Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition confirmed!

By Square Enix Team

A rumour here…a leaked store listing there…you've only heard about it being whispered about behind cupped hands…but enough of that. Today we are delighted to officially confirm that Sleeping Dogs is coming to the new generation of consoles. Enter: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition!

Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and released on October 10 (Europe) / October 14 (North America), the Definitive Edition will not only see Wei Shen free-running and man-handling his way through a living, breathing HD Hong Kong, but will also include 24 DLC packs! Amongst the other kick-ass DLCs, that also includes Year of the Snake, Nightmare in North Point and the awesomely explosive Wheels of Fury pack - Kapow!

The folks over at United Front Games have been busy tinkering away on this one after having already done a masterful job on the original game as well as having played a major role working on the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider, alongside Crystal Dynamics...

So I can therefore happily say that the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is in as good hands as can be!

Thanks to the snazzy new tech the current generation delivers, UFG has been able to do more than just scale the resolution to 1080p and the upgraded ambience and visuals of Hong Kong provide quite the backdrop to your undercover operation. 

Just in case you need a refresher on the story of Sleeping Dogs: Wei Shen, an undercover cop, is tasked with taking down one of the world's most fearsome criminal organisations from the inside... the Hong Kong Triads. As Wei's infiltration goes ever deeper, questions of loyalty and betrayal are raised and the line between being a cop and acting as a Triad becomes blurred.

So who fancies getting behind the wheel of this game? You can preorder Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition on our store now, but just remember: Undercover, the rules are different!

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Square Enix for once , for FLIPPIN ONCE LISTEN TO YOUR FANS AND GIVE US THE DEFINITIVE VERSION WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THE KINGDOM HEARTS SAGA ON XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! heck you could even bring it to ps4 if you want. all the kingdom hearts game from 1 to dream drop distance on one collection for nextgen consoles would be amazing. and would be great for fans like myself who didnt get a chance to fully experience the kh saga. look at this xbox feedback page on people demanding it hopefully you at least care to make money and you do this im begging and over 800 xbox fans are begging as well.
@Phelan, Yeah I guess figures don't lie, but hey LR sold pretty well considering critics were pretty [bw]damn[/bw] harsh on it haha. I love the XIII series and I just want @SquareEnix to know that there are fans that still really appreciate their work :-)
Another port *yawn*... Square-Enix has pretty much lost it. I see absolute no reason to buy it. The DLC? Well, i saw the DLC on youtube because i never buy DLC. You know, when i buy a game i expect it to be complete. Everything added after the game is released gets viewed on youtube.Digital Only, right? This is a port and doesn't deserve to be released on disc :P
@Sammy_KneenNothing bad :) even if I don't agree with you I don't have anything against you, far from it :) And I don't think that PS3 is close to dying yet. Far from it. XBOX 360 and PS3 are still way more popular than PS4 and XBONE and they will stay being top choice console for next 1 year... more or less. Still more games are being released on PS3 than PS4... the thing is... if FF XV and KH3 will fail to encourage people in JP to buy PS4/XBONE... than most probably we won't see many of Square Soft (I mean not Eidos) games for PS4.... you see that's the reason for releasing KH 2.5 as PS3 only. PS4 is still dead in JP... And because it is dead in JP we can clearly say that releasing game at the "end of life" product cycle part had very little influence on poor reception of the title. JP only statistics FF XIII -> 1.87kk FF XIII-2 -> 0.89kk FF XIII-3 -> 0.44kk The decline is very visible, it is fast and stable process. See... lack of PS4 edition had very little influence... it is still declining. And most of people do not sell older systems they own... I still have PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP, SNES Metacritic has its pros and cons... but it is good too see if title was popular or not. That's a rule behind statistics... the more opinions are being taken into account, the more acurate is the result. Oh... SquareEnix needs to have its both feet on the ground. It is obvious that on Square Enix blog most of times you will see rather those flattering voices. Is it good to know that there is some small group happy with the things they are now.... but the thing is they need to realize that it is small group... and it gets smaller.
@Phelan, I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I got my sales figures from the VG Sales Wiki, and the figures show X-2 and XIII-2 had very similar sales and the series didn't show too much of a decline in poularity with spin-offs either. I really do think LR suffered being released at the end of the PS3 life cycle, I know of alot of PS4 owners that would have liked to buy it. I don't care about Metacritic, @SquareEnix need to know they have alot of happy fans also.
@Sammy_kneenErmm.... Objection! Final Fantasy X -> 8.05 kk PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 -> 5.95 kk PS2 Final Fantasy XIII -> 7.20 KK PS3+ XBOX Final Fantasy XIII-2 -> 3.28 kk PS3 + XBOX Final Fantasy XIII-3 -> 1.15 kk PS3 + XBOX (source VG Chartz) And yes the reception of FF X-2 wasn't good. I loved X but X-2 was rather... average. And even if I loved the ending... I still admit that it was far worse than marvelous X (fav. part) Lighting Returns is part of trilogy so it isn't typical spin-off like Crisis Core or Dirge of Cerberus. Crisis Core sold about 3kk copies on PSP ALONE where there is much much smaller customer base. It sold nearly as many copies as FF XIII-2 on PS3 and XBOX 360 together. That's really bad result for FF XIII-2. For PSP it is huge success... but for XBOX and PS3 that result is failure. Let's not forget that budget for creating Crisis Core was much lower than for creating FF XIII-2. Dirge of Cerberus even considered as massive failure sold better (1.48kk) than FF XIII-3 on XBOX and PS3 together. As for score -> metascore 57 / Userscore 6.8 The facts say something entirely different. And I'd rather trust data than opinions on SE blog. That said I really respect your opinions, but I just can't agree with them.
@Phelan XIII-2 is a direct sequel, much like X-2, and sold very similarly to that (2-3 million) which shows that figuaritively XIII isn't less popular than X. Lightning Returns is a sequel spin-off, breaking the mold and trying new ideas, much like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, and sold very similarly to them (1-2 million) This also shows that it isn't really less popular than VII. It's like saying Crisis Core's sales means no one likes VII...That's just not true.
But they also said we weren't getting a sequel to XIII-2 and thankfully we did! I don't mind how many blu rays it took! In fact I wouldn't mind if it was digital only. It would just be nice to have the entire Fabula Nova Chrystallis series on PS4. XV, Type 0 & XIII collection :-)
@Si_EliasThat's my friend naught but a wishful thinking. Already said it will say it again: 6160000 less customers bought Lighting Returns than FF XIII Metacritic Lightning Returns - Metascore 66 / User Score 5.9 Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Metascore 79 / User Score 6.8 Final Fantasy XIII - Metascore 83 / User Score 7.8 Final Fantasy X - Metascore 9.2 / User Score 8.7 Final Fantasy IX - Metascore 9.4 / User Score 9.1 Final Fantasy VIII - Metascore 90 / User Score 8.8 Final Fantasy VII - Metascore 92 / User Score 9.1 Game is bad thus shall be no more. Tried appealing to western audience but failed doing so.
A Lightning Returns port won't happen. Kitase said it won't. And porting XIII would be crazy. It would take up two Blu-rays.
Much more people like the Lightning saga than those that don't...It's just that the negative voices are the loudest! LR remaster for the new consoles would be awesome!
(Plus Lightning Returns has a couple of graphical glitches and framerate drops so I think it could benefit from a PS4/XBOX1 remaster the most)
Hi Square, I think you are doing great and continue to innovate with your new titles. I believe that Lightning Returns is one of the most unique, brave titles ever released and I think part of the reason it's sales were slightly lower was because it was released on the cusp of the PS3/PS4 life cycle. I really hope Lightning Returns gets a PS4/XBOX1 definitive edition too. Yeah there are a few dissatisfied fans, but there are also alot of very satisfied fans too Square don't worry :-)
@Sora9669That starter pack's box alone is more valuable than our pin. It looks very nice! Special outer box + special "box".. far better than pin. But that's not a reason why I'm not planning to buy it, ok?
@Phelan the so called Starter Pack is simply both 1.5 and 2.5 bundled together. No extras. The collector's edition is a soundtrack and artbook. The soundtrack's likely to be released in full outside of Japan according to VGO (the team who worked on it) and as for the artbook, well Japan didn't get 1.5's.
"Because an original game already in HD and we don't want wait 10 years to make a remake, that's why!" - Devs:( Will Wei get a new face too?
I personally think that square enix is doing great seeing how they have been out for a long time and I look forward to this game and anything else they make
@Sora9669No, and I didn't say anything like that. I said that due to Drakengard 3 and Type-0 blunder I have no will of supporting company which treats customers like a garbage. They lost my entire respect, and I have my own pride, I am grown up guy and I won't let myself be treated like a cash cow. They need to learn that insulting fans by lying to them (we listened when they didn't) have other consequences. I will start buying their games once again... only when they will sort out what they are doing. When they will show that they are willing to change. Issue with Drakengard 3 is already over... I wanted to play it, I was waiting for that game for super long time since I loved episodes before... but that's already over. It's long past the momment when they can release this game. All in all the whole series is dead for me, I won't start playing Drakengard 4 without playing Drakengard 3. And I won't start playing Drakengard 3 with digiital only version. But they can still release Type-0 with nice retail edition on Vita. And I hope they will announce it on GC. That's the last thing they can do to save their name. If they won't... than sorry pal I'm moving out for good... and they lost another fan. You can say whatever you want... but I won't be the only one. Data from FF XIII trilogy clearly show giant exodus of fans from Square Enix. They lost over 4270000 customers on that title, and on PS3 ALONE. but wait... ok... just be clear, let's also show data from Xbox 360. FF XIII - 2.07 kk FF XIII-2 - 0.71 kk FF XIII-3 - 0.18 kk So they lost on Xbox 1.89kk customers (btw. I didn't know that on Xbox game sold so... poorly... now I am kinda puzzled why they decided to release Type-0 on xbox one over Vita. All in all that's 6160000 customers, that's a large group who left Square Enix just over the half of decade. The numbers do not lie... if Square Enix won't start be more fans-friendly, and won't start doing what it is asked for... than soon the captain with high-pitched voice will start screaming "abandon ship" As for JP KH 2.5 No there is also Kingdom Hearts Starter Pack HD and Kingdom Hearts Collector’s Pack HD all versions are beautifully done... a real feast for the eyes.
@Phelan You're cancelling a pre-order over a pin? That's just sad. Japan's only getting a static theme of the cover artwork as their pre-order bonus, and that's only through Amazon. Sure they're getting a collector's edition but that costs $140. Japan didn't get 1.5's artbook I might add. While Europe & Australia are used to not getting collector's editions that North America get.
Square enix may have made mistakes but all developers are fallable and learn from just. The fact they're making another deus ex game pretty much means I'll forgive them for everything because human revolution was everything I wanted it to be after the original game on playstation 2 and PC. As long as they keep the feel of the game the same, I will throw my money in their face.
I hope it also comes to Germany..cause we could not play the DLC's last time and this would be awesome. I would buy it AGAIN...I bought it already two times, once to try a non Ger CD-Key, which did not work to uncut the game and get the DLC's
@Phil Elliott I honestly wouldn't want to be in your shoes, taking the brunt of "fan" reactions. It's nice that you bothered to try and reason with Phelan, but he clearly has an axe to grind when he finds a reason to complain about, well, everything. Yes, I'd love to get more console games from SE and especially more RPGs, and yeah, it's annoying to see news about ports and mobile games instead of news of new console games. But berating SE even when they do things right? Yeah, can't agree with that.
@Phil EliotAnd yet 2nd and 3rd was received rather worse than 1st. And I clearly remember how people in reviews were saying that you have strayed from the FF path. I don't know who did you guys were listening... but clearly not us. Final Fantasy XIII - people were MAD happy that they are finally getting new FF game, even I hoped for game much better than rather weak FF XII - 5.15kk sold copies on PS3 alone! Final Fantasy XIII-2 - people already realized that it's not the same Square Soft anymore - only 2.57kk copies on PS3 (that's still great result) Final Fantasy XIII-3 aka Lighting Return - people saw that FFXIII-2 was even worse than first part, and with new ... system.... - it ended up getting only 0.88k PS3 You lost...4.27 kk customers on PlayStation alone... do you really think that you lost it because you were listening to them? No, what people wanted was jRPG and not action RPG... and FF XV will be again action RPG. You wanted to grab Western audience and you ended up loosing your original fans. Just google "worst FF game" and what you will get is FF XIII trilogy. Of course there are also digusting games like "All the Bravest" which clearly was made just to milk customers. Murdered... I would buy that game (even knowing it was rather average), because I was buying every Square Enix game I can play be it PS, PSP or PC... even those which I knew that won't be as good as games I know from the past. But Drakengard 3 and Type-0 was enough for me to say ENOUGH OF THIS. All in all I didn't buy it, and I've cancelled pre-order for KH 2.5 HD... you know I don't like when I'm treated as easy source of money. You know... it is not enough to hear that feedback is passed to right people. What I and probably many other want to see is result and not effort. FF XIV oh yes I agree you made great progress from XIV to Realm Reborn! I love this game... I really do....but still wouldn't it be better if you just made game as good as Realm Reborn from the start? @Sora9669 As I told I was talking about old fans. And as we already talked about it, you are not the old one, you started following them just since FF X. You don't even remember what Square Soft and Enix used to be. Ok? No hard feeling, I liked talking with you in other thread.
Good news! I held off on buying the original specifically waiting for something like this! Will there also be a DLC pack-in version for PS360 like there was with Tomb Raider?
There are a few issues that you talk about here, and you're right in that there have been a number of things which - we're well aware - haven't played out well in the hearts of the fans. As we see this reaction, we absolutely make sure that's passed on to the teams here in Europe that work on those games. Often we don't have much we're able to say; when we do, we try to communicate that here first. But you're viewpoint is definitely coming from a certain perspective. You could equally argue, for example, that with Lightning Returns, as the end of a trilogy, the second and third games were made much more by listening to fan feedback and trying to improve on the game before. Also, for Murdered - it's certainly fair to say it didn't get everything right, but it was praised a lot for at least trying something different - a new story, a new IP, when so many people complain about only sequels (or ports, or remakes) being made. Or FFXIV - a game completely remade from the ground up, because the original game wasn't good enough - and we didn't want to let down the fans down. Show me another company that's done that with an MMO of that size? You definitely make good and fair points about other things here, and we know in some places we need to do better - but there's certainly no need to fear for the future of Square Enix :-)
@Phelan speak for yourself. I'm loving how Square Enix is going about things. Sure I'd like a few more updates, but they're doing things very well. And check your facts. Sleeping Dogs sold 1.81 million not including digital.
@Phil EliotYes and I am quit afraid for the future of Square Enix Just this year you released: Lighting Returns - which was far from being successful, only 0.9kk worldwide (half is JP only) Murdered: Soul Suspect - far from being successful only 0.1kk worldwide on PS4 Final Fantasy XIV - I love it! But it's not brand new product but a version of already existing game. Drakengard 3 - Massive failure by which you angered your fans, not only by releasing digital only version when we clearly asked for a retail (you can't deny this).. .but also humiliating yourself by not being able to fix game because... it was digital only... Final Fantasy XV in production since ages... and yet just to grab new customers you turned this game to devil-may-cryish copy thinking that jRPG won't sell well enough. You see, you keep saying that you are listening but you guys are far from it. Yes it looks stunning... but to me the only thing which is this games shares with other game from series... is the title. Kingdom Hearts 3... game phantom, everyone know that you are making it but apart from one trailer nobody heard about it nothing new. Most probably you will show it at TGS and not GC, right? Tomb Raider... yes it might be a success, and I wish you it by all my heart. And other games, yes... those are also Eidos games... I like them... but I'd rather hear also more about Square Soft games... and you named only two... You are lending hand to indies... sure... but can you really afford it? Square Enix image is slowly crumbling into pieces. I don't think that anyone from old fans that was with you since 90 will say that nowadays Square Enix is as good as Square Sot and Enix from the Past. Sure you had good business year... by making ports you managed to earn. Again I will say it... you keep saying that you are listening to feedback and you are grateful for it... but let's be frank... your recent activities are: -concentrating on getting new fans forgetting that old ones also exist... just check archive last month was like port spam news. -spitting on face of European customers by releasing digital only drakengard, and lying that you listened to feedback... and than not being able to repair your own game for over a month. -spitting on face to old fans which asked you to bring Type-0 to PSP and than Vita... you again said that you were listening to fans... but in fact it was rather similar to hitting us with dirty rag -bragging about how great you are to give your fans a PIN to KH 2.5... while Japan god much better goodies... This year was just pure example of bad treatment of customers. You did nothing which we asked you for. So let me say that I am deeply afraid of the future of Square Enix... as you are now, you have no future as a gaming company... Even Prequel Trilogy - a PORT from mobile phones?! and what's even worse that this port will be done not by Square Soft, not even by Media Vision... but by a third studio Bullets?! No... you guys are not listening to your customers. We are here just to buy your games, you are treating us like milky cash cows, as far as you earn you won't hesitate to humiliate your fans. I know that it is business for you... but come on... you crossed thin red line long time ago.
Would LOVE to replay this on my PS4. I'm just curious about whether or not, Australia will receive a physical copy?
Hey Phelan, it's good to get your thoughts. However, we're definitely not just focusing on doing mainly ports for mobile platforms, and remakes. Just this calendar year we released Lightning Returns, we brought Final Fantasy XIV to PlayStation 4 and also launched a new IP in Murdered: Soul Suspect. We've already announced new major games in the Hitman, Deus Ex and Tomb Raider franchises coming in the future, as well as (of course), as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, we're lending support to a range of indie developers across the world via Square Enix Collective, and also creating different types of games in our big franchises, such as Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. We know that mobile games and remakes aren't of interest to everybody - and it's great to get your feedback - but it can also be a good excuse to try a game for the first time. Lots of people did that with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition earlier this year... hopefully one of the games mentioned above will be to your taste! :-)
"doomed" to buy*
Ermm... Toby... why is Square Enix recently concentrating so hard on making ports and remakes? No hard feeling toward you, you are great guy... but I really am sometimes puzzled by what SE is doing. I mean... this game was far from marketing success. It did OK, but I wouldn' call it success with about 0.9kk sold copies worldwide. It would probably even make more sense to re-release Deus Ex which sold slightly better.... and we know that Deus Ex deserved more love. And you missed even the right timing... this had small chances if only it was released in 1st year of PS4... and now many other studios are making more and more games, so probably when you will release it there will be more games... and people won't be "doomed" to by Sleeping Dogs. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad game... it is a OK... but to me it doesn't make much sense. As a old SE fans I'm kinda getting iritated by how SE is doing mainly ports for mobiles phones and remakes :/ Come on guys, wake up!