The Turing Test coming August 30!

By Square Enix Team

It's been a busy few months for Square Enix Collective, so we thought that we would share some exciting news on this fine Thursday. You might remember a while back we announced we were publishing Bulkhead Interactive's 'The Turing Test' for Steam. Well today we can finally announce a release date, and it's soon...August 30th! You can check out the new release date trailer belowe, with some brand new in-game footage.

If you have been following Collective for some time you'll know we have a nice list of games coming up and The Turing Test is the second game we'll be publishing to Steam. The game will also be coming to Xbox One, with the team at Bulkhead self-publishing on that platform via ID@Xbox - and that's also on August 30th. 

In the game you play as Ava Turing and it's your task to transcend the line between man (or in this case woman) and machine. Using your Energy Manipulation Tool (EMT) you'll be trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding humanity's research base on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons if you didn't know). Use your human intuition to solve the puzzles like no machine can, in this beautiful narrative-driven game. 

I've been fortunate enough to play through the game already and if you're a puzzle game fan like myself you'll be pleased with how many mind-bending challenges there are, alongside the lovely visuals. The Turing Test's "Coming Soon" page will be live on Steam shortly, followed by a chance to pre-order before release!

Plus, if you happen to be attending San Diego Comic Con this week then head over to NerdHQ, which is located on the top floor of the venue, to play The Turing Test demo!