The making of THE LAST REMNANT Remastered

Take a look inside this incredible RPG, now out on Nintendo Switch
By Duncan Heaney

The latest in our ‘Inside’ documentary series is now available to watch. This latest entry covers one of Square Enix’s most unique games - THE LAST REMNANT Remastered, which is available for Nintendo Switch right now!

Take a look at the video:

The video details the story of the The Last Remnant’s development. It features exclusive interviews with many of the people who made the game, including Executive Producer and Writer Akitoshi Kawazu and Art Director Yusuke Naora, giving fans real insight into how the amazing RPG came to be.

What is THE LAST REMNANT Remastered?

First released back in 2008, THE LAST REMNANT features a deep story, compelling characters and a battle system that’s both intricate and satisfying.

It’s set in a world filled with “Remnants” – ancient artefacts that grant amazing powers to those who wield them. Players take the role of Rush Sykes, a young warrior who wears his heart on his sleeve. When his sister Irina is kidnapped by a mysterious organisation, Rush sets off to save her, starting an epic journey that will change his world forever.

THE LAST REMNANT Remastered contains everything that fans loved about the original release including the unique morale system, which can dramatically influence the outcome of battle, and a deep combat system where commands change depending on the status of allies and enemies.

However, THE LAST REMANT Remastered also enhances the game with features beautiful Unreal Engine 4 visuals, and user interface improvements that make playing the game a more fluid and intuitive experience.

The game is out now on Nintendo Switch (released during E3 don’t you know) and PS4. Go check it out: