Here’s what was shown in the Outriders Broadcast 4

A tech-savvy new class, gaming’s gassiest turret and endgame activities that go beyond extensive. Here’s what the team revealed in the latest broadcast.
By Duncan Heaney

Wow - that was quite a show!

In case you missed it, the latest Outriders Broadcast offered 30+ minutes of intense and brutal gameplay in what was the most detailed look at the RPG shooter yet.

The team dug deep into the endgame activity, got up close and intimate with the Technomancer class, rolled up their sleeves to reveal the ins and outs of weapon modding… and that’s barely scratching the surface.

It’s well worth a watch. So, y’know, watch it:

Alternatively, here are just some of the highlights:

We got our best look at the Technomancer yet.

In Outriders, you’ll choose between four distinct classes, and wage war across the ravaged planet Enoch either solo or in a group with up to three players.

Previously, the team had shown off the ninja-like Trickster, the flame-flinging Pyromancer and the hits-like-a-hammer Devastator. The latest broadcast put the spotlight on the most tech-savvy of the classes: the Technomancer.

The Outriders get their powers from the mysterious anomaly that ravaged their planet, and the Technomancer lucked out with something particularly nifty - an innate mastery of all things technological. I mean, it’s in the name, right?

They use a combination of status effects and gadgets to brutalize and disrupt their foes, from freezing them in their tracks to poisoning them with a very gassy turret.

They also have access to some incredibly powerful team skills - if you’re a team player who likes to heal or support your allies, this is the class for you!

It showcased the Technomancer’s tech-savvy skillset

As with all classes in the game, the Technomancer has access to a varied array of skills. These aren’t super-attacks to be held back for emergencies - skills act fast and have super-short cooldowns, so you can - and should - work them into the basic flow of battle.

For the Technomancer, five very different skills were shown.

Tool of Destruction:

Well, actually it’s more like Tool-S of Destruction in that this skill gives the Technomancer two destructively different ways to wreck house.

A tap of the skill button will equip a powerful rocket launcher, capable of splattering a foe into a geyser of the sticky red stuff. It’s also capable of interrupting enemy abilities - particularly useful when facing off against bosses.

Alternatively, holding the button gives you a fast-firing minigun that can mow down a horde of enemies in mere seconds. Brutal, sure, but super-satisfying.

Fixing Wave

This is an incredibly useful support skill - both solo and when playing in a group - because it heals you, your constructs and your allies. Typically to heal in Outriders, you need to play aggressively, and tear your opposition apart, but this skill gives your team a boost whenever you or the team need it.

As a bonus, it’ll probably make you very popular with your friends as a result too.

Pain Launcher

The Technomancer has the ability to create constructs, including the Pain Launcher. It acts independently to the player and carpet bombs enemies with missiles, which cause massive amounts of damage across an area. Hence the name.

Blighted Turret

Another construct, this turret not only pours round after round of hot lead into your enemies, it also sends out a stream of noxious, presumably quite smelly, gas that poisons enemies and causes damage over time.

Cold Snap

This skill freezes every enemy in a wide area. This makes them unable to move, and perfectly set up to combo with weapons or other skills. It’s particularly useful if you favor sniper rifles - it’s hard to miss a headshot if your target can’t move its head, right?

That’s all just a small sample of what the Technomancer can do - the full game has even more skills to unlock. And with the extensive ability tree and mods that can alter their effects, there’s a ton of customization to be had.

Oh, did we mention mods…?

You can craft and mod gear

During the game, you’ll pick up weapons and armor with special attributes - called mods. Dismantling this gear will let you equip that mod to another item, and you’ll definitely want to.

There are two types of mods. General mods are passive skills that you can add to your armor, weapons or abilities to change how they work. For example, you can add status effects to your gun, inflicting freeze, poison, bleed and more. There are even rare mods, which even let you use skills from a different class.

Then there are skill mods, which are class-specific and change how your character’s abilities work - for example, it can increase the area of effect or increase healing.

As well as equipping and changing out mods, you can craft weapons in other ways. For example, if you spend some of your resources (gathered in-game - there are no microtransactions), you can dramatically change how the weapon works - increase its stats, change its firing rate and more.

Modding and crafting gear is an integral part of Outriders, and can mean the difference between life and death - particularly in the post-game Expeditions. Speaking of which….

Expeditions are post-campaign activities with big risks… and big rewards

One of the most common questions about Outriders from fans has been about endgame content. Once you’ve beaten the campaign and sorted all the side missions, is there anything else to do?

The most recent Outriders Broadcast answered that with a resounding yes - you can take part in Expeditions.

These special activities have been specifically designed for advanced players who have amazing gear and mastery of their skills. They’re addictively challenging missions that force you to play skillfully and intelligently - but the rewards are more than worth it.

Seriously… they’re tough

Let’s be absolutely clear about this - Expeditions are not for the faint of heart. They’re tough, they’re brutal and they’re out to test you. They’re specifically intended for the most hardcore players, with their own specialized character builds and high-level gear.

Expeditions take place in entirely new areas

After the story, you’ll be able to visit a new camp in the game. Among the various new things there (and please note our elegant dancing around spoilers), you’ll find a map that reveals many new areas that you can explore.

That’s a key point - there’s no recycled content in Expeditions. The areas in which you’ll undertake Expeditions are massive, hand-crafted locations with their own mechanics, challenges and storylines.

Challenge Tiers keep things fun - and the loot flowing

There’s a real sense of progression to Expeditions. As you complete them, the Challenge Tier will increase, making things harder, but making loot even more worthwhile.

Going up a Challenge Tier also unlocks news Expeditions - and you’ll have to get it all the way to the top to unlock the final challenge.

But much like the World Tier system in the main campaign (more about that here), you can raise or lower the Challenge Tier as desired, so if you want a slightly easier ride, the option’s there.

Expeditions always reward you with loot - even if you fail

You work your way through a grueling gauntlet of freaks and foes, only to fall at the last hurdle. That could be annoying, but in Outriders you’ll always get some reward for your efforts.

So if you fail an Expedition, you’ll still be rewarded with decent loot. Just… not quite as stellar as if you’d won.

Your gear levels up in Expeditions

As you play through the Outriders campaign, your characters will level up and grow more powerful as you spend your skill points. The max level is 30, but once you hit Expeditions, you can level your gear power all the way up to 50 and take on even bigger, and badder, challenges.

That was just a brief look at some of the things that the fourth Outriders Broadcast revealed, but it barely scratches the surface.

The full broadcast provides much more detail, shows Expedition gameplay, and answers even more of your questions, so if you haven’t watched it yet, make the time. Trust us, it’s worth it.

If you liked what you saw, Outriders releases for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Steam February 2, 2021.

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