Here's everything you need to know about the new event: A Nocture for Heroes
By Duncan Heaney

Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum has arrived in the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online… and he’s brought his car with him.

The new event, A Nocturne for Heroes, is available now and runs until May 27, 2019. You’ll team up with FINAL FANTASY XV’s leading man in an epic battle against the worst that his world has to offer.

That means you’ll face magitek infantry, magitek armor, and even the Messenger herself, Garuda. You can read more on Lodestone, or watch the trailer here:

That’s cool and all, but you know what’s cooler? Getting stuff.

What kind of in-game rewards are available?

The event features various FINAL FANTASY XV-themed goodies that FINAL FANTASY XIV Online players can earn. Keep in mind you’ll need to do various things to get all of them!

Here’s what’s available:

  • The Regalia Mount – A replica of Noctis’ amazing car is the first four-person mount in the game. Round up your friends and hit the road together!

  • Noctis’s hairstyle and outfit - Rock some royal style with this new haircut and all-black outfit.

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad Card - FINAL FANTASY XV Pocket Edition’s not the only way to have a Noctis in your pocket. This card can be used in Triple Triad matches across Hydaelyn.

  • Various Orchestrion Rolls - Add some great music from FINAL FANTASY XV’s amazing soundtrack to your collection.

How do I participate in the FINAL FANTASY XIV x FINAL FANTASY XV Collaboration Event?

You’ll need to have reached level 50 and completed the main scenario quest: The Ultimate Weapon.

If you meet those requirements, simply find Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah on the Steps of Nald. She’s investigating some juicy rumors for her latest article and… we think that’s enough to get you started.

If you don’t meet those requirements, don’t worry. You can fast-track to level 50 with Tales of Adventure Items - find out more about them here.

Alternatively, if you preorder the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers expansion, you’ll get the experience-boosting aethertye earring to help you level up much faster.

And finally, if you haven’t played FINAL FANTASY XIV Online at all… well, why not? There’s a free trial version available - it lets you play every job up to level 35, so you’ll be able to see if the game’s for you without spending a single gil.

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@aragonbattlebone - Unfortunately they already announced this as only running til the end of May!
@Zarkus994 - You need to contact support for this, kinda pointless to post this here...
im so ready cant wait to get the Car mount so me and my FC can ride or fly in style
Please, Subtitles in PT-BR for Final Fantasy XIV I only know the basics of english. OBS: Final Fantasy XV é INCRÍVEL
I want to have Thai language
ty i am on this trying get my first new weapon :) over 100 + fighting
@Zarkus994 - Good to know I'm not alone. I ahad a small heart attack when I saw the message my save data could not be founc. I already contacted support. All I can do is wait. I also could not find a retry button to find my save data after you've gone to the main menu screen (and after you pressed continue without transfer). You're basically stuck when you went to the main menu...
oh man this is so awesome.... I LOVE this... I hope they keep this permanently in the game... cute cat girl... a shop for grinding adamintite, zu beaks, and wind-up toy Vexios... and new weapons. it's like dream come true... I heartely approve of this... I was bummed out cause I didn't get to play the story of the assassin's creed collab. but since this is within their own company I am super stoked for this to remain in the game..... gahhh I am just fan-boying but literally when I saw she was a nekomini (I think that's how you spell it.) (catgirl.) I was so pumped it made my day. I literally got so excited I had to walk around the neighborhood giggling like a guy who noticed the funniest thing in a serious group discussion. and tried to keep quiet... Thank you Square Enix for bringing this game. and Thank you for making great games. and making an old gamer very happy. :3
Hi there. I couldn't find any article on comrades... so here goes nothing. I'm from Europe. I own the Deluxe Edition of FFXV and bought the season pass. I've downloaded the Comrades Standalone but it fail to transfer my save file. This issue has occurred to several other users that have been vocal about it on Reddit and the Playstation forums. Could you forward my comment to some support department so the team would fix the issues? U can delete this comment.