By RobbieSquareEnix

Hello Everyone,

As we mentioned in our recent update, we have been monitoring your feedback and understand that a number of you are experiencing technical issues. We’re very sorry to hear this and want to assure you that our team of engineers at Avalanche Studios have been working hard over the last week to correct this.

We are expecting the first Just Cause 4 update for PC to roll out today around 11PM GMT. The Just Cause 4 console patches should be ready next week (they take a little more time due to approvals with Microsoft and Sony). Full details on each of the patches can be found below.

Please rest assured that this is just the start of the work we are carrying out. We are prioritising as best we can, and we are already working on further updates that will come in the New Year.

If the fix you are after is not in the list below please bear with us and we will update you ASAP.

PC Patch

  • Numerous stability fixes
  • Improvements and fixes to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users
  • Support for remapping of movement keys
  • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Increased mouse sensitivity range
  • Corrected specialised vehicle support for mouse and keyboard players
  • Fixed issue with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
  • Fixed the disabling SSAO option in Graphics menu, which resulted in broken Ambient Occlusion

Please note that this patch will also enable automatic crash reporting to ensure Avalanche can roll out fixes ASAP for any crashes that still happen to occur.

Xbox One & PS4 Patch

For Xbox One & PlayStation 4 we understand that motion blur is a big issue for some of you. We are therefore adding the ability to either alter the amount of blur, and the option to toggle the blur on or off. We have also made an important improvement to the resolution of the game on every platform. The full list of updates to expect are below:

  • Improvements to resolution on both Xbox One and PS4
  • Added a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests)
  • Added the ability to alter the amount of motion blur
  • Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions
  • Various stability fixes
  • Lighting updates to some cut scenes

If you are experiencing issues then please contact the customer support teams who are also providing direct feedback to us:

Europe: http://support.eu.square-enix.com

North America: http://support.na.square-enix.com

Japan: http://support.jp.square-enix.com

As well as paying close attention to your feedback, we are really enjoying the incredible gameplay clips you have been creating. This is a big part of any Just Cause game, so please keep sharing your work. Our work continues, and watching you enjoy what we have created helps provide the fuel we also need. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Just Cause 4 to date, we really appreciate your patience while we work on further patches and fixes. We will continue to monitor all of your feedback and keep you all updated on future patches.

The Just Cause team

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Will you guys be fixing: Water Textures, general ground textures, Vehicle Physics, Terrible looking resolution even on PS Pro. No side arms??? Ugly looking lighting insane popin.
Love this game i play it when i was 17 year old this game make me feel so good
Shadows are broken and lighting is horrible on pc too fix these things
Please add unlimited ammo on vehicles
Can u please please fix the anti aliasing on the grass vegetation it looks so pixelated and cheap,fix the shadow pop ins too,fix the water textures and add some waves into the water,improve overall optimization of the game(optimizing does not mean degrading graphics) please guys please make my 55 euros worth please
Can u please please fix the anti aliasing on the grass vegetation it looks so pixelated and cheap,fix the shadow pop ins too,fix the water tec
https://youtu.be/bmJnSFDrwn4 ... Can u update the car physics the way car rolls and lose it's body parts on impacts it the best immersive part in just cause 2
Hey I have been having difficulty with some of the grapple mods I have unlocked. Particularly the retractor mods. I have tried numerous combinations of the mods but the pulse/deactivated/snap mod isn't working. Is anyone else having issues with the mods? I'm playing on the Xbox one.
I would love to see JC3 water graphics in JC4. Even after the patch the water graphics still sucks! I miss those fun i had in JC3. I expected a lot from JC4 but it didn't meet even 50% of my expectations. The update may be even 50, nothing bothers me if you could bring back the water graphics and easy controls from JC3. I hope that these expectations will be met in future updates.
I understand that fixing the major issues in the game takes priority, but in the near future, will their be a improvment to the Black Hand Weaponized Wingsuit mirroring the Bavarium wingsuit from JC3?
Sorry i forgot to mention that i loved the Bavarium Wingsuit from Just Cause 3 because of its VTO ability and also it would be nice to have an option that unlocks so you can force black hand to come after you!.
When will you add VTO "Vertical Take Off" Ability for the Black Hands Weaponized (Sky Striker) Wingsuit and give it Homing Missiles also will there be a reward for completing the game such as Sandbox mode where you can reset all regions to hostile or maybe a Infinite Ammo option (Disables Achievements,Unlocks and Chaos points)?