Various Daylife Privacy Policy
Last Updated: 2019-09-19 12:00 GMT

Various Daylife Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2019-09-19 12:00 GMT


“Apple” means Apple Inc. and its affiliates.

“Company” means Square Enix Co., Ltd and its affiliates.

“Service” means “Various Daylife” developed by the Company.

“Data” means the gameplay data and UUID of the Service.

Use of Your Data

The Service collects your Data to provide support for the internal operation of the Service (i.e. for saving your progress and achievement in the Service). Your Data will be sent to Apple to store in iCloud and Game Center and the Company will not store any Data.

By storing your Data in iCloud and Game Center, you can continue to play the Service on different devices.

By using the Service, you consent that your Data will be sent to Apple to store in iCloud and Game Center. If you do not consent to the collection of your Data by the Service and the provision of your Data to Apple, please do not play the Service online.

If you play the Service offline, the Data will be solely stored on your device and will not be shared to the Company nor Apple.

You may also withdraw your consent to store the Data in iCloud and Game Center by (i) turning off iCloud in Apple Settings for the Service; and (ii) signing out of Game Center in Apple Settings.

Retention Period

The Company will retain your Data for as long as the Company reasonably requires such Data to provide you with the Service in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as otherwise may be required for legal compliance purposes.

Safety Control Measures

The Company will take all necessary and appropriate safety control measures when handling the Data in order to prevent the divulgence, loss, or damage thereof, while also striving to improve these measures.

No advertisements

No advertisements are delivered in the Service.


This Privacy Policy and the collection, provision and storage of the Data shall be applied to all users of the Service.

Inquiries Concerning the Service

Customer service is provided by the Company. Please contact the following e-mail address depending on your location of residence. Your personal information collected through customer service will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy established by each company.

(a) American Region: SQUARE ENIX, INC.


(c) Japanese Region: SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Changes to this Policy

The Company may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, and in its sole discretion. Your use of the Service following these changes means that you accept the revised Privacy Policy.