Hitman GO is available now on PS4, PS Vita and Steam!

By Square Enix Team
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Enter a world of Turn-Based Strategy Puzzle Assassination.

Hitman GO is now available on the PlayStation Network and Steam in North America and will be available tomorrow in Europe!  We’re also offering an extra 20% discount to PS+ members and Steam users who get the game this week. To celebrate the occasion, here’s a little something we’ve been working on for the past few months…

When thinking about this new release of Hitman GO, we really wanted to commemorate the first game ever released at the Square Enix Montreal studio. Since the original release on mobile devices in April 2014, fans have been asking for a physical recreation of the levels of the game, whether as a scale model or as a board game. As his pet project, Antoine Routon, Technical Director, worked with a local architecture firm in Montreal to create a real life Hitman GO diorama to bring that vision to life.

The model created in that video will now sit in the Square Enix Montreal lobby as a reminder of where we came from. That said, we’re not done with Hitman GO just yet. We’ll have more to announce in the coming weeks about the VR version of the game which we’ve announced last year.


We were informed earlier today by some European PlayStation users that the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions were not cross-buy as advertised. We are working closely with the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe team to make the cross-buy bundle available for free to the affected players. The cross-buy bundle will be live on 02/03/2016 and any consumer who has purchased the individual SKUs between now and then will be entitled to the bundle.


Talk to you soon! 

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