Rise of the Tomb Raider live stream and giveaway!

By Square Enix Team

Thanks to everyone who joined us for last week's Square Enix Collective stream on Twitch. We had a tremendous amount of fun showing you some of the Square Enix Collective supported games currently in development as well as the recently released Goetia. This week, however, it's time to return Rise of the Tomb Raider, so join us on the Square Enix Twitch channel tomorrow, Thursday, at 6:00pm BST / 10:00am PST!


Accompany Chris and Toby as we take a peek into the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC to be released, the Cold Darkness Awakened pack. As a little taster of what lies ahead, here's the DLC's description:

Decommissioned during the Cold War, a dormant weapons research base has been breached, unleashing a mysterious affliction into the Siberian wilderness that transforms men into blood-thirsty, mindless killers. Lara must overcome increasingly dangerous waves of these infected adversaries while scavenging their equipment and crafting additional gear on the fly, in kill or be killed survival-combat. 

As with all of our Square Enix streams we'll be involving our viewers as much as possible, so we'll let you decide on what else we might get up to during the stream and how we might approach it. Of course, no stream would be complete without a bunch of giveaways so we'll be giving away as well as dropping into chat Steam keys for Rise of the Tomb Raider (standard and digital deluxe) and Cold Darkness Awakened, as well as an Xbox One key for the Rise of the Tomb Raider Digital Deluxe edition. 

All you need to do to enter is type !giveaway into the Twitch chat when we start individual giveaway periods and you'll be in the running to win the prize currently being given away. Please read the Terms and Conditions for this giveaway and please check to make sure you're in an eligible country before entering.  

See you tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm BST / 10am Pacific on the Square Enix Twitch channel!