New screenshots reveal action-packed combat and immersive world of THE QUIET MAN

By Square Enix Team

Since its E3 2018 appearance at this year's Square Enix Showcase, not much has been revealed surrounding our upcoming release, THE QUIET MAN. We know that it features an immersive story-driven gameplay to deliver a cinematic experience, but today marks the first time you'll be able to see some new assets that speak to the intriguing world that our development team is working on.

Firstly, we revealed some new artwork that features our main character Dane, a songstress named Lala and a mysterious masked man. With the vibrant city of New York as its backdrop, how will the paths of these three strangers collide?

Central to the game's promise to deliver an action-packed experience, we also released a handful of screenshots that show the type of combat you can look forward to experiencing when the game comes out.

A few cryptic notes have been left behind from the masked man…the mysteries continue!

Lastly, a letter from the game's producer, Kensei Fujinaga reveal some insights into the game's story and process for game development.

As noted in the above producer letter, players can expect a brand-new gaming experience from THE QUIET MAN and its 3 hours of immersive live action gameplay for $14.99. This experience is very much like what you would get from a sit-down theater outing and we hope that the game’s seamless transition from live action cinematics to frenetic third person brawler gameplay will deliver a one of a kind gaming experience that everyone who plays will enjoy.

THE QUIET MAN is set to release on Steam and PS4 for $14.99. Be sure to follow our official social channels for the latest updates.