Hitman GO releasing on Steam and PlayStation platforms on February 23rd

By Square Enix Team

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Hitman GO on PC and PlayStation as it’s coming out… next week! (23rd February for U.S and 24th February for EU) 

We’re bringing our turn-based strategy/puzzle Hitman game to a completely new audience, and we’re super excited have people discover it as we’re all eagerly waiting for the release of Hitman in early March. It’s basically the good old Hitman GO you loved on mobile, with updated visuals and all the great content we added on to it including my personal favorites, the Paris Opera from Blood Money, and the St. Petersburg Stakeout mission from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Whether you’re on PlayStation or PC we have got you covered in terms of platform specific integration. If you’re a PlayStation fan, the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions are cross-buy & cross-save so you can take the game on the GO anytime and play on your big screen when you come home. Trophy hunters rejoice: if you have the will to complete everything in Hitman GO without using any hints, you will be treated to a Platinum trophy. On Steam, you can expect the usual Steamworks integration: trading cards, emojis, wallpapers, cloud saves and Steam achievements. 

The game will be priced at $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.49

Again, it’s incredibly exciting for the team in Montreal to bring the game to new platforms and to see what you, our community think of our different take on Hitman’s world of assassination. Talk to you soon!

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Yes, very thankful for the Hitman Go to console but I find it a little odd that was the one that was chosen. Can we please have Hitman Sniper go to console. Anyone who bought Hitman HD and played Hitman Sniper challenge loved it! I think having Hitman sniper would be a better fit for console. please keep this idea in consideration ill buy it the first day it drops!
This was a decent little game on mobile, but if you're going to port stuff to PS4, how about Hitman Trilogy and even better, the original codename 47 game aswell?
Hopefully Hitman: Sniper is ported over to the PS4 as well. New additional levels for Hitman Go wouldn't hurt either...
you can add games to steam from windows.
Why there's no an Xbox One version of this game? There's a good reason for that? It seems a simple game playable on every console...
What about whoever bought it in the Windows 10 store? (Like me?) I bought it there since I thought this would never make it to Steam. Is there any way I could get a Steam key instead?
happy to hear that
Yup! :) This was a blog post announcing it for Steam, PS4 and Vita.
But I can already play it on Windows 10...