Just Cause 4 Development Update: July 19, 2019

By The Just Cause 4 Team

There are plenty of new additions coming to Just Cause 4 in the near future!

Following fan feedback we’re pleased to confirm that the day/night cycle will be adjusted. Players can now expect night-time to last longer whilst exploring Solís.

Not only will we be making changes to the day/night cycle in Just Cause 4, we’re pleased to reveal that throughout the world players will be able to change the time of day quickly by sitting down in new Avalanche Studios deck chairs. These deck chairs can be found scattered across Solís. Rico will be joined by wild animals when watching the world go by, so get ready to enjoy the sunset with your new goat pals.

This update will be arriving in August.


Have you tried the new free challenges in Just Cause 4 yet? New challenges will unlock each month, with exclusive Wingsuit and Parachute skins as prizes! Chaos Chase is the next challenge, coming soon. We will be releasing new challenges every month until mid-2020. Depending on how much destruction you’ve been causing, you might even find that you’ve completed the requirements of the Chaos challenge immediately as it becomes available! Once a challenge is available you can find them marked on your map, or find information in the brand new Challenge page in the main menu.

Black Market - Soaring Speed Vehicle Pack

We’re excited to reveal the latest addition to the Black Market – the Soaring Speed Vehicle pack! Included in this vehicle pack is the agile Flying Car and the effortlessly stylish Hot Rod! This pack will be available for purchase to all Just Cause players July 25th. Keep an eye out for the first gameplay of these two vehicles in-action on our social channels.

What’s coming up

Here’s what Just Cause 4 players can expect over the next few months. Further information on August/September content will be revealed closer to their release.

We will be revealing more on the last instalment of the Expansion Pass, ‘Danger’, soon. Stay tuned! Thanks again for your continued support of Just Cause 4.

— The Just Cause Team

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@TubularBaker - what game was ever perfect an release
Just wanted to say that i agree that there should be a multiplayer and the DLCs should be harder. However it is nice to see you constantly making the game better, what game was ever
@MrProvolone - well back in decembre that was one of the things that annoyed me the most... I use a tool to change daytime since a few months, I dont care if they include it now... The fucked this game up so badly and now it takes them months to even fix the tiniest bugs.... I mean they create an open world game and write the day and night cycle (a mandatory feature for immersion) like this: 2,5hrs real time = 12 to 19 o clock. 10minutes for 19 to 5 o clock... Several hours till the next night. They can do what they want, as long as their stands that they intended to include the feature like it was on launch, they seem to not have done any homework over the past few games... JC4 is dead... After 9months... Look at player counts, look at the community backlash and the fact that Sundberg left Avalanche....
@Lajosnahen - 🤣😂🤣😅 the last DLC took me 45mins to complete... Its a joke... And the one before that is still untouched bcs its just: race this in time, beat me while racing... And thats it... If you could at least get new gear as a reward for certain things or share experiences with friends in multiplayer. No, instead they make the Saints Row move and just not take their own creation serious and create joke content (like really what was that "Alien-Wasp" DLC about anyway? I can write you several hour long quests on this map and all they can come up with is: shoot tentacles 4xtimes at 8 different locations... There is story to it, but its useless... Oh yeah and you have to pay for it... This company is now a very good example on how to ruin a game professionally...
Good luck and thanks
I hope the last dlc danger will be really damned good and maybe will have a new grapple hook mode and I hope it takes a bit more effort and time to beat
Also I do hope your next game has atleast some multiplayer and solo mode
@USSR10houredition - they are just too stupid to realize it (I don't know why). A Multiplayer in this game would have made it 20times better even without any further quests for it. But yeah they just had to push the game out as fast as possible to please shareholders. you cant make money from a shitty game noone plays. but well.... they destroyed the franchise at this point and I am too tired to play it anymore....
@wolfe666 - already available as a DLC....??? or what do you mean?
Hi l love just cause 4 there is just one thing I would love to see the return of and that's Is the powered wing suite in just cuase 4 I loved it in just cause 3
What about multiplayer mode, this will greatly increase the amount of active players and purchases, it's benefits for everyone. A free roam multiplayer would be great. but also a offline mode.
Wow, I am so overwhelmed by how badly a company can treat their own product. I do like JC4, I really enjoy exploring the world you created. But after the major backlash you received after publification, you should have done more. You fix the day and night cycle (one of the most immersive features of an sandbix game) 8 to 9 months after release? People told you about it in decembre... I just a trainer for it... You guys kinda suck at your atm. Just make a damn fucking Multiplayer for it and all will be fine, but no.... Stupid DLCs... Played the last one in 45mins... Thanks for the expensive add on
On behalf of at least one passionate player, thank you thank you thank thank you x 1,000,000,000 for working on the day night cycle. Thank you for noticing and considering that feedback, you guys rock. Love this game and this series.