Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 out now on Xbox One, Steam and PS4

In Episode 4 - Faith - Sean and Daniel Diaz face their most difficult choices yet…
By Duncan Heaney

The climax of Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 genuinely left me open-mouthed - it was shocking, dramatic and one of the most surprising moments in a season that’s had no shortage of them.

Like many of you, it left me desperate to know what happens next* and today’s the day we all find out! Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 - titled ‘Faith’ is available to play right now!

What happens in Life is Strange 2 Episode 4?

After the shocking events at the end of Episode 3, Sean Diaz wakes up in hospital to find that he’s under arrest and his brother Daniel is missing. Running out of time and options, Sean will have to rely on quick thinking and unexpected allies to secure his freedom.

Now Sean must search for his brother, facing scorching Nevada sun and freezing desert nights, and making the most difficult choices he’s had to so far.

Puerto Lobos and the dream of freedom have never felt so far away. Will Sean’s faith in Daniel be rewarded – or is the young wolf lost forever?

How do I play Life is Strange Episode 4?

If you have purchased the full Life is Strange 2 season, you’re all set up to download Episode 4 right now.

The Episode's also available to buy and download as an individual episode from the Xbox Games Store, Steam or PlayStation Store for $7.99.