What are your favourite moments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD?

By Square Enix Team

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been out for a little while now, and I hope you’ve all had a chance to sink some time into the game. It’s full of really awesome moments so we thought we would make a video compiling some of the best ones! The thing is though, with so many moments we found it difficult to choose between them. So we thought we’d ask for your opinion!

What is your favourite part of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Is it facing Gilgamesh on the bridge with “Battle on the Big Bridge” playing in the background? Is it summoning Odin for the first time when facing Qun'mi at Akademeia? Is it the battle with Shinryu Celestia? Or maybe it’s something completely different and not related to the story, like the music, or if the game’s director Hajime Tabata joins you on a mission as special support, which happened to me on my first mission.

Whatever your favourite moment is, let us know if the comments below! It probably goes without saying but please note that there will be spoilers for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD if you haven’t played through yet.

Next week on Wednesday May 13 2015, we’ll take a look at all of your chosen favourite moments and create a shortlist for you guys to vote on and then we’ll do a countdown list video to show you all which moment in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the best as voted for by you, the fans. Be sure to let us know your favourite moment before then!

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I love the alternate ending! poor nine ;-; he looks so heart broken! when he said " [bw]dammit[/bw] all to [bw]hell[/bw]!" as he w2as tossing his spear and crying about miss Emina was so sad.... poor boy!hey nine listen buddy I'm here for you. just come and talk to me about it
this was one of the best ffs I have ever played, it made my feeling jerk around because of the wins, because of the losses. but my favorite parts were the Setzer, Aria (she was funny), Mother and her background that was explained through the rubricus, Jack, and THE MOST IMPORTANT the end... it was soooooo touching and truly reminds us what war is truly about... we don't gain anything, we only lose.
Caetuna summoning the War God Alexander, from beginning to end. Obviously, the ending. To be more specific, the part where Machina keeps shouting "Wake up!" over and over, only to realize that they are already dead. Then, the part where is stated that he passed the following years rebuilding their world and making sure Class Zero wouldn't be forgotten.
setsuna summon alexander and when Mother summon Bahamut Zero to aid class zero! bring memories from the psp version as I know nihongo and am glad they kept japanese voices over in North american version cause the english dub always horrible.
When I heard "we have arrived " from Rise From the Ashes, so happy.Can't wait to see Type-Next !
I agree with IkqXIP and alan_13 when Lady Caetuna summoned the Verboten Eidolon Alexander, I got chills! Though it was also really cool when Yoshinori Kitase & Tetsuya Nomura appeared in battle! :)
Lady Caetuna | Verboten Eidolon summon - Alexander
Definitely the appearance /summoning of the eidolon - Alexander. Really brings back memories of FF9. This was about 8-10 years ago. OMG!
My favorite moment from type-0 had to be the final boss fight. I like it because it was so epic words can't describe how good that fight was!!
The Gilgamesh fight on the Big Bridge and when Bahamut ZERO appeared. Also anytime War: The White Weapon is playing, that track is godlike.
The best, or well... saddest moment was, when they promised that they wouldn't forget Kurasame, but after his dead, did so because of the crystal, even though they clearly felt that they lost something important. Then when Ace sang the theme song Zero for the fallen was one of the best moments ever. That + the ending, which made me cry so hard...
Either the "When nine and nine meet nine..." speech during the opening cutscene or the Alexander summoning cutscene for me. Truly epic stuff.
1) Rise From the Ashes2) Figthing with ??? (Even Mog doesn't know who ??? is!) 3) Rem & Machina's L'Cie Stories 4) The Endless Swarm after becomming a L'Cie in ch 8 (Though I wish there were an achievement for lasting so many rounds)
maigo no ashioto kieta kawari ni inori no uta o soko de honoo ni naru no darou tsuzuku mono no tomoshibi ni
My fave moment was in the ending after your 2nd playthrough. I loved the part where Sice ends up giving her love letter to Seven instead of Kurasame. That was hilarious! Also, the way Seven ponders about Sice being a secret admirer and Sice stamps her foot yelling, "It wasn't for you!" I really loved that part. Matter of fact, I loved that whole ending. I wish more humor like that was in the main game, TBH. The feeling that love letter scene gave me was similar to the love letter scene in FFIX.
*Spoilers dudes* My favourite moment was the ending. When Class-0 was about to give in to despair Ace sang that beautiful song that calmed everybody down. They proceeded to talk about what they would do afterwards, when the fighting finally stopped and there was peace, and eventually died together around a monument made from their weapons and cloaks. Such an emotional scene, it nearly made me cry. Nearly. It was of course ruined by that punk Machina showing up (yeah I really dislike him, deal with it) but it was sad nonetheless.
The love letter scene in the alternative ending (or the alternative ending in general), when Qator gives Aria permission to speak and wishes he hadn't, the music at the fight in Judekka (I think "Divine Fire), when that Pierrot guy in Ingram gets really angry and that scene with Kurasame on the terrace before the battle on the big bridge and also before that fight the scene with him on the graveyard.That "choose a way to die" (?) song was pretty touching as well, especially in the scene where Setsuna summers Alexander. But I guess the music was just awesome in general.
As the ending has already been mentioned a few times I'll nominate the scene in the graveyard at the end of Chapter 6, in which Class Zero can't really remember Kurasame and "The Forlorn Heart" plays (another fantastic soundtrack from Ishimoto-san, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can produce for Dissidia) that was pretty sad and got to me :(
Definitely the final parte when Ace start's to sing and also when the general from the Empire sacrifices imself to save his empire... The music was beautiful!!!!!!!
Final Fantasy Type 0 is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series. My favourites have always been 8, 12 and 10, but this spin-off really does nail it. So many highlights, but a few stand out: - The team bonding moment right at the end, where they know they are dying, but finally come together as a real team and as friends to talk about the future. - The random encounters against the enemies I fought in FF7 and the like. This really took the series back to classic moments. - Figuring out how to beat Gilgamesh, because he absolutely destroyed me in our first encounter. So satisfying. - The combat and the wide range of fighting styles. Everyone had their favourite to main, mine being Queen, Sice, King, and Cater. It was amazingly fluid and responsive, with so much customisation. I'd love it if this series could continue as the action based series of gritty, realistic battles, running alongside the main FF series. Not so good moments: - That horrific moment at the end seeing all my team there in a pile, and the even more horrific moment when I realised what that flag was made out of. Seriously, what are you trying to do to my emotions? - Chapters 1-3, before my body finally got used to the wild camera swinging and the motion blur, where I thought I'd be reaching for the barf bag. As I said, loved this game. You should think of doing an E3 press conference speculation post Dan - get us all to comment about what we think is going to be announced at E3, and what we'd like to see announced. I'm really looking forward to E3 this year, with your press conference, Bethesda's (Fallout 4, please Fallout 4), more details of Persona 5 from Atlus, and mutterings of a potential Level 5 announcement.
How awesome is this game?! It shows an other view of Final Fantasy. I have to say I loved it, and I want to play more titles like this.<SPOILERS> At the final, where everyone is in the classroom crying and then Ace starts singing "maigo no ashioto kieta, kawari ni inori no uta o...". <SPOILERS> I got tears every time I listen to this music!
I loved this game, the replay value makes it awesome<SPOILERS> During the first ending when Cinque looks up at the screen and say's "I'm Glad that I'm not alone, not at all" <SPOILERS> Man but there were alot of it
The only part of the game that I found interesting was when<SPOILERS> Class-0 is portrayed as assassins and goes on the run. <SPOILERS>
So many, when Kurusame b*** slaps Nine, when Aria shows her true colours, when Alexander destroys everything, when Cater jumps on eight, King Trey and Jack in a band, fighting Celestia, using Jack's transcience spell, that creepy "freak" dude in the militesi underground following you around with a giant buster sword. Ho boy the list is never ending!
Emina's bikini scene totally was the best thing about this game and my favourite.
Probably when Ace sings "Zero." That song is just so beautiful. Another favorite part was the fight against Shinryu Celestia with Bahamut Zero.
I bet you guys never went as far as me. My favorite part is when you fight 8 Arm Gilgamesh in that purple portal and you get your final weapon for each character! Twin Excaliburs, the first Ultimate weapon I got after beating 8 Arm Gilganesh :)
My favorite moment so far was when I got all 255s for attributes on Ace. Still looking forward to the moment when I no longer need the SP Crystal to do that, and I can equip the Agito Insignia and a Juggernaut Badge and have 9999 hps for the ultimate char...
My fav part is the end of the game the cutscreen and the song its really sweet it sad how they end it but its sweet they died together
*Spoiler*Chapter 6, The first appearance of Gilgamesh. Wonderful.
My favorite moment in type-0 HD is when when Nine throws moglin against the blackboard during the argument with eight - made the class atmosphere feel like real class. And I really liked the part when the chocobos hatch but not ready to adopt, then you can see the chocobo chicks all cute and cuddly.
My favorite part of the game is all the last chapter. I know that it is sad, but the ending is really touching.
My favorite moment is when *spoilers* Machina finds Qun'mi and attains the power of the l'Cie from her. It shows that Machina's desperation to save Rem and a world in turmoil led him down the wrong path, even though his heart was in the right place. Also, a moment that I found kind of shocking (I know I'm cheating since Dan only said we're allowed one, but these two were kind of equal to me) was in the beginning of the final chapter when you've attained the Militesi crystal and just when you think everything's going to be alright, the world goes haywire. That was pretty epic!
*SPOILERS*All of my favorite moments in the game are actually sad moments. If I had to pick one, it would be the scene after the final fight, where the original 12 members of Class Zero remember they've won the war, but realize they are dying. However, they also realize that they are now free to think about their future and decide to dream of a happy future together in their final moments. That whole scene with them talking and laughing one last time, just gets me right in the feels. The whole ending is powerful and cemented the themes of the game. I think FF Type-0 HD was well worth the wait.
The moment that really moved me was when Kazusa reaized, he´d lost something very important. I also love the moment at the very beginning, when Izana die´s at the side of "Chichiri". And of course, at the end, when everyone is sitting together and talk about what thy would love to do in the future. That touched me to tears! And of course, the beginning when Ace is saying "We have arrived"!!!
I loved the music and when Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase joined me on my first mission!
in the very beginning of the game, when ace says "we have arrived" holding the suzaku banner. that was awesome, and at the end *spoiler alert!* when the everyone is dead together, with their weapons stacked behind them and their capes together forming a flag, i cried this moment
Any chance of a patch for the motion blur when you move the camera? It gets so bad i cant play the game for long with out feeling ill.
Fighting alongside my favourite producer, Yoshinori Kitase! Loved Type-0 HD!