FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE social accounts go close up with Cloud, Barret and Tifa

New wallpapers, avatars and a longer look two of the game's iconic characters
By Duncan Heaney

There are some very interesting things happening on the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE social accounts - so much so, we wanted to highlight them here.

For example, we had a new close-up view of Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of the much-anticipated RPG. Then we got something very cool - new wallpapers featuring the sword-wielding SOLDIER... as well as some for his allies.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re a FINAL FANTASY fan who’s not already following, here’s some what you’ve been missing:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - a quick look at Cloud Strife

Few characters are as iconic as Cloud Strife. With his blonde hair, bright eyes and massive Buster Sword, he’s one of the most recognizable - and beloved - characters in the entire FINAL FANTASY series.

In FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Cloud is presented with an incredible level of detail. To give you a sense of just how good he looks, and how fun he’ll be to play, the FINAL FANTASY VII social channels posted a beautiful new video.

Barret Wallace is up

The leader of the anti-Shinra group Avalanche, Barret is the focus of another brand new video - just released today:

Tifa Lockhart takes the stage

This next short video features the kind-hearted martial artist Tifa. Not only is she a key member of Avalanche, she also runs Seventh Heaven - a popular bar in the Midgar slums.

New FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Wallpaper and Avatars

Here’s something fans have been asking for - wallpapers featuring the characters of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

The first set was posted on the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE website. The wallpapers show a highly detailed image of Cloud, contrasted against a rich blue background. Take a look (and for high quality versions, head to the website):

Next up is Barret - again, note the detail:

Tifa's the focus of this next wallpaper:

As well as the wallpapers, we also released a new set of avatars, based on the heroes. They’re all available to grab on the official website now.

More wallpapers and avatars will be released soon - so make sure you follow FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE on social media, as that’s where they’ll be announced:


In case you missed it, we've unleashed a host of new screenshots from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, featuring looks at the Turks, a new minigame, magic, upgrades and - my personal favorite - a super fluffy new summon!

The game’s social accounts have been highlighting some of the shots in more detail, and explaining a little about what’s going on in each one. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - they’re a perfect place to obsessively analyze them and discuss your thoughts with fellow fans:

That’s just a brief look at what’s going on in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE social accounts. Make sure you follow to get the latest news and information about the game first!