Changes to the Outerworld Services in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

By Square Enix Team

Time is finite in the world of Lightning Returns and it seems that time has run out for some of the Outerworld features in the game. This is just a quick heads up that unfortunately, the following Facebook functionality will be disabled in April:

  • Posting to your Facebook newsfeed- Viewing other players’ Outerworld posts on Facebook- The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Timeline Application- Summoning other players’ posts  All other Outerworld Services features will not be affected and will continue to work as usual though. So you can continue to take snapshots and post them on Twitter and see other peoples’ Outerworld tweets.

The Siegfried garb, which can be obtained by submitting your battle score after defeating Zaltys in the demo, can be acquired automatically after April 1 by enabling Outerworld services so you won’t lose out on any content.

Thank you to everyone who used the Outerworld Services on Facebook since the game came out (over a year ago now!) We hope you’ll still enjoy exploring the world of Lightning Returns and have fun playing the game. I still need to go back and get the Platinum Trophy for it. Guess that’s my plan sorted for this Sunday afternoon!

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how can i get it to work on twitter
Good, it started a few weeks ago Lightning Returns on PS3 and does not let me into the outer plane and can not download the siegfried suit, which can make or no longer has a solutionThank you for your attention. PS: I'm from mexico
At least you can keep your rewards, but I know for a fact that there are those who are completionist; losing any means to complete the collection in the game forever would be heartbreaking. So then, what about those who still were unable to collect the rewards and other items from Outerworld in time before Outerworld shuts down? Will those who are still unable to collect them all be able to have a way to obtain them by other means?
This goes out to BoomerJJ in regards to Twitter Outerworld. When I set it up, I had to have BOTH Twitter logged on AND my Xbox360 with the game running. When I went to the site on my phone and entered the authentication code it worked. But you have to have Twitter logged on and the Xbox360 on Xbox Live. I tried other combinations when I first got the game and that was the only way it worked for me.
Outerworld Service Question - I have the PS3 Collectors edition I pre-bought from the SquareEnix store, with a bunch of other games at the time. Now that the Facebook link is down.... in the game I try to link to Twitter. The Game tells me to go to the official website for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and enter Twitter Authentication code 55zz5444. However everything I click on, or research on the web takes me to and it is a language I don't comprehend. Please advise!
It be nice if the exclusive adornments could be bought in a bundle. Also it would be kind of nice of the game got released on Steam.
Please offer a way to access the outerworld adornments (like blue moggle bobble, dancefloor shades and such) now that the feature is down! There are fans of the series who really worked their way and played the games and couldn't access them... I really want to hold all the adornments possible, it's unfair for people who have paid both for the game and all the extra dlc...
I only have problems finding the attachments exclusive to the otherworld feature...
@DanGreat to hear. Luckily, I was in a temporarily highly available free time period. Everything went perfect then (one in a million shot). Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten any of them. Hopefully, timed items will never be implemented again. @Elemental_CM That's sad to hear, dude.
I'd like to add my voice to those who are REALLY hoping you guys can find a way to make those limited time adornments available again (even for sale on the PSN store!). Although I bought the game on release day, I was unable to play due to moving at the time and missed out on those adornments... Please help out a huge FF fan!
Nope, there were no new additions after then
@DanSeto Phew I'm glad it's still coming :) You guys take your time with it, it's my favourite in the trilogy so spend as much time getting it ready as you need :D
Please find a way to make those limited adornments available again. I'm still upset I missed one because it got taken off like 12 hours earlier than the schedule said.
Thanks Dan. So, there were no new additions to adornments as well since April-May 2014?
Whoops, should have read the most recent comments first before replying but I guess it doesn't hurt repeating it
The garbs that you could have obtained through the Outerworld Services are actually all available in game already. They can be bought from the shops but they're quite expensive and only available on hard mode. The Outerworld Services rewards just allowed you to get them much earlier in the game than you probably could have got them otherwise :)
I'm afraid I don't think they will be made available again but I'll have to check
1.) Yup, only the Facebook functionality is being discontinued so all the other features (like Tiwttier) will still work 2.) Nope, there hasn't been any other Outerworld challenges. The last challenge was completed on 4th April 2014 (there were 4 in total)
Yup, don't worry, it's still coming :)
@DevilSpooky Their should have said that from the start so it wouldn't be miss leading then. I have been playing the game but stop sense i'm trying to beat every side quest and mission in one playthrough then later on game miss around for fun. :) Thanks for the info on Garb's; for sec thought their would special one time Garb or something.
@NifesKnight What are you talking about? The only Garb not available when this happens is the Siegfried one, and they already confirmed it's gonna be available for free on the game, every other Garb they "gave" using the service can be bought in game on hard mode, only thing you'll miss with the ending of the service is the adornments they gave away last year.
I can't even get my hands on item's sense their is no Official on the app and don't show up in-game no more. Now your taking service off soon, why not make all those's item i'm talking about dress's aka grabs for lightning as DLC's for free or make them in-game free for using the outterworld service. I really want to get my hands on last two i miss sense i couldn't find them before plus game clock being pain. Please and thanks; if you do if not no thanks. :)
Are there any plans to make the Outerworld-exclusive adornments available again before the Facebook app goes away. I think those of us fans that missed out on those items due to the extremely limited windows of availability would really appreciate that! I know I would!!!
I have 2 questions: 1) So, if I get it right, all the stuff related to Facebook stops en Twitter remains active? So the best about the app disappears? I'll loose everything I can see on Facebook, right? Kind of strange to begin with if you end it about 1 year later... 2) Has there been any other activity around Outerworld challenges and items after the last one, somewhere around May 2014. According to me, not. I haven't completed LR but I was very active in the beginning with all those outerworld challenges en items that we could score. I was glad I did, and also annoyed that I needed to do it in the first place to score items, because I could have missed it all if I didn't buy the game early enough or didn't read this blog. I also became quite active here to follow it, so I hope you guys read and learn from my posts and those of others. It was not the most pleasant experience with the timed challenges and timed availability. So I'd rather not see it in future products in this way. Keep it all in the game. Apps are basically stupid and don't last long enough or cause problems or not everyone can get access to them (not everybody has Facebook or the right phone). If you guys really want those kind of apps, make it more user friendly for your fans without exclusive items. (Oh, and I still haven't forgotten the CE being not available to EU! Really mad about that one)
Thanks for the update, Dan. I have the collector's edition for the PS3 and I haven't yet finished XIII-2 so I haven't played LR yet so I guess I won't be doing any of the online stuff. Perhaps for future releases, the devs stop trying wasting time to shoehorn "online features" that aren't going to last into the games and instead use those resources on other lasting features like extra polish. Glad we'll still be able to get the Siegfried garb anyway.
The effort required to maintain a Facebook app is minimal. The game is still for sale. Your fans are lasting fans... The equation does not add up. Did the only guy working on this quit? Commitment works both ways.
This is why you don't do external features inside a game; they aren't nearly as long lasting as the games are. What about late adopters? You shouldn't exclude them. Dan, any word on LR for PC? I'm waiting on FFXIIIs until a trilogy pack is offered as I wouldn't like to be spread across platforms if possible.
Can't wait to buy the PC version of this one! Currently playing Final Fantasy XIII and enjoying every moment~~~ <3 Lightning really looks good in every angle~ Also love Serah~ <3
Hi Dan! Is Lightning Returns still coming to PC? I'm getting impatient, and slightly worried haha. Can't wait!
Thanks for share it @Dan Seto, I'm looking forward for Lightning Returns on Steam hope you can share any news about it soon. :)