One-Time Passwords have been introduced as a means of further securing your Square Enix account.

What is One-Time password?
A "One-Time Password" is a six-digit number shown on a screen using either a key-ring like the Square Enix Security Token or a smartphone application, such as the Square Enix Software Token.

What is a Security Token?
A Security Token is a device for displaying One-Time Passwords. Pressing the button will show a One-Time Password on the device’s LCD screen. Using such a device will dramatically improve account security. Square Enix Security Tokens may be purchased for £12.99 / €12.99.

What is a Software Token?
The Software Token is a smartphone application designed to display One-Time Passwords. After registering for the service, a One-Time Password will be shown on screen every time the application is launched. Using this application will dramatically improve account security. The application itself is free to use.
The application can only be used by customers with Square Enix accounts who have purchased either FINAL FANTASY XI or FINAL FANTASY XIV and registered the accompanying registration codes.

What is a Software Authenticator?
Software authenticators (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.) are free apps developed for smartphones (iPhone or Android) for the purpose of displaying one-time passwords.