Did you know that FINAL FANTASY XV is coming to the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV _Online too? Get all the details here:_


Hi everyone!

A new collaboration between FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and FINAL FANTASY XV is now out for free for everyone who owns FINAL FANTASY XV.

In this new chapter, we find our heroes meeting up with Y’jhimei, a newcomer from a realm called Eorzea. She informs the gang of a new threat that’ll terrorize the people of Eos!

Battle the Lady of the Vortex, Garuda, and prove to her that not even Primals stand a chance against the King of Light!

For those of you who wish to participate in this event, but who might not be the recommended level, fear not! We’ll provide you with the Magitek Exosuit, which will grant you invincibility for 30 minutes a day!

Looking for more of a challenge? Be sure to try out the new Battle Training System, where you’ll be able to face Garuda in hard mode!

We’re also adding four new weapons to the game, all of which are inspired by Garuda. A trade shop will open after you beat the quest, and you’ll be able to trade certain items for each weapon.

We also have a very special treat for everyone on Xbox One or PS4. We’re adding a FINAL FANTASY XIV HUD themed photo frame to the game, so now you’ll be able to add an Eorzean twist to any photo you take!

Early on in the story Y’jhimei asks our heroes to meet with her at an abandoned imperil base known as Perpetouss Keep, located in Duscae. Here are just some of the things you'll do after you enter...

Numerous animals and creatures are scattered all over the Pepetouss Keep—we humbly challenge any player to find them all!

Once you complete the quest, Kenny Crow will make an appearance! Be sure to search the base thoroughly to find out exactly why he’s appeared...

FINAL FANTASY XIV players will find a very familiar statue inside the Perpetouss Keep.

We’re so happy to be collaborating with FINAL FANTASY XIV, and really looking forward to seeing everyone’s screenshots and photos! Be sure to take your time and fully explore Perpetouss Keep, and show Garuda that Eos is not hers for the taking!

Thank you,

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Just sad how FFVX was dragged out and shot in the gut so it died a slow painful death.