expressway

This amazing 10 minute track really goes places.

It accompanies a thrilling multi-stage chase scene as Cloud and his compatriots race down a Midgar highway, Shinra in hot pursuit. The shredding guitars and pounding drums drive home (pun shamelessly intended) that sense of motion.

It’s also worth highlighting for the clever way it incorporates the game’s previous themes from the reactor theme from the opening of the game, to battle and boss themes, directly into the track. It’s like a recap of the game’s major musical moments - all done at 90 miles an hour!

12 - Hollow

FINAL FANTASY VII’s original composer Nobuo Uematsu has written a new theme song for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - and it shows that he hasn’t skipped a beat.

Performed by Yosh from Survive Said the Prophet, it’s a powerful song that really speaks to the themes of the game. It’s a rousing and emotional way to complete this exploration of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and it’s music - but we should let the artists have the final word:

We hope you enjoyed this tour through FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE by way of its music. The soundtrack’s available to buy now digitally on music services, including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and can preordered physically through the Square Enix Store.

Of course, you can also experience all these tracks in the game itself. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out now for PS4:

And here’s another great way to listen to the music from the game: live! The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Orchestra World Tour is coming to cities in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Thailand and more!

To see a full list of concerts, please visit:

Finally, what are your favorite music tracks in the game? Which pieces of music perfect say ‘FINAL FANTASY VII’ to you? Let us know on social media:

Best Bits: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Mako Reactor 5

We take a in-depth look at one of the most memorable sections of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - the mission to Mako Reactor 5 and the epic battle that follows (spoilers).
By Duncan Heaney

In Best Bits, the Square Enix Blog team looks at some of our favorite moments from Square Enix games, and why we think they stand out. To be clear, we’re not declaring them to be the pinnacle of the game, merely one of many moments that we love. So don’t get upset with us if you disagree, okay?

When we think about Best Bits, our decision often comes down to one question: if you could show a new player one section of the game to really sell them on it, which would it be?

For FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, perhaps it would be the opening bombing mission, which gets the game underway in spectacular style. Or maybe Cloud’s early trip to the upper plate residential area - a fascinating look at the lives of the wealthier citizens of Midgar.

Or I could just say the words ‘Wall Market’ and those of you who’ve played the game will nod sagely in agreement while trying to keep a straight face about what’s to come.

But for me, there’s a particular sequence that shows the game firing on all cylinders - the team’s assault on Mako Reactor 5 in Chapter 7.

BEWARE: Story details for Chapter 7 of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE follow. Scroll beneath the spoiler-Barret at your own peril

What happens in Mako Reactor 5?

Mercenary Cloud Strife has joined Barret Wallace and Tifa Lockhart on a mission to sabotage an energy reactor that’s sucking the life out of the planet. Things haven’t gone particularly smoothly so far, but they’ve finally made it in.

Everything is ominously quiet. Security is unnervingly light - a few fire-flinging bioweapons and sawblade-swinging security mechs, but nothing that gives the team much trouble. They do pass one particularly buff bot - Barret comments that it would be very bad if it were to wake up (foreshadowing!).

Before long, the team reach the reactor pump and sets their bomb. And that’s when the villainous Shinra Electric Power Company springs its trap. Not only do the executives know that our heroes are there, they’re also broadcasting the assault live on television.

Rather than freedom fighters, the team will be portrayed as terrorists working for a foreign power, and the broadcast will culminate with their messy execution by the terrifying robot they saw earlier - the Airbuster.

Fortunately, the team has other ideas. They resolve to humiliate their foe by taking down the bot, and making their daring escape.

Charting a path through the reactor, they move carefully from room to room, battling Shinra’s elite security forces and knowing that every step takes them closer to an encounter with the pinnacle of Shinra’s military hardware.

So why is this section so effective? Well, let’s start with the team itself.

It strengthens the characters

To say that Cloud and Barret get off on the wrong foot would be an understatement. The two heroes constantly butt heads - to the point where early in the story Barret tries to cut ties with the former SOLDIER completely.

So one of the great joys of the mission to Mako Reactor 5 is watching the icy relationship between Cloud and Barret thaw, and a mutual respect start to emerge. This is made clear as the dialogue moves from snippy and insulting to familiar and friendly. Cloud even makes a joke!

But aside from his developing friendships, the section also works as a showcase for Barret in general. We see him demonstrate exactly why he’s able to lead his AVALANCHE cell - his passion for the planet, his unbridled rage at Shinra and his concern for his comrades are all on full display.

He’s also hysterical. When he finds out he’s on TV his attempts to turn opinion against Shinra don’t exactly go according to plan.

Your choices in Mako Reactor 5 matter

A few weeks ago, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi talked to us about the importance of giving players options.

“That’s not just important for battles, but also for all kinds of gaming mechanics,” he told us. “But what’s really important for players is that feeling that they’ve made a decision on how to play, and get the feedback that they’ve done well because of it.”

That philosophy permeates throughout FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Some choices are subtle - for example, you must constantly evaluate your actions and battle strategy. What move is right for this situation? Should you heal or go on the attack? Which character is the best fit to take on which enemy?

Some are more formal like choosing how Cloud responds to certain characters, or what materia to equip for each party member. The choices you’re asked to make in Chapter 7 are some of the most obvious in the game - but no less meaningful.

As you escape the reactor, Shinra’s harried technicians are scrambling to get the Air Buster battle-ready for the inevitable confrontation. It’s nearly ready to go, but a few components still need to be added - and that gives our heroes an opportunity for a little industrial sabotage.

In each room are between one and four terminals. If Cloud and co can find a single-use keycard, they can use these terminals to remove modules from their incoming enemy. The problem is that there are more terminals than there are cards, and this forces you to make some difficult decisions.

For example, do you remove some of the Big Bomber shells, negating one of the enemy’s strongest attacks? Do you remove the AI cores to slow it down and reduce stun attacks? Or do you go for an M-Unit which doesn’t affect the battle, but does give you access to useful items if you can find them.

You’ll never be able to completely nullify the Airbuster entirely, but it still gives a degree of control over the battle - before it even starts. It’s such a cool idea.

The Airbuster is a battle for the ages

Finally it’s time to take on the Airbuster, and it’s more than a simple boss battle. It’s an event.

This mechanical monstrosity has been carefully built up over the course of a whole chapter. Every step, every decision has been leading to this point - and it has a lot to live up to.

Boy, does it deliver!

Read more:

In the fantastic Inside FINAL FANTASY VII video documentary series (which you can watch here), Lead Battle Designer Tomotaka Shiroichi explained how the boss battles were inspired by four frame manga. Essentially, the boss battles tell a ‘story’ over four phases. He explains:

Encounter the enemy and start the battle in phase 1. Show each other’s hand and the boss takes the lead in phase 2.

In phase 3, the boss shows you the signature attacks, and the players start fighting back. That’s when bosses start revealing their weaknesses. Phase 4 is the climax and introduces the next part of the storyline.

That structure is on full display with Airbuster and it works brilliantly. The opening phase mimics the original game with the party split up on a narrow gangway. You get a sample of what the boss can do, but it’s when you step into phase two that things really shift into gear.

Now the boss unleashes its terrifying Tankbuster attack - a solid beam of energy that will devastate anyone careless enough to stand in its path. After a beating, the boss detaches its hands so they can harass you independently. It’s all very stressful - in the best possible way.

When you do enough damage, the boss enters its final phase, and things go into overdrive. A blast from the Airbuster tears apart the walkway, creating a new environment in which to fight. It also takes to the sky, using its impressive mobility to pepper the team from long range, only flying in to unleash an even more dangerous assault.

In short, the sense of escalation is palpable and it makes for a hugely exciting and cinematic encounter. It’s also one that brilliantly plays to the strengths of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s combat system.

You’ll have to constantly switch characters for different scenarios - Barret to deal damage at range, and Cloud or Tifa to deliver a beating up close. You’ll likely needs someone available for healing too.

You also really need to watch your positioning - if you’re in the way of some of the more dangerous attacks, you’re going to regret it. And the constantly shifting conditions of the fight mean you must be ready to find new strategies on the fly - there are those options again.

In short, it’s a boss fight for the history books - I can’t imagine many gaming moments in 2020 will be quite this exhilarating.

Oh, and the battle music? chef’s kiss.

In case you can’t tell, I really like Chapter 7 of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The trip to Mako Reactor 5 definitely stands as one of my favorite parts of the adventure.

If you haven’t played it the game yet, it would be worth picking up just for this section. Fortunately, the whole game is full of similarly memorable moments - you’d probably find your own Best Bit fairly soon.

Also, I’ll just drop this here:

For those of you who have played the game, you can share your own Best Bits with the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE team on social media:

More FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE merch revealed!

We take a look at some new statuettes, models and more!
By Duncan Heaney

Last week, we took a look at the upcoming range of Play Arts KAI action figures, inspired by the cast of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Today, we turn our attention to some merchandise that’s considerably less flexible… but no less awesome.

From amazingly detailed statuettes, to collectable models, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has inspired some truly impressive pieces of merchandise, and we wanted to highlight just a few of the coolest or most desirable - both available now and upcoming.

What’s more, if you’re in the mood for something a little more old-school, we have a couple of treats from the original FINAL FANTASY VII making their way to the Square Enix Store too.

Let’s take a look:


This is Cloud Strife. You’ve probably heard of him.

This insanely detailed statuette has been meticulously painted to properly convey every aspect of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s protagonist, from his determined expression to his battle-marked Buster Sword.

It depicts him standing with his hand on his iconic weapon, ready to leap into action.

Available: August 2020


Now here’s the villain of the piece.

He may be a threat to the planet, but it’s impossible to deny that Sephiroth makes for an amazingly dynamic statuette.

This piece depicts the legendary SOLDIER standing strong with his famous Masamune sword. As with Cloud, the attention to detail is stunning despite its static nature - just look at that flowing hair!

Available: August 2020


Aerith’s personality really shines through in this particular statuette.

It depicts the local florist in her now famous outfit, and wielding her Guard Stick. From the detailing on that weapon, to the folds in her dress and ribbon in her hair, every effort has been taken to capture an accurate image of the figure from the game.

She, and all the statuettes, also come equipped with a display stand, so you can easily display in on your desk, shelf… any flat surface really.

Available: August 2020


One of the questions you may be asking yourself so far is ‘which FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE character should I get?’

That’s one of the reasons that this TRADING arts series is so cool - you can get the five central characters all in one set.

Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth are included, and all are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. What’s more, despite their compact size, each is wonderfully detailed right down to the texture on their clothes.

They’re available now - take a look:


Here’s a little bonus item. We’ve talked a lot about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but perhaps you’re a fan of the classics.

If the original FINAL FANTASY VII is close to your heart, you should take a look at these recent Polygon Figures. They recreate the characters of the game in their original polygon forms, expressive eyes and all.

It’s sold as a pack of eight, and each figure comes in a blind box, so you won’t know what you’re going to get. If you’re lucky, you might receive a special ‘Chaser’ figure!

That was just another small sample of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE merchandise available now, or in the next few months.

If you loved the game, and want to celebrate these amazing characters outside of the adventure, there’s a lot of items to choose from.

And the pieces we’ve shown are just the tip of the iceberg - there’s loads more FINAL FANTASY VII merchandise on the Square Enix Store - from wallets and watches, to posters and jigsaws.

Go take a look - and for news and information about merchandise from your favorite games, makes sure you follow on social media:

Go to Square Enix Store

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Tifa Lockhart dynamic theme now available for PS4

Here’s how you get it - and other FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE themes
By Duncan Heaney

Tifa Lockhart is a woman of many talents: hard-hitting martial artist, pull-up specialist and owner of the best bar in Midgar to name but a few. Now she can add one more accomplishment to the list - subject of a PS4 theme.

The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE TiIfa Dynamic Theme is now available for free for all PS4 users. It features Tifa sitting atop a familiar Nibelheim water tower, staring up at the starry night sky.

One particularly nice touch is that the hero sits in front of the PS4’s icons, creating a real sense of depth as they scroll behind her. Another is that it also features Tifa’s theme from the new game - an absolutely beautiful piece of music.

The free theme’s available right now - so go get it.

Tifa’s theme joins the others already available on PS4. For example, if you want something a bit more pulse-pounding, you should take a look at the Cloud Theme.

Exclusively available to PS Plus members, this features the iconic image of Cloud facing the Shinra Building, hand on Buster Sword. The background music for this theme is the battle track: Let the Battles Begin.

If you have digital versions of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, you can also get access to the catchily-named FFVII REMAKE & FFXIV Purchase Bonus Theme - Prelude.

This awesome theme combines both games, switching between the stunning cityscape of Midgar and the smouldering Warrior of Darkness from the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers trailers.

It also features FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s Prelude music.


To stay up to date with all the relevant news and information about the game, make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media:

Preview some upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE action figures

From Cloud and Sephiroth, to Rude and Reno, we take a look at some incredible FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI figures - due for release later this year!
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE contains some of the best - and most beloved - characters in all of gaming. It’s a cast worth celebrating - and what better way than to bring them out of the virtual world into the real one?

A number of brand new FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI action figures are due for release in 2020 and 2021.

These beautifully made and fully articulated pieces, capture the game’s heroes and villains with an astonishing attention to detail - to the point where they look like they just stepped out of Midgar itself.

Ahead of their release, we wanted to highlight these figures and give you a quick glimpse at what to expect.

So let’s do that.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI - Cloud Strife ver.2

Let’s start with the main man himself - Cloud Strife.

This new figure features an updated face sculpt based on the in-game 3D model. In fact, it's extremely detailed in all aspects, from Cloud’s confident expression to his shiny earring. And just look at those eyes - those are mako eyes!

As you’d expect, the SOLDIER - sorry, ex-SOLDIER - comes with upgraded iconic Buster Sword. As in the game, its covered with nicks and rust, giving the impression that the weapon has seen its fair share of combat.

It’s intensely poseable too, allowing you to contort Cloud into lots of different positions too. Want him relaxed, with his sword on his back? Not a problem. Or maybe have him hold his blade in two hands ready to bring it down - if you’re feeling braver.

Available: August 2020


As a skilled martial artist, Tifa needs to be flexible and this action figure more than delivers in that respect!

The figure has multiple points of articulation, including updated joints in her arms and knees, so whether you want her punching, kicking or just relaxing at Seventh Heaven, you can make her look just right.

For added drama, you can switch heads and hands. You can have Tifa with open or closed fists, and even switch her hair for a wind-swept look to emphasize a feeling of movement.

Available: November 2020

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI – Barret Wallace Ver. 2

This passionate leader of AVALANCHE cuts an imposing figure in the game - and this action figure is no different.

All the details have been taken directly from the in-game model, from his striking tattoos to the expression of resolve on his face. To get a sense of just how detailed the model is, take a look at how intricate his signature gun arm.

The figure features different hand options to allow for different poses and removable sunglasses, which are made from translucent material so you can see his eyes.

Available: October 2020

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Play Arts KAI - Aerith Gainsborough

This strong-willed flower seller from the Sector 5 slums makes for a striking action figure.

An enormous amount of care has been taken to accurately recreate the texture of Aerith’s clothes and skin, and properly represent her character in physical form. It’s paid off because she looks like she stepped right out of the game.

This action figure comes with multiple accessories, including Aerith’s Guard Stick weapon, multiple hands to allow for different poses and even a flower basket - just in case any former SOLDIERS come wandering past.

Available: December 2020


Reno is one of the most skilled - and most eccentric - of Shinra’s Turks. He’s easily identifiable by his slim silhouette, distinctive red hair and slick sense of style - all of which have been perfectly captured in this action figure.

He comes equipped with his baton, multiple interchangeable hands and two head pieces that showcase his quirky personality.

Add an impressive range of articulation, and you have a figure as fun and freewheeling as the man himself.

Available: January 2021


Cool, composed and competent, Rude is the consummate professional. So he naturally also makes for the consummate action figure.

The fine details of the fan-favorite Turk have been painstakingly recreated from the game - his buff physique, the texture of his gloves and even the more subtle decorations like his earrings and chains.

Of course, his sunglasses are present and correct. We use translucent pieces that allow you to see his expression underneath the lens. If you want a rare glimpse at Rude without his signature shades you can have that too, with interchangeable heads!

Available: February 2021


Sephiroth, the legendary SOLDIER, war hero and Cloud-botherer makes for an impressively expressive action figure.

That’s partly due to the detailing on his face and clothes, but also due to his multiple points of articulation. Even his hair can be posed!

Accessories include Sephiroth’s famous - and lengthy! - Masamune sword, as well as interchangeable hands to allow for different positions and poses. There’s even an additional head piece with his eyes closed for when you want the figure to be particularly enigmatic.

Available: March 2021

That was just a brief look at the amazing range of Play Arts KAI action figures that are on their way in the coming months.

For more information about these figures - and to see more awesome FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE merchandise - check out the Square Enix Store.

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6 Square Enix characters who can’t help but raise a smile

These hilarious characters may not be the heroes of their games, but we love them all the same.
By Duncan Heaney


As gamers, we spend a lot of time with the fate of the world in our hands.

But while being the hero is an important job, it doesn’t have to be a grim one. In fact, too much self-seriousness can be exhausting - sometimes you just need something that lightens the mood.

Fortunately, Square Enix games are full of rich characters who do just that. They may not be the heroes, but they entertain and amuse us and we love them for it just the same.

With that in mind, here are just a few of those characters that put a big grin on our faces:


In most respects, Johnny is the polar opposite of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s main man Cloud Strife. While the merc is typically cool, collected and competent, Johnny is none of those things.

He appears throughout the game, but his shining moment takes place in Chapter 9. As you explore the many memorable sights and sounds of Wall Market, you’ll constantly run into Johnny.

The brash and bumbling himbo is on a parallel path to the heroes. He visits the same spots and shares the same goals, but without the benefit of common sense it doesn’t work out well for him.

He’s thrown out of the hand massage parlor for being a deadbeat, forcibly ejected from the Honeybee Inn, and his attempts to compete at the Corneo Coliseum leave him with more than a bruised ego.

Yet for all his incompetence, there’s something endearing about his sheer bone-headed enthusiasm. When he hears that his beloved Tifa’s in trouble, he throws himself whole-heartedly into a quest to save her.

it fails miserably of course, because… Johnny, but it’s hard not to like the poor sap. He may be short of brains, but he at least has heart.


The master hunter Z’aanta is an interesting case because although he’s not in OCTOPATH TRAVELLER for long, he makes an impression.

He lives deep in the woodlands, in the town of S'warkii, where he mentors the playable character H’aanit in the ways of the hunt. From that description (and the fact that his name sounds a bit like Santa), you might assume that Z’aanta is a wise and dependable role model, but you would be wrong.

Actually, he’s a little bit unsavoury. He gambles heavily - and usually loses, and has a carefree attitude that belies his age and experience. Rather than providing H’aanit with sage advice, it’s usually his student who has to look after him.

And although H’aanit does do her best to keep her surrogate father on the straight and narrow, it’s a losing battle. Still, there’s a clear love and respect between the two all the same.


This recurring boss from FINAL FANTASY VI is petty, belligerent… oh and a giant purple octopus. Should have probably led with that.

You first meet the tentacled terror during a raft ride - he pops up out of the water, eager to chow down on some delicious human flesh. He’s promptly defeated and flees into the depths - a resounding victory for the team (at least until Sabin decides it’s a good idea to attack a river and gets washed away).

Each subsequent encounter gets more and more ridiculous. Ultros pops up again during the famous opera scene, bitter and seeking revenge. He doesn’t succeed in disrupting proceedings - the heroes just work his appearance into the plot. After getting beaten up in front of a paying audience, Ultros is forced to flee again.

Things don’t get better for him from there. He gets distracted mid-fight by having his portrait done by a child, his friend literally sneezes him off of an airship and late into the game, he faces the ultimate humiliation - he has to get a job.

FINAL FANTASY VI can be a dark, dramatic game, but it never loses its sense of fun. ‘Uncle Ulty’ is a perfect example of that - he’s silly, crazy, and completely hilarious.


This green-thumbed resident in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 has a big beard and a bigger dream: to be mayor of an island.

Unfortunately for him, nobody else shares that dream.

You first encounter Bonanzo on Furrowfield - one of the first islands you’ll visit in the story. Like many in the game’s world, he lives in fear of the destructive Children of Hargon, and resists your quest to bring life and creativity back to the land.

But he can only hold out so long before the spirit of farming awakens within him, and he becomes one of your staunchest allies - and self-appointed father figure, whether you like it or not.

He’s a useful chap to have around, willing to chip in with building projects and even battles, but that compliment is nothing compared to his opinion of himself. He’s haughty and self-aggrandizing and assumes that his candidacy for mayor is a given.

But it’s not - particularly because his big bushy facial features make many who meet him instantly wary. Even your BFF Malroth says that he doesn’t trust anyone with a beard.

He may not achieve his dream, and he may not be loved by the other residents, but he’s won our hearts. That’s why we built a lavish private bedroom just for him.

On top of a cliff, away from the other residents though. It’s probably for the best.

Frank Pritchard - Deux Ex: Human Revolution / Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Sarif Industries’ head of cyber-security Frank Pritchard has an… interesting relationship with augmented agent Adam Jensen. At first he’s not a fan - and Frank’s not one to hide his feelings.

Throughout the game, poor Adam - and by extension you - have to deal with amusingly snarky comments from the prickly Pritchard.

Get trigger happy during a mission, and he’ll show his disdain with a quip about Atilla the Hun. Proud of yourself for doing that perfect no-kill run of a mission? Frank’s there to burst your bubble with some bruisingly sarcastic remarks about your humanitarian approach.

And woe betide you if you go into the women’s toilet.

But over time, Frank and Adam develop an understanding. A respect starts to grow, and by the time of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the two have become allies - if not exactly friends.

His comments don’t get any less snippy though. And why would we want them to?

Hildibrand Manderville - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

As the Warrior of Light, you spend a lot of time in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with the fate of the world on your shoulders. You’ll battle powerful creatures, explore vast dungeons, stand between warring nations... being the hero is a serious business.

At least it is until you run into Hildibrand Manderville. This… erm… unique detective calls himself an inspector extraordinaire, and in a way that’s accurate. He’s definitely not ordinary.

As a member of the affluent Manderville family, he’s noble in more ways than one. He wants to use his wealth to protect those less fortunate - he’s just not very good at it.

He lacks even basic deductive skills, his disguise skills are… misguided, he’s terrible at shadowing suspects, and he has a weird compunction to pose dramatically at every opportunity.

His naïve assistant Nashu isn’t much better - between the two of them, there’s not a case they can’t bungle. It’s a good thing you’re around to help him out.

Those were just six characters who bring us mirth and merriment, but what do you think? Which NPCs brighten your day? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter:

So you’ve finished FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE… what now?

One adventure is over… time to start some new ones.
By Duncan Heaney

I don’t know about you, but when I finish a game I really like, I’m sometimes left with a weird feeling of loss.

It’s a complex combination of satisfaction and sadness - you’ve adored this game enough to invest tons of time and emotion into it, and now that it’s all over… what next?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has been one of those games for me. For weeks I’ve all but lived in Midgar - I’ve finished the story multiple times, mastered the combat system and found most of the secrets. I’ve loved every second, and now that my journey is reaching a natural end, I don’t really know what to do with myself.

And if I feel like that, I’m willing to bet that a lot of you do too. With that in mind, I’ve put together some suggestions for some titles that I think will act as a perfect follow-up for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.


If you liked one FINAL FANTASY game, it makes sense to move onto another. The 15th mainline game in the series is a sensible choice, as it also has a real-time battle system.

This adventure follows Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, on a road trip towards Altissia - where the prince will be married. But when tragedy strikes, Noctis is forced to step up and accept new responsibilities.

In truth, it’s a very different game to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but it shares many of the same elements that make that game so great. The characters, for example, are equally memorable. The bond and banter between the four friends is hugely enjoyable - and surprisingly affecting.

And while the combat system feels quite different - there are no menu-based commands and Noctis is more manoeuvrable than Cloud and co - it’s equally flashy and satisfying. The villain is terrific too, albeit in a very different way to the big S…. but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves.

Trials of Mana

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE wasn’t the only remake we released in April. Trials of Mana is a complete reimagining of a classic 1995 action RPG - Seiken Densetsu 3 as it was known in Japan.

You choose three characters from a choice of six, and take them on a globe-trotting adventure filled with interesting characters, secrets to find and some truly superb boss battles. What’s more, the story will play out differently depending on who you choose for your main protagonist and two companions.

The game’s another logical next step for anyone who likes real time battle systems. Trials of Mana’s combat is brisk and exciting, with a real sense of weight and power to your attacks. The other pillars of a great RPG are there too - a rewarding upgrade system and a killer soundtrack.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that you can try it for free. A demo is available on PS4, Steam and Switch that lets you play a hefty portion of the opening sections - and your progress will even carry over to the full game if you decide to buy!

DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Much like FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a critically acclaimed RPG set in a beautiful world full of incredible characters, satisfying combat, and surprising stories.

This game is a genuine epic that positively overflows with charm. All the things you’d want out of an RPG are present and correct: the story is exciting and goes to unexpected places, it has one of the most likeable casts of characters you’ll ever see, and the combat - turn-based in this case - is fast-paced and strategic.

In short, it’s the complete package. Heavily recommended.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If you haven’t played a Tomb Raider game, you may be surprised to learn that Lara Croft’s most recent adventures have a fair amount in common with FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Take Shadow of the Tomb Raider for example. Like that game it also features beautiful, cutting-edge visuals, a focus on story and exciting set piece moments. It also features RPG elements, such as experience points which you can use to upgrade Lara’s skills and weapon upgrades.

There’s a greater emphasis on platforming and puzzles than FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, and combat is fully real-time and mostly firearm-focused, but if you want another game that delivers tons of flash and sizzle without sacrificing substance, this is well worth playing.

There’s a free trial available for PS4, Xbox One and Steam too - so give it a go!


One of the best things about Midgar is how well realized the city is - and how lived-in it feels.

If getting completely absorbed in a fantasy world is what you want, few are as expansive and immersive as FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’s. Not only is overflowing with amazing sights and sounds, it’s home to some of the most compelling stories in FINAL FANTASY history.

The game is specifically designed to be welcoming to new players and suit all types of people. For example, if you want to buddy up with friends, there’s plenty of scope to do so, but it you want to stay as a mostly solo adventurer, that’s viable too.

Most quests can be completed on your own, and for group activities like dungeons, you can be automatically matched with other players or you can fight alongside NPCS instead with the recently introduced Trust system.

But perhaps the best thing about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is that there’s always something new to do. New quests and features are released regularly throughout the year, so you’re unlikely to experience the feelings we talked about at the top of the article.


Want to see more of Cloud and co? The heroes of FINAL FANTASY VII have stepped into many other games over years.

For example, Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth are all playable in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT. This fast-paced 3v3 fighting game lets you pit characters from across the FINAL FANTASY series against each other in explosive, visually stunning brawls.

If you want to give it a go, there’s a Free Edition available on Steam and PS4. It won’t give you access to every character, but it will let you see if you like the game without spending a single gil.

Alternatively, you could check out WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY MAXIMA. It’s an adorable RPG that acts as a love letter to the FINAL FANTASY series, and features appearances from super-cute versions of popular characters - including a certain spiky-haired former SOLDIER.


If you want more of the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, there’s an obvious next step: play more FINAL FANTASY VII.

The original game is available on most platforms - PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Steam and even mobile phones! However you play, it’s a chance to spend more time with the characters you know and love from REMAKE.

You’ll also see familiar scenes, enemies, weapons and more in their original form and see just how painstakingly the team has reimagined them for the new game.

What’s more, FINAL FANTASY VII still stands up as a superb RPG in its own right. If you’ve never played this true icon of gaming, it’s a perfect opportunity to see why people still love it so much. And for those who have played time and time again… well, you don’t need us to give you an excuse for one more playthrough, right?

Those were just a few picks for what to play after you’re done with FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - but we’re sure you have some ideas of your own too!

Why not share your suggestions on social media, and let us know what you’re playing next!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE sweepstake winners revealed!

Four lucky people have won chronographs worth £1,777.77 / €1,999.99
By Duncan Heaney

Did you enter the big FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE sweepstake?

In the run-up to the launch, the Square Enix Store gave anyone who pre-ordered the game in North America or Europe the chance to win one of these amazing FINAL FANTASY VII-themed chronographs.

These stainless steel timepieces are as beautiful as they are impressive. Every piece is handcrafted, from the all-glass back to the Mako-inspired mother-of-pearl central disk, and they’re finished with details that refer back to FINAL FANTASY VII.

Two versions are available - one inspired by Cloud Strife and another by Sephiroth - and only a limited number have been made. Long story short, each one’s a premium item in every sense.

Now that the game’s released, we’re excited to announce the winners of the sweepstake.

North America

First Place: FINAL FANTASY VII Chronograph: Cloud Strife (approximate retail value $2,499.99 USD)

  • Winner: Alberto C (USA)

Second Place: FINAL FANTASY VII Chronograph: Sephiroth (approximate retail value of $2,499.99 USD)

  • Winner: Ricky P. (USA)


First Place: FINAL FANTASY VII Chronograph: Cloud Strife (approximate retail value £1,777.77 / €1,999.99)

  • Winner: Gaëtan (France)

Second Place: FINAL FANTASY VII Chronograph: Sephiroth (approximate retail value £1,777.77 / €1,999.99)

  • Winner: David (UK)

All the winners have been contacted and should be receiving their prizes soon.

For everyone else, bad luck. But hey - at least you got FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. That’s pretty good right?

To stay up to date with news and information about the game, make sure you follow the team on social media:

7 things we learned from Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Why is Cloud Strife sometimes uncool? How did manga inspire the boss fights? We highlight some of the most interesting tidbits from the video documentary series.
By Duncan Heaney

Have you watched the Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE video documentary series yet? It features interviews from many of the game’s developers, who talk about everything from how they developed the characters, to how they created the thrilling combat system.

The series is overflowing with fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes about the creation of the game. Here are just seven of the coolest things we learned:

1. The game was designed to be both new and nostalgic at the same time

The developers of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE didn’t want to create something purely for fans, or entirely for new players - they wanted both groups to be able to enjoy the game.

In fact, this was a fundamental design principle for Director Tetsuya Nomura:

I felt that there would be many fans who had played the original game, and with over 20 years having passed, there would be lots of new ones too,” he explains.

I really felt that I had to get the balance right and make something that could be enjoyed by both groups. That is what I took the most care with.

That philosophy is echoed by the rest of the team. Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi recalls that the game couldn’t rely on nostalgia - it had to appeal to everyone, from those who played the original to those who were only vaguely aware of the likes of Cloud and Sephiroth.

As Producer Yoshinori Kitase told the team: “It should feel both new and nostalgic”.

2. The main character is intentionally uncool (sometimes)

Cloud Strife, the lead character of FINAL FANTASY VII, has undergone a few subtle changes for the remake. While his original personality remains intact, the main story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima wanted to get much deeper into his inner psychology.

In the original, he wrote the aspiring mercenary as a composed and stylish character, but for this game, he depicted him as being more obviously fallible… and less cool.

Mr Nojima says: “This time, he can miss the mark and be a little cringe-worthy at times. Because he wants people to accept him and respect him, he puts on a front. So when he doesn’t know something, he just goes ‘Not interested.’

I have written him in a way that makes you think that ‘Not interested’ might not be a cool thing to say, but can sometimes be a bit lame.

This reason for this change? Mr Nojima explains that modern technology means that the characters look much better than back in 1997, so the characterization has to be more realistic to match that detail.

3. Boss battles were inspired by four frame manga

The spectacular boss battles in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE have multiple phases, with the behavior of the boss and even the setting changing over the course of the battle.

But did you know that the concept for this battle system was inspired by 4-frame manga in Japan. These comics carry a basic story structure in just four panels: introduction, middle part, development and conclusion.

In Episode 4, Lead Battle Designer Tomotaka Shiroichi explains how the team applied this to the boss battles in game:

Encounter the enemy and start the battle in phase 1, and show each other’s hand and the boss takes the lead in phase 2.

In phase 3, the boss shows you the signature attacks, and the players start fighting back. That’s when bosses start revealing their weaknesses. Phase 4 is the climax and introduces the next part of the storyline.

4. The composers approached each track as if it was a new piece of music

The original FINAL FANTASY VII has one of the most beloved soundtracks of any game. Recreating the legendary Nobuo Uematsu’s compositions for a new game is no easy feat.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s sound team wanted to respect the original music, and they made sure to capture the melodies that people love so much and update them with new arrangements and technology.

At the same time, however, the composers weren’t beholden to the original game.

I made multiple arrangements of many of the iconic FINAL FANTASY VII music tracks,” recalls composer Mitsuto Suzuki

Some of them are very faithful to the originals, and there are other arrangements that only sound reminiscent in passing. But if you pay too much attention to the originals, then it is quite difficult to try and make something even better. For that reason, I try to be as natural as possible and approach them as if I was writing a completely new piece.

Those sentiments are shared by composer Masashi Hamauzu, who was recommended for the project by Mr. Uematsu. As he says:

I felt that the best way to honor that recommendation, was to make music as it comes to me, rather than trying to copy what Mr. Uematsu did.

Composer Masashi Hamauzu has a cool connection to the original game

Not only is Mr. Hamauzu one of the composers for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, he was also involved in the original game - in a particularly cool way at that.

I sang in the Sephiroth chorus,” he laughs. “I think that was my first job helping out Mr. Uematsu”.

We have to say, as initial tasks go, that’s a pretty good one.

6. Cloud’s physique was inspired by ballet dancers

Ever wondered how Cloud’s able to wave around the Buster Sword so freely? That’s just one of the things the character designers had to take into account when recreating the iconic hero.

Naturally, the team used Nomura’s original illustrations as reference, but they also took reference shots from real life people to see how bone structure and muscles should work together.

Of course, there are some aspects of the game that aren’t what you’d call realistic, and to make sure that the character looked right, the team had to make sure they found the right referencing material.

Masaaki Kazeno, Character Modelling Director, explains: “Cloud wields the Buster Sword, which is a massive and very heavy weapon, and if you design the muscle structure which realistically would be needed to wield that size of weapon, he would end up becoming a much larger, more of a body builder kind of guy.

That’s completely different from the image of Cloud. Therefore, we used a lot of reference from male ballet dancers, who may often be slim but have a lot of muscle tone.

7. Translating FINAL FANTASY VII’s odder elements took some work

If you’ve played the original FINAL FANTASY VII, you’ll know that it can be a somewhat unusual game at times. For example, when running around the Shinra Building, you may encounter an enemy that looks… well, like a big blue fish.

Which should raise questions really. As Mr. Kitase himself asks in Episode 5: “Why would you have a fish shaped monster appearing in a building?

In the original, some of those more eccentric elements of the game got a pass due to the stylized presentation, but the move to more realistic visuals meant that there was a risk that they could look odd or out of place.

At the same time, these exaggerated elements are part of what give FINAL FANTASY VII its unique identity. As a result, the team spent a lot of time and effort adapting the original monster and enemy designs so that they’d fit into the new game’s style, but remain recognizable for fans of the original.

If that sounds like a challenge, apparently it was. Or as Mr. Kitase put it: “that was hard, but also great fun to do.

That was just a sliver of the fascinating facts revealed in the Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE documentary series. There’s loads more to discover and it’s a must watch for anyone who’s interested in the new game.


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More than 3.5 million copies of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE shipped and sold digitally

Hit RPG gets strong digital sales in the first three days since release - and a positive critical reception too.
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out, and a lot of you have spent many hours now exploring Midgar and taking the fight to Shinra.

And when we say ‘a lot’, we mean it. More than 3.5 million copies of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE have been shipped or sold digitally in the first three days following its April 10 release. Digital sales in particular have been very strong, and continue to grow.

That’s quite the figure, and it’s not the only big number the game’s seen. The game also received a terrific critical reception, with journalists around the world scoring it highly and singing its praises.

Here’s just a sample of what they’re saying:

Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain rated the game 10/10, stating that: “this remake takes one of the most beloved games of all time and elevates it higher.”

Gamesradar+ echoed those sentiments, awarding the game a 4.5/5. Heather Wald called it ”a spectacularly entertaining introduction to the world of Final Fantasy 7 for modern audiences.”

Techradar’s Bill Thomas scored the RPG a 5/5, stating: “This game is so good that it should be considered the standard by which modern Final Fantasy games are measured, and for that it will probably stay installed on our PS4 hard drive for a very long time.”

Easy Allies Bradley Ellis gave the game 9/10, and described it as “an excellent reimagining of a beloved classic.”

Twinfinite’s Ed McGlone handed out a 4.5/5, praising "a gorgeous, well-made, and fun RPG that successfully retells one of the best video game stories ever told with a few twists."

Empire published another 5/5 review. Matt Kamen wrote that the release was: “one of the most breathtakingly realised and staggeringly beautiful games in years.”

The Verge doesn’t do review scores, but Andrew Webster complimented FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, calling it: a "thrilling, thoughtful take on a classic".

And the list goes on, but we won’t - except to say congratulations to the entire FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE development team for this well-earned achievement.

And also a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s picked up the game. We hope you continue to have a great time with it.


To stay up to date with news and information about the game, make sure you bookmark the Square Enix Blog, subscribe to the FINAL FANTASY YouTube channel or follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media:


Update: Episode 5 of our Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE documentary is out now. Watch the full series here!
By Duncan Heaney

Here’s a question you may have had after playing the recent FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo: how did they do all this?

Now you can find out directly from the creators themselves in a video documentary series: Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The multi-part series features interviews with many of the key figures behind FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, including:

  • Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
  • Tetsuya Nomura (Director & Concept Design)
  • Kazushige Nojima (Story & Scenario)
  • Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-Director – Game Design / Programming)
  • Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director – Scenario Design)

Over the course of each episode, they’ll reveal a treasure trove of behind the scenes information about the game, including the development of the story, characters, combat, action, music and much more.

Episode 1 - Introduction

Here's the first episode - watch it here:

Episode 2: Story and Characters

In the second episode, the creators of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE talk about how they adapted the story and characters of the original RPG for this new game. Watch it here:

Episode 3: Combat and Action

The third episode looks at the exciting combat in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Watch it now:

Episode 4: Music and Sound Effects

In this episode, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE developers and composers talk about how they made the game such an incredible audio experience:

Episode 5: Graphics and Visual Effects

In the fifth and final episode, the developers talk about how they created the distinctive look of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

We hope you enjoyed this insight into development - to stay up to date with news and information about the game, make sure you bookmark the Square Enix Blog, subscribe to the FINAL FANTASY YouTube channel or follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media:


The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE team discuss story, Sephiroth and more

The creators of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE explain their philosophy for the game, the challenge of balancing old and new, what makes a good RPG battle system and much more.
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out now - we’re sure lots of you had a lovely weekend exploring the richly detailed city of Midgar.

With the game now on shelves, it seemed like the perfect time to catch up with Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi and Producer Yoshinori Kitase to talk about their memories of developing the game.

Interestingly, Hamaguchi-san grew up a big fan of the series - that seemed a logical place to start our discussion:

Hello again Hamaguchi-san. As a fan, what’s it like to work on the thing you grew up loving?

Hamaguchi-san: (laughs) I’ve said this to Kitase-san before as well, but I strongly remember playing FINAL FANTASY VII as a child. I really love that game and was really touched by it.

It became an inspiration for me to join the games industry. I wanted to be able to make something like that - to create something that has that kind of effect on people and could get that emotional reaction.

So as an adult, I get to be involved in creating entertainment that sticks with people and touches them in some way, and that’s an amazing thing.

It makes me want to keep trying to get better and better - and get closer and closer to making that ‘ultimate’ game that changes someone’s life, as FINAL FANTASY VII did mine!

With FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, I really have put everything I have as a games creator into the project - everything I have learned up to this point. I really hope that the fans love the game, and I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction.

How did you gather the right team to work on FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?

Hamaguchi-san: There are quite a few people like Kitase-san, who were on the original FINAL FANTASY VII development team, as well as developers within Square Enix who have worked on other FINAL FANTASY games - including some of the FINAL FANTASY VII spin-off projects.

The team is also partly made up of people who were inspired by FINAL FANTASY when they were younger - like myself obviously. It’s fitting because the series is one of the reasons a lot of us wanted to get into making games.

So we all came together to build a team that has a lot of experience - and a lot of love - for FINAL FANTASY VII.

And it’s not just Japanese developers either. We’ve had a lot of people from all around the world help too - when they heard we were making a remake of FINAL FANTASY VII, they really wanted to come and join us on this project.

It genuinely feels great to be involved with people with such a passion for the original game and this project - we wanted to make this the definitive version of FINAL FANTASY VII - and something people remember for another 20 plus years!

How difficult was it to balance old and new elements in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?

Hamaguchi-san: To explain our philosophy, it really was a case of being respectful to the original game, and then what were the elements of the original that we had to reimagine to create a more immersive experience?

Most of the additions to the story come from us trying to fill in the gaps from the original game - content that wasn’t included in the original because we couldn’t show it fully with the technology available.

Kitase-san: For example, some of the transitions and the gaps between story beats in the original FINAL FANTASY VII felt a little uneven or didn’t flow all that smoothly. To overcome that in the remake, we put new elements in to make the story feel more continuous.

So you can’t really make a clear distinction between what’s new and what’s from the original in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. It’s all blended together to make a self-contained story for this first game in the project.

How much did the story and structure of the game change over development?

Hamaguchi-san: Quite a bit actually. We worked closely with FINAL FANTAY VII scenario writer Nojima-san - but it wasn’t like he just wrote the story and handed it over to us to base the game on!

Obviously, as game designers we have to create a nice balance, a nice rhythm throughout the game - find the tensions, the highs, the lows and take it to a good climax at the end. There are certain parts where you want to ramp up the excitement and they become focal points of the story.

When we started mapping the game out, if the scenario wasn’t supporting that as well as it could, or something just wasn’t adding up, we’d gather all the information we could and send it back to Nojima-san.

He’d then tweak and adjust the scenario, so it works really well within our envisaged framework as a game.

Through this iteration, we were able to effectively combine the story Nojima-san wanted to tell, with the structure of a really exciting, satisfying game.

Sephiroth appears in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE much earlier than he does in the original game. Why did you make the decision to introduce him here?

Kitase-san: There are two main reasons. Firstly, the way we handled Sephiroth in the original FINAL FANTASY VII was to hide him - hold him back.

You may not know this, but I was inspired by the movie Jaws which took a similar approach of teasing this powerful presence, but never fully showing you the shark until later in the story. We wanted to build him up as this really big, powerful character in people’s minds. By only referring to him indirectly, it created this feeling of fear and oppression - so when he makes his first appearance, it’s a big deal.

But for the remake, that doesn’t work so well - partly because everybody knows who Sephiroth is (laughs)! We didn’t think it would be as effective to have him held back until later on in the story.

Secondly, Sephiroth is this massively overarching presence that looms over the whole FINAL FANTASY VII saga. We wanted to make sure that aspect of him was present in this first game in the project - that’s why we have introduced him much earlier in the story now.

We’ve talked about the game’s fantastic combat system before, but as an RPG fan, what do you think makes for a good RPG battle system? What elements are important?

Hamaguchi-san: (thinks) Hmm… I think it’s about giving players options.

That’s not just important for battles, but also for all kinds of gaming mechanics - but what’s really important for players is that feeling that they’ve made a decision on how to play, and get the feedback that they’ve done well because of it.

If you only give the player one method of doing something, they don’t really get the impression that they’re playing, right? They’re just doing what they’re told.

Having multiple options available, and multiple things that a player can do, is very important. It means that when they pick the right one, they feel clever and skilful as a result.

That feedback cycle is very important. RPG combat provides lots of opportunities to make decisions - from the different abilities, to how they use them on different enemies. When you make the right one, it makes you feel good - I think that’s always important to think about when designing battles.

Now that the game's out, what’s your favorite memory of working on this project?

Hamaguchi-san: Honestly, for me it’s really just being involved in it.

I wasn’t in the games industry when the original game was released - I was just a player like so many other people. The original game - and the FINAL FANTASY series as a whole - is what made me want to get into game development.

So to work with so many of the original development team, and so many other fans and developers from around the world on this game has been very special.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out now and available to buy on PS4:

To stay up to date with news and information about the game, make sure you follow on social media:


Turn yourself into a 1st Class SOLDIER with these helpful hints.
By Duncan Heaney

The combat system in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is entirely new to the series. The combination of classic menu-based commands, with real-time action makes it feel exciting, unique… and unfamiliar.

The game’s no pushover either - even on Normal difficulty, there’s a lot to think about - and enemies play for keeps. Cloud, Barret and the rest of Avalanche have their work cut out for them if they want to defend the planet.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some handy hints to help you get to grips with the game - follow this advice, and you’ll be sticking it to Shinra in no time.

ATB is the key to success

Abilities and spells are the most effective way to deal damage to enemies by far. Being over-reliant on standard attacks will get you nowhere - their primary purpose is to fill your ATB bars faster so that you to use your abilities and spells more often.

While you may be able to beat the first few Shinra troopers by spamming the square button, that’s not going to last. Tougher enemies will easily withstand these attacks, and hit back much harder.

Get into the habit of using combos to fill your ATB, and relying on abilities and spells to cause damage and stagger states. Characters under your direct control will generate ATB more effectively, so also get comfortable switching between party members mid-fight.

Make sure you block

In FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, offence isn’t always the best defense. Sometimes the best defense is… y’know, defense.

If you press R1, your controlled character will block and take less damage from enemy attacks. They can also roll out of the way to avoid taking a hit completely with a tap of the circle button.

You might think it’s better to focus on evasion over blocking - why take a bit of damage when you can take none, right? But blocking is a more reliable way to mitigate damage - a mistimed roll can leave you very vulnerable. Not only that, it’s more useful in some situations.

For example, blocking attacks fills ATB, allowing you to launch powerful attacks more quickly than if you’d avoided the attack.

What’s more, many enemies have area of effect (AOE) attacks that knock characters off their feet - the Scorpion Sentinel’s EM Field in the opening mission, for example. If you block these, you’ll take a little bit of damage, but you won’t be knocked down, leaving you close to your foe for the counter-attack.

Take advantage of enemy weaknesses whenever possible

Many enemies are weak against different types of magic. For example, Shinra’s troops tend to dislike being hit with Fire (which, in fairness, we would too), while its machinery is susceptible to electrical attacks like Thunder.

As you explore the slums and streets of Midgar, you’ll encounter foes that have lots of other weaknesses, such as ice or wind, and you should take advantage of those Achilles heels as much as you can.

Of course, it’s not always easy to know what an enemy is weak to, which brings us to our next point...

The Assess Materia is your best friend

Early on in the game, you’ll receive the Assess Materia. This is one of the most useful tools you’ll get in the game.

When equipped, you’ll be able to spend a bar of ATB to assess enemies and reveal their weaknesses and resistances. Not only that, it will often provide battle tips to help you interrupt their attacks or build their stagger gauge.

Assess everything you encounter. To make things easier, the upgraded Assess Materia will analyze every enemy in an encounter at once. Once scanned, you can check an enemy’s information at any time in the menu, or by pressing the touchpad while highlighting that enemy.

In short, it’s a game-changer and we strongly recommend always having at least one character with Assess equipped at all times.

Try to complete Battle Intel missions

Early on in the game, you’ll encounter Chadley - a young man who works for Shinra’s science division. He’ll ask Cloud to complete various tasks in battle - for example using Assess a certain number of times, or attacking staggered enemies in different ways.

It is well worth your time to complete these requests because they unlock new types of Materia - some of which are extremely powerful. The First Strike Materia, for example, lets you start fights with a chunk of ATB already filled - that’s indescribably useful in some tougher areas.

Check your battle intel regularly, and consider their completion requirements when in a fight to see if you can work them into the encounter. Because not only are the rewards worth it, they may also help you discover new battle techniques and strategies.

Heal between fights

Enemies can dish out some serious damage in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, so you need to make sure you keep your HP topped up.

You can use healing magic and potions mid-combat, but it uses a bar of ATB. But in-between battles, you can use as many items as you like as often as you like.

So it’s sensible to take the time to heal your party when you have a moment of downtime - that way, they’ll be ready for the next round and you won’t have to sacrifice a chance to dish out damage.

Also look out for benches. These are usually situated next to vending machines - if you sit and take a load off, you’ll refill your HP and MP completely.

Browse at every shop and vending machine

Whenever you pass a shop, go in and have a look at their stock. Different vendors hold different items, so you may be able to buy some new materia, a useful accessory or even a new music track to play on the jukebox.

Similarly, make sure you check vending machines whenever you can. They often offer sales on items, so you’ll be able to get a hi-potion or a tuft of phoenix down at a fraction of the usual asking price.

Add materia slots to weapons when you can

As you level up in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons too. You’ll be able to improve their attack power, increase defense, make magic more potent and more.

It’s entirely up to you what you prioritize, but we found it useful to add more materia slots whenever we could. This upgrade lets you equip more spells and commands onto a character - and the more they can do, the more prepared you’ll be for the tougher fights.

Plan ahead for future battles

It’s not just the heroes and their weapons that improve over time - equipped materia does too. Many will unlock new spells or abilities, or their effects will become more pronounced.

You can see the upgrade path of your materia when equipping them, and we advise you take a look. Don’t just think about what you need now, consider what might be useful in the future - and if you have a spare materia slot, equip it.

For example, the Steadfast Block materia fills ATB faster when characters block attacks. Initially you’ll get just a small boost - handy, but not exactly game-changing. But if that materia grows a few times, that effect will become much more pronounced and useful.

That’s not to say you need to invest in that particular materia - different people will find different playstyles and strategies so find what works for you. The point is that even if a piece of materia doesn’t seem particularly useful now, it probably will be later.

Take your time and explore

You may be on a mission to save the planet, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush. Take your time and look around.

The areas in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE are full of things to find - and they’re all incredibly useful. Keep your eyes open for chests because they contain recovery items, new equipment and more.

Midgar is also strewn with Shinra crates. If you see that familiar logo on a pile of boxes, smash them up because there may be something good inside. For example, you may find an MP-restoring mako shard or a potion - it’s worth taking the time to find out. Even if you come up empty, smashing up crates with a giant sword is endlessly satisfying.

Finally, as per the unofficial rules of all videogames, if the objective marker is sending you one way, go another direction and poke around. You just might find something.

There you have it - some top tips to help turn you into a true SOLDIER (1st Class). Hopefully they prove useful - but have you discovered any tips and tricks of your own? Share the knowledge with the team on social media:



Step up to the plate and get ready to explore Midgar in this epic RPG.
By Square Enix Team

Sometimes we write a blog post that we know is largely superfluous. We can’t imagine that there are many of you who don’t know that FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out today.

But just in case… hey everyone - FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out today on PS4!

This epic new RPG reimagines the iconic original FINAL FANTASY VII for the modern era. This first game in the project is a full standalone title set in Midgar - a sprawling steel metropolis that’s under the control of the sinister Shinra Electric Power Company.

Cloud Strife, a mercenary and former member of the elite SOLDIER unit, lends his aid to the underground resistance group Avalanche, unaware that the consequences will change his life forever.

The game features beautiful visuals and a thrilling hybrid battle system that combines real-time action with command-based combat. It makes for fast-paced and strategic battles that really get the blood pumping - you can find out more about it here.

If you want to know more about the game, we’ve shared a lot of interesting information about game over the last few weeks, including hands-on previews, screenshot showcases, and more.

One of the true highlights has been the ongoing video documentary series Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

It gives you unprecedented access behind the scenes of development, and features interviews with the creators of the game themselves, including Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director and Concept Designer Tetsuya Nomura and many more.

Watch part one below:

To see all the episodes released so far, click here:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is available to buy now on PS4.

To stay up to date with all the latest news and information about the game, make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: meet Rufus Shinra and the Executive Board

New screenshots and information highlight the upper echelons of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Plus… what are Moogle Medals?
By Duncan Heaney

We’re just mere days away from the official release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - the game launches on PS4 on April 10, 2020.

Before that though, we wanted to share one last preview at some of the people that you’ll encounter in your adventures across Midgar.

Also, if you’ve played the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo, you may be wondering: what exactly are Moogle Medals? Read on, and we’ll explain:

Rufus Shinra

President Shinra's son and the current Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company. He’s recently been away from Midgar on an extended business trip.

He is an immensely prideful man, with a strong rebellious streak towards his father. Despite being vice president, he sometimes enters the battlefield himself, armed with a custom-made shotgun and protected by Darkstar, a military canine.


The Director of Shinra's Space and Aeronautics Division. Palmer is the eldest of the company’s executives but has no real power or influence - his division, originally founded with the latest technology at Shinra’s disposal, has all but folded since it failed to launch a rocket.

Because division activities have been suspended indefinitely, Palmer finds himself with lots of time on his hands. He’s fond of butter in his tea and chortles in a distinctive manner.


Shinra's Director of Advanced Weaponry. During the war, her innovative, high-end armaments brought in a sizable chunk of change for the company.

Her wartime efforts, and the resulting profits, saw Scarlet quickly promoted to executive officer. She is highly capable, as one would expect from someone placed in charge of Shinra’s weapons development.

Kyrie Canaan

A girl from the Sector 5 slums who makes a living by pulling off scams on unsuspecting victims. Although fearless, she often finds herself in trouble.

Moogle Medals

A new item that didn’t appear in the original FINAL FANTASY VII. Moogle Medals can be found inside treasure boxes and Shinra Company crates - you’ll have to search high and low to get your hands on them.

There seems to be someone in Midgar who collects Moogle Medals - and if you have some, you may be rewarded…

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is out April 10, 2020 for PS4.

To stay up to date with news and updates about the game, make sure you follow on social media:

The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE team have worked extremely hard to make this game and we are incredibly proud of what you are about to play. Our biggest motivator during the development was that so many of you were willing us on, and we felt your enthusiasm and passion every step of the way.

We had some hard decisions to make during the final few weeks before launch due to disruption to distribution channels caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These unique circumstances have made it very difficult to align timing of our global shipping. Our highest priority is that all of you, including those who live in countries currently facing the biggest disruption, can play the game at launch, so we made the decision to ship the game far earlier than usual to Europe and Australia.

As a result, there is a greater chance that some of you in these regions will now get a copy of the game prior to the worldwide release date of April 10. For other western regions, including the Americas, copies will be shipped this week and we feel optimistic that most of you will receive the game for launch day. However, due to the challenging situation we cannot provide delivery dates for each country and each retailer.

We really want all of you looking forward to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to play the game on April 10 and experience everything we have been working on, together.

To everyone we would like to ask one big favour.

If you get the game early, please think of others and don’t spoil it for them. We know there are potential spoilers that have been out there for over two decades as the original FINAL FANTASY VII was released in 1997. But FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a new game that still has many surprises for everyone. All our fans and players deserve to experience the game for themselves, and we ask for the support of our dedicated community around the world to ensure that.

On behalf of the entire development team, and everyone around the world that has worked on getting FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to you all, thanks again for your support, and most importantly, please stay safe.

Yoshinori Kitase (Producer) and Tetsuya Nomura (Director)



FINAL FANTASY VII-themed starter set, and FFTCG Tin Gift Set also available. Here’s everything you need to know.
By Duncan Heaney

Whether you’re a fan of the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME (FFTCG) - or if you want to dip your toes into the game for the first time - we have some good news.

For existing players, the latest card set is available now. Opus XI: Soldier’s Return features all-new cards, including stunning art from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

It also features completely original illustrations from some of the best artists in the videogames industry, including:

  • Kumiko Koike (FFTCG Original)

This set also features a new ‘counter’ mechanic, which opens up all kinds of new strategic possibilities if used wisely.

Sets for new players available

If you’ve yet to try the game, then now’s the perfect time - we recently released a brand new two-player starter set to celebrate the upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

The Cloud vs Sephiroth Two Player Starter Set can be used by both beginners and seasoned players and includes two decks. That means you can share with a friend or a family member and get playing straight away - you have everything you need!

Alternatively, you can pick up the new, first ever FFTCG Tin Gift Set. This beautiful collection features gorgeous artwork of Tifa, as she appears in FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN, on the tin. It even features three exclusive promo cards and additional booster packs.

Here’s what’s included:

  • (3) OPUS I Boosters
  • (3) OPUS II Boosters
  • (3) OPUS III Boosters
  • OPUS X Booster
  • Tifa Alternate Art Full Art Card
  • Y’shtola Full Art Card
  • Hraesvelgr Full Art Card

For more information on FFTCG, organized play and stores please check out the official website:



As we prepare for the release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on April 10, we wanted to keep you updated on how the proactive measures being taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus are likely to affect the distribution and retail landscape in western regions at launch.

As you will be aware, many countries are limiting entry or closing their national and state borders and restricting the distribution and delivery of non-essential items. Understandably these restrictions are being implemented so that essential items can reach their destination as fast as possible.

This does not mean that box copies of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will not be dispatched, it just means that we cannot control the date the game may arrive.

In many countries and states, retail stores are closing to help with social distancing measures. If you placed a pre-order with one of these retailers, we advise you to check their websites for the latest information about the status of pre-orders, as well as pick-up and/or delivery information. Please ensure your mailing address and contact details are up to date, as some retailers have begun contacting customers with delivery updates.

Finally, we are currently making arrangements to ensure that pre-orders from the SQUARE ENIX STORE reach you by April 10.

We are working hard to ensure as many of you as possible can play the game on April 10 and will update further when we have more information.

Thank you for your continued support and most importantly, stay safe.

Meet the English voice cast for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

An Avalanche of talent is bringing some of the most iconic characters in videogames to life. Find out who’s voicing your favorite here.
By Square Enix Team

Did you catch the recent FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trailer?

It showcases a lot of characters from the upcoming game - a complete reimagining of the classic RPG that debuted on the original PlayStation in 1997.

That game didn’t have any voice acting, so, excitingly, this is the first time that many of these characters have had a voice.

If you’ve watched the trailer - or any of the others - you may think to yourself: "I recognize that voice!"

You’re probably right - here’s the full list of voice actors for all the characters you’ve heard in our trailers so far, and where you might have seen or heard them in the past:

  • Cloud Strife: Cody Christian (All American, Teen Wolf)
  • Barret Wallace: John Eric Bentley (Hart of Dixie, Lab Rats, Fear of the Walking Dead)
  • Aerith Gainsborough: Briana White (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Occupants)
  • Tifa Lockhart: Britt Baron (GLOW, The Thing About Harry, My Valentine)
  • Red XIII: Max Mittelman (Persona 5, One-Punch Man)
  • Jessie: Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man PS4, Mortal Kombat 11)
  • Biggs: Gideon Emery (Dash & Lily, Teen Wolf, Dragon Age II)
  • Wedge: Matt Jones (Bob Hearts Abishola, Breaking Bad)
  • Sephiroth: Tyler Hoechlin
  • Reno: Arnie Pantoja (Konosuba, Trolls, Sydney White)
  • Rude: William Christopher Stephens (The Avengers, Spies in Disguise, Mortal Kombat 11)
  • Tseng: Vic Chao (Seis Manos, Mortal Kombat X, Ben 10)
  • President Shinra: James Horan (Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout: New Vegas, Love, Death & Robots)
  • Heidegger: John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time)
  • Scarlet: Erin Cottrell (Love’s Long Journey, The Identical)
  • Palmer: William Salyers (Regular Show, Spider-Man PS4, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders)
  • Reeve: Jon Root (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fallout 76)
  • Professor Hojo: James Sie (Jackie Chan Adventures, Uncharted)
  • Marlene Wallace: Brielle Milla (The Ellen Show, T.O.T.S.)
  • Roche: Austin Lee Matthews (Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon, Trails of Cold Steel III)
  • Don Corneo: Fred Tatasciore (Overwatch, Fortnite, Gears of War)

It’s an impressive list of actors - we first announced some of the cast during E3 2019, and a few of them got to meet up at our E3 live event:

Fans also got a chance to meet some of the stars at PAX EAST, including Britt Baron (Tifa), John Eric Bentley (Barret), Briana White (Aerith), Erica Lindbeck (Jessie) and Gideon Emery (Biggs).


You’ll be able to hear them bring the story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to life, when it releases April 10, 2020 for PS4.

The game reimagines the iconic RPG for a modern age. It’s set in Midgar - a city that has fallen under the thumb of the Shinra Electric Power Company, which controls the planet's life force as mako energy.

Cloud Strife, a mercenary and former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit, lends his aid to anti-Shinra group Avalanche, unaware of the consequences that await him.

Whether you’re brand new to the series or a long-time fan, there’s lots to enjoy in this epic adventure. It features beautifully detailed visuals, an exciting hybrid battle system that combines real-time action with strategic command-based combat, and - yes - one supremely talented voice cast.

It’s available to preorder now:

To find out more about the game - or share your thoughts on the cast - make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE developers talk Midgar, Red XIII and more

How exactly does Red XIII work in the game? What endgame content can people expect? Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi answer our burning questions
By Duncan Heaney

The developers of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE faced a daunting task: how do you reimagine a game as famous - and beloved - as the original FINAL FANTASY VII?

Ahead of the game’s April 10 release, we sat down with two of its creators - Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi - to discuss how they approached this unique challenge.

SPOILER WARNING: Please be aware that this interview contains mild spoilers for the game. Scroll below the image to continue

Why did you feel that now was a good time to return to the world of FINAL FANTASY VII?

Kitase-san: Ever since FINAL FANTASY VII came out in 1997, fans and the media have repeatedly called for a remake like this.

Unfortunately, we haven’t really had a chance to get a team together to work on it during the last 23 years. I’ve always felt that for such a big, important project we had to have our best developers on it. It had to be a team that had a lot of experience of working on FINAL FANTASY games too.

But we finally managed to find a point where everybody’s schedules aligned - that’s when we started the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project.

The biggest reason though, is how much time has passed and how technology and the world has changed since the original was released. Modern players may have seen the characters Cloud and Sephiroth over the years as they have appeared in other games, but they may not have played the game where the characters originated from.

I felt that if we want to show people where these characters came from then, truthfully, if the original game was the only way to experience it, new players - especially anyone that wasn’t playing games in the original’s era - probably wouldn’t be so impressed with the original game compared to the latest titles they could be playing.

So that felt like an exciting challenge and opportunity - let’s take everything great from the original, and create something new and surprising for both the original fans, and those that never played FINAL FANTASY VII before.

Hello Hamaguchi-san. In comments you made for the Square Enix Blog, you stated one of the guiding ethos for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE was ‘new but familiar’ - what exactly did you mean by that?

Hamaguchi-san: When we started this project, I had to think very, very hard about what form we wanted any new experiences in this remake to take.

From the start, I felt that FINAL FANTASY VII’s characters, world and story are so beloved that we couldn’t start playing with those or changing them in a reckless manner. But the style and presentation - the way they’re shown - that we can work with.

Obviously, the capabilities of technology are much better now than they were 23 years ago. What we can show, and what we can do as a piece of entertainment, has become so much wider.

So taking all those core aspects and elements that people loved from the original FINAL FANTASY VII, and translating those into a new, modern style of game, can bring it to a new audience of players

Even if they’ve never seen FINAL FANTASY VII before, it has that same goodness in its heart - but it’s shown in a way that will resonate with a new audience.

For people who have played the original game, that’s where this whole idea of feeling of nostalgic but also fresh at the same time comes in.

They’ll see the stuff they know and love from the original but presented in a new and exciting way.

Why did you make the decision to set this game entirely in the city of Midgar?

Kitase-san: When we first started the Remake project we had to make a decision on what elements from the original we absolutely had to keep in order for it to still be considered FINAL FANTASY VII.

In other words, what were the essential parts of the original, what were the parts that we knew fans absolutely had to see and therefore we needed to retain?

We quickly decided that there were so many essential parts that fans would be upset if we had to cut out anything from the original.

At the beginning of the project we had two directions we could go. The first was to make the project with the highest possible level of graphics, visual quality and detail, and not remove anything that fans wanted to see. Instead, it would expand upon the original game, to make it something even more immersive.

The other option was to include the entire scope of the original game in a single release. But in order to make that work as a modern game, we wouldn’t be able to go for the highest visual quality and we’d also have to cut back on areas and scenes from the original.

Essentially, to make a single release viable the resulting game would have ended up being a digest of the original story, and we didn’t think that fans would be pleased with that.

Ultimately, we decided the best option for the project was to go for the highest level possible, with an expanded story. Having more than one game in the project allowed us to focus on keeping everything people loved from the original, but go into greater detail and more story depth than before.

Midgar is iconic to FINAL FANTASY VII, so we had to start the game here, and follow the story up to the main party’s escape from the city.

As you say, Midgar is one of the most recognisable and iconic settings in videogame history. Why do you think that is? What have you done to make sure you capture that essence in this new game?

Hamaguchi-san: When creating the city we broke the concepts of the original down to three key words. Those were: Dark, Modern Steampunk and Eclectic.

I think those elements all really shine through and make the city both believable and memorable. It’s a location full of variety, with different zones, and different groups of characters inhabiting each of them.

It’s a very imaginative setting, full of different influences and surprises. I think this is why people remember it, because while being a fantasy world, it feels like it could be real.

In FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, we have paid very close attention to every single part of it and tried to make it feel really alive for players.

How have you expanded the city? Can fans expect to see new areas of Midgar?

Kitase-san: In the original game there were a lot of breaks in the game, where the screen went black, and then the game continues in a different location.

In other words, there were a lot of parts in between sections of Midgar that were implied, but never seen. That was something that we wanted to address with remake - to fill in all those gaps, show how the different parts of the city are connected, and make it a continuous experience.

Hamaguchi-san: We focused on giving each section of Midgar its own feel, complete with its own culture and community. There is a large amount of variety within the city, and you really get a sense who people are and how they live in this place.

Some fans have expressed disappointment that Red XIII is not a playable character. Can you specify the role of Red XIII in the game?

Hamaguchi-san: I answered a question about Red XIII while we were going around Europe talking to media, but there was a bigger response from fans than I had expected! I got a renewed sense of how much love there is out there for the characters in FINAL FANTASY VII.

To explain more about why we did not make Red XIII a playable character in this game, we felt that because he only joins the team during the latter stages, having him as a playable ally with full character growth potential would not be a satisfying experience for the player. So we decided to have him join for now, as a guest character instead.

However, the development team feel the same way that the fans do when it comes to seeing Red XIII as an important character, and we designed his gameplay in a special way to offset him not being playable in battle.

I won’t reveal exactly what that entails, because I want people to enjoy it when they actually play the game, but I will say that FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has added a new upper floor to the Shinra Building to present a climax that was not in the original.

The key to navigating this floor lies in using Red XIII’s unique physical abilities to overcome environmental obstacles. Letting the player experience his heroics in this way is something that I’m confident will please the fans.

I hope everyone enjoys seeing Red XIII in action in the build-up to the climax of the story.

How did you approach the design of the combat system in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE? How much inspiration did you take from the original game?

Hamaguchi-san: At its heart, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has the same battle system as the original game: you wait for your ATB bar to fill up and choose what to do from your list of commands.

But action elements are also layered on top - by skilfully using these mechanics, you can open up the enemy, knock them down, and create a chance to do big damage. You can also much more efficiently charge your ATB gauge.

The combat system was intentionally designed to bring those two things together - I think it’s a really effective hybrid of action and turn-based combat, and I hope players will enjoy it.

You also created Classic Mode - what was the intention behind that?

Hamaguchi-san: We’re aware that there are some people who are not so keen on action games. From our point of view, we would be very sad if people avoided our game because of that - especially if they already love the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, and its characters.

We want to show everyone this amazing world and all the effort that’s gone into creating its depth, so we created Classic Mode. This lets you automate the action elements and just focus purely on issuing commands in the style of the original game.

So if you think: “I really love the look of that game, but I’m put off by the action,” don’t worry. We made Classic Mode specifically so you can enjoy the game in just the way you want to!

This will be many people’s first time playing FINAL FANTASY VII - perhaps even FINAL FANTASY. What have you done to make sure the game is welcoming to new players?

Kitase-san: We made FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE not just for fans of the original, but specifically for new players too.

Something that we repeated to ourselves throughout the development was “what are the essential parts of the original” and “why did people respond to the original the way they did?”

Our goal was to capture everything that made the original game so special, but bring it up to date with the latest technology so that new players could be just as excited as players of the original game were when that released.

For new players, this is where the story of FINAL FANTASY VII begins. If you’ve seen characters such as Cloud or Sephiroth in other games, and wondered where their story began, this is the game.

We’ve also intentionally designed the game to be welcoming to all players - if you’re a fan of action games, or prefer something more tactical, there are different control modes that allow the game to be played to your preference.

Fans expect a lot from FINAL FANTASY, such as secrets or hidden bosses. Is this the case in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?

Hamaguchi-san: We can’t say exactly how much there is - we want to keep some surprises for players!

I will say, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has been designed as if it were a standalone game, and comparable in size to other mainline FINAL FANTASY games.

The content you mentioned from other FINAL FANTASY games… I don’t want to say precisely what’s in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but if you’re expecting endgame content, you won’t be disappointed.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE launches April 10, 2020 for PS4.

If you want a taste of what to expect from the game, the demo is now available on the PlayStation Store:

To stay up to date with all the important news about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, follow the team on social media:

10 things you may have missed in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo

Easter Eggs, secret endings and more. How many of these have you discovered?
By Duncan Heaney

The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo’s been out for a few days now - hopefully you’re all enjoying it.

Now that many of you have gone hands-on with this exciting new RPG, we wanted to dive in and point out some of the things you may not have noticed.

Truth be told, we were going to do seven of these because… ha ha FINAL FANTASY VII, but even this relatively brief section of the game overflows with small details, Easter Eggs and more.

So here are 10 cool things you may have missed in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo. How many did you spot?

1. You can see materia in weapon slots

Look closely at Cloud’s sword and Barret’s gun arm and you’ll notice the green materia embedded into it.

For those new to FINAL FANTASY VII’s world, characters equip these glowing orbs to gain spells and special abilities. Unlike the original game, in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE each character’s materia setup is accurately reflected in their appearance.

You can see this in the demo - Cloud only has access to Fire materia, so only has a single orb visible on his sword. Barret has both Thunder and Cure magic - and both materia can be seen on his weapon.

2. Posters contain some refreshing Easter Eggs

When Cloud and co first enter the train station at the start of the demo, you’ll notice a few posters stuck to walls. Take a moment to look closely at them, because you’ll spot some fun Easter Eggs.

For example, a couple of posters promote Banora White Apple Juice. Banora White is a type of fruit that’s referenced throughout classic PSP game Crisis Core: FINAL FANTASY VII.

3. Jessie has a lot to say about Cloud’s laser-dodging abilities

At one point in the demo, Cloud has to dodge lasers, cutting through the beams when they cycle off.

If he gets zapped, Jessie has something to say about it - you may have heard a few comments yourself if you mistimed the section. But if you keep getting hit, Jessie will continue to comment on your performance - and she has a fair amount to say.

Her attitude also changes, from initial concern, to admiration for Cloud’s resilience, to a growing suspicion that he’s doing it on purpose.

Which, in fairness, he probably is if it gets to that point.

4. Stamp the Shinra dog

Throughout the demo, Barrett calls Cloud “Stamp”, and asks if “Stamp can bite the hand that feeds him”.

His intention is clearly to suggest that the former SOLDIER still has loyalty to his former employer, Shinra - but did you notice that he’s referring to a specific dog?

If you look around you’ll see a few posters of the Shinra mascot Stamp. Don’t worry though - he’s still a good dog. Because they’re all good dogs, right?

5. You can toggle between radar, mini-map or neither with L2

The demo doesn’t really make this clear, so consider this more of a PSA: you can toggle a radar or mini-map with a press of L2.

The mini-map is useful for exploration - a trail shows where you’ve recently been, helping you remember which corners of the facility you’ve peered into.

Alternatively, you can toggle to a radar, which is helpful for keeping track of your objective. Or if you prefer a clear HUD, you can also turn them off entirely.

6. You can press the touchpad for more information about your foes

Have you tried pressing the PS4’s touchpad while in a fight? It’ll open up an information panel that tells you a little about your current target.

In the full game, you’ll need to equip Assess materia and use the associated ability to see more detailed data. It’s almost always worth it though - knowing enemy weaknesses is crucial for some tougher fights.

Plus it gives you a brief description of the foe - those are always fun to read.

7. The clock outside the train station matches the train arrival boards inside

If you’re looking for an example of just how much attention to detail there is in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, look no further than the clock outside the train station.

If you compare the time to the boards inside the station, you’ll notice that it’s around the same time. It’s these little touches that add up and help create something special.

8. Barret sings the FINAL FANTASY victory fanfare

No new FINAL FANTASY game would be complete without the famous victory fanfare, and this one is no different.

Combat and exploration are seamlessly integrated in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but don’t worry - Barret’s still got you covered.

After a successful battle, he may sing the fanfare in his own inimitable style. Listen out for it!

9. The music changes dynamically

If you’ve played the demo, you don’t need us to tell you that the music in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is incredible. But did you know that it changes dynamically depending on what’s going on in the game?

For example, when you enter combat inside the reactor, the soundtrack will subtly switch to a faster-paced, more action-oriented version of that theme. When combat’s done, it returns to the more sedate, menacing piece.

Or when you’re dodging lasers (or not - see #3) there’s an additional layer added onto the track just for this small section.

If you want a good way to hear the dynamic soundtrack, try temporarily turning the volume for voice and sound effects to zero. You’ll quickly hear how elegantly the music shifts and builds throughout the bombing mission.

10. There’s a secret ending scene

Cloud and Barret are out to bomb Shinra’s planet-harming reactor - but how long did you set the timer on the explosives?

You get a choice of a risky 20 minute countdown, or a more relaxed 30 minute escape window. Whichever you pick, you’ll get a tantalising bit of footage at the end of the game, but if you go for the shorter option, you’ll see a bit extra, featuring a glimpse at an iconic character…

Those were just a few noteworthy things tucked away in the demo - but it’s far from all of them.

Did you notice anything worth pointing out to fellow fans? Let us know on social media:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE releases on PS4 April 10, 2020, and you can preorder it now:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE screenshots: Wall Market, Honeybee Inn and more

Meet old and new residents of Midgar, the Leviathan Summon and much more
By Duncan Heaney

We have some new FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE screenshots to show you. We think you’re going to like them - they’re pretty glamorous.

Read on and we’ll show you how fan-favorite locations like Wall Market and the Honeybee Inn have been reimagined, showcase Barret in Battle and highlight some very special materia.

First though, we’ll take a look at some characters in the game, starting with one that fans of the original game will know very well…


This is Tseng - the leader of the Turks.

The Turks are a small, elite organization with Shinra that does everything the company needs it to - be it scouting out candidates for SOLDIER, protecting VIPs, or even assassination.

Their cool-headed leader has a knack for managing his eccentric subordinates. He’s an old acquaintance of Aerith's, and has been keeping watch over her since she moved to the slums.

Don Corneo

This lecherous scumbag is the true ruler of Wall Market. He hosts nightly auditions for the "next Mrs. Corneo" and although his mouth is as foul as his face, he has an uncanny way with people - even the dregs of society are securely under his thumb.

Andrea Rhodea

The owner of - and dancer at - the Honeybee Inn is a man of influence within the quarter, with the authority to approve women for Corneo's auditions. Each night, he dazzles his crowd with performances that defy description. Always seeking perfection, he rigorously trains both his mind and body.

Leslie Kyle

Don Corneo's lackey may look young, but he has the heart of an old curmudgeon. His dead-eyed stare and general apathy have earned him pride of place among the don's men.

Madam M

Madam M is the proprietress of a hand-massage parlor in Wall Market. Like Andrea, she has a great deal of influence within the quarter - that includes the authority to approve women for Corneo's auditions. Be warned that she’s a prideful sort, and only as courteous as her customers are deep-pocketed.

Chocobo Sam

A Chocobo handler in Wall Market, Chocobo Sam is another prominent figure with the authority to approve women for Corneo's auditions. He runs a delivery service called Sam's Delivery. He also happens to be an avid gambler - though he’s hooked more on the rush than any money he may win.

Barret in Battle

Next up, let’s take a look at one of the core party members - and how he works in battle.

If you’ve played the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo, you’ll have experienced how Barret fights.

His gun arm makes him an ideal long-ranged fighter. Push the square button, and Barret will fire a volley from his machine gun. You can also hold down the button for an extended salvo.

If you press the triangle button, you can use Barret’s “Overcharge” attack. Not only is it more powerful than standard shots, it fills a large portion of his ATB gauge.

Bear in mind that once used, it takes a long time to recharge this attack - but you can speed up the reload process by pressing triangle again.

Barret’s battle abilities

When Barret fills his ATB gauge, he can use one of his special abilities. Here are just a couple of the things he can do.

Focused Shot: this ability uses up all available ATB charges to deliver a powerful attack. Not only does it do good damage, it also fills up an enemy’s stagger gauge - get that to max and they’ll be susceptible to even more damage!

Lifesaver: This ability definitely lives up to its name! After activating it, Barret will share some of his HP with allies when they take damage.

Command Materia - Enemy Skill

Materia is vitally important in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - equipping these orbs allows your characters to use magic, special abilities and more.

The next screenshot shows you the Enemy Skill materia:

When a party member has this equipped, they have a chance to learn certain enemy attacks that are used on them. Note that the character can only use these skills while the materia is equipped.

Wall Market

Built on the ruins of the collapsed Sector 6 plate, Wall Market is Midgar’s biggest - and most infamous - entertainment quarter.

It’s run by Don Corneo (see above) and is almost entirely free of Shinra’s influence.

It’s an incredibly lively area that offers plenty of… let’s say ‘intriguing’ ways to pass the lonely nights.

Corneo Colosseum

Located beneath the bustling streets of Wall Market, the Corneo Colosseum gives brave fighters the chance to engage in brutal battles against both man and monster.

Winners of a colosseum bout receive glory, fame, and a substantial reward.

The Honeybee Inn

Situated in Wall Market, the Honeybee Inn is the area’s premier nightclub, and offers nights few will ever forget- as its staff frequently remind its patrons.

Every night, audiences are dazzled by the Honeybee Inn’s gorgeous cast of honeygirls and boys.

This unique venue also provides private rooms for its more discerning customers, allowing them to enjoy time in private with the performers of their choice.

At one point in the story, Tifa and Aerith glam themselves up to infiltrate Don Corneo’s mansion. Cloud is left with no choice but to dress to impress as well.

Each character has multiple costumes too!

Beginner’s Hall

This is Beginner’s Hall - a location where you can learn the basics of weapon enhancement.

There’s a weapon shop on the ground floor.

The second floor is used as the base of operations for the neighborhood watch.

New feature: Jukebox

While you wander around town, you may come across areas playing special music. You can get these songs as music discs from shops or citizens.

When you can acquire a disc, an icon will appear in the top left of the screen.

Once collected, you can play a disc on any jukebox. This one can be found in Tifa’s bar - Seventh Heaven.

Summon: Leviathan

Summons are a particularly powerful type of Materia. Equip one to a character, and they’ll be able to bring a powerful ally into battle.

Today we’re introducing a summon that will make quite a splash - Leviathan.

Worshipped as a deity in the Wutai region, this non-elemental summon takes the form of a water serpent.

Leviathan evokes a savage beauty as it rises from the briny depths, generating tidal waves that wash foes away.

We hope you enjoyed this latest look at FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The game releases for PS4 on April 10, 2020 - it’s mere weeks away!

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Take a look at these new FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE PS4 dynamic themes

See the new themes in action - and find out how to get them!
By Duncan Heaney

If you read the Square Enix Blog regularly, you’ll notice we often urge you to follow the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE social media accounts. Today is a great example of why.

The game’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts have just previewed a number of dynamic themes for PS4. These beautiful backgrounds feature sights and sounds from the highly-anticipated RPG - out April 10, 2020.

You can take a look at these fantastic themes below. More are on the way, so make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to see them first.

You can get the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo on the PlayStation Store. And why not check out our top tips to help you become a better SOLDIER?

You should expect more themes and information about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as we get ever-closer to the game’s release on April 10.

So once again, here’s the PSA: make sure you follow on social media to keep up to date with the news.

How FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE expands and adds to the original story

Warning: this article contains story spoilers for the game.
By Duncan Heaney

Previously we looked at the combat of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - today we’re going to talk about the story.

So consider this your warning: here be spoilers.

One of the most fascinating things about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is how it takes familiar scenes from the original game, but expands and reinterprets them to add richness and depth to the story. It also smartly sprinkles in new elements that keeps things surprising.

To illustrate how it does this, I’m going to discuss a very specific sequence from very early in the game - the aftermath of the opening bombing mission.

So if you want to go into the game as blind as possible, now’s the time to tap out. Go read this article about FINAL FANTASY love stories or something instead.

Final spoiler warning: Story details start below Barret:

After the bombing

If you want to know about the dramatic events of the game’s opening bombing mission, you can experience it for yourself in the demo (cough - download link - cough).

For the most part though, that opening part skews close to what fans will expect - Cloud and company get in, fight their way to the reactor, beat the bolts off a giant robot scorpion and get out in the nick of time, as the reactor explodes around them.

But what happens after that? Well, as in the original game, the team splits up to reunite later, and Cloud wanders alone through the Upper Plate streets of Midgar.

And what streets they are - this area drives home just how richly-reimagined this iconic location really is. The streets are densely-packed with detail - buildings tower around you, streetlights illuminate the scene with vivid color, every NPC is unique, and most have something to say as you get near. Despite the devastation around you, the place feels alive.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably take this section very slow, taking the time to really soak in the scale and atmosphere of the place.

But then Cloud has an unexpected reunion with a figure that fans of the original FINAL FANTASY VII will instantly recognize…

Suddenly, we’re in exciting territory - this is new! And there’s no dawdling now, as a startled Cloud pursues the elusive figure through the streets and alleys. Although he loses sight of his target, he does eventually encounter a very familiar flower-seller: Aerith.

But she has problems of her own - she’s surrounded by black wisps of… something, which cause her to stumble and fall. Cloud’s presence seems to drive them away, and they strike up a conversation - much as it did in the original game.

Rest assured that, yes, Cloud can still has an option whether or not to buy a flower - and here’s a fun fact: a grateful Aerith will now give it to him for free, rather than charge him a gil!

Unfortunately, the interaction is cut short by a double-whammy of interruptions. First Shinra forces identify Cloud, and Aeirth’s mysterious harassers return. And while she flees, Cloud… well, let’s just say he resists arrest.

Here’s yet another example of how the game redefines a classic moment. In the original game, Cloud is confronted by Shinra security but very quickly escapes onto a moving train. It all takes place in the same area, and lasts only a few minutes at most.

But in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, the confrontation sparks an exhilarating chase up, over and around the streets of Midgar. The scene still ends with Cloud jumping for the train, but how he gets there is much more intense.

Story Spoilers end here

The game’s co-director Naoki Hamaguchi recently described their team’s approach to the story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE:

“I’ve considered the following phrase important: respect for the original,” he said. "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE takes on the challenge of creating something… that matches the current generation, while treating the captivating elements of the original game with respect.”

That’s apparent from what we played - all the major events of the game are there just as you’d hope. But there’s another important element too - as Hamaguchi-san himself says:

“For those who’ve played it: new but familiar.”

Ultimately, I think that’s the perfect way to describe it. After extended time with the game, I suspect that fans will be very happy with how they’ve adapted the key beats of the story. But they’ll also be surprised too.

And as a fan myself, that’s very exciting indeed.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE releases for PS4 on April 10, 2020. It’s available to preorder now from most retailers, including the Square Enix Store:

To stay up to date with all the news about the game, make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE preview: a closer look at combat

We go beyond the demo to look at the battle system in the full version of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE
By Duncan Heaney

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is now just a few weeks away. Many of you will already be digging into the recently-released demo. If not, what are you waiting for: go download it now!

But the demo, while exciting, is just a small sample from the very beginning of the game. Some of you may be wondering - how does the combat expand from there?

The Square Enix Blog team recently played through more of the game - I experienced three meaty sections: the opening bombing mission and subsequent escape; the assault on Reactor #5, and a boss battle in the Midgar sewers.

With many hours of gameplay under my belt, I wanted to share some of my own impressions of how combat’s shaping up.

Combat beyond the demo

I’ve seen a lot of fans ponder about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE’s combat system - how does it feel to play?

Honestly, it feels completely unique - to the point where I can’t really think of a reference point to compare it to. What I can say for sure is that it’s enormously satisfying.

It all revolves around ‘ATB’. As you battle, two ATB bars underneath the character’s HP indicator will fill. When one is complete, you can spend it to use a special attack, spell or item.

We’ve written about this before, and you can experience this for yourself in the demo, but having played much further into the game, combat opens up dramatically. Your options get deeper, battle strategy becomes even more important, and fights feel fantastically rewarding as a result.

To try to explain what I mean, here are some observations:

Each party member is unique

Every playable character in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE feels distinct. While they all share the same basic controls, the way they fight is markedly different.

You can switch between party members in battle, or just give them orders via the Command Menu. Either way, understanding how best to leverage their strengths will give you a massive edge in battle.

Here’s a brief summation of the core party:

  • Cloud - an effective fighter in almost all combat scenarios. His abilities are wide-ranging, from stagger-filling assaults to flurries of attacks that increase in power with subsequent hits. His Punisher stance (activated by pressing triangle), lets him counter foes after a block - not only useful, but so, so satisfying to pull off.

  • Barret - his signature gun-arm makes him a logical choice to take out enemies that are high up or far away, but he has far more utility than that. For example, his Steelskin ability means that he can’t be interrupted by foes when using magic or abilities - that saved my life more than once!

  • Tifa - capable of delivering astonishing amounts of damage and doing so very quickly - though she’s in serious trouble if she gets overwhelmed. Her speed and ability to pressure enemies means that I found her to be something of a wrecking ball against Shinra’s various minions.

  • Aerith - when it comes to magic there is no equal. She casts noticeably more potent spells than her allies, and many of her abilities play into that strength. For example, she can steal MP from opponents or drop a Holy Circle that allows the party to multi-cast (amazingly useful in the battle against Abzu). You’ll want to keep her far away from the center of the action though.

ATB is essential

Standard attacks exist primarily to add to the ATB gauge - they only inflict minor damage. So if you expect to win a battle by spamming the square button, you will die. Probably very quickly.

True, the standard Shinra security forces you face at the start of the game can be put down without much trouble, but for most enemies and bosses you’ll have to rely on abilities and spells.

I tested this out against a Riot Trooper. These shield-wielding foes shrugged off Cloud’s basic combos, and responded with brutal attacks of their own. Before long, SOLDIER-boy was down for the count.

But by spending ATB on fire magic, I was able to take these foes out in mere seconds.

Combat requires thought

Combat may be real-time in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but I’d argue that the scraps are as much a test of the mind as they are of reflexes.

The game constantly mixes up its encounters - just when you think you’ve developed a foolproof plan, a new enemy type or composition of foes turns up to completely wrong-foot you.

I found that I constantly had to adjust my strategy on the fly - should I use attacks like Cloud’s Braver to inflict maximum damage? Should I focus on abilities to stagger the enemy so it’ll take more damage? Would it be more efficient to focus purely on elemental weaknesses?

A good strategy and a thorough understanding of your various options makes a significant difference to your effectiveness in combat, and it makes every encounter feel meaningful - and fun!

Bosses are brilliant - but they’re no pushovers

That depth carries over to the bosses, which are fantastic.

We fought against three overpowered foes: the Scorpion Sentinel, Air Buster and Abzu - every single one presented a unique battle that required different strategies to overcome.

And strategy is important because if you approach these fights without proper consideration, it’s likely you won’t make it out. These guys are tough!

You meet the Scorpion Sentinel during the opening bombing mission. Since it’s in the demo, we won’t dwell much on it, except to say electricity is your friend. Also, attack while its tail is up.

No wait - don’t do that!

The Air Buster is encountered during the game’s second bombing mission and it steps things up a notch. In this battle positioning is everything - the mechanized menace is surprisingly fast, and has vicious attacks that should be avoided at all costs.

For example, at points in the fight it can detach its hands, so they can attack independently. In you’re in the path of these flying fists (which I was far too often), you’d best be ready to whip out a Hi-Potion or Phoenix Down.

Fortunately, these attacks tend to follow a predictable path - if you’re paying attention, you can maneuver to a safe space on the battlefield. Not only have you negated the attack, you’re well-positioned to follow up with a coordinated counter-assault.

Finally, we faced off against Abzu in the sewers beneath Midgar. The slobbering beast tests everything you’ve learned so far. It charges quickly, it’s incredibly strong and it can use the environment itself against you - getting smothered by sludge from a sewer pipe is probably not how Cloud imagined he’d go out.

It’s a tricky fight but fortunately Cloud’s equipped with the Assess Materia, which provides valuable information about Abzu’s primary weakness (which I won’t reveal so you can work it out for yourselves in the full game).

This provides the first piece of the puzzle - but it’s actually Abzu’s reactions to these attacks that let you see the full picture. Using this knowledge, it’s possible to execute a plan that keeps the monster on the back-foot, and your party conscious.

That was just a brief look at the combat in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. It’s a genuinely enjoyable system that captures the essence of the original game, while still feeling fresh and unique in its own right.

But now that the demo’s out, what do you think? Let us know in the comments, and on social media:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE launches April 10, 2020 for PS4, and is available to preorder right now:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo now available

Experience an epic bombing mission and battle the Scorpion Sentinel… right now!
By Duncan Heaney

Let’s dispense with the usual preamble - the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo is out now on PS4.

Go play it.

That’s it. That’s the blog post - what else are you waiting for?

Okay, maybe we could actually give you a little information about what to expect from this exciting sample of the game. Got to do something while it downloads, right?

What’s in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE demo?

The new demo lets you play through the opening section of the game - the bombing of Mako Reactor 1.

You’ll initially control Cloud Strife, a mercenary who has been hired to infiltrate and destroy a facility owned by the Shinra Electric Power Company - a sinister organization that is draining the planet’s lifeforce as mako energy.

You’ll help the team make their way through the vast complex, battling hordes of Shinra security forces along the way - rest assured, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to grips with the game’s uniquely satisfying combat system.

Later on in the demo, Barret Wallace will join the party as a playable character. The leader of the anti-Shinra group Avalanche, Barret comes equipped with his signature gun arm - perfect for taking out enemies that Cloud’s Buster Sword can’t reach.

Eventually, you’ll make your way to your target, and face off against the game’s first boss: the Scorpion Sentinel. Don’t expect it to go easy on you - this mechanised menace has a real sting in the tail.

If you manage to beat it, the demo’s not over yet. You still have to escape from the rapidly collapsing structure. If you successfully escape… well, okay then the demo is over. But you can always play it again. And again. And again.

If you like what you play - and we’re pretty sure you will - you won’t have to wait long to play more. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE launches for PS4 on April 10, 2020.

To stay up to date with the latest news and information about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as we get closer to release, make sure you follow us on social media:

Here’s what Square Enix is bringing to PAX EAST 2020

Play FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, battle Ruby Weapon in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers and learn all about Outriders.
By Square Enix Team

PAX EAST 2020 starts this week (February 27 - March 1) and we’re excited to reveal what we’re bringing to the show. Demo tickets will be distributed daily to PAX East attendees upon show opening.

Fans travelling to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center will be able to play some highly-anticipated games (including FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE), watch fascinating developer panels, take advantage of exclusive promotions and much more.

Here’s what to expect:


  • Playable gameplay demo - try FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for yourself at the Square Enix booth. Demo tickets will be distributed daily to PAX East attendees upon show opening.

  • Signing Session - meet voice actors Britt Baron (Tifa), John Eric Bentley (Barret), Briana White (Aerith), Erica Lindbeck (Jessie) and Gideon Emery (Biggs). They’ll sign for players at these times: Saturday, February 29: 11:00am– 12:00 pm and 2:30pm –4:00pm, Sunday, March 1: 11:00 am–12:00 pm and 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST. A limited number of tickets for the signing session will be available at 10:30 am (EST) each morning in the signing session area of Booth #12011.

  • Photo opportunity - get your picture taken with Cloud’s awesome Hardy Daytona motorcycle.

  • Giveaways: Visit the booth and you can get one of these amazing double-sided posters, featuring artwork of Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barret and Red XIII (while supplies last)!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online (Booth #15010)

  • Ruby Weapon Battle Challenge - this famous foe from the FINAL FANTASY series was added to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online in Patch 5.2. You’ll be able to take it on at the show - if you manage to beat it, you’ll get an ‘I BEAT RUBY WEAPON’ t-shirt!

  • Photo Opportunity – get a photo in front of our themed backdrop while posing with a selection of weapons from Shadowbringers.

  • Developer LivestreamFINAL FANTASY XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi will host a special livestream titled “The Artwork of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Look Behind the Screen.” The stream will be hosted on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel on Saturday, February 29 at 8:00pm EST.

  • Giveaways – visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online booth to get a variety of goodies throughout the show; including a themed scarf and double-sided poster featuring artwork drawn by Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi (while supplies last). Attendees can also grab FINAL FANTASY XIV Online-themed lanyards for their PAX badges from around the convention show floor.
  • Collaboration Postcard Giveaway – Get a free postcard for the upcoming tactical mobile RPG, WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, that features artwork of Y’shtola in her FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers attire. What’s more, if you’ve pre-registered for the game, you’ll be able to get a double-sided art card. Both items will be available at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online booth, while supplies last.

To find out more about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’s PAX activities, check out The Lodestone:


  • People Can Fly Developer panel - “A New Flavor of Sci-Fi: Creating the Universe of Outriders,” will take place on Saturday, February 29 from 12:30-1:30 pm EST at the Albatross Theatre. Lead Writer Joshua Rubin and key members of the Outriders team will discuss the process of creating a dark and brutal sci-fi universe from scratch.

To find out more about this exciting new RPG shooter from People Can Fly, check out our coverage:

Games and merchandise (Booth #12011)

Come by the booth to see and buy the latest Square Enix merchandise. We have products from BRING ARTS and PLAY ARTS KAI, plush toys, FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game (FFTCG), tabletop games and more.

For example you can:

  • Buy FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers acrylic stands of favorite characters - before they’re released on the Square Enix Store.

  • Purchase cards and learn to play the FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game. You can also earn promotional cards and get tips on how best to use the newly released Cloud vs. Sephiroth 2-player deck.

As you can see, it’s going to be a great PAX EAST for Square Enix fans. The event takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center between February 27 and March 1, 2020 - we’ll see you there!

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