Take a look at this beautiful FINAL FANTASY IX character art

A rogue, a princess and a frog eater make for quite a party. Come meet the team.
By Duncan Heaney

If you follow FINAL FANTASY on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and if not, why not?), you will have seen the lovely FINAL FANTASY IX character profiles we’ve been posting.

Beautiful, weren’t they? The only problem was they’re scattered on social media - wouldn’t it be lovely and convenient if they were all in one place, so you could admire them together?

What’s that? Oh, they are. How lovely and convenient!

Zidane Tribal

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Adelbert Steiner

Vivi Ornitier

Freya Crescent

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Quina Quen

Amarant Coral

Eiko Carol


Whatever your gaming device of choice is, you can probably get FINAL FANTASY IX. The classic game’s now available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Steam and even mobile platforms. In other words, pretty much everything!

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