New FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trailer showcases Turks, summons and more

New footage will send a Shiva down your spine
By Duncan Heaney

We know a lot of you have been waiting to see more of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE… well, you’re about to.

A new trailer has been released, showcasing even more details about the game, its characters and its gameplay.

The new trailer gives you a closer look of the slums of Midgar, as well as some residents who may be familiar to fans of the original game.

Equally excitingly, we also get our first look at the Reno, Rude and Tseng - the Shinra operatives known as The Turks, as well as some of the beautiful, but destructive, summons you’ll be able to use in combat.


In addition to the trailer, we’ve also released new artwork that recreates one of the most iconic images from the original game. It features Cloud and the Midgar skyline and indicates the incredible levels of detail players can expect from the final game.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE releases for PS4 on March 3, 2020 and is available to preorder now:


Contains a beautiful Sephiroth Steelbook case, a hardback art book featuring stunning concept art, a mini-soundtrack CD, and Summon Materia DLC allowing players to summon Cactuar in game.


Contains a digital art book, a digital mini-soundtrack selection and DLC allowing you to summon Cactuar and Carbuncle in the game.

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@RObNoxIUS - Ever since Nintendo basically shunned Square and tried to control FF way back on the SNES sending Square to develop solely for Sony for the last 20+ years, they've had their games on the Playstation Consoles. Granted a few of their titles went to xbox and pc (like Nier Automato, Deus Ex, and a couple others) but the vast bulk of their games have been on PlayStation. Then, back in 2003 FF: Crystal Chronicles was release on GCN, the first time in nearly 20 years for Nintendo to have a FF Title on one of their systems. Then the Dragon Quest games went to both Sony and Nintendo, and then Chrystal Chronicles' Sequel went to 2DS then a Wii port with Echoes of Time, then The Crystal Bearers........ but Kingdom Hearts was still a PlayStation exclusive. Then all of the sudden, it wasn't - Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days went also to Nintendo 2D and 3DS systems as well as PSP and PSVita. Then, KH3 went to PS4 and Xbox..... now Crystal Chronicles Remastered is going to PS, Switch, and mobile devices....... but if you want to play Square games on your PC, then you're stuck with FF:XI and XIV, and a few of the games they've made for steam. My suggestion would be to just break down and get a PS4 already! I also have a really nice gaming PC, but I also have several consoles, and trust me, if you want to play Final Fantasy that bad, just get a playstation and you can play the ENTIRE SERIES! The wounds of that event back in 1991 when Nintendo disrespected Square will never truly be healed. Just get a playstation =)
I have been looking forward to this game forever, but why is Square bailing on platforms besides Playstation and Switch? I keep getting emails showing games I want or have wanted (like the new SO remake, still hoping Till the end of time will hit PC), all just those consoles, it's gotten so bad I barely bother reading them anymore. Square has always been my favorite company, but ever since I built a gaming PC I get to watch all the games i'd love just pass me's a tease, and the Playstation FF7 thing is just sickening--we only been waiting "Till the end of time" for the release already. C'mon guys..