Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 out now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam

The season finale is here - all your decisions have been leading to this point
By Duncan Heaney

Here we are: the end of the road.

Daniel and Sean Diaz have gone on quite the journey in Life is Strange 2. Ever since their lives were torn apart in Episode One, they’ve been forced into a life on the road, made new friends, faced dangerous new foes, learned uncomfortable truths about themselves and the world, and had their brotherly bond tested to the absolute limit.

Now, the conclusion to this dramatic tale has arrived: Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 is available to download today.

What happens in Life is Strange 2 Episode 5?

Despite their many trials, the Diaz brothers have nearly made it to the border with Mexico.

But getting to freedom won’t be easy - a brutal gauntlet of challenges stand ahead of them. Sean is surrounded, and caught between his sense of responsibility and desire for freedom. Will he be able to find a way out of his predicament - and will Daniel follow his lead?

Make no mistake: this is it. All your decisions have been leading to this point. The game’s complex Choice and Consequence system means that more than 50 choices have affected Daniel’s Trust and Morality so far.

Some will have been obvious, others a lot more subtle - but the sum of all these choices will shape the story you play in the finale.

Will Daniel and Sean survive? Will they stay together or be torn apart? There are all kinds of ways the story can go - I wonder what ending you’ll get…?

How do I get Life is Strange 2 Episode 5?

The final episode is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. If you have the Complete Season, it’s ready and waiting to download now.

The episode is also available to buy individually - simply head to your respective platform’s store to get it.

Finally, you can purchase the Complete Season - both digitally and physically.

The digital version is available now on all platforms:

The physical version is available now on the Square Enix Store:

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