Who is @markofsalem? - Murdered: Soul Suspect

By Square Enix Team

Who is @markofsalem? That is the question. Who is the person behind the mysterious tweets? Are they helping spread word about The Bell Killer, or are they aiding him?

So many questions, but today we've got a special treat for those of you who are already playing the game...

If you can correctly tell us who is posting the updates from the @markofsalem Twitter account, you can win an iPad!

Yes, an iPad! So, to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is LIKE and COMMENT on this Facebook status with your answer to the following question:

What is the name of the character tweeting from @markofsalem?

The winner will be selected at random on Monday June 9 at 12:00 BST / 04:00 PDT and contacted via Facebook.

Good luck!

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Hey Square Enix! I've won the Murdered Competition for the ipad but I've been waiting for quite a long while now and was wondering what was going on with my prize. I've contacted Lee but he said he's past the information on to your team but I haven't heard anything. I'm a little concerned right now. Please please please could you get back to me ASAP.
I enjoyed this game, but it was a little short and the gameplay was a bit undercooked. Great story and maybe a sequel would be a more adventurous with the gameplay...
How long did it take you to get your Platinum Trophy?
You want to try map.murdered.com first, but if you're still having difficulty logging in please visit our forum and submit the username for your account: http://forums.murdered.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72We'll send you a new password for the account ASAP.
How do you use your code for map I put in the murder.map.com like it says but it doesn't come up
This Game don´t run at Windows 8.1 -.- FIX IT !
This game is amazing but really easy to get a platinum trophy for it
Ola, bom dia Equare Enix, gostaria de saber se vai ser disponibilizado um pacote de legendas para Thief do Xbox 360