Final Fantasy VI Mobile Update

By Square Enix Team

Welcome back Returners! So good to see you here again and I hope you’ve been well on you travels against the Empire. It’s good timing that you came back just as we have some small updates for Final Fantasy VI on iOS and Android to inform you of.

You’ll need all the help you can get to stand a chance against the evil Kefka... so listen well.

  • Game pads are now supported for both iOS and Android devices (although some gamepads may not be compatible)- Support for the following languages has been added:<ul><li>Russian- Brazilian-Portuguese- Thai  

I am aware that many adventurers have requested the ability to save their game data to the cloud so hopefully you find this news most pleasing. Now you can join the airship Blackjack in the sky! a manner of speaking.


You can purchase Final Fantasy VI via the links below:

Final Fantasy VI on iOS

Final Fantasy VI on Android


“Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with Kefka!” – Locke Cole.

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@insats go to this page for support, contact them if the information there is not provided, they should get back to you within a week.
I bought an iOS iPad to play FFVI with but apparently that gamepad wasn't supported. Do you have a list of supported devices? The Steelseries Stratus, Mad Catz and Moga all have iOS controllers available in stores nearby. But which one can I buy? Since the first one (g910) didn't work.
Do both of my devices need to be running the same version of iOS for cloud saves? My iPhone is running ios 8 and my ipad ios 7. Cloud saving is not working for me. Thanks in advance.
Greetings! I am excited to hear of the update. Big fan of the series. Only one issue remains for me, of my 3 android devices (two Stock 4.4.4 and one running CM11 lastest RC build) ; none of them can connect to the server to cloud save or cloud download. I can load my Google profile with ease but still unable use the cloud function :( Is there anything worth trying to get this function working? Square-Enix help me out here!
Still having problems with the cloud save even after the latest update!
Hey guys, really sorry about the cloud saving issues but it should all be fixed now! Do let us know though if you still experience any problems though but it should all be good now :)
Hi The update is great updated last week and it does run smoother now on my Z2 but i cannot connect to the cloud servers tried it every day now and i still can't connect :(
yea can't get cloud saving to work here either. have been trying since it was updated to have it and yet no luck connecting to the cloud
Yeah nice update. Good job, very nice work. BUT GUESS WHAT? The graphics are still laughably cartoony and cheap. Still using bad touchscreen controls. Still playing on a tiny screen with finger smudges all over it. The GBA is still superior. This port still sucks monkey orbs. So I'm still not buying it.
I might have to try the Mobile Version out Now.
when will other SE Android/iOS ports get achievements and cloud saves Like Chrono Trigget and FF 1-5? And Dragon Quests, but i still dont have money for those, but will buy them :D
Thank you Dan.
Glad you're enjoying the update :) no idea on any further updates at the moment though I'm afraid
Sorry buddy, I'll reach out to the team and see if they can update FF-IV as well. Fingers crossed!
Oh dear, hopefully it was just a brief teething issue and works okay now/soon
I'm afraid I don't know the details (haven't tested it myself) but it should at least be a Gamepad Mapper supported game
Oh no! I'll pass on the message to the team and hopefully they can update FF-V soon
Sadly porting PS2 games is notoriously difficult to do and can basically involve recoding the whole game which as you can imagine take a lot of resources and time. Licensing issues (among others) still factor in too so it's really not a simple procedure. As for your PlayStation TV question, that's more of a hardware/Sony question which is why our tech support can't answer it. I imagine that because the PlayStation TV has to accommodate more countries than the US, they haven't been able to confirm the same details as the US. Sorry I can't be more helpful in this regard but perhaps Sony can provide a bit more clarity.
Thank you for this update. The new directional pad is much better. Are there any plans on more updates in the future? Some of the enemy sprites don't look nearly as crisp as the FF5 mobile game. I am hoping we can see an update there.
Great update Dan, but I've been waiting months for FFIV to get cloud saving....
While it's nice that you updated the game to support cloud saves, every time I try to upload mine I can't connect to the server. :(
Is compatible with nvidia shield portable?
For a console gamer, seeing releases like this is so disappointing that we aren't getting a reciprocal treatment. I know SE wants to milk the casual market of phone gamers and get some of that Candy Crush money action, but for serious gamers who favour the PlayStation consoles we've been playing on for 20+ years, not being able to play these is disappointing. Why aren't these iOS/Android releases with the improved graphics over the original PSOne/SNES titles being made PSN compatible for PS3/Vita - it's surely a no-brainer to make it available to the gamers who refuse to play on phones and tablets. On a related note Dan, I know you've said releasing titles in other regions is difficult, as there's still licensing issues, but we're often not talking about that. Dragon Quest 8 was released in all regions on PlayStation 2, as was Final Fantasy XII. You release DQ8 on iOS, and aren't doing a HD version of XII, so why can't we get these on PSN as classic titles so we can enjoy them on PS3? Also, I've recently been trying to get information as to compatibility with Sony's new PlayStation TV. Final Fantasy 1 to X/X-2 Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. All of these games are on Sony's official list of compatible titles in the US, so anyone with a US PSN account will be able to play these on PlayStation TV. However, none of these titles are listed as compatible in the EU. This surely can't be a licensing issue - this isn't a new console, it's a Vita without a screen and these titles are already licensed for Vita/PSN release in the EU - the game files are identical to the US files. Even your own tech support can't answer this - I e-mailed them myself and got a message back saying SE have no information on this yet. How can you not know whether something is going to be compatible on a machine that releases in a month here, and is only days away in America. Come on Square-Enix, stop treating Europeans like second class citizens. Please Dan, can you confirm whether the Final Fantasy back catalogue will be playable on the PlayStation TV in Europe as it is in the US.
That's great news! I remember playing FF VI on GBA and it's one of the best FF. BUT I'm kind of disappointed FF V haven't received cloud-saving support!!! it was released before :( I changed my phone and I can't continue with my data :'( Please, make it happen soon ;)
Where the heck is ART support? Or are you going to let all your games be broken when Android L launches?!