Tokyo Dark is now available on PC!

By Square Enix Team

Tokyo Dark lies somewhere between a point-and-click adventure and visual novel in terms of gameplay. You play as Detective Ito, whose partner is missing - and what starts as an ordinary straightforward case soon takes tales a turn for the worse, becoming a living nightmare that causes Ito to confront her past and question her own sanity.

In this game you'll be faced with mind games, puzzles and a sense of underlying fear which will lead you to one of 11 different story conclusions. The game features a constant auto-save function, meaning that you won’t get a chance to change the way you handle a situation once it’s complete - so make sure you spend some time thinking about your decisions…

The game has been created by husband-and-wife duo Cherrymochi, who first revealed the project in 2015 via the Collective feedback platform. The team then took the game to Kickstarter and enjoyed a very successful campaign, and since then they've been working hard to meet stretch goals and create a virtual Tokyo with some eerily beautiful areas. 

Alongside today’s launch we also have this brand new trailer to share with you.

Are you ready to adventure through Tokyo and uncover the truth? You can pick up Tokyo Dark on Steam now!