Xbox Avatar Items from Murdered: Soul Suspect

By Square Enix Team

We can all agree that Murdered: Soul Suspect is a pretty unique gig. After all, it's not every game that kills off its protagonist off in the opening scene is it? Of course, that’s not the only thing that sets Murdered apart from the rest…

Ronan O'Connor, streetwise detective and overall pretty dead guy, also has quite a distinctive look with his heavily inked up sleeves and ethereal trousers. And you do have to admit, Ronan does rock the whole 'several-glowing-bullet-holes-in-my-chest' look very well indeed! 

Luckily for you, we managed track down a digital tailor who was able to recreate Ronan's clothes exclusively for your Xbox gaming Avatar! Step right this way to the Xbox Murdered: Soul Suspect section… (here for North America!)

You of course have the choice of a bunch of T-Shirts and hoodies , all either sporting the Murdered: Soul Suspect title or Ronan's iconic bullet holes. Furthermore, you can choose either the more casual Baseball Cap (which sort of reminds me of those awesome DEA caps) or the slightly more fashionable Fedora. 

Alternatively, you can do the full Ronan, and get his very own outfit which comes either with or without his Fedora. These costumes look exactly like Ronan's own clothes, complete with vital accessories including his pistol holster, badge, handcuffs and torch. They're only made all the more cool by the translucent low boot cut trousers, the tucked in necktie and the detailed tattoos.

If your wardrobe is already all kitted out for the summer, then there's one final prop that you may want to take a look at: The Murderd: Soul Suspect Crime Scene! It comes with a crime scene tape enclosure as well as your very own police officer to possess and influence. Is there more you could ask for?

All items are wearable by either Men or Women (or have an equivalent), except for the Ronan costume, which is unfortunately men's only. 

Let us know which items you'll be picking up! I for one might just treat myself to a new lid err… Fedora.

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We don't have Avatar images but there's a PlayStation 3 Dynamic Theme available:!/en-gb/games/themes/murdered-soul-suspect-dynamic-theme/cid=EP0082-NPEP00260_00-TMURDEREDS000001
That would be cool, I'll give the guys at the SE Store a nudge!
I think some of those would look pretty good on my PlayStation Home avatar. C'mon, Squenix, share the love!
Forget the avatar, I'd like to know where to buy my own Murdered hoodie.