A message from Tetsuya Nomura about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

And watch the new trailer for the game here.
By Square Enix

"Here's the Teaser Trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE that was introduced at State of Play. Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month."

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release Cloud and Aerith relationship in one scene pleas..so i can be sure that he love her.
...true to character. That's why I'm so disappointed in Aerith's new outfit. It is very juvenile and unflattering. She is such a playful and somewhat flirtatious character which was better reflected in her 'old' form-fitting silhouette.
My biggest hope for this game is that it remains true to the charact
@JohnWick01 - We want an FF7 action remake yes!
@MichaelMalachi - We want an FF7 action remake yes!
We of an FF7 square action remake. Fast attacks and action.
I meant I'm just 😂.
Unjust 😂 with the remake that day will come when I will have one on my console and forgetting the world around me for a few days,and playing hard . ps I wish you would just update INFINITE UNDISCOVERY be nice to play HD version . I'm not asking for a remake but an enhanced version for Xbox one at least . love you square enix you always kept boredom at bay for,me thank you. For never being boring .
I’m excited for FF7R but I still don’t get it why SE just can’t remaster 7-9 with better graphics and sound? It must be the best business case ever, cheap and short development and aloooot of fans craving it. You don’t want to earn money SE? :)
I am hyped, I hope other classics get the same treatment
We dont want action based combat, we want turn-based RPG classic style! Give us FF7 with updated graphics and new mechanics dabbled in. Even closer to FF12 combat would be better than a hack-n-slash
Personally I'm excited for a more action oriented version. I will always love turn based rpg's but I can't say it wouldn't be cool to control each character individually, throwing punches with Tifa for example.
Thank you guys for continuing to work on this. I'm very excited and I know millions of other fans are too. I first played this game way back in '97 and its awesome to see it being brought into a new generation. For myself, I don't expect a carbon copy of the original, I know things will be different, and honestly most fans are ok with that and are looking forward to it.
yo jugue el classico i me encanto, i hora lo que estan aciendo con el remake esta super bueno i lo mas que me gusto fue lo del modo batallas que accion ,pero lo que no me gusto fue que lo van a lanzar por episodio yo pienzo que lo deven lanzar completo en un disco
Square please dont do an action rpg that is not what your fans want we want the original game with updated graphics and some new features but the core that made the game great was the turn based battle system and materia slot combos. No one asked for a action rpg if you must make it action can you at least include the option to make it turn based? You know that still sales look at your dragon quest sales numbers if you want proof
Still feels too heavy on the action rpg model when fans would still be more happy with the original game just re-made HD. I'm fine with some new content and attacks, but Square..., do you understand that if you don't include every single original detail of the game including attacks, magic spells, skills, summons, characters, quests, story, dialogue, quirks, and even right down to those memorable bugs/glitches (which you could hilariously re-imagine as part of a whole new collection of easter eggs) then you will have failed.