7 more things we learned from the Outriders Broadcast: Episode 2

The second Outriders Broadcast was so packed with information it couldn’t be confined to a single blog post. Here are a few more fascinating facts from the big show.
Autor Duncan Heaney

Have you been watching the Outriders Broadcasts? We hope so - these amazing videos have included riveting reveals and awesome announcements a-plenty about the upcoming RPG shooter.

The most recent stream was particularly rich in news - so much so that we couldn’t fit all the highlights into a single blog! In that previous article, we looked at the world, structure and side quests of Outriders - but there’s so much more to talk about.

For example, did you know that…

You have an Outriders truck that acts as a mobile ‘RPG village’

When you hit the road, your Outriders truck comes with you. This vehicle isn’t drivable, but instead acts as a sort of ‘mini-hub’ when you’re out in the wilds.

Many of the core functions of hubs are available in the transport - for example, you can buy and sell gear, craft items and check in with your crew.

If you’re in one of the larger hubs, you can manage your truck, adding new visual customizations and more. The Broadcast promised more information about that, and other truck features, in the future.

You have a crew who’ll accompany you on your adventures

As strong as you are, nobody should have to brave the dangers of Enoch alone - and fortunately you don’t have to.

Your truck has a core crew who will support you in various ways. Not only are these teammates useful, they’re also distinct personalities who will give you valuable information about the world.

During the Outriders broadcast, we were introduced to:

  • Jakub - one of your character’s oldest friends, Jakub acts as your truck’s driver. He landed with you during the original settlement of Enoch, but the years have not been kind.

  • Dr. Zahedi - Enoch doesn’t have many scientists, so Zahedi’s quite unique. He’s dedicated to helping humanity escape their desperate situation and will help you out with weapons mods and crafting.

  • Bailey - poor Bailey has been forced into your team by Corrigan, the leader of Trench Town, and she’s not exactly thrilled about the situation. Even so, she’ll help you out by selling and buying weapons in certain areas.

New Pyromancer abilities were revealed

We’ve talked before about the Pyromancer - of all the classes you can play as in Outriders, it’s definitely the most explosive.

The second Outriders Broadcast took a deep-dive into these flaming warriors, showing you how Pyromancers fight, heal and use their abilities of fire and combustion to lay waste to their enemies.

In Outriders, the only way to heal is to play aggressively, and that’s especially true for this class. Whenever you set an enemy alight, they are marked with an icon - finishing them off will restore vitality to your character, so you’re encouraged to make your skills a core part of your gameplay style.

And what skills they are! The video demonstrated just some of the attacks at your disposal - there will be even more in the full game:

  • Thermal Bomb: Sets an enemy on fire and deals damage over time. If an enemy dies while under the effect of the bomb they’ll explode, damaging all around them - a great way to take down a mob of enemies all at once.

  • Ash Blast: This skill encases enemies around you in ash, making them unable to move or attack for a few seconds. Here’s a pro-tip - combo this with other skills to cause widespread destruction to your helpless foes.

  • Heatwave: Conjures a wall of flame that keeps enemies at bay and burns them to a crisp. The Pyromancer excels at mid-range, and this skill is useful for keeping enemies from getting too close.

  • Overheat: This deals a small amount of damage to enemies in a large radius. However, if they’re already burning, it will have much more of an effect. It combos well with lots of other abilities, making it an incredibly useful support skill too.

The Pyromancer has three upgrade paths

Every class in Outriders has different upgrade trees that you can mix and match to create the perfect build for your playstyle.

The Pyromancer’s upgrades fall into three categories: Ashbreaker, Fire Storm and Tempest

Ashbreaker upgrades will generally provide bonuses when attacking marked enemies, as well as boost Anomaly power. Fire Storm upgrades increase the effectiveness and damage output of skills, and the Tempest branch prioritizes survivability with health bonuses and damage reductions.

As you level up, you’ll gain Class Points to spend on these upgrades. You won’t get enough to fill out all the nodes, so you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to invest in (though you can respec if necessary, so don’t sweat it too much).

The campaign alone will take you 25 - 30 hours to complete

Finally, as is now becoming tradition, Outriders Community Manager Robbie Palmer took to the stage to answer some questions from the community. One question that came up is a common one: how long will Outriders be?

This is one of those questions that’s difficult to answer because everyone will play slightly differently. That said, if you focus purely the main campaign with a single class, the team estimates it will take you somewhere between 25 - 30 hours to get through the story.

If you engage in the additional content, like side quests, or monster hunts, It will take two or three times that long. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of game here.

Outriders is purely a single player and co-op game

One fan wanted to know if there would be arena battles or other player vs player (PvP) combat. In short, no. Outriders has specifically been designed as a PvE game. The team are laser-focused on creating a really strong single player and co-op experience.

You have multiple characters and classes on the same account

For all those wondering if you can multiple characters on a single account… of course you can. All players will have access to up to six character slots which they can fill with any class they want. Gear and weapons can even be shared between characters by means of an in-game stash.

As you can tell, Episode 2 of the Outriders Broadcast had no shortage of reveals - and we’re just getting started. Future episodes will show you even more about the game so trust us when we say you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Outriders releases for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Steam in December 2020. To stay up to date with news and information about this exciting project, make sure you follow the team on social media: