Style And Steel, PuPu and Gilgamesh Out Now For FINAL FANTASY XIII-2

By rad-Monkey

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today we have a mammoth collection of new download content for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 coming your way. 


Coliseum opponent: Gilgamesh

Appearing in various guises throughout the FINAL FANTASY series, Gilgamesh is most recognised as one of the main opposing bosses of FINAL FANTASY V under the leadership of Exdeath. With a mind-boggling 6 arms and clearly armed to the teeth, you can be sure that you won't want to mess around with him. As with all coliseum opponents, if you defeat him you will be able to recruit him into your party.


Xbox LIVE Marketplace: 320 Microsoft Points (download here)

PlayStation Store: €2.99 / £2.39




Coliseum opponent: PuPu

It may look like a cool blue alien, but that doesn't stop PuPu from being a mighty adversary, especially when there's an army of them. First appearing in FINAL FANTASY VIII, these little critters will bringing their familiar UFO to the coliseum. Beat them and you'll be able to recruit PuPu as a medic.


Xbox LIVE Marketplace: 160 Microsoft Points (download here)

PlayStation Store: €1.49 / £1.19 




Serah's Outfit: Style and Steel

This outfit for Serah was created by Japanese pop idol Yuko Oshima, a member of AKB48. Putting two of her designs to the public vote, this costume came out on top and is available today, for free! Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Xbox LIVE Marketplace: Free! (download here)

PlayStation Store: Free!




Don't forget that we also teamed up with Ubisoft to bring you an Ezio outfit for Noel. Read more in our blog entry here.

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Hello.I need help. I downloaded the free dlc Sarah's Outfit: Style and Steel. But when no changes to this church for Sarah error occurs. Sarah disappears and is not playable. I tried download Serah's Outfit: Style Steel and many more times but the error still persist. Can you advise me s built, possibly help? I will be grateful for any advice.
All nice ones, I added all of them. But I'm still waiting for a Sephiroth DLC to add him to the coliseum AND my team :)
@mach-zero you use fragment-ability and empathie-ability of your monster? mfg Olli
WHY cant I get lightn'n i beat her more then 100 times ... WHY!!!
Has anyone noticed that there is another secret scene with Caius if you close the Valhalla gate?
* in short how can she end up on that throne when she outside + in the additional cutscene after you play the game after you watch the secret ending who is caius talking to. i belive it's lighting. the secret ending was a different view-point when caius release chaos into the world & yip he was trolling us giveing us the middle finger saying "I win Fools"
Something keep nagging at me need to get off my chest about FF13-2 ending. after i play it & read the theory of what happen & that the true end + a ff13-3 a possibility with talking about how lighting turn to you know that the thing that bugs me. anyway here my theory: it starts at the end & end at the end a full circle, lighting narrated the story of what happens especially she says serah i won't be with you [this is the part that nags at me] she says that after she fly upwards then bang bright light nowhere near the throne it was outside in the sky but the ending shows a naked light crystal. i belive they can bring it to a closer all the endings we saw mog ends up dead or just turn weak and pass out because his powers went, treat it as "what if" the lighting DLC will focus about the end fight, light was counting on noel mog & serah to not lose hope but it didn't work out, so how about lighting do something different in the battle that not been done for & break the cycle of said time events.
@Sasha_Je I totally agree, but we have no voice on the members forum :( Only 1 moderator/admin Actually reads the comments, and only reply to comments on how to buy the bloody DLC (Downgrading Large Communities)
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
Oh I also forgot It would be so cool if Noel and Serah had a Costume similar to Lightings from both the FFXIIIs :). I also wish that Versus XIII was on the XBOX 360 aswell as just the PS3, I think SE will get more money that way too :(
I would love to see more amazing oufits for both noel and serah. I would even love to have the honour to design some too. But as a University Student I kind of don't have the time at the moment :/
Wow, I remember seeing Concept Art of this outfit of Serah's and had fingers crossed it was going to be released :) And now it is! - Definitely will pick this up now and it's for free!! Which is... well truly astonishing to say the least:D It makes me real happy to know that even though Square Enix are a HUGE company now, they are still so very humble at providing a good, honest service. - A real happy customer right here ;) - Keep going SE!
-update- US current market! Cheers !¬
I know I am off-topic but still...I am very disappointed of SE. Instead of wasting time milking people they should look at Monolith Soft/Mistwalker/ Ganbarion. The only people this generation that actually did something about JRPG's. While SE did nothing to rise the bar! And they should have done something from respect for the fans that still supports them because of the past. FF is a full commercial game, simple and full of DLC, perfect for the US. Don't they see that something is wrong? The sales speak for themselves...I really envy Wii users now, Xenoblade/The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are kick [bw]ass[/bw] compared to FF XIII and FF XIII-2.
Give us some DLC bundles
Woots!!! EU PSN/SEN update is live.
finally a med !!!! i hope it can do better thn green chocobo since it cost me money
I believe they have similarities, but they're not the same alien.
Pupu probably costs less because he's not as popular as Gilgamesh. The free DLC is nice, going to have to recruit those enemies later today.
WHAT THE [bw]hell[/bw] ok what the difference between £2.39 & £1.59 DLC for monsters 4 quid for 2 was alright but look at nabaat price only for 1 monster. 2.39 for 1 monster 1.59 for 1 monster.
WTB characters from previous FF games, if they come out i'll then buy DLC for the game.
Yeay!!! The official news I was waiting for... Great stuff. I was a bit worried about the coliseum DLC news at first but... Medic makes sense so definitely having me some multiple PuPu's ASAP ;p I remember the little fella via FFVIII but out of interest is this the same alien from Chrono Cross? Do I have that wrong?