Dramatic Trials of Mana art showcases the heroes and villains

New HACCAN illustrations highlight the stunning visual style of the upcoming action RPG
By Duncan Heaney

Trials of Mana has one of the most imaginative and expressive casts of any RPG - you can see for yourself in these brand new illustrations.

They highlight some of the unforgettable figures you’ll meet in the game - the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’ve played the original game in Collection of Mana, you may recognise some of the characters in the illustrations - but some of you may be coming to the game for the first time.

If that’s the case, as we showcase this beautiful artwork, let us also introduce you to some of the heroes and villains you’ll meet in Trials of Mana… and the deep connections between them.

Trials of Mana artwork


The Amazon Warrior Riesz stands proudly at the forefront of this beautiful picture.

Not only is she a princess, she’s also one of the fiercest warriors in the mountainous kingdom of Laurent. Despite her young age, she’s already captain of the famous Amazon Guard.

Her down-to-earth attitude and unbreakable will, make her appear stubborn at times - but don’t mistake that for a lack of compassion. Riesz is always ready to jump into action to help and protect those who need it.

She loves her kingdom deeply, but she’s even more committed to her family - particularly her brother Elliot, who she’s helped raise since her mother died.


The blue-haired hero with the dual daggers is Hawkeye.

This quick-witted rogue hails from the desert fortress of Nevari, home to a guild of noble thieves.

Orphaned at an early age, he was raised by the leader of the guild, Flamekhan, alongside his adoptive father’s own children, Eagle and Jessica.

His finely-honed senses and quick thinking make him a force to be reckoned with, and he’s fiercely loyal to his friends. That said, his laid-back attitude means it can be hard to tell when he’s being serious.


This beautiful beast takes the form of an alluring woman to seduce Flamekhan - the leader of Nevari’s guild of thieves. But her loyalty is truly to a much darker power.

She uses her wiles to manipulate Flamekhan, taking advantage of him and his resources to launch an invasion of Laurent - home to Riesz.

Trials of Mana artwork


The snarling figure in the centre of this artwork is Kevin. He’s a young man torn between two worlds.

His father is King of Ferolia, the land of Beastmen - humanoid warriors who adopt a bestial form at night. But unlike many of his countrymen, his mother was a human.

His father has raised him for battle, so while he’s extremely capable in a dust-up, he doesn’t have the best social skills (to put it mildly). He rarely has an opportunity to talk to humans, so it can be hard for people to understand him at times.

He can seem harsh and aggressive, but when he makes friends with Karl the wolf pup, the ice around his heart starts to melt…


She may seem immature and precocious, but Charlotte is more capable than she looks. She’s the granddaughter of Wendel’s Priest of Light and has elfin blood in her veins that make her appear much younger than she really is.

It’s perhaps because of that youthful demeanour that she’s been somewhat coddled by the people of the temple - she can come across as naïve or spoiled at times.

Charlotte’s bright and outgoing personality can be an asset to the group, but it also means she can get herself into trouble. Plus despite her insatiable curiosity, she can be a bit of a scaredy cat at times…


The scary-looking figure in the jester costume? That’s Goremand, and he’s a real wrong ‘un.

The sinister sprite wields a terrifying scythe and loves nothing more than to collect and devour human souls.

Goremand plays a big role in the story of Trials of Mana - particularly Kevin’s. He suddenly appears one day in the kingdom of Ferolia. Before long, his dark influence on the King of the land has instigated an invasion of Wendel.

Trials of Mana artwork


The guy with the sword and shield rocks some serious hair - and even more serious abs. He’s Duran - one of the playable heroes of the game.

A proud, young soldier from Valsena, few in the kingdom can match his skill with a blade. He has nothing but love for his homeland, and utterly respects the Hero King - who was a good friend of his departed father, Loki.

Duran can be hot-headed, and tends to rush into action without thinking, but his stout heart usually sees him through.


The woman at the bottom of the picture is another playable character - Angela.

This rebellious princess is the only daughter of the True Queen of Altena - the snow-covered kingdom of magicians. As a child, her mother was rarely around her, and as a cry for attention, Angela started wearing gaudy clothes and playing tricks on people in her castle.

Although Anglea is a princess of Altena, the snow-covered kingdom of magicians, she has not mastered spellcasting - a problem that continues to trouble her as the game begins.

The Crimson Wizard

The sneering figure in the flames is the Crimson Wizard.

The powerful sorcerer obtained powerful magic through a dark deal and is largely responsible for the invasion of Valensa that destroys Duran’s world.

He’s the right-hand man to Angela’s mother, the True Queen, and commands the army of Altena… but his role in the invasion and plans to activate the powerful Mana Stone suggest that maybe he has more sinister plans afoot…

Valda, True Queen of Altena

The regal figure in the illustration is Valda, the True Queen of Altena. Despite being Angela’s mother, she is cold and distant towards her daughter.

Angela coincidentally escapes from her homeland when her mother Valda offers her as a sacrifice at the altar in the hopes of activating the powerful Mana Stone.

About Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana is a full remake of the 1995 game of the same name - an action RPG classic that made its debut in the West this year in Collection of Mana.

The new game reimagines the original from the ground up, with vibrant 3D visuals, larger environments, a fast and fluid combat system, voiced dialogue and more.

The Square Enix Blog team went hands-on with the game a few months ago - take a look for more information about how the game actually plays.

We also interviewed the developers about the challenges of making a remake, their memories of the original game and the Mana series as a whole.

How do I play Trials of Mana?

Trials of Mana releases for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on April 24, 2020.

Buy the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Steam before May 21, 2020 and you will receive a special Rabite Adornment. This in-game item is based on the Mana series’ iconic enemy and allows you to gain more experience after battle up to level 10.

As well as the Rabite Adornment, if you preorder on PS4 and you’ll get six PSN avatars inspired by the game, and if you pre-purchase on Steam you’ll get two exclusive wallpapers that showcase the game’s stunning art.

You can also preorder the Nintendo Switch version from the Square Enix Store.