Something for the weekend - take a break from January with Just Cause 4

This weekend, escape the doldrums with everyone’s favorite wing-suited wonder.
By Duncan Heaney

Ugh, January can be tough. The holiday period has come to an end - you’ve eaten and drunk well, enjoyed laughter with loved ones, hung out with friends, and now… what?

You’re back to work or school, you’re trying to eat healthier food, it’s cold and grey and possibly even raining... in short, the transition back to real, everyday life can be somewhat trying. What you need is some time away from reality.

What you need is Just Cause 4.

Rico Rodriguez’s latest adventure takes him to Solís - a massive land of rainforests, mountains, deserts, ancient tombs and irresponsibly placed fuel tanks. That makes it the perfect place to relax and cut loose.

On Solís, you can do pretty much what you want, when you want. Fancy bringing down an entire military facility with nothing more than a set of balloons? You can do that. Want to undertake an exhilarating wingsuit race, then immediately hijack a helicopter and drop it on an APC? Why wouldn’t you do that?

Want to tether a cow to a car, the car to a tank, then float the bovine conga line into the heart of a thunderstorm? I mean, you theoretically could, but… what the heck’s wrong with you?!

It’s not all smooth sailing in Solís of course. Like many of us, Rico will eventually have to go back to work - he has a dictator to depose, a general to annoy and some pretty extreme weather to deal with after all.

Fortunately, Rico’s job involves wingsuits and weapons and parachutes and explosions and flying into tornadoes… it’s not work if you do what you love, right?

So don’t let January get you down. Take a jaunt to Solís this weekend - it’s just the thing to not just blow away those winter blues, but attach a rocket booster, blast them into a tornado, and then set them on fire.

Just Cause 4 is available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. And you join us this weekend, make sure you share your best moments with the Just Cause 4 Twitter and YouTube channels.

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