11 Heroic Reveals from the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE

New villains, new outfits, and an in-depth look at single player and co-op gameplay!
By Duncan Heaney

Recently, the team at Crystal Dynamics gave fans their closest look at Marvel’s Avengers yet. The Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE was a Hulk-sized presentation full of brand-new information about the highly-anticipated game.

You can watch the full stream here but we wanted to highlight some of the incredible new revelations that got us super excited.

Make Way for MODOK

The Avengers are a powerful and capable group of heroes, so anyone who tries to take them on would have to be pretty dangerous, right?

Enter MODOK.

This Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (M.O.D.O.K.) first appeared in the comic Tales of Suspense way back in 1967. Since then, he’s become a fan-favorite Super Villain, returning to trouble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes time and time again.

In Marvel’s Avengers, Dr. George Tarleton is one of the founders of Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) - a giant conglomerate that outwardly strives to make the world better with technology. Following the tragic events of A-Day (find out about that here), Tarleton is determined to find a solution to the ‘Inhuman infection’ that is sweeping the planet. That dangerous obsession takes him down a dark path that drives him to become MODOK.

With A.I.M.’s technology, a propaganda campaign to manipulate and sway public opinion against those with powers, and the ability to control machinery with his mind, MODOK truly becomes an Avengers-level threat.

Kamala Khan is an Integral Part of the Story

For some time, we’ve known that Kamala Khan – the Super Hero also known as Ms. Marvel – is set to play a very important role in the story of Marvel’s Avengers. In the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE, we got a little more insight into exactly what that role will be.

Kamala believes that AIM is experimenting on her fellow Inhumans under the guise of finding a cure for the inhuman infection. Not only that, she has reason to believe that Dr. Tarleton is behind the plot to discredit and splinter the Avengers. Rather than allow her fellow Inhumans to suffer, she decides that she is going to search out the only group who can help her – The Avengers.

What Exactly is the WAR TABLE?

The WAR TABLE is not just the name for the stream, it’s a key part of the game.

Found on the Helicarrier that acts as your base, you’ll use the WAR TABLE to bring up various operations and missions to play through.

Some missions will unlock as you play and others will be given to you by characters including Maria Hill and Hank Pym.

We got a closer look at two mission types – Hero Missions and War Zones.

Hero Missions Focus on a Single Avenger

As you reassemble the Avengers and investigate the conspiracy that threatens the world, you’ll unlock new Hero Missions that advance the story.

These missions focus on one particular Avenger at a time, giving you a chance to explore their specific personalities and power sets.

If you watched the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream, you saw a mission called ‘Once an Avenger’. It puts players in the godly armor of Thor who joins the fray to defend a Helicarrier assaulted by deadly mechs. It showcased some of the awesome abilities the God of Thunder will be able to use in combat.

War Zones are Missions Built for Team Play

War Zones are missions that can be played by up to four players or solo with AI companions.

Set in environments that range from massive open areas that emphasize movement and traversal to densely packed interiors, they encourage players to work together to complete a range of objectives and earn valuable rewards.

We Got an In-Depth Look at The God of Thunder

Armed with his hammer Mjolnir, Thor is a remarkably versatile character, able to take on entire hordes of enemies at a time.

Thor can string together light and heavy attacks to deliver impressive combos, use Mjolnir to pin enemies to walls, or rain lightning down on his foes.

When you factor in Skills, Thor’s combat options expand dramatically. The Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE gave us a look at some of the awesome moves you’ll be able to unlock, including Manual Targeting.

Inspired by Jason Aaron’s run on the Thor comics (which I strongly recommend, by the way), Thor can use Mjolnir to mark enemies and then knock them down one by one.

If you prefer to get right up in an enemy’s business, you can use the Hammer Spin to knock down enemies all around you or use a Mjolnir Cyclone to give enemies ahead of you a very nasty shock!

Heroic Moves are a Spectacle

All heroes have three special Heroic Moves: Assault, Support, and Ultimate.

Assault Heroics fill up the fastest of the three. During the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream, we got a good look at Black Widow’s Assault Heroic move: Widow’s Bite, which launches an electro-shock projectile at an enemy – something that will be instantly familiar Marvel fans.

Support Heroics are designed to enhance co-operative and team play. Thor’s Support Heroic, Warrior’s Fury, lets him grant a brief period of invulnerability to nearby allies which we saw in the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE, where we saw Iron Man pick up the move’s effects as he flies past his Asgardian teammate.

Finally, Ultimates take a long time to charge but truly live up to their name. Not only do they clear a screen of enemies, they often add residual effects. We saw Thor use the power of the Bifrost Bridge to bypass enemy defenses and deliver devastating damage in the process and the other Avengers’ Ultimate Moves are just as formidable to their foes.

Avengers Can Combine Forces for Team Finishers

Assemble with your fellow Avengers to create team finishers. These attacks let characters combine their powers to put an end to a threat in the most spectacular way possible. When you max out a larger enemy’s stun meter, two heroes can work together to put an end to their foes much faster.

In the example shown in the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream, the Hulk combines his raw strength with Ms. Marvel’s embiggening abilities to scrap a mech in mere seconds. Super satisfying!

You Can Tailor Each Super Hero to Fit Different Playstyles

Every hero in Marvel’s Avengers feels distinct, with their own unique powers, strengths and weaknesses. They’re also all supremely customizable and we don’t just mean visually.

Every character has melee, ranged, aerial and ground combat skills that let you tailor your hero to your specific playstyle. If, for example, you want Iron Man to excel at attacks from the air, you can focus your skill points into moves that fit that approach.

As you earn experience, you can also upgrade and improve skills, sometimes replacing them with new abilities altogether.

It all gives you an impressive amount of control over the character progression, and lets you create a build that feels unique to you.

Gear Perks Can Alter Your Abilities

Gear comes in different rarities, and include perks that add powerful modifiers to your abilities, such as different damage types like Plasma or Gamma. Not only do these affect your damage output against different enemies, some also change the visual appearance of attacks like Iron Man’s lasers turning green with Gamma damage.

One even lets you shrink your enemies, which makes them far less of a threat.

Even More Outfits Were Revealed!

Each hero in Marvel’s Avengers has dozens of outfits available, from classic looks inspired by the comics to brand new creations designed by the talented folks at Crystal Dynamics.

We saw Iron Man armor inspired by the 2014 Original Sin comics event and a Bleeding Edge suit reminiscent of 2010’s The Invincible Iron Man #25, as well as a ‘Donald Blake’ outfit for Thor, inspired by his original alter ego.

That was just a brief look at some of the most exciting reveals from the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE. There was even more to see in the full video so, if you missed it, make sure you take a look!

Marvel’s Avengers launches September 4, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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