Square Enix E3 2018

By Square Enix MEMBERS

E3 2018 is once again upon us and our Square Enix teams from all around the world have been working hard in preparation for all the exciting announcements being revealed at this year's show. Like previous years, our Square Enix Presents E3 2018 live stream will once again make its presence with a 3-day schedule of awesome content directly being fed from the show floors of E3 2018.

Day 1: 10:30am

Day 2: 10:00am

Day 3: 10:00am

Our streams start first thing in the morning for every day so be sure to tune into your favorite live streaming networks below to not miss out on all the content we've got in store.

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Hi Square Enix, I really like the game Heroes OF Ruin, and I am very saddened by the discontinuing of its online services, I mean the sight is down, daily, weekly, and monthly challenges are stopped, have a shop in the game with Unique Item sets that we cant even by because we cant get the valor points we need to purchase them from the shop because we cant get the challenges from the online service. cant even pull the game up here on this site. I am bringing this to your attention because I paid for this game and its contents and I do no feel like I am getting my monies worth. The sequel wasn't even made that was supposed to come out. it has a few bugs, so what it was fun. I am a Diablo fan and this game hit my I love it button when it came out. Could you please reactivate the website in its entirety because I have friends that play and we want what we paid for. I am not being rude. I am only asking what others are not. And make the sequel, Adrian was a D#$% but I wanted to see what happened in the upcoming chapter in the Ruinlords of Vale. For the 3DS And the Switch and they should be compatable with each other.
I want hitman shown
Yes please give us a date so I can preorder!
⬇️ Agreed. Looking for a date on those KHIII PS4 Pro’s
⬇️ Agreed. Looking for a date on the KHIII PS4 PRO
Where are the pre orders for the KH3 pro console everyone is waiting.