Square Enix Material Usage Policy

We at Square Enix are honored and excited when fans want to share Square Enix materials (such as screen shots or videos) online, but we do have to be mindful of some things. For instance, we want to avoid spoilers that would ruin the game for new players, and we cannot give you permissions over rights that we don’t own. (Sometimes we license content for our games, and the owners of that content decide what’s permissible.)

Please note that this policy does not apply to the following game franchises: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Front Mission, Drakengard, or any other games developed by our home office in Japan. For those games, our colleagues will determine which uses are permissible on a game-by-game basis and they may elect to forbid all use, uploading or sharing of videos featuring those franchises. We ask that you please respect their wishes.

Since every situation is different and this policy applies to so many different games, we reserve the right to object to any use of Square Enix materials in our sole discretion. With that said, here are some general rules that guide our decisions:

  • No Commercial Use: We don’t permit our materials to be used to make money or to gain any other financial benefit. That means you can’t sell our game content as if it were your own, and you can’t use it to help sell other products or services. Similarly, you can’t use Square Enix materials if you require a paid subscription for people to view it or you otherwise make money or some other financial benefit from it. However, we don’t mind if you monetize via advertising through partner programs like YouTube.com, Twitch.tv, Ustream.tv, or similar video sharing services.

  • Only Square Enix Music: Some of our games contain music that we don’t own and merely license. Usually you’ll be able to recognize this (such as the radio music in Sleeping Dogs), but we understand it won’t always be clear. As a result, your video could be subject to automated filtering by the owner of the recording or composition. If you’re unsure about a particular song, please check the game credits. Since we cannot grant you a license to use someone else’s music, you’ll need to get permission from the copyright owner(s).

  • Attribution: If you use our materials, you need to mention that they belong to us by showing our copyright notice. “© Square Enix” will suffice. On one hand, this protects us legally, and it’s also nice to give credit to the creators. If the materials include any credits or legal lines, you may not remove them.

  • No Pre-release Footage: Unofficial footage of our games, including leaked footage, may not be posted online prior to the official release date, regardless of how the game or footage was obtained. If you receive an online “strike” by violating this guideline, we may not agree to remove it.

  • No Spoilers: Spoilers can ruin a player’s game experience, so we ask you not to post them. Walk-through videos are generally ok, but the last hour of any game should not be posted earlier than one week after release.

  • No Unauthorized Use or Copying: You still have to follow the terms of our software licenses, which means that you cannot modify any of our games without our permission and you cannot copy, reverse engineer, stream, distribute, broadcast or do anything else with the game software which would be in breach of the applicable end-user license.

  • Unofficial Video: You must be clear to your audience that your usage is not sponsored or endorsed by Square Enix. It’s a problem if someone is apt to be confused and think that your video is official.

  • No Ripping or Extracting Files: You may not split our videos (vocal, music, visual, etc.) and distribute components as separate assets.

  • Our Trademarks: You may not use our trademarks (including, for example, the game title or our company name) other than to describe the fact that your Game Video is about one of our games. Use of our logos is not permitted at all.

  • Don’t Be Offensive: We don’t want our materials to be used in an offensive way, so we won’t tolerate uses that are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, hateful or otherwise inappropriate or illegal (such as piracy sites).

  • Don’t Mix Our Materials With Those of Other Publishers: This confuses ownership and gets very messy.

These are the most common reasons we might object to your usage of our materials, but there may be others. Please use common sense and act responsibly. Note that you use our materials at your own risk, and we don’t offer any warranties. Also, please note that we can’t address individual requests for clearance, so feel free to share this link with anyone requesting details on our policy.