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5 super-satisfying moments in Square Enix games

We celebrate those parts of games that exist purely to make us feel happy
By Duncan Heaney

The little things matter.

Amid all the epic stories and high-flying action of Square Enix games, it’s worth taking a few seconds to appreciate the simple things that exist to just make us feel… good.

From fulfilling fanfares to memorable mechanics, games are full of moments that we find super-satisfying - here are just a few examples:

SaGa Scarlet Grace AMBITIONS - Unison Attacks

The most recent entry in the acclaimed SaGa series features one of the most tactically rich and enjoyable battle systems of any RPG.

But one mechanic in particular proves to be consistently rewarding - the unison attack.

Here’s how it works: during battles, a line of character portraits at the bottom of the screen indicates the turn order for both allies and enemies. If you eliminate a foe whose portrait is sandwiched between party members’, those allies will pile on the next enemy at the same time, in a brutal assault.

Unison attacks aren’t always easy to pull off - you’ll need to watch out for opportunities and think strategically to take full advantage of them.

But it’s worth doing because watching your whole party body a baddie is always… always satisfying.

Just Cause 4 - toggling tethers for total destruction

Just Cause 4 game Rico Rodriguez some fantastic new toys to play with, from rocket boosters to explosive balloons. But for my money, nothing beats the chaotic glee of the manual tethers.

As in previous games, Rico is able to connect two objects with a cable, affording all kinds of opportunities for physics fun. Just Cause 4 adds new functionality though - the ability to connect more tethers than ever, and manually contract them with a simple button press.

If you’re after a burst of pure, undiluted satisfaction, try wing suiting into an enemy stronghold and tethering destructible objects together. Connect a fuel tank to a radio tower, a satellite dish to a generator, and an explosive barrels to… well, other explosive barrels.

Next, get a bit of distance, hold the button to retract the tethers and let the fireworks begin. Within seconds, multiple objects will fly towards each other, in a frenzy of fire, sparks and crunching metal.

And as you watch the enemy stronghold crumble into chaos in mere seconds, make sure you allow yourself a self-satisfied smirk before you fly off to cause some more property damage.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers - A Fanfare Reborn

Who doesn’t love the famous FINAL FANTASY victory fanfare? However it’s used across the series - be it to mark the end of a difficult fight or simply celebrate success in a chocobo race - it’s a welcome reward for all your hard work.

But A Victory Fanfare Reborn - the version from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online… that one is particularly satisfying. I mean, just listen to it:

Imagine this: you’ve undertaken a raid (let’s say the new The Epic of Alexander Ultimate). After a strong start, your plans are now in tatters and your party scattered thanks to your foe’s relentless assault.

All seems lost, but then… a chance! Somehow you and your allies pull it together - strategies are made, plans enacted, and your battered, bruised band of adventurers scrape out a victory over their overpowered opponent.

After such a feat, you already feel great… and then the choir kicks in with this rousing fanfare - the cherry on top of this gratification sundae.

It’s just awesome.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution / Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - notifications of success

The Deus Ex series is all about giving the player choice in how they approach tasks - there’s no ‘correct’ way to play the game.

For example, some people may love to grab a shotgun and brute force their way to their objectives. Others might prefer to act as a silent predator, dispatching their enemies from the shadows as they explore a zone.

Personally, I like to become a ghost - sneaking through an area with no trace I was ever there. Well, if you don’t count all the stolen candy bars.

The point is, all are valid, and all are viable. But whichever you pick, you’ll be consistently rewarded with XP, and notifications that reveal what you’ve done to earn it.

In other words, the game explicitly rewards you for playing it in your own way - and that’s one heck of an incentive.

FINAL FANTASY XV - Gaining multiple levels at once

FINAL FANTASY XV handles leveling a little differently to most games in the series.

As you’d expect, Noctis and his chums will gain experience as they defeat enemies and complete quests, but to actually level up, they need to first take a break.

When the group hits a hotel or a campsite, all their hard-earned experience is distributed, and the characters grow stronger.

What’s great about this system is that it means that characters can gain multiple levels at once - particularly if you stay in a high-end hotel such as The Leville in Altissia or The Quayside Cradle in Galdin Quay.

These classy (and exorbitantly expensive) establishments can double or even triple your accumulated experience, almost guaranteeing a big power boost for the team.

It is supremely satisfying to watch each character’s progression bar fill over and over, and their levels shoot up dramatically, helped by some fantastically chunky sound effects that give it a sense of drama and ceremony.

In short, gaining multiple levels in FINAL FANTASY XV just feels really good. And the presence of that familiar FINAL FANTASY fanfare doesn’t hurt either!

So those were our picks, but what about you? What do you think are the most satisfying moments in games? Let us know in the comments or on social media:

5 acts of petty cruelty we’re responsible for in Square Enix games

Sometimes you just have to indulge your dark side.
By Duncan Heaney

Schadenfreude - a German word that means to take pleasure for someone else’s misfortune.

It’s something that many of us seek out in our games - the small, pointless and petty acts of cruelty that make us feel… satisfied. We attempt to ‘trick’ AI for comedic effect, find ways to make our heroes fall over, or just try to make them look silly.

Sometimes developers intentionally add opportunities into their games to accommodate these darker urges, but much of the time it’s up to the player to abuse or manipulate the mechanics in a way that was never intended. Usually for a laugh.

We’ve already talked about times games made us villains, but we thought it would be interesting to find out whether any of us at Square Enix HQ were jerks in games through choice. We quizzed the team and what we learned was… disturbing.

So here are 5 times we indulged our worst impulses in Square Enix games:

Tripping Vivi - FINAL FANTASY IX

Vivi is one of the most charming and likeable FINAL FANTASY characters. The young Black Mage is awkward, clumsy and desperately in need of a friend. Honestly, to be mean to Vivi would be akin to kicking a puppy - it’s just… wrong!

And yet, at least one person, who works for this very company, admits to torturing Vivi for his own entertainment.

In the city of Alexandria, right at the start of the game, Vivi can approach some kids and try to play jump rope. The aim is to leap over the rope as many times as possible, but this particular player, played over and over again to intentionally trip poor Vivi!

Why? Because he thought it was funny. We’re a bit scared of that person, to be honest.


Playing with your food - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

In the original PlayStation-era classic, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, many of the enemies you face are vampiric in origin.

To defeat them, and absorb their souls, your character Raziel must utilize traditional vampire-offing techniques. These include stakes through the heart, immersion in water, exposure to sunlight… all the classics.

Without a finisher though, enemies eventually get up ready for round two. The most efficient way to play is to use the environment to dispatch threats as quickly as possible, but… we have a villainous streak in us.

Some of us (okay, me) found it endlessly entertaining to beat the enemies to a pulp, but not deliver the final blow. Instead, we simply wait for them to recover, before slapping them back into a stunned state. Over and over again.

It’s clearly not the intended way to play, but it’s just cruel enough to satisfy that dark need for small, pointless acts of nastiness.

Read more:

Denying Prompto’s passion - FINAL FANTASY XV

This act of petty and unnecessary cruelty sits almost entirely in the head of the individual who suggested it, but it’s so weirdly well-considered, we have to mention it.

Prompto - and his photography - is one of the many highlights of FINAL FANTASY XV. He has a rich and compelling backstory and his quirky quips and snazzy snaps make him a genuine joy to have as a traveling companion. He’s just so… nice.

So naturally, one of the more cruel in the office admitted to an attempt to crush that spirit.

According to this member of the team, on his third playthrough, he decided to run a campaign of demoralization on the put-upon Prompto. Specifically, he decided to deny him any pleasure from his true love - photography.

Throughout the game, Prompto will show the gang pictures, ask to stop the car for a photo op, and even ask the player what they want him to take pictures of. In all cases, this player either ignored the request, showed disinterest (“whatever”), or actively denied him the opportunity. He even refused to look at the day’s pictures when he rested.

Prompto never showed any sign of disappointment, outside of the occasional groan when you deny him a picture. Throughout the adventure, he’s still the same cheerful Prompto - the game doesn’t care if you photo-block your friend.

But in this particular player’s head-canon, that upbeat attitude was masking a thick, rich seam of misery and despair.

All I can say is wow man… that’s dark.

Bullying the baddies - DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

We’ve all done this one.

In the early stages of an RPG like the DRAGON QUEST series, all monsters are a threat. Until you build up your experience, you have to keep your wits about you, because any attack could be your last.

So you fight and scrape your way through, use valuable restoratives and eventually make your way to the nearest church battered and bruised.

So there’s a certain sadistic satisfaction in going back to those areas when you’ve leveled up to teach each and every Slime and Dracky a little lesson about power. Let’s see how they like it.

There’s no real advantage to doing this - the experience gain is negligible and enemies don’t drop much valuable loot - so it’s all rather petty on our part. But oh boy, it feels good.

Rico-rolling - Just Cause 4

Rico Rodriguez has fought armies, taken down dictators and saved entire countries. But there’s one threat he’ll never be able to defeat… us.

One of the best features of the recent Just Cause 4 is the ability to keep Rico in a ragdoll state indefinitely. Essentially, if he takes a tumble, we can hold down a button and he won’t try to get up until gravity stops doing its thing.

It’s really satisfying to smash a wingsuiting Rico into a mountain, and make him tumble all the way down, bouncing over and over. And over again. All while poor Rico yelps out in pain and anguish. Mwahahaha!


You can enhance the effect further by activating the secret laughter track, making every pratfall sound like a cheesy studio sitcom.

It’s utterly undeserved, and yet endlessly compelling - though perhaps that says more about us than the game.

That was the team here, but what about you? Have you ever indulged your dark side like this, or are you above such things? Share your memories in the comments or on social media:

Just Cause 4: Complete Edition Now Available

Includes all content created for Just Cause 4 to date - as well as additional digital content
By Just Cause 4 Team

Today we’re pleased to reveal the ultimate JC4 bundle: The Just Cause 4 Complete Edition.

Just Cause 4: Complete Edition includes all content created for JC4 to-date. That means you get the base game, expansion pass, all Black Market packs and all other additional digital content like the player-designed ‘The Dragon’ gun.

It’s been almost a year since we launched Just Cause 4 and, in that time, we’ve released a lot of explosive new content. So to make coming into the world of JC4 easier for new players we’ve also revised the Standard and Gold editions!

New players picking up Just Cause 4 for the first time will now be able to choose from Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Just Cause 4 Gold and the Complete Edition.

Just Cause 4: Reloaded features the base game combined with additional deluxe content, such as the popular SkyStriker Wingsuit and the Neon Racer. We’ve also rolled this content into a revised Gold Edition.

Gold and Standard edition players will be able to purchase all Black Market vehicles in a bundle which will be discounted over the weekend.

For Steam users who want to upgrade their edition of Just Cause 4, you can do so by clicking on Reloaded, Gold or Complete bundles to complete the set. An automatic discount will be applied based on the edition of Just Cause 4 you currently own.

For this weekend, all PC Steam players can also jump in and try out Just Cause 4 Reloaded for free... starting from today until Monday, November 11th.

Reloaded, Gold and Complete editions of Just Cause 4 will also be discounted for a limited time, as well as the Black Market Pack.

Enjoy exploring the vast, explosive world of Solís!

The Just Cause 4 Team

5 spooky Square Enix games to play this Halloween

Looking for something a little scary for the Halloween season? Try these Scare Enix - er, we mean Square Enix - classics.
By Duncan Heaney

Halloween is nearly here, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be in the mood for something a little creepy.

Well, good news - there are plenty of titles in the Square Enix library that skew towards the dark and freaky. We’ve pick out some of the games that we think make perfect partners for this most sinister of seasons.

From morbid murder mysteries, to spooky shooty shenanigans, there’s sure to be something to satisfy even your most devilish desires.

Tokyo Dark

If you’re after a scary story this Halloween, you won’t find many tales as unsettling as Tokyo Dark’s.

Indie dev Cherrymochi marries point and click adventure games and visual novels in this dark and twisted mystery. The story focuses on Detective Ito and her search for her missing partner - an investigation that could have serious repercussions on her life and sanity.

…and that’s all we’re going to say about plot because this is a story where the twists and turns have real impact. As do your decisions - what you say and do has a big effect of the story.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Ronan O’Connor is hunting for a famous serial murderer: the Bell Killer. There’s just one problem - he’s one of the victims himself.

What better game for Halloween than one where you play as a ghost? Murdered: Soul Suspect puts you in the spectral shoes of the deceased detective, as you investigate crime scenes, explore the town of Salem and uncover the shocking secrets of its past.

Although being one of the departed is a little inconvenient for O’Connor, he does at least get some useful extra abilities like teleportation and the ability to possess people, read their thoughts and influence their minds.

Plus being a ghost means he can walk through walls - that makes getting around much more convenient!

Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios

The second DLC pack for Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios - adds some entertainingly spooky vibes to the high-octane series.

Main man Rico Rodriguez is no danger to amateur archeology, so a friends’ request to check out a dig site on Isla De Los Annilos seems like no big deal, right? Of course, what he doesn’t know is that the ancient necropolis is actually a device containing vicious insectoid demons.

Before long, the island’s swarming with… erm, swarms of glowing bugs, and neon plant monsters. It’s up to Rico to soar the skies and send the demons back where they came from. And also blow up a whole lot of stuff because… Just Cause.

It’s not going to scare you (if anything, those bugs should be scared of Rico!) but its frantic action and rich Halloween-y trappings make it a perfect play for this time of year.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - Nightmare in North Point

This horror-themed side story for Sleeping Dogs was originally released as DLC - but it’s included as standard in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition.

As if infiltrating the Hong Kong Triad as wasn’t difficult enough, Nightmare in North Point sees undercover cop Wei Shen forced to fend off the undead too.

The ruthless gangster Smiley Cat (don’t ask where he got the name because… yeesh) has risen from the underworld with an army of Jiang Shi - reanimated warriors who may be dead, but remember how to hit hard.

It’s up to Wei-Shen to seek out the power to take on the dead, uncover the motives for Smiley Cat’s thirst for vengeance and kick a lot of zombies in the face along the way.

Tomb Raider

The first entry in the most recent Tomb Raider trilogy (which concluded with Shadow of the Tomb Raider) isn’t a horror game in the traditional sense, but it’s a nightmare for the young Lara Croft.

Stranded on a deserted island, wounded and hunted by murderous cultists, Lara faces trial after trial. It’s a grueling gauntlet that pushes her to her limits, physically and mentally.

It also features some supremely creepy sections, such as when Lara encounters the Stormguard - undead samurai who still protect their former queen… let’s say assertively.

Over the course of the story, we see Lara Croft forged from student archaeologist into a tough and capable Tomb Raider. But the journey there is a intense, brutal adventure that’s perfect for a dark and stormy night.

Just Cause 4 Development Update: August 29, 2019

Find out what's next for Just Cause 4!
By The Just Cause 4 Team

JUST CAUSE 4: Danger Rising is now available now to Gold Edition and Expansion Pass Owners on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. All other users can get their hands-on Danger Rising next week on September 5th.

Danger Rising is the final act to the “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger” expansion pass. It’s the biggest addition to JUST CAUSE 4 since launch, featuring 9 new missions, new exciting gadgets, weapons, vehicles and a whole new way to traverse the amazing open world of Solis.

Here’s a brief look at what to expect with Danger Rising:

The Hoverboard

The Agency is coming at Rico with full high-tech force, however, Rico also has an ace up his sleeve! Introducing the hoverboard, a brand new traversal tool that pushes Rico’s capabilities to a completely new level! Take the hoverboard over land or sea whilst performing gravity-defying tricks. Try experimenting and combining the board with grapple hook, parachute and wingsuit. It’s a perfect fit for exploring and getting around the Isle of Solís in style!

The Agency

The Agency is back and brings the full force of their advanced tech and highly trained Agents to bear in their hunt for Rico and Sheldon. Agents grapple across the terrain, just like Rico, and attack from all angles, wielding hard-hitting weaponry unlike anything seen in JUST CAUSE 4 before.

Danger Rising also introduces new weapons & vehicles to the crazy JUST CAUSE 4 sandbox world. Blast enemies with the ultra-powerful Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, bend the laws of gravity with the Stormalong Em Zero magnesis rifle, or deploy your very own remote-controlled drone with the Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle.

Danger Rising Time zone release schedule

Here are the release timings for JUST CAUSE 4: Danger Rising Worldwide.

New Monthly challenge – Aerial Acrobatics

The latest JUST CAUSE 4 Free Challenge is now available –Aerial Acrobatics!!! Prove your skills in the air and take on this Wingsuit challenge to win the exclusive wingsuit and parachute skin shown below:

Black Market

The Black Market Adversary Assault Vehicle Pack is also now available, featuring the Black Hand Interceptor and VTOL Jet. The powerful VTOL Jet will decimate any Black Hand base with ease, whilst the rapid Black Hand Interceptor with its mounted machine guns will attract Black Hand enemies in the same vehicle for intense car chases!

Stunt Squad is BACK

Stunt Squad is back, the first round open to entrees now until October 1st. We will be running a competition once a month until early next year. The rules of Stunt Squad are the same, however the TOP 3 Stunts will now all receive the below package of Stunt Squad goodies!

If you are the number 1 Stunt, not only will you win the above prize package but be in the hall of fame on the Stunt Squad website.

Head over to https://justCause.com/stunt-squad now to submit your very best JUST CAUSE 4 stunts. Join the squad, become a legend.

Road Map

Not only can players expect Stunt Squad to continue, but Monthly challenges and Black Market Vehicle Packs will continue to be released.

Fixes made to date

Since we launched JUST CAUSE 4 in December last year, we have been listening to player feedback on the game attempting address the biggest issues being reported. Here’s a list of some the updates we have delivered to the game since launch:

  • Toggle for motion blur added
  • Improvements to world lighting – better vibrancy, lighting is far more richer and dynamic. Better night-time visibility and lighting in shadows
  • Better Air Combat against helicopters and drones
  • Improved Vegetation - improved shadow rendering, close range vegetation issue
  • Improved Water Effects – underwater visibility improved, better visual quality in rivers and water, better surface visibility when underwater, waves/ripples from boats/foam now visible, improvements to waterfalls, improved water wakes, fish spawn underwater
  • Anti Aliasing improvements
  • Stabilisation/Performance improvements
  • Improvements to the menu navigation
  • Improvements to AR Scanning feature
  • Improvements to the resolution on both Xbox One and PS4
  • Improvements to Black Hand AI
  • Destructible Black Hand Statues added to world
  • Destructible Metal Train Bridges added to world
  • Increased ammo capacity on all weapons
  • Day/Night Cycle adjusted
  • Added time-of-day adjusting Avalanche Studios Deck Chairs
  • New Mobile Chaos objects added to world
  • Added free challenges and parachute/wingsuit skins
  • Added free JUST CAUSE 3_and JUST CAUSE 2 Rico skins
  • Added free legacy items – Cluster Bomb Launcher, Rubber Ducky Vehicle, Tuk Tuk Boom Boom, “Chevalier Ice Breaker" Ice Cream Van
  • Various bug fixes

We’d like to thank all Just Cause 4 players for their patience and constructive, helpful feedback on the game, as we try to make JUST CAUSE 4 the very best JC experience to-date.

— The Just Cause Team

There are plenty of new additions coming to Just Cause 4 in the near future!

Following fan feedback we’re pleased to confirm that the day/night cycle will be adjusted. Players can now expect night-time to last longer whilst exploring Solís.

Not only will we be making changes to the day/night cycle in Just Cause 4, we’re pleased to reveal that throughout the world players will be able to change the time of day quickly by sitting down in new Avalanche Studios deck chairs. These deck chairs can be found scattered across Solís. Rico will be joined by wild animals when watching the world go by, so get ready to enjoy the sunset with your new goat pals.

This update will be arriving in August.


Have you tried the new free challenges in Just Cause 4 yet? New challenges will unlock each month, with exclusive Wingsuit and Parachute skins as prizes! Chaos Chase is the next challenge, coming soon. We will be releasing new challenges every month until mid-2020. Depending on how much destruction you’ve been causing, you might even find that you’ve completed the requirements of the Chaos challenge immediately as it becomes available! Once a challenge is available you can find them marked on your map, or find information in the brand new Challenge page in the main menu.

Black Market - Soaring Speed Vehicle Pack

We’re excited to reveal the latest addition to the Black Market – the Soaring Speed Vehicle pack! Included in this vehicle pack is the agile Flying Car and the effortlessly stylish Hot Rod! This pack will be available for purchase to all Just Cause players July 25th. Keep an eye out for the first gameplay of these two vehicles in-action on our social channels.

What’s coming up

Here’s what Just Cause 4 players can expect over the next few months. Further information on August/September content will be revealed closer to their release.

We will be revealing more on the last instalment of the Expansion Pass, ‘Danger’, soon. Stay tuned! Thanks again for your continued support of Just Cause 4.

— The Just Cause Team

Just Cause 4 Development Update: June 25, 2019

New free content arrives along with new DLC Packs
By Just Cause 4 Team

Today we’re excited to reveal the latest content release for Just Cause 4 we’re calling the Trials, Toys and Terror update, available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Los Demonios is available to Gold and Early Access Members tomorrow).

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from our latest update to Just Cause 4:

Free challenges

Free challenges have been added to the world of Solís. We have added a whole host of these across the island, which will be updated all year on a monthly basis, encouraging new creative and challenging ways of playing Just Cause 4. Completing these challenges will reward players with exclusive wingsuit and parachute skins, like the below:

Rico ‘Just Cause 2’ Rodriguez skin:

Clean shaven Rico is back to cause babyface chaos. Bring back the nostalgic Panau vibes to Solís - this Free Skin is available now via the Customisation menu, along with double denim Just Cause 3 Rico! What ensemble will you equip to bring stylish destruction to Solís?

Los Demonios:

The second DLC2 pack for Just Cause 4 brings a demonic infestation to the world of Just Cause 4. Los Demonios will challenge the very best Just Cause players, so grab your demonic crossbow and jump into the infestation!

“Los Demonios is both a return to the liberation style gameplay and the introduction of supernatural foes for the first time in JUST CAUSE” said Bryan Rodriguez, Creative Producer at Avalanche Studios. “You will be faced with the most challenging content in the game in Los Demonios, and players will need to bring their A-game if they want to defeat the demons and save Solís from certain doom!”

Los Demonios is out for Gold Edition and Expansion Pass owners TOMORROW, and July 3, 2019 for everyone else. Check out the trailer for Los Demonios below:

Here are the release timings for Los Demonios:

The Black Market

Looking for additional vehicles to add to your arsenal? Check out the all-new Black Market store. Launching with the Black Market is the Toy Vehicles pack, featuring miniature sized versions of Tank, Boat and the Jet! These mini vehicles take the chaos to hilarious levels, as black hand units respond with their own toy vehicles.

Grow your collection of incredible vehicles that will add new crazy abilities and destructive powers to your tool set, with new vehicle packs available each month via the Black Market store.

We hope you enjoy the Trials, Toys and Terror update to Just Cause 4!

The Just Cause Team

5 videogames we’d love to take a vacation in

Take a welcome break with these gaming getaways
By Duncan Heaney

Whew! I don’t know about you, but after all that E3 excitement, we could use a bit of a vacation. But where to go?

Fortunately, the worlds of Square Enix games are full of wonderful resorts that perfectly positioned to help you get away from it all.

So let us play travel agent and show you some of our most primo vacay spots.

A beach break in Costa del Sol - FINAL FANTASY XIV: Online

You may be thinking: “Hold on - isn’t Costa Del Sol in Spain?” Or perhaps you assume we’re talking about getting the ferry from Junon.

Well, both are wrong. We’re actually thinking about the Costa Del Sol in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’s Hydaelyn.

This warming wonderland has everything you could want out of a beach resort - sun, sea, sand, and a soundtrack that just screams “relax” (but, y’know, screams it in a really chilled out way).

There’s lots to do here too. Why not hang out on the beach with friends, go fishing, or have a swim in the sky-blue sea? There’s quite a banquet to be had too, if you don’t mind doing a little legwork.

It’s a little slice of paradise - and the ideal place for a weary Warrior of Light to take a well-earned break before diving into FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers.

A road trip in Solís - Just Cause 4

Sometimes all you want to do is jump in a car, and hit the road - and Just Cause 4’s Solís has plenty to choose from.

The nature of the road trip is entirely up to you. We recommend you jump into a comfortable sedan and just drive - head off in a random direction and see where you end up.

Perhaps you’ll reach a rustic village, or find a lovely coastal road to enjoy. Most likely you’ll end up in an exploding military base full of angry people trying to kill you, but hey - that’s part of the fun of a road trip, right? …let’s just say it is.

If you want your vacation to be a bit more focused, you can check out the many stunt spots littered across Solís - they encourage you to drive fast, and try out different cars and bikes. But for maximum vehicular thrills, we suggest the island of Isla Santuario.

Added in the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC, this landmass is crisscrossed with twisty-turny tarmac that will get any driving enthusiast’s engines revving.

Not only can you engage in three very different type of driving challenges, including neon-drenched checkpoint races and explosive rampages, you also get to keep the cars!

A city break in Altissia - FINAL FANTASY XV

Road trips and adventures are all well and good, but if you’re anything like me, you prefer something a little more sedate. A city break fits the bill perfectly, and I can’t think of many places as well-suited as FINAL FANTASY XV’s Altissia.

This bustling city is a tourist’s dream. The architecture is absolutely stunning, with beautiful bridges over sparkling canals, ornate houses, and a towering colosseum.

It’s a pleasure to explore, but if you’re in need of more structured activities, there’s plenty to do - you can test your bravery in the arena, check out a beautiful wedding dress exibit, or go shopping in the expansive market.

When it’s time to go to bed, you’ll get a great night’s sleep in the Leville Hotel. The best rooms are pricey, but you’ll wake up feeling at least three times better than you did the day before.

And then there’s the food… oh man, the food. Lasagna is a popular local dish, but if you really want to push the gondola out, fine caviar canapes are definitely the way to go.

…you might have to sell your house to afford it though.

Of course, there’s an even more immersive way to take a trip to the world of FINAL FANTASY XV…

A fishing trip in Eos - Monster of the Deep: FINAL FANTASY XV

While most games let you imagine being somewhere else, virtual reality game Monster of the Deep: FINAL FANTASY XV makes you experience it.

With VR, you can inhabit Eos like nothing else. You’re not just witnessing the world through a screen - you’re actually in it. The real world melts away, and it’s just you, your fishing rod, and your new best bud Noctis.

You can spend hours (and I have) just sitting by a lake, letting the sights and sounds of the world wash over you. Aside from the occasional crossbow battle with daemon fish, it’s pure peace and relaxation - just as a vacation should be.

Take your mind off things in Lostime - Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!

Some people take a vacation to get away from their troubles. We all face stress - at home, at work or at school… a trip is a welcome chance to take your mind off it for a while.

There’s one thing we can guarantee about a vacation in Lostime - you’ll definitely forget about your troubles. We mean that literally - every time the bell in the center of town chimes, people in town lose their memories.

You have to hope a plucky chocobo restores your memories at some point, but for a while at least, it would be wonderful to experience such blissful ignorance and peace of mind.

Those are just some ideas for where to take a break - but which game locations would you choose to take a vacation in?

Let us know in the comments or on social media - and check the blog every day for more news and articles.

Just Cause 4 Development Update: May 21, 2019

Just Cause 4’s Spring Update Released, Los Demonios Announced.
By The Just Cause 4 Team

After listening to the Just Cause community, we wanted to release an update with a number of improvements and additions that you have been asking for.

Since December, we have been patching the game, squashing bugs and tweaking existing assets/content. We are proud to say that the Spring Update patch not only brings further improvements, but for the first time we are also adding free content to the world of Just Cause 4.

Here’s a preview of some of the improvements as part of the Spring Update:

Improvements to World Lighting

World lighting has been significantly improved, global lighting presets have been tuned and materials modified to provide better visibility to players and make the world look more vibrant. See some visual examples of the improvements we have made below:

Lighting is richer and far more dynamic, bouncing off the world realistically. Notice the foliage on the far left is more vibrant and picks up more of the world lighting due to the material updates.

Visibility at night has been significantly improved. Black Hand units are far easier to identify in night time conditions.

Vegetation and the various biomes in Just Cause 4 feel significantly more vibrant in colour, making Solís feel truly alive and varied in landscape.

Destructible Black Hand Statues

Perhaps our most satisfying new content in the spring update is the addition of destructible Black Hand Statues. Will you tear these statues down with your grapple hook? Perhaps use Airlifters to turn them into a floating aircraft? We can’t wait to see all the creative ways players will bring these statues down! The Statues can be found throughout Solís.

Improved Black Hand Combat

Black Hand Combat Vehicle AI has been significantly improved in the Spring Update. The private military are far more aggressive. Jets can engage with you in dogfights, helicopters are more evasive, drones are less crash prone and vehicles will attempt to ram you off the road. Black Hand patrols in Solís have also been increased so get ready for an explosive challenge!

New Mobile Chaos Objects

The roads and skies of Solís now feature mobile chaos objects being transported by truck or Sky Crane, allowing for even more opportunities for destructive chaos. Just how will you use this new portable explosive opportunity?

Destructible Metal Train Bridges

Solís’ metal Train bridges will now explode and break off into large and small fragments, as trains fly off their tracks causing insane carnage.

We have a lot more included in this update, such as increased ammunition for all weapons and various bug fixes. The Spring Update ensures that Just Cause 4 is now the most explosive game in the series to-date.

  • All images are captured on a high end PC

New DLC announced

Today we’re also confirming our second DLC for expansion pass owners: Los Demonios.

In Los Demonios, an ancient demonic force has invaded Solís, with only Rico and an all-new demon killing crossbow up to the challenge of stopping them.

Full patch notes

Here’s the full list of patch notes for all platforms:

All Platforms (Unless stated otherwise)

  • Improved Lighting in Shadow
  • Made tweaks to the world lighting presets
  • Improved Night-time Visibility
  • New Black Hand Destructible Statue
  • New Sky Crane and Black Hand Truck carrying Chaos Objects
  • New Destructible Train Bridges
  • Increased Ammo Capacity on Most Weapons
  • More Aggressive Black Hand Vehicle Combat
  • Better Air Combat Against Helicopters and Drones
  • Increased Black Hand Patrols in Solís
  • Increased Trains in the World
  • Streamlined the Supply Drop UI
  • Supply Drop pilot panel now displays loadout for each pilot
  • Added an "AR" icon when AR Mode is activated
  • Changed the Operations unlock description from "Pre-Requisites" to "Requirements"
  • Increased LOD Distance on Blue Electrical Spark VFX
  • Fixed an issue with the Frontline Mist VFX
  • Added a more Explosive Destruction VFX to the Turret
  • Fixed LOD on the Dirigibles
  • Fixed a bug causing Overlapping Text when Continuing a Save after Starting a New Save
  • On the Store Page, the Reload Function will now work after a Connected Standby
  • General Bug Fixes

  • Added a Button Conflict Prompt when Remapping is Not Allowed (PC Only)

  • On the Store Page, the Reload Function will now work after a Connected Standby (Xbox One Only)

A closer look at Just Cause 4: Dare Devils of Destruction

What exactly do you get in Just Cause 4 Dare Devils of Destruction? We take a deep dive into the DLC.
By Duncan Heaney

In the main Just Cause 4 campaign, Rico Rodriguez cemented his total dominance of the sky - and even the weather itself.

The first DLC pack, Dare Devils of Destruction, brings the wing-suited wonder back down to earth with a bang - now it’s time to dominate the roads.

But what exactly does that entail? After a weekend of dedicatedly devouring the DLC, I can definitively deliver the answer - cars, carnage and utter insanity. If you thought Just Cause 4 was crazy… well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

So let’s take a closer look at Dare Devils of Destruction, the content it contains, and the most extreme stuff you can get up to.

What’s included in Dare Devils of Destruction?

Rico’s campaign against Espinosa’s tyrannical regime isn’t popular with everyone. Previously, three gangs controlled the black market in Solís, bringing forbidden goods to the people, but thanks to the Army of Chaos, business has taken a hit.

The bosses of the gangs get to together and determine that they need to size up Rico, and see if he can earn their respect. And what better way to do so, than by inviting him to their hidden island, Isla Santuario, where he can participate in the most insanely dangerous forms of motorsport imaginable?

Specifically, Rico can partake in three different disciplines - each one run by the different gangs:


Rampage is all about maximum vehicular violence. You’ll have a set amount of time to destroy as many targets as possible in an arena - from cardboard cutouts of the Black Hand, to your rivals themselves.

To help you do this, you can pick from a wide selection of vehicles, including 4x4s, pick-ups, and - my personal favorite - a wind cannon-equipped monster truck.


Neon lights, shredding guitars and extreme stunts are all hallmarks of Run.

This mode requires you to drive through checkpoints at ludicrous speeds, usually in extreme weather - all while fending off assaults by your fellow drivers. You’ll drive off sheer drops, dodge lightning, leap through rings… drive like a madman, essentially.


This discipline is all about getting to the end in one piece - and that’s not easy because you face a gauntlet.

Unlike other modes, there aren’t any other drivers to avoid, but don’t think that makes it easy - instead you’ll have to deal with landmines, wrecking balls and rings of fire.

Take it from me - these challenges descend into the type of explosive chaos that the Just Cause series does so well, and it makes them a blast to play (pun fully and unashamedly intended).

What else does Dare Devils of Destruction add to the game?

So that covers what you’ll be doing… but what about where? And what carries over to the rest of the game?

Here’s an overview of what’s available:

New island: Isla Santuario

The DLC adds a new island to the map, just off the west coast of Solís - Isla Santuario. If there are two defining features of this new plot of land, it’s hills and roads. Also fire and explosions - but those two things tend to follow ol’ Rico around anywhere he goes.

Read more:

The roads are of particular interest - they spaghetti around the island, allowing for loads of different track configurations for challenges. They also seem to have been designed by a madman - more than one track leads you off a sheer cliff. Seems crazy to me, but hey - I’m no transport planner.

New vehicles

Completing challenges in Dare Devils of Destruction will unlock new vehicles that you can drop anywhere in Solís. These souped-up rides all have one thing in common - they’re armed to the teeth with crazy weaponry.

I’ve already mentioned the wind cannon-equipped monster truck - but that’s just one of the 16 tools of destruction you’ll have at your fingertips. We’re talking shotgun-equipped 4x4s, dune buggies with machine guns and sedans with rear-mounted grenade launchers.

What’s more, each vehicle can be upgraded based on your performance in Dare Devil of Destruction’s various challenges. It all adds up to a whole new way to cause chaos.

The Excorpión

It would be remiss not to mention one more very special vehicle - the Excorpión.

This muscle car is very much Rico’s, and over the course of the DLC you’ll be able to build it up into a tool with near-unprecedented destructive potential. We’re talking shotguns, wheel spikes… even a jet engine on the back for speed.

How do you get Dare Devils of Destruction?

Dare Devils of Destruction is available to buy now on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you have the Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass, you’ll be able to download it from the respective store right now.

The Expansion Pass also gives you access to future Just Cause 4 DLC packs Los Demonios and Agency Strikes Back. Follow our Dev Updates to stay up to date with all the news about them.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Just Cause 4 Dare Devils of Destruction DLC as a standalone release for £6.49 / $7.99 from Steam, the PlayStation Store or Xbox Games Store now.

Just Cause 4: Dare Devils Of Destruction announced

Destroy. Drive. Survive.
By The Just Cause 4 team

Today marks the unveiling of the adrenaline fuelled Dare Devils of Destruction DLC for Just Cause 4, releasing April 30th 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Dare Devils of Destruction is included in the Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass, and Gold Edition purchasers will receive 7 days early access on April 23rd.

Rico Rodriguez gears up for a high-octane adventure in Dare Devils of Destruction as he burns rubber and shreds metal in this celebration of violent vehicular mayhem.

You can watch the trailer here:

What's in the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC?

Put the pedal to the metal, earn the respect of rival gangs and take on three deadly challenge modes across 15 explosive new missions.

  • Survival: Speed through a gauntlet of landmines, wrecking balls and rings of fire in this ultimate drive for survival. Destroy obstacles along the way and race towards the checkpoints to secure victory.

  • Run: Drive through extreme weather and master high-speed stunts in Run. Obliterate your rivals with a variety of weapons as you try to cross the finish line!

  • Rampage: Master the art of destruction and create carnage within this explosive arena. Reduce targets and rival drivers to scrap metal to achieve the high score!

Destroy. Drive. Survive.

Completing new missions unlocks over 16 all-new weaponized vehicles that you can drop in to Solis at a moment’s notice. Experience new levels of destruction, attack missions in never-before-seen ways, employ new tactics against the forces of the Black Hand and cause pure mayhem in the world of Solís.

For more information on the Gold Edition visit: http://justcause.com/buy-now

For exclusive news and information visit: https://www.youtube.com/justcausegame

Just Cause 4 Development Update: April 12, 2019

The Just Cause team provides a quick blog update about the latest patch
By The Just Cause 4 team

Hi all,

We have a small update this week as we continue to make improvements to Just Cause 4. We are pleased to confirm a new patch for both console and PC will be released today. This patch will address a number of issues that some of you may have encountered while playing JC4.

Featured in this patch are:

-Various bug fixes

-Added a Legend to Solís Map Screen

-AR Scanning Visual Improvements

-Increase Location Discovery Ranges: Increased the range at which Rico needs to be to "discover" a location so that it appears on the map.

-Various other small tweaks to menus

This patch also prepares Just Cause 4 for the launch of our upcoming DLC. For fans asking for more info on our Expansion Pass, please stay tuned, as tomorrow we’ll have big news on this!

The Just Cause Team

Just Cause 4 Development Update: April 2, 2019

An update from the team, and an exclusive look at the first DLC
By The Just Cause 4 team

First, a big thank you to everyone that’s tuned in for each Just Cause 4 Developer Blog Update. We really appreciate all of the support you have shown us, and we will continue to post these blogs as we deliver more updates to the game.

We can confirm that further patches and content is coming to Just Cause 4. The team has been working hard on these future updates to the game, as we continue to listen to player feedback, aiming to address the most requested improvements to the game as quickly as possible.

We additionally have a separate team working on our upcoming DLC content. We will soon have more to reveal on the Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass, but for now, we’d like to show an exclusive glimpse at our first Expansion Pass content:

We will continue to update and improve Just Cause 4 and we’re pleased to confirm that the next few updates will bring some additional content! More on that at a later date. Stay tuned!

The Just Cause Team

Just Cause 4 Development Update: March 7, 2019

The team talks fixes to the game, free skins and future content
By The Just Cause 4 team

Hey everyone,

As we mentioned in our last blog post, we are eager to share more behind the scenes information about the future updates to Just Cause 4. Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement in response to this news!

The team is ready to launch a new console update. Xbox and PlayStation users can expect this patch to roll out today. Included in this patch is the latest water effects and anti-aliasing improvements. PC players will receive a similar update later this week, along with additional features such as Chroma Keyboard support. Follow @JustCause on Twitter for the latest news on this!

Here are the patch notes for PS4/Xbox One:

  • Performance improvements
  • Water improvements
  • Vegetation improvements
  • New anti-aliasing system
  • New 4K rendering solution
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated Customization menu
  • JC3 Rico Skin (Legacy Item)

You can see the improvements to anti-aliasing in the below image:

(Above images captured on Xbox One)

We’ve also added a little gift for all you double denim fans out there. Included in the patch update is a free Legacy Item – The Just Cause 3 Rico outfit! This is just one of the free Legacy Items we have planned. We hope to share more about Legacy Items soon. You can access the JC3 Rico skin from the updated customisation menu.

We know that a lot of fans have asked about DLC and future content for Just Cause 4. We have put together a roadmap that shows some of the upcoming updates to the game. We will of course be sharing news on DLC3 and other content down the line closer to their launch. Please note that some of these timings may change but we will keep you up-to-date via this blog.

As you can see, we’ve split this timeline between free and premium content. As well as the expected DLC packs we’re also going to be releasing more legacy item updates for free, and continuing to patch updates into the game.

We are also pleased to reveal that we’ll be launching a free monthly challenge program starting with the launch of DLC2. These Monthly Challenges will test even the most skilled JC players. Completing each challenge will earn you cosmetic rewards for your wingsuit & parachute – we will be talking more about Monthly Challenges closer to launch.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

The Just Cause team

Just Cause 4: Development Update

The team's working on improving vegetation, water and more.
By The Just Cause 4 Team

Firstly, to all fans that have played and provided feedback on Just Cause 4, thank you for your continued support. We actively read feedback and pass it on to the development team.

One thing we’re keen to do is share more with you, the JC community, about the development of the game. Here’s what we’ve been working towards lately and what to expect from future patches for Just Cause 4. Don’t worry – this blog will focus on production and won’t include any Just Cause spoilers!

So what’s been going on recently at Avalanche? Today we released a small PC update that fixed a broken Just Cause 4 achievement.

We’re also pleased to say that work on the future updates to Just Cause 4 has been going well. Visual upgrades have been a core focus for the team here in order to deliver the most immersive Solís experience possible.

Here’s a preview of some of the changes we’ve been working on for the next couple of updates to Just Cause 4:

Improved vegetation

Vegetation-related fixes have been a primary objective for the team. As you can see in the image below, medium-sized rainforest vegetation now renders shadows, regardless of its distance from Rico. Previously, in the range shown in the below image, many of the smaller shrubs wouldn’t have any shadows.

A separate issue related to the fade effect on vegetation close to the camera has now been fixed. Previously, this effect would cause visibility issues when walking through vegetation or tethering to vehicles, but now it applies to bark and smaller shrubs, instead of just large plants' foliage.

Improved water effects

The team has also focused on improving the visual quality of rivers and water in Just Cause 4.

One of the key improvements has been underwater visibility - underwater tonal colours have been fixed, rays of light and ambient light now match the surface, and we’ve fixed river surface visibility when underwater, so waves/ripples from boats/foam are visible when Rico’s submerged!

Waterfalls now exit rivers in a more realistic manner (we’ve removed particles in the below screenshot to show what's behind the waterfall:

There have been various other graphical fixes to JC4 rivers, such as improved foam and water wakes generated by boats, to fish now spawning underwater.

More improvements to come

These are just some of the improvements we’re currently working on. We’re going to continue our efforts to provide even more fixes for JC4, such as stabilisation improvements, 4K checkerboard rendering on consoles and more. Avalanche are also looking to overhaul the anti-aliasing solution, in order to improve the overall visual fidelity and remove some of the noise that can become apparent in high contrast lighting.

Our team is working very hard to ensure we can deliver the patch work you have requested to the highest quality and as soon as possible. These Developer Blog Updates will hopefully shine a light on some of that work and give you an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. We hope you find them interesting and useful!

We look forward to sharing more of our progress with you soon and hope that you’re excited to find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes here!

The Just Cause Team

All screenshots in this blog post were captured on a high end PC with a GeForce GTX 1070 and i7-6700K.

Just Cause 4: how to use the wingsuit like a pro

Learn how to traverse the skies of Solís with grace and style with these useful tips.
By Duncan Heaney

The wingsuit’s one of the best ways to get around Just Cause 4’s massive world - it’s fast, fun and fluid… but it does take a bit of practice to truly master.

Fortunately, we’ve put together some top tips to help you on your way. Follow this advice, and you’ll soon soar around Solís like a majestic eagle.

1. Be gentle with the controls

Rico Rodriguez is not exactly known for subtlety, but the wingsuit requires a gentle touch. The smallest movement of the analogue stick, or the lightest touch on the keyboard, is enough to change your flight path.

To stay on track, dodging trees and other obstacles, you need to make regular, gentle course corrections. Wide sweeps left and are likely to plough you into a rock or send you the wrong way - so save the big movements for when you need to make a sharp turn!

2. Wingsuit from a grapple for maximum momentum

It’s important to know how to get into the air with speed right out of the gate - and like many situations in Just Cause 4, the grapple is your best friend.

Simply use the grapple to launch yourself along the ground, or upwards towards an obstacle. Then, simply activate the wingsuit, and Rico will transfer that momentum into flight. Shouting “Wheee!” as you do so is optional, but recommended.

3. Use your parachute to get some height

Rico’s biggest enemy isn’t Oscar Espinosa or Gabriela Morales - it’s gravity. You can fly around for a while in Just Cause 4, but sooner or later you’ll lose momentum and plummet face-first into the ground.

Fortunately, Rico isn’t a one trick pony - he has his trusty parachute tucked away. Simply switch to the parachute and Rico will shoot up into the air. Then, reactivate your wingsuit and you can keep going - you might even gain a little momentum in the process.

It’s great for extending flight time, getting over large obstacles like mountains, and getting back to shore quickly if you lose momentum over water.

Basically, flipping between wingsuit and parachute (and vice versa) is one of the most useful skills in the game - so get used to doing it!

4. Wind is your friend

In real life, wind is a problem. It’s cold, knocks over the trash, and makes people not want to sit next to you on trains.

But in Just Cause 4, wind is just the best. For example, throughout Solís are wind pockets that can give your wingsuit time a serious boost.

Alternatively you can go full Wizard of Oz and dive headfirst into a tornado, then use the centrifugal force to build up speed and slingshot into the air. Admittedly it’s only useful in a few scenarios, but it sure is fun.

5. Stay close to the ground and use your grapple to stay aloft

The key to long wingsuit runs is to stay close to the ground. Not in a metaphorical “stay out of trouble” way - that ain’t Rico’s style - we mean literally stay within easy reach of the floor.

Connect your grapple to part of the environment, be it the ground, a tree, a building or even a car, and you’ll get a speed burst that will keep you in the air. Smart use of the grapple can keep you airborne indefinitely.

There are risks, of course. The lower you go, the more chance you have to careen into a tree or building, but if you can master the ebb and flow of low-level flight, you’re well on your way to becoming a wingsuit master.

6. Grapple boost while using the wingsuit for a high-risk speed burst

If you’re really brave you can also speed up your grapple with a press of the left trigger - do it right and Rico will spin and shoot forward with incredible speed.

This is a seriously dangerous move - hit a tree or a wall and Rico’s probably not going to get up again. But if you nail it… oh boy, is it satisfying!

7. Pull back to clear cliffs and obstacles - and do tricks

So you’re zooming towards a hill - how do you get past it? Simple - use your grapple and tilt yourself upwards. Provided the incline’s not to tall or steep, Rico should sail right over.

It’s a considerably riskier maneuver than using the parachute to clear obstacles, but it also means you keep your momentum going and your speed up.

If you can remain fast, you can also pull back in the air to do tricks like spins and vertical loops. Just make sure you have enough space available, or poor Rico’s going to be nursing more than a few bruises.

8. Do the wingsuit challenges

There are wingsuit courses all over Solís, that let you test your skills. Some are simple runs of a few rings, others are risky gauntlets that will force you to use every trick you have to succeed.

Each one gives you points towards upgrading your grapple, but that’s not the only reason it’s worth doing them. Perhaps even more importantly, they’ll also build your skills and help you master the control scheme.

Speaking of which…

9. Change the controls if you need to

Some people like inverted flight options - where you push down to go up. Others find it mind-bending and unintuitive.

If you’re find that you’re struggling with the default controls, don’t be afraid to change them. You can do it in the options menu - experiment and find a control scheme you’re comfortable with.

10. Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t obsess about trying to ‘git good’. The Just Cause series is all about having fun, so just relax and enjoy the ride. Remember - the more you fail, the more you learn, so while your first few flights might end with poor Rico scraping his forehead across a cliff face, you’ll eventually be zipping around Solís with grace and style.

And if not, who cares - watching Rico flail helplessly down a mountain is always funny. Especially if you add a laughter track…

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These Just Cause 4 Easter Eggs will blow your mind

Some a-moo-sing secrets that just scream “Take on me”
By Duncan Heaney

It can be difficult to notice between the stunts, tornadoes and endless explosions, but the island of Solís is packed with secrets and Easter Eggs.

The Just Cause team put together this fantastic video showcasing some of the most entertaining in the game. If you can stop blowing things up for a few seconds (and we appreciate that’s a difficult ask), you might just be able to find them yourselves…

Not able to watch? Here’s a rundown of some of my personal favorites:

1. The gun that turns things into cows

You may think this secret is a load of bull - and you’d be right!

Hidden on a small farm in north-east Vaivenes is a very special gun. How special? It turns enemies into cows.

Yes - some games have freeze rays, but Just Cause 4 has a Friesian ray.

It’s amazing fun to embrace the spirit of 90s catchphrases and charge around Solís shouting things like “Cowabunga!” and “Don’t have a cow man!”, and honestly, that would be enough to make it worth it - but no, there’s more.

The alt-fire function on the gun is even better - it turns Rico into a cow too. I mean, if you’re looking to beef up the main character, that’s one way to do it.

2. Step into an 80s music video

If you’re a fan of classic 80s music… well, who isn’t a fan of classic 80s music?

In the town of Vista Futura, in the Abundancia region of Solís, is a building that looks like it’s under construction. When you get near, you may notice a faint rendition of A-ha’s classic Take On Me playing in the background.

Grapple up to the roof and enter the building and Rico will enter a version of the classic Take On Me music video - complete with black and while line drawing visuals, a window to the ‘real world’ and a dancing woman.

3. Turn Just Cause 4 into the world’s most violent sitcom

So you’re soaring majestically over Solis, when you suddenly faceplant into the side of a mountain. It’s always funny when it happens, but do you know what would make it even better? A laughter track, of course.

That’s exactly what this secret gives you. Back in Vaivenes, in the town of Joya Del Sol, is a slightly creepy clown poster. It’s on the back of a building in the fun fair - you’ll have to move a dumpster to find it.

Shoot the poster, and you’ll activate a laugh track that activates every time Rico ragdolls. That means every time you’re blown up, hit by a car, or fly headfirst into a solid object, the audience will crack up as if they’re watching it live.

It essentially turns the game into a cheesy studio sitcom - sort of like the Big Bang Theory, just with more broken bones.

That’s just the tip of a very entertaining iceberg - there are even more Easter Eggs discussed in the video, and map locations to find them, and some we still haven’t even touched on.

But which have you found, and which do you like most? Share your thoughts in the comments, and with Just Cause on Twitter. And check out the Just Cause YouTube channel for even more great videos:

Just Cause on YouTube

The first round of the Just Cause Stunt Squad competition is over and… well, frankly I’m blown away.

And a bit down if I’m honest - I mean, you go through life thinking you’re good at Just Cause 4, and then you see skills like this:

Congratulations to everyone who made the cut - particularly winner EV_Cartman who took the daily grind to a whole new level. Enjoy your swag - you earned it.

And well done to everyone else who took part. But you know - that’s just a small taste of the amazing stunts that were submitted.

BONUS: Some of the ones that got away

Unfortunately, a few submissions were from regions ineligible to take part in Stunt Squad. But even though they couldn’t win, we wanted to give them their due anyway, because some of them were absolutely spectacular - see for yourselves!

The runaway train goes down the… mountain? - by the lesi

This action sequence from YouTuber the lesi is absolutely insane. A train derailment is merely the beginning - soon Rico’s surfing down a mountain at insane speeds, zipping between disintegrating carriages and debris, all while blowing up the Black Hand. It’s like every action movie set piece rolled into one and it is glorious. Bravo.

Zip and Flip - by TheNiktheninja

Round and round and round it goes. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

Actually, I do and it’s pretty crate.

No runway? No problem - by ThePyrotechnician

So, you want to get a plane in the sky but you don’t have a runway - what do you do?

Well, all you need is a speedboat, a grappling hook and some serious skills.

Sportive Double Bump Building - by MonkeyDTony

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s… wait, is that a car?!

MonkeyDTony gets some serious air and finds the perfect parking spot.

You can take part in Stunt Squad!

If you think you’ve got serious stunt skills, then you could join the Just Cause 4 Stunt Squad.

Simply submit your videos, and they may be shared with the millions of Just Cause fans around the world. And if glory’s not incentive enough, you also may be able to win exclusive prizes too (terms and conditions apply)!

So come on - show us what you got! You can submit stunts to https://justcause.square-enix-games.com/en-gb/stunt-squad/submit.

Something for the weekend - take a break from January with Just Cause 4

This weekend, escape the doldrums with everyone’s favorite wing-suited wonder.
By Duncan Heaney

Ugh, January can be tough. The holiday period has come to an end - you’ve eaten and drunk well, enjoyed laughter with loved ones, hung out with friends, and now… what?

You’re back to work or school, you’re trying to eat healthier food, it’s cold and grey and possibly even raining... in short, the transition back to real, everyday life can be somewhat trying. What you need is some time away from reality.

What you need is Just Cause 4.

Rico Rodriguez’s latest adventure takes him to Solís - a massive land of rainforests, mountains, deserts, ancient tombs and irresponsibly placed fuel tanks. That makes it the perfect place to relax and cut loose.

On Solís, you can do pretty much what you want, when you want. Fancy bringing down an entire military facility with nothing more than a set of balloons? You can do that. Want to undertake an exhilarating wingsuit race, then immediately hijack a helicopter and drop it on an APC? Why wouldn’t you do that?

Want to tether a cow to a car, the car to a tank, then float the bovine conga line into the heart of a thunderstorm? I mean, you theoretically could, but… what the heck’s wrong with you?!

It’s not all smooth sailing in Solís of course. Like many of us, Rico will eventually have to go back to work - he has a dictator to depose, a general to annoy and some pretty extreme weather to deal with after all.

Fortunately, Rico’s job involves wingsuits and weapons and parachutes and explosions and flying into tornadoes… it’s not work if you do what you love, right?

So don’t let January get you down. Take a jaunt to Solís this weekend - it’s just the thing to not just blow away those winter blues, but attach a rocket booster, blast them into a tornado, and then set them on fire.

Just Cause 4 is available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. And you join us this weekend, make sure you share your best moments with the Just Cause 4 Twitter and YouTube channels.

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Well, 2018 proved to be quite the year. Lara raided her toughest tombs yet, we got a Noctis in our pockets, and the awesome power of tornadoes proved nothing compared to the force of destruction that is Rico Rodriguez.

But all that’s so last year - what does 2019 hold in store for your favourite Square Enix games? Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect in the next coming months:

Just Cause 4

Desperate for more Just Cause 4? You can take Solís (heh) in the fact that three DLC packs are on the way, and they’ll extend your adventure in remarkable new ways.

Dare Devils puts Rico behind the wheel in a series of death races and rampage rallies. And nobody can rampage quite like Rico.

Things get a bit spooky in the second DLC pack, Demons, as a demonic force threatens the safety of Solís and its people.

The final DLC pack, Danger, offers a new adventure with futuristic gadgets and weapons that will, no doubt, help Rico explode things in even more entertaining ways.

We’ll have more to say on when you can expect the first pack soon, so keep your eyes on our news page, or Just Cause 4 on YouTube.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

She’s braved an unforgiving jungle, discovered the lost city of Paititi, and gone head to head with Trinity for the fate of the world, but if you think Lara Croft’s latest expedition is over, think again.

There are still five pieces of DLC to go for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, offering compelling stories, exciting new skills and puzzles that will push Lara - and you - harder than ever before.

All packs are included in the season pass, and if you can’t wait, the first two pieces of DLC - The Forge and The Pillar - are out and available to play right now.

Buy Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Octahedron Transfixed Edition

A neon-drenched rhythmic platformer that will test your reflexes and your wits in equal measure.

Coming from indie studio Demimonde, Octahedron Transfixed Edition lands on Nintendo Switch on 17 January, and PlayStation, Xbox One and Steam stores in March.

This relentless platformer tasks you with creating your own platforms to ascend challenging levels, backed by a truly amazing soundtrack, comprising synthwave, chiptune trance, progressive house and more.

Honestly, describing Octahedron doesn’t do it justice - so try it for yourself. There’s a demo available on Switch right now!

The second episode of Life is Strange 2 is out this month!

Called Rules, it continues the tale of Sean and Daniel Diaz who are now heading south following a tragic events in the season opener. Along the way, they’ll make new friends, and try to get to grips with the supernatural power that Daniel appears to possess.

If you haven’t yet started this latest series of Life is Strange, now’s the time. The first episode’s available to download on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam right now.

And have you tried the free Life is Strange 2 demo - the Adventures of Captain Spirit? You might also want to check that out before starting episode two if you haven’t already…

Buy Life is Strange 2


KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe.

Through the power of friendship, Sora, Donald and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to overcome tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds.

KINGDOM HEARTS III launches for Xbox One and PS4 on 29 January 2019 - but you can preorder it right now!


NieR:Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition

The award-winning NieR:Automata returns to PS4 and Steam on 26 February.

The NieR:Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition contains the original game, alongside the 3C3C1D119440927 Expansion DLC, and a host of extras, including four pod designs (Grimoire Weiss Pod, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Retro Red Pod Skin, and Cardboard Pod Skin) and the Machine Mask Accessory.

PlayStation users will also get an all new dynamic theme, 15 PlayStation Network Avatars and the Play Pod and amazarashi Pod skins.


LEFT ALIVE tells a human story of survival from the perspective of three different protagonists during the devastating invasion set in war-torn Novo Slava in 2127.

Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (character designer, METAL GEAR SOLID series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) have joined forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.

It’ll be out 5 March this year for PS4 and Steam.

That’s just a sample of what you can expect from Square Enix in the next couple of months. There’s loads more to talk about over the next 12 months, so stick around - we’ll have release dates to… um, release, games to showcase, and more!

Hello Everyone,

Following our PC update last week, we are pleased to announce we will be rolling out our Just Cause 4 hot fixes on Xbox One & PS4 later today. Full details can be found below.

Xbox One & PS4 Patch

All of the planned updates mentioned in our post last week have been implemented in the patch for Xbox One & PlayStation 4 today. One of the biggest updates included is the ability to alter the amount of motion blur, and the option to toggle the blur on or off. We have also made an important improvement to the resolution of the game on every platform. The full list of updates:

• Improvements to resolution scaling on both Xbox One and PS4

• Added a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests)

• Added the ability to alter the amount of motion blur

• Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues

• Fixes to some texture mapping issues

• Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions

• Various stability fixes

• Lighting updates to some cut scenes

If you are experiencing issues then please contact the customer support teams who are also providing direct feedback to us:

Europe: http://support.eu.square-enix.com

North America: http://support.na.square-enix.com

Japan: http://support.jp.square-enix.com

We hope that the latest fixes work towards improving your experience with Just Cause 4. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the game to date, we really appreciate your patience while we work on further fixes.

We will continue to monitor all of your feedback and keep you updated on future patches.

Many thanks

The Just Cause team


By Square Enix Team

Escobedo borrows a few style tips from Rico. Is he pulling it off?

Have you been enjoying our adventures of Cadiz & Escobedo? The two Black Hand henchmen that have found a place in their hearts for our Just Cause 4 high flying hero, Rico Rodriguez? If so, be sure to tune into Twitch.tv/SquareEnix for a special holiday live stream of Just Cause 4 featuring an appearance by Rico Rodriguez himself!

To spread the holiday cheer, we'll also be giving away awesome Just Cause 4 prizes from our partners at SCUFF Gaming and Razer! Check out the prizes below including a one-of-a-kind Just Cause 4 custom Playstation 4 Pro!

Tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/squareenix
Thursday, December 20th at 11:30am PST / 7:30pm GMT

Just Cause 4 Custom Playstation 4 Pro Console & Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller

Razor Huntsman Elite Keyboard

Razer Mamba & Firefly Hyperflux Mouse Pad

Razor Nari Ultimate Headset

If you haven't seen them all yet, be sure to check out all of our Cadiz & Escobedo videos to see what everyone has fallen in love with Just Cause 4.

Black Hand henchmen Cadiz & Escobedo pray for their fallen comrades … and their greatest enemy.

While recovering from Rico's assault on their base, Black Hand henchmen Cadiz & Escobedo are having a little trouble with their insurance claim.

Being stuck in the Black Hand's hospital is starting to get to Escobedo.



A. Official Rules: The Official Rules for this Promotion consist of both (i) these key rules summarizing the important rules for participating in the Promotion (the “Key Rules”) and (ii) the Additional Promotion Official Rules (“Additional Rules”) applicable to your place of legal residence. Please review the Additional Rules at the following URL:
• For legal residents of any Promotion Jurisdiction (defined below) located in North America, Central America, South America, or the Caribbean: https://square-enix-games.com/en_US/documents/promotion-additional-rules.
• For legal residents of any Promotion Jurisdiction located in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Oceania: https://square-enix-games.com/en_GB/documents/promotion-additional-rules

B. Territories: This Promotion is open only to individuals who are legal residents and physically and permanently located in one of the following countries/territories at the date and time of entry (the “Promotion Jurisdiction”): • The fifty (50) states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
• Canada (excluding Quebec).
• The United Kingdom (excluding the British Overseas Territories).

C. Age Limit: This Promotion is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older, and who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, at the date and time of entry.

D. Entry Period: You may enter the Promotion only between December 20, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time and the earlier of December 20, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time or the end of the LIVE STREAM (as defined below) (the “Entry Period”).

E. Entry Procedure and Limitations: In order to enter the Promotion, you must complete the following steps during the Entry Period:

You must have a Twitch.com account (accounts are available for free) and follow Sponsor’s Twitch account at www.twitch.tv/squareenix.

During the Sweepstakes period, Sponsor shall host a live stream on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/squareenix (the “LIVE STREAM”). During the LIVE STREAM, Square Enix may announce one or more entry windows (each, a “LIVE STREAM Entry Window”).

To enter, you must be present in the LIVE STREAM and post a particular message identified by the Sponsor during the LIVE STREAM in the Twitch chat window within approximately two (2) minutes after Sponsor announces the start of the LIVE STREAM Entry Window.

F. Winner Selection: The Sponsor (listed below), or Sponsor’s designee, shall select seven (7) winners from among all entries using the following methodology:

Sponsor or Sponsor’s designee shall select one (1) or more winners through a random drawing from among all entries during each LIVE STREAM Entry Window.

G. Prize(s): Each winner shall receive each of the following prize(s):

  1. Grand Prize x 1
    a. Just Cause 4 Custom PlayStation 4 Pro Console
    i. Approximate retail value $750
    b. Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller
    i. Approximate retail value $230
    c. Just Cause 4 T-Shirt
    i. Approximate retail value $19.99
    d. Just Cause 4 Poster Set
    i. Approximate retail value $18.00
    e. PS4 game copy
    i. Approximate retail value $59.99
  2. Second Prize x 1
    a. Razor Bundle
    i. Razor Nari Ultimate Headset - $199.99
    ii. Razor Huntsman Elite keyboard - $199.99
    iii. Razer Mamba & Firefly Hyperflux Mouse pad - $249.99
    b. Just Cause 4 T-Shirt
    i. Approximate retail value $19.99
    c. Just Cause 4 Poster Set
    i. Approximate retail value $18.00
    d. Digital copy of Just Cause 4 on PC Steam, PS4 or Xbox One
    i. Approximate retail value $59.99
  3. Third Prize x 1
    a. Scuf Vantage Controllers
    i. Approximate retail value $229.95
    b. Just Cause 4 T-Shirt
    i. Approximate retail value $19.99
    c. Just Cause 4 Poster Set
    i. Approximate retail value $18.00
    d. Digital copy of Just Cause 4 on PC Steam, PS4 or Xbox One
    i. Approximate retail value $59.99
  4. Runner Ups x 4
    a. Just Cause 4 T-Shirt
    i. Approximate retail value $19.99
    b. Just Cause 4 Poster Set
    i. Approximate retail value $18.00

H. Winner Notification: Sponsor, or Sponsor’s designee, will notify winner(s) by or about December 20, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time via Twitch Direct Message.

I. Sponsor: The sponsor of this Promotion is Square Enix, Inc.

By entering the Promotion, you agree to be bound and abide by these Key Rules and the Additional Rules applicable to your place of legal residence, and you represent that you satisfy all eligibility requirements to enter the Promotion.



Hello Everyone,

As we mentioned in our recent update, we have been monitoring your feedback and understand that a number of you are experiencing technical issues. We’re very sorry to hear this and want to assure you that our team of engineers at Avalanche Studios have been working hard over the last week to correct this.

We are expecting the first Just Cause 4 update for PC to roll out today around 3PM PST. The Just Cause 4 console patches should be ready next week (they take a little more time due to approvals with Microsoft and Sony). Full details on each of the patches can be found below.

Please rest assured that this is just the start of the work we are carrying out. We are prioritizing as best we can, and we are already working on further updates that will come in the New Year.

If the fix you are after is not in the list below please bear with us and we will update you ASAP.

PC Patch

  • Numerous stability fixes
  • Improvements and fixes to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users
  • Support for remapping of movement keys
  • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Increased mouse sensitivity range
  • Corrected specialized vehicle support for mouse and keyboard players
  • Fixed issue with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
  • Fixed the disabling SSAO option in Graphics menu, which resulted in broken Ambient Occlusion

Please note that this patch will also enable automatic crash reporting to ensure Avalanche can roll out fixes ASAP for any crashes that still happen to occur.

Xbox One & PS4 Patch

For Xbox One & PlayStation 4 we understand that motion blur is a big issue for some of you. We are therefore adding the ability to either alter the amount of blur, and the option to toggle the blur on or off. We have also made an important improvement to the resolution of the game on every platform. The full list of updates to expect are below:

  • Improvements to resolution on both Xbox One and PS4
  • Added a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests)
  • Added the ability to alter the amount of motion blur
  • Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions
  • Various stability fixes
  • Lighting updates to some cut scenes

If you are experiencing issues then please contact the customer support teams who are also providing direct feedback to us:

Europe: http://support.eu.square-enix.com

North America: http://support.na.square-enix.com

Japan: http://support.jp.square-enix.com

As well as paying close attention to your feedback, we are really enjoying the incredible gameplay clips you have been creating. This is a big part of any Just Cause game, so please keep sharing your work. Our work continues, and watching you enjoy what we have created helps provide the fuel we also need. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Just Cause 4 to date, we really appreciate your patience while we work on further patches and fixes. We will continue to monitor all of your feedback and keep you all updated on future patches.

The Just Cause team