Meet the heroes of Romancing SaGa 3

Come say hello to our cast of colorful characters
By Duncan Heaney

Romancing SaGa 3 is a generous game. While most RPGs offer up a single narrative - this game gives you countless adventures to play through.

The game features a unique freeform scenario system that lets you choose between eight characters, and make decisions during the adventure that will cause the story to branch out in different directions.

In other words, the story you experience will depend on both which of the hero you pick, and the many choices you’ll have to make while playing as them.

Of course, the first big decision you’ll have to make is which of those fascinating heroes you should choose. To help you make the choice, let us introduce them, and reveal a little bit about what they’ll be up to.

Monika Ausbach

Princess Monika is a gentle, compassionate soul, but don’t think that means she isn’t tough. When things get serious, you’ll find few as focused or strong-willed.

That’s particularly the case when it comes to her brother Mikhail, who she treasures above all else.

When she uncovers a secret plot by a chancellor and his cronies that threatens her beloved sibling, she sneaks out of Loanne castle to warn him. Her journey puts her at great personal risk, but Monika will stop at nothing to protect her family.

Mikhail Ausbach von Loanne

Mikhail is the Marquis of Loanne, greatly admired by the people for his political nous and his skills as a leader.

He aspires to strengthen his once great country, and broaden its territories, but faces opposition from people within his own castle who are dead set on preventing him from inheriting the throne.

Emphasis on ‘dead’ - his enemies have tried to take his life on multiple occasions, and their latest attempt may just do the job…

Ellen Carson

Ellen has physical strength that is second to none in her village. That, combined with her good looks and lively, active personality, make her a very popular figure in the community… though it also means she tends to overshadow her younger sister, Sarah.

Though her childhood friend Julian invites her to join the Princess Guard, Ellen cannot make herself join as she is worried about her young sister, Sarah.

What kind of consequences will her decision bring about? Well that really depends on yours…

Sarah Carson

In many respects, Sarah is the polar opposite of her sister Ellen.

Unlike her older sister, she’s rather introverted. She feels frustrated at herself for being unable to act the way she wants, and unhappy with Ellen for always treating her like a child.

But despite her reserved nature, Sarah is strong-willed at her core. A certain event gives her a new-found sense of confidence and independence - and she sets off on a journey of adventure and self-discovery.

Julian Nord

Julian hasn’t had the easiest life - he became depressed after losing his young sister during a cataclysmic event known as the Rise of Morastrum. But has started to rediscover meaning in his life by living in Sinon, the home of Ellen and Sarah Carson… and falling in love with Ellen.

While spending time peacefully in Sinon, he life changes when he’s asked to join the Princess Guard - a squad that protects Monika Ausbach.

Julian is torn between his new duty and his current life. But which will he choose?

Thomas Bent

Another resident of Sinon, Thomas is a descendent of the prestigious Bent family.

But he’s not one to rest on the former glories of his family - his incredible business skills have earned him great respect among his peers.

One day, Thomas’s grandfather makes two request of him - firstly travel the world to expand his knowledge, and secondly to find the missing daughter of an old friend.

Katarina Laurand

Katarina comes from one of the most prestigious houses in the country of Loanne, and is a vassal of the Marquis, Mikhail.

Her skills with a sword are beyond compare, and her abilities, combined with a calm and collected temperament, have enabled her to become caretaker and guard to Monika.

All is well until someone tricks Katarina and steals the holy sword Masquerade - a blade awarded to her by the Marquis himself.

Hurt and angry, she pledges to retrieve the sword, and sets off on an epic journey to restore her honor.


Once he was a man of nobility, but now Khalid travels the world, making a living as a swordsman for hire. Some know him by a different name: Tornado.

Khalid is one of the few surviving members of the Gessiah Dynasty - a royal family that was overthrown by the Devine Order. Not only did he lose his wealth and position, he also lost contact with the princess that he loves.

His exceptional sword skills mean he can find work as a mercenary, and he travels from place to place, looking for his missing beloved, and finding ways to reclaim his lost legacy.

So which one of these should you play as first? Our advice - just dive in and choose the character you like the sound of the most. Every character offers a compelling tale, and deep RPG gameplay, so you can’t really go wrong.

Romancing SaGa 3 is out now on these platforms: