Pre-order Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition now!

By Square Enix Team

Hey folks! It's been a little while since I've managed to update you on here about Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, but that certainly doesn't mean that we've been sitting back with our feet up! Lots to talk about today so bear with me…

Last week I spent four days at EGX in London, where we had a bunch of pods set up for people to play Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - if you played the game I'm sure we might even have chatted a bit. It was the perfect set up to show off everything that makes the Definitive Edition... well… definitive! That being said, for those of you who weren't there, we've now also released a 101 trailer that shows off the Definitive Edition in all its glory. 

I'm also quite stoked to be able to announce that as of today, you can pre-purchase/pre-order the game via each of its respective platform websites. That is:

  • Xbox One- PlayStation 4 (pre-order only open to North America right now - sorry Europe!)- Steam- Square Enix Store Here's an added treat for you PC players - If you already own Sleeping Dogs on Steam, you'll be able to upgrade to the Definitive Edition for a 50% discount! We would have liked to do the same for you console players, but it unfortunately wasn't possible this time around - sorry!

Now I know that a fair few PC gamers are asking what the difference between the Definitive Edition and the original game with an HD textures pack is - here's your answer: we've redone a lot more than just the textures. We've also reworked character faces, added particle and ambient effects such as volumetric fog. Furthermore, the draw distances have been substantially improved and the gameplay has seen a lot of tweaking. Things that might have been too easy or difficult have been rejigged. Additional breakable enviroment objects have also been introduced so you can have more fun tossing enemy thugs around. On top of all these technical improvements, you've also got the added bonus of almost all previously released DLC packs - that includes outfits, cars and extra story-extending content that amounts to over three hours of additional story gameplay.

If you manage to nab a special Day One Edition you'll also be treated to an awesome digital or physical art book!

I've already shared a few of the images in the book on the Sleeping Dogs Twitter and Facebook pages, but I'll sneak you an exclusive one here because it's you… watch out for the daytime version of it on Twitter and Facebook! 

I'll also try and share some more short gameplay videos with you on our social channels over the next few days so you can see the upgrades first hand. 

In the meantime, however, let me know if you've got any questions about the Definitive Edition and I'll try my best to answer them.

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I'm really sorry to hear that but thanks for responding
Hi Luke, The boosters were removed as people who previously purchased DLC bundle packs complained that the boosters ruined gameplay a bit. We don't have any plans to re-release the xp boosters for the time being. Sorry about that! On the bright side, you should be able to unlock everything through regular story and missions gameplay :)
Would it be possible to re-release the xp boosters for those of us that did like them in the last gen version?
Hi Darkul, Those particular (booster) DLCs are not included for exactly the reasons you mentioned. :) We felt that having them autoactivated would ruin the experience for new players. All the content DLCs are there, but immediate boosters are not.
I hope I am not too late to get this answered, as I really want to upgrade to this edition but there is something I must know first. Is the Top Dog Gold and Silver DLC packs included - the ones that give major XP bonuses? If so, can I opt to not use them and/or deactivate them? I have them deactivated on my current version because it breaks the game. Seeing as how SDDE supposedly comes with all the DLC previously released, I thought I would ask that if this particular DLC was in fact included also, if it could be deactivated. Thanks.
I'll be sure to pass your thoughts on, no worries! That's what us community manager's are here for after all ;)
Thanks for the reply Toby. I understand you can't comment or change the pricing of games. If you could pass on the sentiment to whoever is in charge for next time, it would be much appreciated.
Hi Heero, I am indeed still reading all your comments and answering where possible - that being said, I unfortunately can't comment on (and am not involved with) business decisions such as pricing of individual SKUs. Not commenting on these matters is a general policy across businesses such as ours, but I just wanted to let you know that we're not ignoring you. Sorry for not being able to give you more. :(
Hi Toby If you are still reading the comments, can you explain why the PS4 version is $60 while the Steam version is $30. Plus, the steam version gets 50% discount on top of it if you own the previous version. I understand there are problems with implementing the discount for PS4 but still the price difference is way too great. This is not a issue of price (I have no problem with the $60 price tag) but of fairness. Please don't charge the PS4 players more just because you can.
I might be a little late, but hoping to get an answer if possible...does this version have new anti-aliasing options, or at least an option to finally disable the original's highly ineffective built-in FXAA solution? If so, probably a day one buy for me, just for that.
@AJRich So what? Every time a game gets a graphical upgrade it should be released for free? That's just begging companies to never make remakes.
Honestly as a PC player I feel screwed over here, I already own the original game and all the DLC yet now you expect me to pay $15 for a simple graphical update? This is very anti-consumer.
Hey OleBone, Lots of things have been slightly tweaked to improve their functionality and fighting and driving are included in that :) They haven't been changed in a massive gameplay altering manner, but you might notice subtle differences here and there.
Did they make an improvement with the fighting & driving(especially the camera issue) mechanics for the definitive edition?
Good to hear :) I'm working on an unboxing vid of the physical version + artbook - keep an eye out for it to see whats in it!
Thanks for the reply, Toby. Oh well, still getting the new edition anyway. You better make sure that is a sweet digital artbook... :)
The PS4 version is a treat - people had fun with it for hours on end at EGX. As to USA and Europe, we certainly know the world doesn't consist of just those two regions (Square Enix headquarters are in Japan). Don't worry, the Asian regions will be getting the game at the same time! :)
Hi FunktionJCB, I certainly understand where you're coming from and we did consider it - As you yourself mentioned, we did implement a similarly tiered discount system when we released the Directors Cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. However, in the end, there was a lot of confusion and anger on the side of players who weren't sure what their final price for the Direction Cut upgrade was meant to be due to the different tiers. With Sleeping Dogs, particularly given just how many DLCs there are for the game, implementing an understandable tiered system simply wasn't a viable option. Sorry!
I just want to buy it to support the game because I want them to make a sequel. I have it all Steam but I think I will grab the DE on PS4. And since when is the world divided into only the USA and Europe-_-
The new edition, with the 50% discount, is a great deal for those who don't own the DLCs.But for someone like me, who bought every DLC (except those 4 "cheat" DLCs) at full price, €14.99 is a bit steep for just a few tweaks, and a digital artbook. Is there any chance you can consider increasing the discount a bit, in case the user already has the DLCs (like you did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where users who owned both the game and DLC had a 75% discount)?