Collective stream and giveaway!

By Square Enix Team

Hello everyone! We have a bit of a different stream for you this week! We are going to be showcasing some of our Square Enix Collective titles, including the recently released Goetia and four more exciting games which are set to be published by our indie initiative in the future, so join us tomorrow on Thursday, April 28 at 6PM BST / 1PM EST on the Square Enix Twitch channel to see what they're all about.



We have nice variation of games to show you: A 4-player capture-the-head-before-it-explodes-in-your face in Oh My Godheads, devious and dasterdly puzzles in Turing Test, Black The Fall, Tokyo Dark and Goetia. This will be a great chance for people to see some of the great games we have in store for you for the rest of this year - and we even have some of the developers of the games dropping into the chat during the stream to answer your questions.

We will also be holding some giveaways throughout the stream... yay! These include an Oh My Godheads T-shirt, Black the Fall badges/stickers and a 3D printed figurine, Tokyo Dark figurines/posters AND Goetia steam keys! But remember to check out our Terms and Conditions page before entering the giveaways!

If you have any questions for us before the stream, pop them below! If not, we shall see you on Thursday, April 28 at 6PM BST / 1PM EST on the Square Enix Twitch channel! :)