Moogle Watch - a look back at Twitch’s most adorable stream

Bunnies! So many bunnies!
By Duncan Heaney

Cast your mind back to the long, long ago of July 2017.

Despacito was tearing up the charts, Spider-Man was enjoying a Homecoming in movie theatres, and - most importantly - hundreds of thousands of us were transfixed by a 24/7 Twitch Stream of rabbits doing… well, rabbity stuff.

Moogle Watch was launched to celebrate the launch of FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE. The stream followed 5 adorable Moogles for a full week, watching their day to day activities to get a sense of how they live their lives.

Okay, it was a technically bunch of rabbits on Vauxhall City Farm in London, but sometimes they’d stick their head through a cardboard cutout to look like Moogles and oh my gosh it’s so cute - look at it!

Moogle Re-Watch

To celebrate the release of FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, we thought we’d take a look back at our flopsy friends and share some of their best moments.

Those rabbits - sorry, I mean Moogles - got up to some truly adorable shenanigans.

In truth, the bunnies didn’t really understand the whole Moogle idea - getting three to pose together was a rare and precious thing:

But at least one really milked its role…

FINAL FANTASY XII’s Gambit system is all about helping your team behave intelligently. These rabbits… not so much. Three bunnies, three holes. So of course they do this:

Mealtimes could become real free-for-alls.

But when they got some space to enjoy a much on some straw, they really enjoyed it.

You can relive the full stream above. It’s soothing and heart-warming… but be careful - it’s also weirdly compelling.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE out now on Switch and Xbox One

FINAL FANTASY XII is an epic tale of magic and political machinations, set in the beautiful, but war-torn, world of Ivalice. Princess Ashe, the last surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, joins forces with a rag-tag group of pirates, street urchins and warriors to liberate her kingdom and save the land.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE updates the PlayStation 2 classic, with improved visuals, remastered music, and quality-of-life features, such as the ability to speed up time to make battles and traversal faster.

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of the game include new features that further enhance the game, including the ability to reset jobs assigned to each character and the ability to switch between three sets of Gambits - to better match different battle conditions.

It’s available to buy now: