FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward is free for a limited time

The award-winning expansion is available to select players until June 27, 2019.
By Duncan Heaney

If you’ve been looking for a reason to return to the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, we have a pretty good one for you. Select FINAL FANTASY XIV Online players can play the game’s first expansion, Heavensward, at the best possible price - free.

The offer’s available to any players who own the base game A Realm Reborn, or the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition, from now until June 27, 2019.

To be crystal clear (and what would FINAL FANTASY be without crystals), this is the full version of Heavensward, including all content from its updates, and once you download it, it’s yours to keep in perpetuity.

What is FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward?

The Heavensward expansion takes you to the city state of Ishgard, which is embroiled in a thousand-year war with the Dravanian Horde. It’s up to the Warriors of Light to explore the ancient secrets hidden in the city’s past, and put an end to the Dragonsong War. Take a look at the trailer:

The version available to players includes all content from the expansion and its patch update cycle, including main scenario quests, dungeons, side-quests, trials and more.

You’ll also get access to flying mounts, three additional jobs - Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist - an additional playable race: the Au Ra.

How do you get FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward?

If you own either FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn or the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition on PC or Mac, you can download Heavensward now.

PS4 users can download the expansion from the PlayStation Store. If you have an existing copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition, or A Realm Reborn, it’ll be marked as free to download.

Also worth noting - the Heavensward offer’s not just good for existing players - it’s also a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to get started in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

If you pick up the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition today on the PlayStation Store (assuming ‘today’ is before the June 29), you’ll still get access to the full Heavensward expansion.

Heavensward is a fantastic, content-rich expansion to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, and if you're yet to play it, you should definitely pick it up while it’s available at no additional cost.

To remind you, the offer runs until 27 June, 2019 - go grab it while you can!

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... like I said in the previous post: WORST WEBSITE(S) EVER! I clicked enter to make a new line and of course it instantly posted it without any confirmation or way to edit it afterwards. If you are also having issues and you're from the EU, ignore the links above and go here instead:
Square-Enix literally have the worst websites I have ever come across. Multiple sites and various logins for the same game, even within the same region. I literally spent 2 hours trying to get Heavensward for free and finally I managed.
yeah every time i try and download this it tells me to log in ( even tho i am already logged in) and then when i try to log in again it tells me my account info is wrong. obviously thats not correct because i am logged in right now.
They added "* The Windows PC version of Heavensward cannot be registered to FINAL FANTASY XIV (Steam) accounts. " in the news linked from the game: I guess Steam players don't get this deal :"(
@r3ddrag0n08 - I didn't find it on Steam either so I tried downloading it directly from the SE website. but just like @Tsupachii said it logs you out and tells you that there's issue with your account.
PC version logs you out and then proceeds to tell you you cant log in. Fancy, this seems to be a common problem?
@jindlechann - i cant even find it on steam. uve made it further then i have
@Johnny2181 - Yup, same issue. Hope we can get a fix for this :/ Also posted on Ask Playstation twitter and waiting for an answer
It's not working for me on the PS. It keeps saying I can't purchase the free game because I haven't bought ARR: Standard Edition (or something like that). I bought that game from the PS store years ago. I don't know why it isn't working for me. Jerec1 looks like he may be having the same issue?
@Jerec1 - Got to rephrase that... what i meant is that i can't add the game to my library from the ps store, even though i already own A Realm Reborn
I got an issue when I try to add Heavensward to my game library from the PS Store, even though I already own the game for PS4 (bought it in Jan 2016)
I cant redeem the registration code for the pc version , the mog station says that my code is invalid , and theres no other place to redeem the code.
Can we get the free expansion on Steam as well? I've been trying to purchase it but it kept saying that there were some issues...