Payment Methods

The following payment methods can be selected for settling service feesare available with in the Square Enix Account Management System:

Credit / Debit Card
Square Enix Crysta

Credit / Debit Card

Direct payment with your credit or debit card is available for recurring Options, one time content and to purchase Crysta. Simply enter your card information in the field provided to begin.

*Recurring Options will continue to bill at the contracted rate until cancelled.

Adding Crysta is simple!

Crysta can be added to an account in increments of £5/€5, £10/€10, £20/€20, £30/€30, £50/€50, £100/€100, or in any specific increment between £5/€5 and £100/€100.

*100 Crysta cost £1.00 or €1.00.

*A total of 30,000 Crysta (£300 or €300) can be added to a single Square Enix account.

Expiration of Square Enix Crysta

Crysta remain valid for two years from the date they were added, expiring at the end of the final month. For example: If Crysta were added on May 10, 2010, they would expire on May 31, 2012.

*Please note that Crysta will become invalid as their individual expiration dates pass.

Notes regarding Payment

・If you are under age, please get the consent of your parent or legal guardian before starting any procedures.

・Personal information used in Square Enix Crysta transactions is handled according to Square Enix's PrivacyPolicy.