FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD: The Visual Evolution of FINAL FANTASY Recap

By Square Enix Team

Hello, this is Yusuke Naora, Art Director for FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD and FINAL FANTASY XV, among others.

This is slightly delayed, but as promised, I have finished my homework, the work in progress illustration from the SMU lecture I gave in February.

The theme of the piece is "EAST meets WEST". The Texas Longhorn is the motif for the helmet, just for fun.

At SMU, the staff and I were really surprised by the incredible environment, the high level of the students, and the teachers who are dedicated to the challenging mix of gaming and education. Even after returning to Japan, I continue to share my experiences with our staff as I reflect back on my time there.


In my lecture, I spoke about my involvement in the art of FINAL FANTASY over the years, but it was also a great opportunity for me to reflect on the 20-some odd years of my career, and I'm truly grateful for that.  


Check out the recap video here:

In drawing this piece, I wanted students to see firsthand the somewhat unsightly struggles that I face when searching for what lies beyond. I hoped that the students would feel or take something back from that sight.

…And, as I thought, in a rather uncool fashion, I was unable to finish the piece during the time that was given to me, LOL.

I took the idea back with me and continued the cycle of adding to the piece and redrawing it in between my day to day tasks.  And now, I have finally been able to avenge myself by finishing it.

I'd like to once again take this opportunity to provide my utmost gratitude to everyone, from everyone at SMU to the four amazing art directors from the "WEST" who took the time to meet with me at this gathering – Scott Kester from Gearbox, Peter Ellis from Epic Games, Hugo Martin from iD Software, and Jeff Simpson from Playful. I had a great time and it was all very stimulating.


This post has gotten a bit long… But, we'd love for you to keep an eye on the new fantasies to come, starting with our latest title, FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD, and our upcoming title that we have begun to unveil, FINAL FANTASY XV.

The development team will continue to create the game in full force… as we struggle in an unsightly fashion, LOL.

Yusuke Naora

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i was wondering how i can register final fantasy type-0 on my account i bought it on steam
Guys just to let you know that I have not received my full refund from SQUAREENIX/PEPITA
When do you fix the [bw]goddam[/bw] FF type 0 camera sistem???I can´t even enjoy the game
there's a huge Type 0 book from the Yusuke Naora and Testuya Nomura in japan that's just full of there art with bonus art of [bw]yoshitaka[/bw] amano! they should release some of those art books here in the states! japan full of stuff unknown to the world just for japan and square enix international and states don't know about.
Great artwork, Naora-san! By the way, I hope you can somehow convince Square Enix management to port The Last Remnant to PS4. I loved your art direction and character design in that game! I already have it on PC, but I would absolutely buy it again for PS4. :-)
Awesome work! Thank you Naora-san ^^
Yusuke and SE, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get a glimpse of SE's art and development processes. Square games have really helped shape my life and gave me the passion and the drive to learn and study art and game development throughout the years, and now after years of work we are getting ready to release our own RPG, Echoes of Aeons later this year. I look forward to seeing more of these videos from your studio! Thank you for bringing such amazing stories to life and keeping the fantasy alive! Best, Jordan Kratochvil Alchimia Studios
Thanks for sharing, really interesting :)Keep up the good work and I'll stand here in an unsightly fashion jumping up and down in expectation on what's next for me to experience :)