Something for the weekend: A night in the woods with Life is Strange 2

Refresh yourself on events before Episode 2 launches next week (minor Episode 1 spoilers within)
By Duncan Heaney

We’re now mere days away from next installment of Life is Strange 2.

The next chapter of DONTNOD’s series launches on Thursday next week (24 January). It continues the story of Sean and Daniel Diaz, who are travelling across America following a dramatic and tragic event in Seattle.

Before that though, we have the weekend - and the perfect opportunity to revisit the first episode. It’s a chance to catch up with the story, remind yourself of events or even try out another path.

Or to revisit some of the best moments…

Spotlight: a night in the woods

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 is packed with incident. There’s tension, tragedy and quite a few sequences that are surprisingly intense. But my personal favorite section is a simple moment of quiet.

Sean Diaz is on the road with his brother Daniel, following a shocking event in Seattle that, yes, I’m being intentionally vague about. Looking for a quiet place to get some rest, the boys head into the woods.

There are three reasons I think the sequence is so effective:

1. It’s a chance to take a breath - Sean Diaz has been through the wringer at this point in the episode. His world has been shattered, and he has no idea how to deal with it, or how to protect his brother. He (and us) have just been moving forward one day at a time.

But in this sequence DONTNOD slow things down. The two skip stones, eat salty snacks, engage in a bit of competition and eventually share a quiet night under the stars. It’s a welcome spot of respite, that gives the story and the boys a much-needed break.

2. It deepens the characters - We’ve already seen Sean in carefree moments, but the woods sequence shows us what kind of person he is to become. Or rather, it makes us define it.

For example, my Sean developed into an overprotective guardian, trying to shield his brother from any harm, but in the process arguably depriving him of valuable experience. In contrast, your Sean might be more relaxed, and allow Daniel to run free and have fun. Or even needle and annoy him. Y’know, like a true sibling.

Either way, the characters are made richer, and the later choices more impactful as a result.

3. You may never experience all of it - Everything I’ve described… it’s possible you won’t see it. Life is Strange 2 is shaped by your choices - the woods sequence has a lot of permutations and my night could be wildly different to yours. That’s exciting, and it also makes each story feel very personal.

So, yeah. I’m really looking forward to continuing Sean and Daniel’s odyssey when Episode 2 - Rules - launches on Thursday 24 January.

But what do you think? What moments stood out for you, and are you planning to replay over the weekend? Make sure you share your favorite moments with Life is Strange on Twitter using the hashtag #LifeisStrange2.

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